Hello everyone,

My name is Rutger Christian van Wesel, a 25-year old, student International Economics and Business at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After graduating from the HRO Rotterdam formerly known as the School of Economics (HES) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with a bachelors degree in international business, I decided to start studying for my masters degree. Combined with graduating for my bachelors degree I finished another diploma in export management.

As my view is international, I studied a semester abroad in the USA at Loyola college in Baltimore, Maryland. For my mandatory minimal four month internship I worked at the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. During my internship I even wrote a large portion of a $ 300,000 federal grant application for the state of Maryland. Besides that, my main function was to assist the trade specialist for Europe, Mr. Igor Evseev, at the Maryland Office of International Business Office of the Maryland Department of Business & Economic development.

Just for fun I spent the summers of ’02 - ’03 and ’04 working as a qualified lifeguard at camp Hillcroft in Billings, NY, USA. As a result I travel a lot to see friends that I made at that camp from around the globe. Also a few pictures are available here on this site.

On this page you can find a digital version of my resume and a printer version. Most of them are just about the fun times I had with friends. My papers are worthy to take a look at as is my bachelors thesis. Most of them are written for the various courses that I attended in college. My thesis deals with internationalizing consultancy into Germany.

Just have fun and do not hesitate to contact me through my email.

Rutger "Rudy" Ch. van Wesel