Masters of Science in International Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam
SEPTEMBER 2004 - Present

Advanced Modern Macro Economics

Using Belgian GDP figures; Filmon and I generated the output gap in two different ways. Through the use of the Hodrick-Prescott filter over the GDP figures, The Cobb-Douglas function approach and the Log GDP approach yield different results and try to briefly explain why. The second part deals with the economic aftermath after a productivity shock and the convergence to new equilibria of different variables.

Introduction to the History of Economic Thought

A paper about the development in economic thought about the explaination and pros/cons in relation to the wages. Mercantalists view versus Adam Smiths view. Classical thinkers like Malthus and Ricardo on the iron wagelaw; Clark as representative of the marginalists/neo-classical thinking and Keynes versus "the classics" are being described.

Globalisation: The Greenness of FTA's

A paper on the environmental issues dealt with in free trade agreements around the globe.


Economic Policy

A paper in three parts. Part I deals with the empiric evidence why monetary policy should be left to an independent conservative central banker. Part II deals with the Swedish case, in which Swedish GDP development after the second world war to present is analyzed. Part III deals with the decision making process of the Swedish central bank, the Sverige Riksbank.

A paper about the dutch policy concerning industry.

Loonmatiging in de Polder
A paper about wage contraints in the Dutch polder model

Micro economics A

A microeconomic approach to the european market of bottled water.

Bachelor of Business Administration at the Hogeschool Rotterdam
Exportmanagement, FENEDEX B

September 1999 - June 2004

Bachelor Thesis

Pentascope, an International Perspective
My thesis deals with the difficulties of exporting Pentascope's idea about management consulting into Germany. The full title of my bachelors thesis is: "Pentascope, an International Perspective - An In-depth Analysis on the Internationalizing of Implementation Services into Germany.

Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
September 2002 - December 2002

Services Marketing

A case about the economic value of customers for the mexican cell phone company IUSACELL.

A PowerPoint presentation about the failure of EuroDisney to map the European market
before entering the market with the European themepark.

ServiceMaster Industries Inc.
A case about ServiceMaster Industries Inc. and its decision to change
their organizational structure dramatically in order to achieve their
objective of 20% annual growth rate.

Customer's Role in Service Delivery
A paper about the customer's role in the service delivery of an Amtrak train trip.
What they themselves and others can do to enhance and diminish the experience.

Ernst & Young; The quality improvement customers did not even want!
A case about Enst & Young and the implementation of the Database ERNIE.
Compared with the computerization of the health sector.

McKinsey & Company, Manage knowledge and learning
A case about McKinsey & Company. How they manage knowledge and learning within the company.

International Business

Kentucky Fried Chicken
A case about Kentucky Fried Chicken and the decision in 1992,
whether to enter the people's republic of China.

Nike - The ugly American?
A case about Nike's attempt to leverage its American rebel image to build brand awareness
in the globeal market of soccer footwear and apparel.


A 3-paged paper about how companies should change from a traditional
Brick-&-Mortar company to a Brick-&-Click company.

Becoming an e-leader
A 3-paged paper about what it takes to become an e-leader.

Reddion; Marketing with Knowledge, IT and Media
A paper about the company Reddion that offers the service of online marketing and analysis
Click here for the powerpoint presentation.

Public Speaking

Say no to unilateral action!
A speech about why my American classmates should get their president
to abolish the unilaterally use of force against the terror and tyranny
around the globe.

A speech about why my audience should stand up for their rights as a consumer.
How to do it and basically...Just: Complain!

A speech to thank my classmates for this wonderful semester at loyola.

Sports Marketing

Common problems in sports marketing research
A powerpoint presentation about common problems in sports marketing research.

Loyola Basketball; increase attendance
A marketing plan about Loyola College Men's basketball.
How, according to students, the attendance at the games can be boosted.
Click here for the powerpoint presentation.

Gaia Ultimate Sports Inc.
A powerpoint presentation about the marketing plan for Gaia Ultimate Sports Inc.; Marketing the image of Frisbee.