Imilchil is an isolated village in the red stony desert mountains of the High Atlas in Morocco.

The place is nearly inaccessible. Nature is rough and poor, and life is hard.

The people have a special character, different from the men in the Mediterranean plains or the Sahara.






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lady pulling the tail of a mule


Once a year the tribesmen come from the surrounding villages for a festival, the mussem.

During that feast men and women choose each other to marry; also women have a free choice.

Once the two agree they contact one of the authorities present among them to write down the contract.

                  View on the tents of the tribesmen (and a television-team)


Imazighen (Berber) women and men making music together.

 Pay attention   that Imazighen women wear no veil,

 also in normal life they don’t wear it…!


Wearing the veil is in origin a specific Arab custom, - of people who live mainly in the cities -. Knowing this fact you may consider the publicity in Holland about the defence of wearing the veil is rather artificial because the Moroccans in Holland are for 80% Imazigen and no Arabs…!

 Imazighen adapted wearing the veil of the Arabs, here you will see it especially during the marriage-ceremony (also in the West the veil is a custom for a bride).

Groups of women choosing a husband

A group of young men waiting for a partner

A married lady departs veiled to the home of her husband


Once the contract of the marriage has been made before the adoul – the notary,

the wife goes on a horse with the ceremonial gifts to the home of her husband 

Boys and girls waiting with the wedding presents


Also musicians from the Gnaoua-brotherhood are present. Their historic origin is in black Africa. Their metal music instruments are typical for them.

             Interesting websites about the culture of the Imazighen  (will follow)


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