De Zwarte Zee IV

Zwarte Zee IV Foto:Harry Mosch - Rotterdam voor Gebr. Spanjersberg

Zwarte Zee IV Foto: Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum Maassluis

Zwarte Zee IV

Zwarte Zee IV

Zwarte Zee IV in dok, foto gekregen van Bert van Baar

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m.t. 'WITTE ZEE'
9.000 ihp tugs
Bollard Pull 73 ton

Principal dimensions
Length o.a. 77,50m
Length b.p.p. 68,50m
Breadth mld. 12,35m
Depth 6,90m
Draft at 1/2 L.b.p. 5,75m
Class Lloyd's A1 Tug
Year of construction:
'Zwarte Zee' 1963
'Witte Zee' 1966

This 9,000 ihp ocean-going motor tug has been designed especially for
long distance towage of heavy objects and for salvage services.

The propulsion machinery consists of two SMIT-M.A.N. diesel engines,
turbocharged, four stroke, single acting, direct reversible, with a
total output of 9.000 ihp. These engines drive a single propeller
shaft through two fluid couplings and a reduction gear.

The towing winch has two drums each storing 1.000 metres (7 1/4" circ.)
special high grade towing wire. The towing equipment, stowed in a
special hold, further consists of double nylon hawsers (15" circ.),
s.w.r., pennants, chains, shackles and two spare towing wires stored
on special mechanically operated winches thus diminishing manual labour

Navigational and communication equipment
All modern aids to navigation are installed such as a gyro-compass,
automatic pilot, radar, decca navigator, echosounder etc.
The wireless radio station is equipped with powerful telegraphy and
telephony transmitters and receivers.
A Telex Over Radio unit has been installed to ensure direct telex
Fixed and portable VHF-sets are on board. A satellite navigation
system is installed.

Pumping capacity
A fixed salvage pump with a capacity of 350 tons/hour is installed
in the engine room. A large amount of portable diesel pumps, electric
and air driven submersible pumps are carried in a special salvage hold.
Total pumping capacity is over 1300 tons/ hour.

Electric power supply
The three main ship's generators of 240 KVA each can supply 220 V DC.
Additionally two portable generators of 7,5 KVA, 220 V AC, are available,
as is electric extension cable .

Compressed air supply
Two electrically driven ship's compressors of 250 m3 each are installed
in the engine room. A transportable compressor of 130 m3 is also available
plus ample lengths of air hose.

Ground tackle
Various sizes af salvage anchors are stored on the aft deck, within reach
of the deck crane. Rope and steel wire tackle, wire stoppers, anchor
wires etc. are carried.

Repairing facilities
A workshop adjacent to the engine room is well equipped with a.o. lathe,
drilling and sawing machines, electric and oxy-acetylene cutting and
welding plant etc.
Two complete sets of diving gear with compressor etc. are available.
Ample patching and sealing material is on board.

Fire fighting
Three monitors on high platforms produce 250 tons/ hour at high pressure
by a special fire fighting pump. The monitors have adaptable long range
foam ejectors for which the tug carries 7000 litres of foam in a fixed tank.
A manifold with ten 2 1/2" firehose connections is situated on the boatdeck.
Fire protection suits, helmets etc. are carried.

Hydraulic crane
The crane can handle the special 20 HP workboat and serve the various holds.

Fresh water supply
The tug can supply 125 tons of fresh water and it is capable of producing 7
tons of distilled water daily.

Tekst is overgenomen uit de folder over de Zwarte Zee IV van Smit Internationale.
Uitgegeven april 1980

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