Caldera de Taburiente



The islands most eye catching feature. An enormous crater, formed by a volcanic explosion some 26000 years ago. The size of the crater is partially because of the explosion and partially because of erosion. Great place to hike and camp. Access is via Los Llanos. Take the road behind the bus station that leads into the crater via the Barranco de las Angustias. From the wadi at the end of the road you can be transported by truck to half way up the crater. From there is is a five to six hour walk back to the wadi.
If you want to stay more than one day, you can walk to the camping site which is in the middle of the crater. Duration of your stay their is limited to a few days. In summer it can be full!

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On the way to the top you can see the Tide on Tenerife.

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The most spectacular view of the island is the old crater Caldera de Taburiente.
The top is about 2400m high.

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Caldera the Taburiente, declared a national park in 1954 is one of the largest know craters.
This natural wonder is 10km in diameter, 20km in circumfence and 1800m deep. It's gigantic, nearly
vertical sides makes it almost inaccessible !!

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Roca de munchajos

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Centro Astrofisico

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Very small roads with a lot of curves.
In the middle you see the famous La Palma observatory.

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Some great rock formations.

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The crater is really huge compared to the size of the island.

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Above the clouds and quite cold....

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On the way down there are some great viewpoints.