Santa Cruz



The capital city of the Island, Sta Cruz is also the oldest village. During the times of the `Conquistadores', when the Spanish conquered almost whole South America, Santa Cruz was one of the main ports in the Empire. Not only because of its location, directly towards South America, but also because `La Isla Bonita', had a huge supply of wood. The dense forests supplied most of the wood used to build the ships that conquered the world. Apart from being a major port it was also one of the biggest wharfs.
If you look at the town now, that is hard to imagine. Certainly with modern ports in mind. Most likely the port of Sta Cruz would fit a few thousand times in the port of Rotterdam.
Never the less, the remainders of that rich time can be found. Especially in the inner city, near El Puente, the main street leading away from the ocean. Here many old buildings can be found which remind us of the old times.

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The capital city of La Palma : Santa Cruz de La Palma.

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Plaza de Espana

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I don't have a picture of it but in Santa Cruz there is a remake of the Ship Columbus discovered America

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Santa Cruz by night
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