Bergweg 96 a,
3036 BE Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 010-2439990, 06-17880701
Academy of Arts. St. Petersburg (Russia)
Rotterdamse Dansacademie (The Netherlands)
- World Dance Congress ( UNESCO). DVD Presentation of the Contemporary ballet "Lullaby for the Planet".
Larnaca, Cyprus. 2005
- Contemporary ballet "Lullaby for the Planet". 2005-2006 (choreographer)
Supported by: Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht
- Movie "Happy Journey" from Kamara Kamalova. 2005 (choreographer/actor)
- Special Guest. International Dance Exposure.2004, December 1-5.Tel-Aviv, Israel
- "Lights of Hope" July 2004
Performances at Karmiel Dance Festival, Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance & Theatre in Tel-Aviv, Israel
Supported by Alisher Usmanov
- "Lights of Hope" Contemporary ballet (dance movie). 2003 (choreographer/dancer)
Supported by: VSB Cultuur Fonds & Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht
- "LC4" Contemporary dance. Uzbekistan, Tashkent. 2002 (choreographer)
Supported by: Prince Bernhard Fonds
- Danceproduction "Earth from Us". First price at Worlddance festival. 2002 (dancer/choreographer)
- Theatre/Danceproduction "Imitations of the ... ." International project with Theatre "Ilkhom"
Uzbekistan-Germany. 2001-2002 (choreographer)
Supported by: Rotterdamse Kunststichting
- "Bloody Wedding". Theatreproduction with Theatre "Ilkhom" Tashkent, 2002 (choreographer)
- "Legend". Public price at Rotterdam Dance festival 'KAS'. 2001 (dancer/choreographer)
- "Sunset" in the Republic of Gambia. 2000 (choreographer)
- Movie "Discovery of Heaven" from Jeroen Krabbe. 2000 (dancer/choreographer)
- Dance-movie "Nodirabegim" (25 min). 2000 (dancer/choreographer)
Supported by: Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht
- "Dunya". First price at Dance festival 'KAS' 1999 (dancer/choreographer)
- Danceproduction "Wedding?". First price at Worlddance festival.1999 (dancer/choreographer)
- Moos d'Herripon "Vluchten", one of the best-visited performances of 1999 (dancer)
- Danceproduction "Faust Now" 1997 (choreographer)
- M.Sieczkarec "Drops of rain…." 1995 (dancer)
- S.Takeuchi "Floating Silhouettes" 1994 (dancer)

Aswell in Russia as abroad I worked for various Dance-Groups.
Among others for:
- 'Artcentre' Province, St.Petersburg (dancer/choreographer)
- State Theatre 'TUZ' St.Petersburg (part from the choreography "Danceclass")
- 'Openair Theatre'. Danceproduction "Shades from Sunset" (dancer/choreographer)
- Danceproduction for 'Romas Cyzas Vision' in Lithuania (choreographer)
- "Once" in Finland (dancer/choreographer)
- "Falcon" in Bulgaria (dancer/choreographer)

- I performed for VARA, RTL-4 and NCRV Dutch broadcasting-companies and I appeared in a number of danceprograms for Russian TV
- My dance-movie "Nodirabegim" was shown on the Moviefestival from Gorcum and mentioned as one of the "Top-4" short movies.