alignment - a well managed and integrated mess

stay with us

So we -I consider myself part of the IT department- need to figure out a way to support the company knowing that we will always be too late. Being too late is because they don't understand us, or because they don't think it necessary to view our contribution as an enabling one. We will continue to explain ourselves, but at the same time we need to get back to the situation of being an enabler rather than a stumbling block.

And for that I do not buy the solution from the technology pushers and neither find the methodology pushers to hold the answer. I do not believe that MOM brokers, JMS or MQ, WSDL, Ant or C# will resolve the issues. To be honest: I think they obscure matters. If your systems are in a mess, it does not help a lot to integrate them. You would get an integrated mess. And to address ITIL, SLA and Prince-II: a well managed mess is not a lot better than a non-managed mess.

Theo van Eijndhoven, 2004