information architecture / analyses and design

With and for you I analyze your business processes from an Information Technology perspective. In combination with your strategy this helps (re-) thinking and identifying how computers and software can facilitate your plans for the future. Charting your business and describing the change process may include:
The key point for all of the above is the preparation and evaluation of a business process chart. This chart depicts who does what and when. There are little syntax rules for such a chart. Its purpose is to communicate aspects considered important in the given context. The chart may depict the activities of real-life objects as well as the accompanying information flow. The chart may depict any means of creation and transfer of information. It could for instance show the receiving of a telephone call as well as the automatic creation and posting of an invoice.
More detail is provided in a scheme that depicts activities or functions along with the result of the activity. Use Case diagrams unfortunately leave out the result. They only show a relationship between activities. I therefore prefer a Data Flow Diagram kind of scheme. This same type of syntax can later be used to depict if and how pieces of software will cooperate.