beyond solutions

enablers Instead of providing solutions we provide enablers. A solution seems to aim at solving a momentary problem. An enabler aims at letting one be creative about it, assisting in achieving changing goals.
creativity Computer based systems are not creative. Users are. Enablers allow users to explore alternate ways of achieving their goals. Enablers allow users to achieve other goals.
users Users make it happen. They judge if being enabled. Enablers change users. Given the opportunity, users exploit the enabler and find new ways of achieving their goals.
organization The enablers are, like their users, cooperating with defined roles. Lacking intelligent creativity and social behavior, enablers are designed to rigidly stay within the borders of their domain. They are cooperating through tight explicit interfaces.
strategy The strategy organizes users to become effective by focusing them on common targets. Enablers support strategy. Strategy enables enablers.
network The organization strategically interacts with other organizations whenever demanded to supply and/or supplied to demand. As the organization is, enablers are aware of the external network in which they are embedded.
change All of the before are constantly changing. Computerized enablers for now lack the capability to self-adapt. They sustain change. In that they differ from solutions.

The human brain is the most powerful instrument on earth. Let us not think that our software can be smarter. Yes, Kasparov could not beat Deep Blue. But we should view each software system that we produce as a tool that will enable us to further develop and thus better exploit our brain.

Theo van Eijndhoven, 2002