My pro-life is around iminc. You can visit iminc here. A couple of goodies for building websites may be of interest to you.
With and for Kees de Kort I built this site where he displays his works of art. My niece Lot Sturm runs her own buro for Interior Architecture. I enjoyed constructing the web-site that Shoparound designed with her. With Ingeborg Meulendijks I created a site that displays her fascinating scalemodels. For a friend I created the HTML and CSS framework with which she set up and maintains her website. Virtual Proteins is developping products that allow medicin developers to take the chemical structure of proteins in their hands. With Canters Coaching I worked on their site and with Frank van den Breemer I built a site for his maquette studio. For Jazz Impressions I built this multi-media site. It includes a AJAX/JSON based application for maintaining the band's agenda.

My youngest daughter Tyche has a design and IT background. Working at that company we together built the site for Learning-Solutions.

A great source of inspiration is Jan Amkreutz who was running the first company I worked for. In his book "Digital Spirit" he from a historical and philosophical context explains where digital technology will take us. He has a most interesting web-site.
My brother Jos van Eijndhoven operates a site for his family. In case you like building high-end audio, or like to think about designing and simulating digital circuits have a look here.
It is worthwhile to stand still at the Cluetrain Manifesto and see if and how it can affect your work.

More stuff:

Theo van Eijndhoven, 2005