Theo van Eijndhoven

studied Architecture and Building Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. After graduating studied Information Technology for 2 years and then started a career in the IT Business. For about 20 years I've been working on state-of-the-art software projects, most of them in the area of Ocean Container Transportation.
This site's main focus is to share with you my ideas about Information Technology. Of course I'am interested in feedback. You may reach me by email.
Designing and constructing this website was so much fun that I now offer building a website with and for you. Examples of other sites that I built can be found here.

van Eÿndhoven from Eindhoven

Indeed my name connects me to the city I live in. On the map you can see that the spelling used to match. You need to be aware though, that in the Dutch language we have a character ÿ that we don't find on our keyboard. (Since there are only 16M Dutch people -who by the way should have about two keyboards each, one at home and one at work- we all just use qwerty keyboards.) Anyway, when handwriting I would spell my name with an E followed by the ÿ, as in Eÿndhoven. The guys that make our passports also only have a qwerty keyboard, so my passport says Eijndhoven. I actually once did get into a little discussion upon entering the USA. In the plane I filled in a customs form spelling my name Eÿ... and customs noticed the mismatch between the form and my passport. Fortunately the twin towers at the time still existed.
There is a lot more to tell about the Dutch "ei", "ij" and "ÿ" but I'm afraid you might get bored.