* The Appraisal is not so easy, Because, You are examing a few hundreds of years old sabject, That is why we must keep studying about this.
Especialy, the mumei sword....,When I see some sword ,which I've never seen,, and then I can not sleep untill finding out what kind of sword this is.... where is it came from... who made it ????. you mst try to find out by yourself, and guess...That's the joy of collecting antique sword. if it is your cllection, it is your opinion...
However, if you want to sell your collection, it's better to have official appraisal....
we will do appraisals through official organizations such as NBTHK ( Nihon Bijyutsu Token Hozon Association ),N.T.H.K.(NipponToukenHozonKyoukai), Fujishiro Kante,

* N.B.T.H.K.
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
151-0053 Japan.
Phone : 03-3379-1386/8
Fax : 03-3379-1389
* N.T.H.K.
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo,

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