Theo's Knive Pages

Hello, dear visitor,

My name is Theo Baartse, truckdriver by profession and I'm living in Holland.
Since a couple of years I started collecting knives, however, my interest goes way back until I was a young boy.
One day my father gave me my first knive, a fixed one, with a nice leather sheat.
Boy, it looked great, it whas sharp, and the metal, I could look at it for hours.
I used it so much, one day the blade whas gone. Its a pitty, but I don't have it anymore.
Years later, the love for metal has never gone away, I started building steam engines.
I've build every kind, from pump to locomotive, I made also tools, that I could really use, and it's great to work with tools you've made yourself!
And now, it's the end of august 2001, I've made my first blade, and I'm very satisfied about it.
Maybe the experienced knivemaker don't think a lot of it, but you have to start somewhere.
So, don't be a shame when you made something of your self, but be proud of it, it's a unique part of yourself.
I hope you will enjoy your stay on my site, and if you do, please let me now and  mail me.
Before you leave, don't forget to check out the links on my  homepage.

I send you greatings from Holland, and I really hope to see you here again, someday,

Theo Baartse