Whisky & Whiskey Miniatures
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New in Holland

Hello, my name is Leon Theuws, I'm from Holland and collect miniature Whisky's and Whiskey's from all over the world. At the moment I have over 4.595 mini's mainly Scottish malt whiskies. I want to make contact with other collectors, to write / trade or swap  buy etc.. Mail me at: MINIWHISKY@CHELLO.NL


Here are a few of my latest acquisitions (and some more Malts Of Scotland)

Mortlach, 25Y, 56,8%, WmCAD Hazelburn - Springbank, 12Y, 54,1%, WmCAD Tobermory, 19Y, 54,2%, WmCAD Tullamore Dew
Old Flag, Ireland Maple Leaf, 8Y, Canada McLintock, Scotland Kentucky Highway, 6Y, USA
Jim Beam - PET Famous Grouse Glenfiddich 12Y Glenallachie, 8Y, Sherry Wood, The Whisky Agency
Eifel Whisky, Malty Blend, 49%, For Pipe House, Germany Eifel Whisky, Smoky Blend, 49%, For Pipe House, Germany Eifel Whisky, Single Rye, 49%, For Pipe House, Germany Kilchoman, Loch Gorm 2nd Edition, 09-2008/03-2014, Sherry Butt, 46%
Tomatin, 1993-2014, 20Y, 46%, c.MoS14006_MoS Cardhu, 12Y, L.2012_3105365527 Cardhu, 12Y, L.2012_3105379558 Cardhu, 12Y, L.2013_3105382493
Bruichladdich, 20Y, 46%, Erkens Clynelish, 22Y, 46%, Erkens Glenlossie, 20Y, 46%, Erkens Imperial, 18Y, 46%, Erkens
Macallan, 12Y, 40%, Sherry Cask, Erkens Mortlach, 18Y, 46%, Erkens Iona, Blend MOS18, 18Y, 45%, MoS
Strathmore, 1970-2014, 43,8%, c.14032, MoS Glenrothes, 1996-2014, 55,5%, ca.MoS14028, MoS Highland Park, 1998-2014, 15Y, 53,5%, MoS14011, 1 of 48 Ailsa Bay, Images Of Ayrshire, Dalrymple Bridge, 68,3%, 1 of 48, MoS
Ardbeg, Auriverdes, 49,9%, 25 ml, Tube Ardbeg, Auriverdes, 49,9%, 25 ml, Tube Teeling, Small Batch, Ireland Bunnahabhain, 12Y, 46,3%, L.2014
Tobermory, 10Y, 46,3%, L.2014 Glen Spey, Spey-Royale, 10Y Dewars White Label - very old b., Tin cap Black & White very old b., Tin cap
Dimple, Haig, very old b., Tin cap Haig Gold Label, very old b., Tin cap Old Smuggler, very old b. Johnnie Walker Red Label, NO striding man, very old b.


I started collecting in 1992 with 4 mini's I bought to drink on a vacation in Spain (see the photo's below). I wanted to throw them away, when I saw that they had different shapes. I liked whisky and thought "how many different whisky-mini's could there be? 30 ? 40 ?". So I started collecting and became interested in whisky. I bought books and soon became aware that there were many more whiskies (big bottles) than I'd imagined. At the outlet of De Koning (see my Links) I first saw a whisky-heaven (at that time over 600 different big bottles, at this moment over 1400 and a lot of mini's). That's when I seriously started collecting and soon I had over 600 mini's. After I discovered internet, I started trading with and buying from other collectors all over the world.

If you want to see a recent alphabetic list of my collection (in Excel) ask me: mailto: miniwhisky@chello.nl


Grants Bell's Black & White Winner 12 Y