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HELP !!! I sometimes get questions about Whisk(e)y, I canít answer, so maybe you can help me. If you have questions or answers, please mail me: E-mail


1: Can anybody tell me something about this bottle (see photo's):

GLIMís pure malt, 5 years old, 40%, 25 cl., probably bought about 1970 in Italy

2: Can anybody tell which Islay Malt is bottled in: Ainslies 8 Years old single Islay Malt. UDV sold that (see photo), maybe Caol Ila ?????


Thanks to Derek Todd for this answer: 

I have a book ĎDavid Daiches Scotch Whisky its past and presentí printed 1977 with a reference to Ainslie its reads: Laphroaig bottle at 70 proof by Ainslie and Heilbron



3: Can anybody tell me anything about: 1879 Sherwood Rye Whiskey  - Bottled from Barrel by M.E. Bellows' Son  50 Broad Street New York (big bottle).