Bait & Tactics


Bait comes in many different varieties and most of them work on most waters! You need to find out what bait will work on the water you are fishing and this can take allot of time and Patience. Once you find the bait that works the sky is the limit as long as you can find where and when the fish are feeding. If you put a good bait in the water it doesn't mean that you are going to catch and this page is dedicated to Catching Carp and how to catch them using Watercraft, Baits and Tactics.

Baits are a complicated part of Carp Fishing, or this is what most are lead to believe! Baits range from Particles such as Hemp, Sweetcorn and Nuts through to HNV Boilies and all of these will catch on even the Hardest Waters. Boilies are the most common Carp Bait today, and can be bought either as ready mades or as base mixes that you mix yourself and add flavours and Additives of your choice, a lot of Carp men make there own to give a unique flavour etc that no one else will ever be able to match.

BOILIES are a brilliant hookbait and attractant for Carp and deter other fish from taking your bait, if broken up or crushed, they make a good groundbait and will last for a very long time when left in the water.

SWEETCORN is a brilliant attractor and will not over feed the Carp. The main Problem with Sweetcorn is that every other fish in the lake also likes it, it is a brilliant ground bait but I mainly use it for Stalking!

NUTS, most types of Nuts can be used for Carp but the main ones are Tiger Nuts and Peanuts, these are an excellent bait but must be prepared properly before use, sadly these have been banned on a lot of waters due to misuse!

HEMP AND TARES, these are mainly used as a ground bait and work brilliantly at holding Carp in an area, they can be used as hook bait but need to be glued or stuck to something to present it correctly!

TROUT PELLETS are a brilliant ground bait and are now being produced for hookbait as well, this is one bait that I will always carry in my bag, no matter what other bait I am using!

There are lots of other Baits on the Market and what is listed above are just the Basic's that I use, to list every Bait used for Carp Fishing Would take a year!

Before you can catch a Carp you need to find out where they are and where they are feeding. You need to spend a fair amount of time at a lake without you Rods to find out the movements of the Fish and where they tend to feed. To do this you need to follow the fish around the lake and take note of where they are going, it is sometimes easier to spot the fish if you are a lot higher than water level and climbing a tree will normally help or by using Polaroid Sunglasses. Once you have worked out the route of the fish try to find out where they are feeding by watching the area's where they stop. Two good signs are 1,

Seeing small bubbles rise to the top with clouds of dirt, or 2, you will sometimes see the fishes tail come up to the top as they go down on food, there are other signs such as Fish constantly boiling in a certain area, etc. Once you have worked out the roots and feeding area's you are ready to fish.