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Sunday 18/03/2001 : Tea - coffee - cakes - babys - childrenI
I don't like websites that show pictures of peoples (newborn) children. I never understood that really because it's only fun to watch for the parents and family. That goes for children in general. But i love homepages. They kick ass. Somehow it's the spine of the internet. It's about peeping into your neighbours life. It's the effort that people take making them. Watching them is taking part in something you're really not at all part of. Irrelevant but personal, honest and not commercial. Don't ask me why, but probably because this *is* my homepage, and i am no different, i put some pictures online of my sundayafternoon teaparty with my favourite baby
Lars. And a MOVIE too ;-)
Enter at your own risk..!

Wednesday 28/02/2001 : Archive
I made an archive out of some cam-images from the past year.
Check it out..!

Sunday 11/02/2001 : Conversazione
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"So, are you going to do it?"
"I'm not sure yet"
"How did the meeting go?"
"Good, very good in fact?"
"So, what's the problem then?"
"I dunno, ...i guess i have to decide now"
"I think you should do it, if you don't like it you can always come back"
"Hmm, ...true"

"You better stay in Amsterdam!"
"Because you don't like it in Milan"
"I never said that! Besides, the work is fantastic!"
"Well, then you must go!"
"Hmm, ...maybe"

"And, did you decide yet?"
"C'mon, if you don't do it now you will regret it for the rest of your life,
you're free to go, what can go wrong anyway?"
"That i stick to an italian guy and won't come back"
"You wouldn't!"
"Hmm, ...no"

"When are you going?"
"I'm not sure yet"
"But you ARE going, aren't you?"
"It depends"
"Keep in mind that the thrill of vacation will be gone in 2 months"
"That IS what i keep in mind all the time!"
"Well, think it over carefully"
"Heheh, ...yeah!"

"Yeah, it's a tough desicion"
"I might regret if i won't do it, don't ya think?"
"That's not a reason"
"You must really WANT it"
"Hmm, ...<sigh>"

F: "You sound strange.."
A: "I feel sick"
F: "Oh dear, so you're not coming?"
A: "I'm not sure"
F: "We have to talk though"
A: "Yeah i know, i've talked about it all week with friends"
F: "Yep, me too"
A: "I ehm...."
F: "...Yeah..?"
A: "Well ehm, ...i think i want to do it"
F: "Yeah man! Me too!!
A: "..."
F: "......"
A: "aarrgh"

A. & F.

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