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These advanced rules, sometimes used in United States Croquet Association tournaments, need not be adopted for casual play. Although only three rules differ from the Basic Rules, the changes create more complexity in tactics and strategy. The game is played with four balls, blue/black opposing red/yellow. The rule adjustments are:

  1. Sequence of play.
    The balls must be played in strict sequence throughout the game: Blue/Red/Black/Yellow. If only one ball of a side has hit the Finishing Stake and is out of the game, that side loses the turn of the staked-out ball, and play continues in the proper sequence to the end of the game.
  2. Roquet of partner balls.
    A player may may gain Roquet Bonus Strokes by roqueting (hitting) any other balls in the game - not only the balls of the other side, but also the partner ball.
  3. Deadness.
    A ball is "dead" on a ball it roquets for bonus strokes and does not become "alive" again on that ball (that is, eligible to hit it again for bonus strokes) until the striker scores a wicket or stake. A rover ball may become "alive" by going through any wicket in any direction, but may roquet the other balls no more than once in a turn.

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