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This site is a total and utter tribute to The Lord of Lawn Sport,

Two lucky people enjoying the rich pleasure that is croquet

Being truly the Lord of Lawn Sport, the amazingly intriguing and tactically challenging game of Croquet definitely deserves a special place on the Web!

This site currently offers several croquet rules as well as a history of croquet, some tactics and links.

Featured site: The Reinbeker Crocket Club


    9 wicket

  • Playing rules for 9 wicket/backyard croquet
    9 wicket croquet is by far the most popular form of croquet. Common backyard games are usually played by the 9 wicket rules. If you're not sure, try this one. Canadian version.
  • Rules for 9 wicket croquet
    Similar to those above, except these rules were taken from the USCA website. American version.
  • Advanced rules
    These three rules are some minor adjustments of the regular rules for tournament backyard play.
  • One-Ball Croquet
    For casual play, the One-Ball variant can be introduced to allow up to six players.
  • Playing rules for 10 wicket croquet
    The 10 wicket game is almost identical to the 9 wicket game, but a tenth wicket is added to form a double wicket. These rules are the "house rules" I usually play.
  • Alternative set of American Rules
    I found this set of rules somewhere on the web, but there are some oddities in them. Feel free to use them, but beware of small errors.

    6 wicket

  • Six wicket rules synopsis
    A synopsis of the official six wicket American rules. Great to get you started; also includes tips and tactics.
  • 6 wicket official rules (US)
    The 1995 "Blue Book" official rules of the Six Wicket Game of the United States Croquet Association, with minor corrections and updates published since then in the USCA Bulletin.
    note: on the USCA website
  • 6th Edition of the Croquet Laws (UK and Australia)
    Valid Australia 09/00, UK 01/01
    note: on the Oxford University Croquet Club website


  • The history of the sport
    From French peasants to competition croquet!
  • 1901 rulebook
    Check out the rules in the previous century!


  • Beach Croquet Rules
    Apparently, someone at the Seahoss Scuba Club came up with the idea of playing croquet on the beach!
  • Iron Man Croquet
    Very amusing version of croquet. What boredom can do for you...
  • Croquet in Hollywood
    How is Croquet portrayed in the movies?
  • Dauphiné Croquet
    Dauphiné Croquet is a recent French variant, whose rules differ greatly in some aspects from the conventional ones. This extensive site will tell you all about it!

    Tips & Tactics

  • Tactics and strategy for backyard croquet
    The basic strategy for backyard 9-wicket teamplay.


    Links to the (other) premiere sources of croquety goodness around the globe!

Soon this site will also offer:

  • Playing Etiquette

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