the Trans Europe Express is a musicgroup from the Netherlands playing a mixture of pop, rock, folk, latin and jazz music with the singer/pianist Valentijn Steenhuis. He sings in english, latin and dutch simple lyrics about things that happen and people that you meet whilst traveling through the path of life.
The line up is bass, drums and piano with additonal guitar, vocals, flute or percussion.

valentijn steenhuis: piano/guitar/voice/percussion

philip de goey: oboe/sax/flute/accordeon

johnny contini: drums/voice

rudy tuhusula: bass/voice/ukelele/percussion/trumpet

Saxofonist Philip de Goey has played together with Valentijn since 1998 in different formations (El Habib, Brisa do Brasil, Pegasus) at venues in the Netherlands , Germany and Spain, where they were playing mainly ethnic, brasilian and jazz music.
With Johnny Contini and Rudy Tuhusula on bass and drums we found the right magic to fit this group with groovy tunes from the soul.

oktober 2004 : Gig at festival Pop Woobly at the Edelsmid, with electric guitars
november 2004 : studiowork... getting ready for a cosy hibernation with the 8-track for creating new work, making demos, scetches and working on a script for a musictheatre piece.
june 2006 : Gig at Sol Beach Club in Scheveningen, free entrance (outdoor)
august 2006 : next gig :

september 2006 : saturday 2 september: at Mercatorplein, stadsdeel de Baarsjes, Amsterdam, Mediterranean Evening on the Square, free entrance (outdoor)
time: 18:00 till 21:00

listen to jazz 'if theres a will, there is a way' copyright 1996 Valentijn

listen to rock 'you came back' copyright 1994 by Valentijn

PLAYLIST Trans Europe Express

19 january 03 : OOSTERKERK featuring Michael Kamp (vocals)

6 february 03 : EDELSMIDSCHOOL

8 february 03 : Buurthuis DE TULP

8 february 03 : café GRAPEVINE

22 march 03 : HOLLANDSCHE MANEGE featuring Thierry Zipper (conga)

24 april 03 : EDELSMIDSCHOOL featuring Pie all stars

31 may 03 : theater de CAMELEON featuring Alwin Poulina (guitar)

5 june 03: EDELSMIDSCHOOL met sessie

16 juli 03: theater ELLEBOOG ,Bijlmermeer, featuring Hans van Raam

6 september 03 : MERCATORPLEIN , nazomermarkt

5 october 03 : café the GRAPEVINE , sessie

7 december 03 : café the GRAPEVINE , sessie

31 december 03 : theater de CAMELEON , new-year's celebration

5 mei 04 : SNEEK, Waterpoort , bevrijdingsdag

1 sept 04 : RUIGOORD, landjuweel festival featuring Sylvia van Swieten on vocals, Johnny Contini on drums, Valentijn Steenhuis on piano/voice. great fun!

9 Oktober 04 : Gebouw 't VOORBEELD , Popwoobly Festival , featuring Alwin Poulina (guitar) and Jaap Oostra (guitar and vocals)



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telephone: 31-20-6852755

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