Founded in '97 trio El Habib played at several big festivals, on radio and television and also extended as a quartet ( with oboe ) and later as a septet with bass, accordeon and dance.
In 2002 they took a break, but since 2005 they are performing again as a group, combining Valentijn's fluent acoustic piano with el Habib's powerfull voice in their own original dutch / moroccan compositions. since 2006 the tablaplayer Alphons Wertwijn has joined the formation again, so the band is back in its original state.

valentijn: piano/gitaar
mohamed: zang/poezie

El Habib Music Group from Amsterdam in 2002 at Theater de Cameleon.

They played amongst others at the Oerol festival, Racism Beat It festival, Crossing Border festival, Melkweg, Uitmarkt and Vondelpark.

many artists have joined el Habib, on stage and in the studio:

Philip de Goey: oboe/sax/flute/accordeon

Sabouschka: dance

Michel de Groot: bass
Kim Soepnel: contrabas
Heiko Dijker:tabla
Kim Weemhof, Nasko van de Sande, Walid Nowrouzi: tabla
Nenad Banda: accordeon

In may 2002 the band stopped performing for a while as a musicgroup. There where too many different energies going on at that time, people had different opinions and ambitions and nobody was motivated to continue with the group as it was.

Mohamed el Habib has been working since 2002 as DJ ELHABIB with typical Maroccan style music like Sharki and Rai.
Valentijn has been playing since 2002 in the new world / rock band called TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS.
But when Habib and Valentijn met again, they decided to fill the stage with new spirit and continue the story of the music that started in 1997 at theater de Cameleon in Amsterdam.

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Here you will find a link to the history of the el Habib musicgroup with concertdates, biographies and cd releases . . .
history elhabib

The Trans Europe Express, founded in 2002, plays rock, folk and latinmusic and some original el Habib songs. Valentijn sings the lead and plays guitar and keyboard.

The line up is percussion, bass, saxophone, guitar and vocals.

valentijn at Cameleon 2003
Valentijns songs range from easylistening to folk, jazz and improvised stuff. With the Trans Europe Express he creates a musical and lyrical journey through the styles and languages of portugal, spain, france, england, belgium and holland.
follow this link to read more about TEE, the Trans Europe Express

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On the next link you'll find historical info on Cameleon concerts at the Edelsmidschool, a temporary colony of artists, called stichting het Voorbeeld, situated in a huge old schoolbuilding at stadsdeel de Baarsjes in Amsterdam, from 2002 till 2004
Cameleon concerts at Edelsmid
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