Valentijn Steenhuis
performer and composer

Valentijn Steenhuis,born in 57, grew up in Amsterdam and Brussels in the roaring 60's . Originally classically educated by his grandmother and others, he gets an electric piano on his 16th birthday and soonly thereafter joins a bluesband to perform in public on neighbourhood parties and festivals. Whilst studying Biology at the university of Groningen , in the Netherlands, he broadened his spectrum on fender rhodes, organ and synthesizer in several soul, funk, latin, caribean, jazz and rock formations. Names are Pearl Ash, Bapao, Time Bandits, Firestone. In this period Herman Brood was also active in Groningen, but they never plyed together. In the mean time he also studies guitar with his roommate, Herman Kolle , a classical guitarist with great fingerpicking techniques. Early 80's he settles back in his town of birth where he devotes himself totally to the music. On the road playing and traveling through south and western Europe as a singer/songwriter, he meets Jill, an English portraitist. She will be his wife for the next 12 years. In 1989 he makes his first solo album on MC called "Autumn Blue". Second solo album came out in 1996 and is called "Living Shell".
Since 2000 he became the artistic director of Theater de Cameleon in Amsterdam, where he programs venues for different artists in the Netherlands.
His most recent formation , Valentijn's Teaparty , formerly known as TEE , plays latin, pop and jazz compositions mixed with covers from other groups like Santana, Sting and Steely Dan.

Valentijn Steenhuis (foto by Gunilla Andersson)
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