Amuc is a Linux application for composing and playing music. The current version is 1.7 (june 2009).

It works like this:

  • Tune fragments are entered graphically. These are combined into a complete tune by means of a script file.
  • Five-bar staff or piano roll display.
  • 5 different built-in instruments, 6 mono synthesizers, synthesized drums, sampled instruments.
  • For the composer there is help available with scales and chords.
  • Tunes can be exported as WAVE or MIDI files, or as human-readable scores in postscript format.
  • MIDI files can be imported.
  • WAVE files can be read and transformed to notes.
  • Support for USB keyboard.
  • Interface with Jack (the Jack Audio Connection Kit).
  • Amuc is written in C++. It is a lightweight application, not needing a GUI toolkit or an unusual library (required: X11, alsa, xft, cairo). Speedy operation: maybe this is the fastest tool to explore musical ideas and to create a complete piece of music.

    Also a binary Debian package is available.


    Source code: amuc-1.7.tar.gz
    Debian package: amuc_1.7-1_i386.deb
    Manual (also included with the source code)

    Some tunes created with this application:

    Shanty (arrangement: van Bergeijk) [ogg]
    Angry [ogg]


    Main window Mono synthesizer Postscript output
    (rendered by Evince)
    Chords and scales From wave file to score