BigBand - composing music for small ensembles

Last updated: febr 2011


The manual
Source code with manual: bigband-1.2.tar.gz (date: sept 2011)

Platform: Linux. Porting should be easy because SDL libraries are used for the GUI.

Listen: Lekker Boos [mp3]
Listen: Me Like The Springtime (Michel Fabre) [ogg]
Listen: How Low (from MIDI output) [mp3]
Look: the score of this piece (for saxes, bass and drums) [pdf]
Listen: 3 times the same tune:
  • Native BigBand sound (where the final chords are sung by our cat) [mp3]
  • Melody from amSynth (a single-voice polyphonic synthesizer), drums from Timidity [mp3]
  • Melody from MiniComputer (an 8-voice monophonic synthesizer), final chords from Aeolus (a superb church organ), drums from Hydrogen [mp3]
  • Screenshot: