One Hand Synth

For Android tablets.
Last updated: oct 20, 2012

This is a musical instrument for tablets running Android 2.2 or higher.
Choice from 2 sound sources: a Moog-like synthesizer and a Hammond-like organ.
These can be played with one of 3 on-screen keyboards.
Preset patches as well as manual controls.

This project is open source (Apache license).

Manual: oh_synth.html

Source code: oh_synth.tar.gz (11/11/2011).
If you have an Android development environment installed, then download this, unpack, read the README, compile.

Demo: O.H.Synth-demo.mp3.
This was faked somewhat: the on-screen keyboard was controlled by computer via bluetooth. Somedays when I have practised some more, then a real demo will appear here. Also Android's inherent audio latency is hampering, it takes time to get accustomed to this.