Ovide and the Gang

Summery 1: Ovide and his friends live on a tropical island that is always surprising them with new areas they have never seen. Cy is a mean snake who lives elsewhere on the island, and he is always trying to get rid of Ovide so he can take it over. Of course, he always fails. The island does have one good thing though, it has televison. T.V's pop up all over the place, and everyone stops what they are doing and watchs the tube.

Summary 2: A delightful Atoll lost in the middle of the ocean... that's the home of the goofy characters who make up 'Ovide and the gang'. Between the mad marshes and the Venetian Jetty, the Virgin Forest and the mysterious caverns, there's no shortage of adventures for Ovide the Duckbilled Platypus, leader of the gang, and his friends Polo, Wawa, Ventribus and all the others. Especially since they're the target of the constant scheming by Cy, the sinister python and his loyal ally, Bobo, who's not noted for his quick wit.

But Ovide, thanks to his portable TV recorder, which lets him rerun previous events, is usually able to block the treacherous manoeuvres of Cy - whose secret desire is to take over the island...


The Case of the Disappearing Hens
Cy and the Solo Sailor
The Ghostly Galleon
The Prophet
The Creature In The Cave
The Treasure Of The Endzones
The Island Games
The Comical Genie

Ovide and the gang on video:
Ovide and the gang - Come adventures
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Ovide and the gang - Tuned into trouble