This site contains information about the Strabbing family tree.

It is created and maintained by Willem Strabbing

I need relatives in the USA to help me complete the US family branch


The picture above shows my father, uncles, aunt and grandparents.

From left to right: Nita Johanna, Harry Frederik, Willem (Grandfather), Wim Frits, Jurrinus Frederik, Aaltje (Grandmother)

With this site I hope to interest other family members in our family tree and gather more information about relatives. All family members but also others who have valuable information or would like to receive information about our family are invited to contact me.

I reached the 17th century where our ancestors started as farmers in Sleen (Drenthe) in Holland. We have now relatives living in the USA and Canada (two of my uncles, Harry and Wim,  in the picture above). The family part in the USA started with four sons from one  family who left Holland in 1846 (on the Isabella Bath) and 1847 (on the Antoinette Marie) for New York.

More information about the family tree can be found via the links below. Those who want to contribute to the work or want to receive more information are invited to contact me using this address:

W. Strabbing

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The Netherlands


To be able to check the family tree contents and extend it, I would be very pleased if family members return answers from  the questionnaire in the list below. I need information from the USA to finalize the branch for all relatives now living there.

Subjects for further research:

Family relations before 1670

Family relations between 1710 and 1730

US relations after John Strabbing (born 8-9-1859, Graafschap MI)

US relations after Hermannus Strabbing (born 3-4-1824, Sleen)

More information:

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Family tree branch1

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Map of Sleen surroundings

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