Introduction to the STRABBING family tree




By: Willem Strabbing

Date: 28 December 2003



In my research I reached the oldest ancestor Jan Harmens Strabbe, born around 1640, married with Aechtien Jans in Groningen. A son of Jan called Hindrick Strabbe was born on 22-3-1667 in Groningen and married Swaentijn Hebbinge. A son of Hindrick called Jan was born in 1701 in Sleen. The last name has changed in the period between 1640 and 1760 between Strabbe, Strabben, Strabbinge and Strabbing. In the registers of the Dutch Reformed Church (Nederlands Hervormde kerk) the same persons are named Strabbing that in the municipal registers have the named Strabben.


The family tree now comprises two branches: one of all relatives living in The Netherlands and Canada and one of all relatives living in the USA.

Relations between 1700 and 1740 are not completely clear yet, there is only suspicion how the branches fit together. One thing for sure is that the branches come together in municipality Sleen (Drenthe, Netherlands) where several Strabbing’s are born in a small farmers village called Erm and farms referred to as “On Strabbing”. Unfortunately, the Church in Sleen did not keep registrations between 1715 and 1736.


The Dutch branch has Geert Jans as oldest ancestor, born around 1720 in Erm. Geert Jans can be a son of Jan Strabbing, born in 1701.

The US branch has Jan Strabbing as oldest ancestor, also born around 1720, married with Hilligien (Harmens) Renting on 21-5-1758. This Jan could also be a son of the Jan that was born in 1701.

The family in the US started when four sons of Jan (1761) went to New York in 1846 (on the ship Isabella Bath) and 1847 (on the ship Antoinette Marie). These sons are: Jan (born 1807), Hendrikus (born 1812), Johannes (born 1814) and Hermannus (born 1824). The family went to Michigan are settled around Grand Rapids in cities like Graafschap, Holland and Zeeland.