Pictures of some of our ancestors




The 55th wedding anniversery of Grietje Kuiper en Hendrik Strabbing (sitting)
12 August 1948 at Grijpskerk

with also:
1st row in front 3rd and 4th person left to right: Jantje Kuiper andAlbert Jan Hoving
2nd row standing 2nd person: Jantje Strabbing (doughter of Jantje Kuiper and Geert Strabbing)


About 1940: Boukje van Weering and Geert Strabbing with their two sons Geert en Chris


standing left to right: Geert Strabbing, Willemina Strabbing, Jantje Strabbing, Koos Hoving, Wilhelmina Strabbing, Elsina Strabbing
sitting left to right: Jantje Kuiper, Gebina Hoving, Albert Jan Hoving, Piet Hoving
in front: Grietje Strabbing


This is Hendrik Strabbing with probably Hendrika Ten Brink. Hendrik moved to America in 1847


Harm Strabbing born 24-10-1865

Harm is the father of my grant father Willem