These are my selling conditions. Only stamps offered on this site are for sale based on a fixed selling price. Please do not offer stamps for trade; I will not answer such a request. Would you like to receive an e-mail when I have new stamps to offer, then please send me mail and I'll keep you up to date.

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The stamps offered are described as good as possible to my knwoledge. For every lot there is an image added, which gives you an impression of the stamp(s) offered. If you find the description not clear or if you would like to have extra information on the lot, I expect you to ask me for clearing before you order. The used abbrevations are: MNH = Mint Not Hinged with original gum and without any hinge remnants, MLH = Mint with a (very) light hinge remnant, Mint or MH= mint with a hinge or hinge remnant, but always with an original gum, CTO = Cancelled Through Order most times with original gum at backside either with or without hinge(remnant). Prices noted are in euro's. To calculate to us dollars use this calculator.


Only orders by regular e-mail are accepted. Please write down the lot numbers (so not the catalogue numbers) and send them to me. For ardering I have a golden rule: the first one has the lot. So always wait for my confirmation before you send payment. Only then you may be sure that have ordered the lots. The lists on this site will be update weekly.

Shipping & Handling costs

If not otherwise described in the lotdesciption, no matter how many lots you order the shipping & handling costs are: to the Netherlands 1 euro, to a european country 2 euro and the rest of the world 4 usdollars. Shipping is by regular mail. Insurence or other shipping desires are extra.

Payment options

I only accept payment in euro's or us dollars. I accept three payment options:

Returning Policy

If the stamps are not as described or if you want to return the lot then please mail me first. Only complete lots can be return and never a single or more stamp from a lot. After I have received the returned lot in good order, I will refund you. However, I never send cash. Is the returning lot not the same as I have send (other stamps or damaged) then I will of course not refund you. In that case you will receive the stamps back, only when I received the xtra shipping costs.

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