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on Inner Power


The whole existence is functioning in perfect harmony, except man. Man is in a constant struggle with life and this creates a life of frustration, anguish, tension and expectations for the future. In fact I would not call it life.
There is no need to live a mediocre life. You have the potential to connect with the divine source. Allow it to happen. Rest in your being. Relax into this very moment, it contains the whole eternity in it.

Amsterdam, 1997


Power is dangerous without meditation. Any kind of power is bound to become destructive if there is no meditation involved in it. Lord Acton’s famous statement is basically true, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, because power means energy. What is one going to do with energy if one has not the understanding to use it rightly, if one has not the perspective to see clearly where to go, what to do, what not to do? Then power gives a certain intoxication. The unconscious person becomes even more unconscious, the mad person becomes even more mad.
Latest researchers into psychiatry have come to a very significant conclusion: that many people who are insane are really insane because they have so much power that it is beyond their control. They cannot cope with it. Basically they are not bad people, not evil, but their power is like a sword, a naked sword in the hands of a child. What is the child going to do with a sword? Either he will harm somebody or he will harm himself; hence power either becomes murderous or it becomes suicidal. These are the only two possibilities without meditation.
But once meditation becomes the foundation, then power is creative, then it brings great poetry and great music and great dance in your life. And not only in just your life; it starts overflowing you, it starts reaching others.

in: The Old Pond - Plop!


When power is gentle, it has a beauty; then it is nothing but the power of love. In other words it is no more power, it is simply gentleness. It is in this context that Jesus’ statement can be rightly understood: Blessed are the meek for theirs is the kingdom of God.

in: Going All the Way


There are new, imaginative and rewarding sources of the power needed for social transformation.
I mean, ‘the power of the person’ inherent in the transformative process - the discovery that any of us is the difference in the world. Or ‘the power of the network’, the form of catalyzing and mobilizing people all over the world.‘ The power of paying attention’, of discovering what works...’the power of self-knowledge’...’the power of letting go’...
’The power of flexibility’ allows the potential opponent to become part of the solution to the problem... ‘The power of communication’, growing all the time, enables the rapid transmission of new ideas, good questions, experiments, images. ‘The power of uncertainty’ makes it easier to innovate, experiment, risk. ‘The power of the whole’ gathers in all the power lost by fragmentation and ignorance. ‘The power of the alternative’ lies in the recognition that we have more choices than we once thought....

Marilyn Ferguson,
in: The Aquarian Conspiracy


When you try to possess, your power becomes invested in meaningless things. When you desire, your power becomes desire and desires are infinite. Each desire becomes a leakage of your power.
When all possessiveness and all desires have been understood as futile, and dropped, you become a reservoir of power. And to be a reservoir of power is the only experience that gives you the feeling that God is - because God is power. When you also experience power within yourself, overflowing, abundant power, you know God is.
If you are empty, with no power, tired, wasted in your desires, no proof that God exists can help you. All these proofs are for impotent people.
The real person needs no proof for God. He comes to know God from the experience of inner power, from his inner glow.

in: The Book of the Books, Vol. XII

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