Cootje Horst
A passion for painting... (een passie voor schilderen...)
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Cootje Horst van Mourik Broekman

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Oilpaintings and pastels (Olieverfschilderijen en pastels)
This website shows samples of the paintings and pastels by Cootje Horst.
Cootje Horst painted her entire life with an amazing passion and love and, as you'll see from these samples, develloped a style completele unique and her own.
She painted over 300 paintings in oil on canvas and hundreds of pastels on paper.
She studied painting at the Koninklijke Academie of The Hague and the Beaux-Arts Academy of Brussels. In 1950 she won the yearly Royal Price of the Netherlands for young artists.
During her life she had many exebitions in the Netherlands and in France. Cootje Horst often travelled abroad (a.o. France, Spain, Haiti) in order to gain inspiration from the various landscapes and people.

The family Horst still owns a large number of paintings and pastels which are available for exebitions and can be viewed upon request and purchased by the public.
Anyone interested can contact the family Horst by letter: Fam Horst Traaiweg 10 3956 NP Leersum
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published, Amsterdam, 2 august 2017

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