Annelise was born in Holland. She studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Maastricht, where she qualified as Professor of Art. She then followed specialised courses in Paris, Cologne and in Indonesia.

Over several years she took a particular interest in the ancient Indonesian Batik technique, which she then applied in Western style using the original technique with the "tjanting". She created many paintings notably of wild life subjects.

However her original inspiration was expresssed in Sculpture using bronze, and also in other materials. Her works cover widely different subjects varying from the human figure and animals to abstract works.

Annelise's art has many other facets. These include paintings in oil and water colours ; jewelery combining antique silver pieces with semi-precious stones from many sources. She made and sculpted (her own) furniture using old wood in the traditional way without screws or nails, and has worked over the years in enamel and glass.

Annelise exhibited often in Holland, Belgium and in the last twenty years in France including a major exhibition in Aix en Provence, where she showed some 75 works.