Educational Project Awassa College Teacher Education

In 1999 an English teacher donated her entire personal library of English Methodology to a College of Teachers Education. She also collected English course books among secondary schools in Belgium. She went voluntarily to Ethiopia to introduce her Library and support the teachers with the new methodologies. She helped with setting up the library as a self-access centre to familiarize the students with the principles of self-study. The workshops and seminars that she organized were very successfull. The students were all attentive and very motivated to learn.

Books on display and a TV reporter recording for the national TV.
SEPDA representatives and College teachers looking at the books.

Our voluntary teacher with her students in the classroom.

The Awassa College of Teacher Education considers her donation a valuable support and is now in a position to offer self-access library services to students of forein languages.
Yacob Zula, Dean of the College, stresses that similar support to the other departments in terms of books, journals, chemicals and laboratory equipment would be of high value!

This project was financed by:
NOVIB, The Hague ; ; Fred Foundation, Hilversum, The Netherlands

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Juni 2006 we visited the Awassa College of Teacher Education

Since we carried out above mentioned project a lot of progress has been made.
New buildings are under construction, new classrooms have been equiped, more books came to the library and a computer lab has been established. Around 6000 students are enrolled at this Teacher Training College.

We spoke to the former Dean of the College, Yacob Zula who told us that the project in that time was a real improvement to the English department and the availability of Library Services.
Today, considering the large number of students, there are still shortages on all matters and subjects.

Awassa College Teacher Education ; New buildings constructed



From left to right:
Gebre Meskel, Dean, Zelleke and former Dean Yacob Zula

Computer Lab

Biology Lab

Chemistry Lab

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