Journey to the Ruins of Ancient Egypt
Zbigniew Kosc ® Ramesses II, The Luxor Temple, 1996, b/w print, 48 x 20 cm
The making of ruins happens everywhere in the world all the time. Warsaw was reduced to ruins (I saw the ruins when I was a child) as was much of London. In Russia ruination is in progress. Could Russia be rebuilt? New York could be a ruin one day. Could New York be rebuilt or will we eventually visit its ruins as we do in Egypt now? 'Fallen Glory' is an exhibition about the ruins of ancient Egypt, its emphasis is not documentary, not representational, but rather conceptual and philosophical. The ruins were sometimes photographed as if part of nature, and sometimes as abstract objects. The images explore the grandeur of monumental architecture in the last stage of its existence and can be seen as emblematic of the transience of all cultures and the way they record and celebrate themselves. The series of black and white panoramic photographs - taken between 1986 and 1999 - has made possible by the support of the Foundation Found for Visual Art, Design and Architecture (Amsterdam) and Agfa-Gevaert (Leverkussen). Some of the work has been shown before at the Architectural Association in London (1996) and at the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam (1998).
Zbigniew Kosc ® Ramesseum II, Luxor West Bank, 1996, b/w print, 48 x 20 cm
Zbigniew Kosc 1951 born in Gdansk, Poland
1968-76  studied at Warsaw University, Ph.D. in Social Psychology
1984-89  studied photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam
1981-  travels to Egypt, Greece, Russia, Kurdistan and many other countries
1987-   regularly shows his photographs on exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad
1989  his book 'Athos' published by U.Bär Verlag Zurich and other publications follow
1989, 1990, 1999 & 2003   received grants of The Foundation Fund for Visual Art, Design and Architecture (Amsterdam)
1997   received sponsoring by Agfa-Gevaert Leverkussen, Germany
1997-8  worked as photographer in Egypt with the Dutch, Polish and American archeologists in Saqqara and Berenike
Zbigniew Kosc ® Ramesseum I, Luxor West Bank, 1996, b/w print, 48 x 20 cm
"... Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert... The lone and level sand stretch far away."
Ozymandias, Percy B. Shelley

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The Pyramids of Egypt The Pyramids of Giza , Saqqara, Dashur, Abu Sir & Meidum

The Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III Luxor Medinet Habu

The Colossi of Memnon Luxor Thebes

The Ramesseum Luxor Thebes

The Temple of Seti I Luxor Thebes

The Karnak Temple Luxor

The Luxor Temple Luxor

The Avenue of Sphinxes at ther Luxor Temple Luxor

The Temple of Hathor Dendera

The Temple of Horus Edfu

The Temple of Khnum Esna

The Temple of Sobek and Haroeris Kom Ombo

The Cenotaph Temple of Seti I Abydos

The Elephantine Aswan

The Temple of Isis Aswan/Philae

The Obelisk Heliopolis

The Zoser Step Pyramid & Mummies excavated Saqqara

'South Building' Saqqara

The Archaic Tombs Saqqara

The Mereruka and Ptahothep tombs Saqqara

The Lower Unas Temple Saqqara

The Solar Temple Abu Gurob

The fallen colossus of Rameses II Memphis

The Temple of Hathor Memphis

Karanis Fayum

The pyramid of Havara Fayum

The Amon Temple Tanis (San el-Higgar )

The Temple of Bastet Bubastis

The Pompey Pillar Alexandria

The Iseum Behbet el-Haggar

Mendes Tel er-Roba

The Great Temple Abu Simbel

Roman harbour city Berenike

The Temple of Mandulis Kalabsha

Avaris Delta

Nabatean inscriptions Sinai

Vetrus Hydruma Eastern Desert


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Ababda Bedouins of the Eastern Desert

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