Zbigniew Kosc
Small Still Voice 1981



You can shout loudly in a 'small still voice'.
You can scream without anyone hearing you shouting
with this soundless 'small still voice'. Anyone can do this.
Just imagine the sound of such a scream in your mind.
Depict the shout in your imagination exactly as it would sound.
Keep this up until you are literally with this soundless 'small still voice'.
This is actually a scream and not mere imagination.(...)
When you picture this scream in your mind,
the sound actually rings inside your brain.
You can stand in a crowded room, screaming in this manner,
without no one hearing you..

Nachman ben Simhah of Bratslaw (1772-1811)


2000 years Jews are thrown all over the world - suffering physically, spiritually - but never breaking ( on the gates of the ovens in Auschwitz they found written great Mitzwa to be always joyous - and there is never giving up) no mind can comprehend, the greatest minds remain open-mouthed in front of the Jewish question. (...) Szymek



 We like to live the life that has been given us and since we know with our minds, that it's a very good life - the best possible - afterwards it penetrates the heart, then the heart knows it, that life is good, because its giver is good and doesn't do bad things - and if you see bad things in the world we're responsible - the Creator created a pure creation. This is a very deep idea to meditate on - not to throw cheap arrows at, because I know, that there are many questions and answers. We are talking about another way meditation - to meditate on the idea that G-d has done everything most beautiful and good as can ever be. And from the heart this knowledge spreads to all other organs and the whole man knows G-d through his creation: he knows G-d in everything, in happy days, in sad days, always everything is from him, and He is all good - then everything is good.(...) Szymek


............When you see a group of people dancing like mad, in a strange rhythm - they seem crazy, it's because you don't see the fiddler standing in the corner and you don't hear him playing the sweetest melody ever created - you don't see that they dance to his rhythm. Jews are dancing and dancing, and they laugh. They seem sad - only because none has eyes to see such joy and ears to hear such melody.(...) Szymek



The world is full of strife.
There are wars between the great world powers.
There are conflicts within different localities.
There are feuds among families.
There is discord between neighbours.
There is friction within a household,
between man and wife,
between parents and children.
Life is short. People die every day.
The day that has passed will never return,
and death comes closer every day.
But people still fight and never one remember their goal in life.
All strife is identical.

Nachman ben Simhah of Bratslaw (1772-1811)

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