There are 22768 entries in the list.

This list was started after I noticed my first MPAA certificate number, which was in the ending credits of the movie Tron, somewhere around 1995. Much information was gathered from the credits shown (before and) after films. Other sources include the American Film Institute (AFI) Catalog of Feature Films, 1931-1940, and valuable contributions made by (in order of lastname):

Please email me if you can add more titles or if I forgot to mention your name in the list of contributors.

In France, a similar approval system exists, called "visa d'exploitation", which applies to both French and foreign films.

Movies are sorted in ascending order, based on their number + title. "Year" indicates a release date, not production date as usually listed in the movie itself, to keep in sync with the IMDB.

For now, there this site is not connected to a live database. This may change in the future, alowing for instance different sorting orders, and distributed updates. On the other hand, I might decide to solve this in XML/XSLT, as seen in the French movie number page. This very HTML file (Filmnummers.html) is already processed using an XSL transformation from an XML source.


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The list:

19341The World Moves On
19342Handy Andy
19343Baby Take a Bow
19344She Learned About Sailors
19345Charlie Chan's Courage
19346She Was a Lady
19347Grand Canary
19348Paris Interlude
19349Treasure Island
193410The Defense Rests
193411Beyond the Law
193412The Notorious Sophie Lang
193413Secret of the Chateau
193414Elmer and Elsie
1934014Love Thy Neighbor
193415Ladies Should Listen
193416The Scarlet Empress
193417She Loves Me Not
193418Change of Heart
193419David Harum
193444Syncopated City
193449His Greatest Gamble
193450Their Big Moment
193451There's Always Tomorrow
193452Bachelor Bait
193453Of Human Bondage
193454Hat, Coat, and Glove
193455The Cat's-Paw
193456British Agent
193458Friends of Mr. Sweeney
193459Our Daily Bread
1934059Rambling 'Round Radio Row (III)
193465Crime Without Passion
193468One Night of Love
193469Blind Date
1934069No Contest!
193470Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
1934070Paree, Paree
193471The Last Gentleman
193472The Circus Clown
193473Madame Du Barry
193474Here Comes the Navy
1934074Smoked Hams
193475Kansas City Princess
193481The Personality Kid
193482Return of the Terror
193483Midnight Alibi
193484The Man with Two Faces
193491The Girl from Missouri
193492Romance in the Rain
193493Million Dollar Ransom
1934094The Church Mouse
193495The Girl at the Ironing Board
193496Strikes and Spares
1936097The Last Journey
1934101Now and Forever
1934102Servants' Entrance
1934104The Dragon Murder Case
1934108Straight Is the Way
1934111Judge Priest
1934113The Lady Is Willing
1934122One More River
1934124Among the Missing
1934125Big Hearted Herbert
1934127Peculiar Penguins
1934128You Belong to Me
1934130The Human Side
1934132Holiday Land
1934133Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
1934136Belle of the Nineties
1934137The Case of the Howling Dog
1934139The Fountain
1934140The Age of Innocence
1934145Down to Their Last Yacht
1934146The Barretts of Wimpole Street
1934147A Lost Lady
19340150Second Hand Husband
1934155Caravan [English-language version]
1934157Gift of Gab
1934158The Scarlet Letter
1934161Girl in Danger
1934162That's Gratitude
1934164The Richest Girl in the World
1934166The Count of Monte Cristo
1934170She Had to Choose
1934171Charlie Chan in London
1934178The Pursuit of Happiness
1934179Wake Up and Dream
1934180Caravan [French-language version]
1934181Young and Beautiful
1934182Rocky Rhodes
1934183Have a Heart
1934184Death on the Diamond
1934185Happiness Ahead
1934186Fugitive Road
1934187Two Heads on a Pillow
1935189One in a Million (I)
1934190A Girl of the Limberlost
1934191King Kelly of the U.S.A.
1934196Wagon Wheels
1934197Green Eyes
1934198Las Fronteras del amor
1934199Dos más uno dos
1931202The Avenger
1931203Desert Vengeance
1931204The Fighting Sheriff
1933207The California Trail
1932208South of the Rio Grande
1934212Once to Every Bachelor
1933215Unknown Valley
1932216McKenna of the Mounted
19340217Dumbbell Letters #7
1934219School for Girls
1933220Silent Men
1932221Fighting for Justice
1932222The Western Code
1934223Peck's Bad Boy
1935225Tomorrow's Youth
1934226One Exciting Adventure
1934230Love Time
1934233The Firebird
1934234I Sell Anything
1934235High School Girl
1934236The Lemon Drop Kid
1934237Dangerous Corner
1934245We Live Again
1934246Crimson Romance
1934247House of Danger
1934248Mickey Plays Papa
1934250The Dude Ranger
1934251Night Alarm
1934252Outcast Lady
1934253Gentlemen Are Born
1934254Ready for Love
1934260I'll Fix It
1934266Menace (I)
1934267Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round
1935268Enter Madame
1934269365 Nights in Hollywood
1934270The St. Louis Kid
19350271Baby Be Good
1934271Wednesday's Child
1934272Lady by Choice
1942279So You Want to Give Up Smoking
1934280The Curtain Falls
1934282The Gay Divorcee
1934283Marie Galante
1934287Student Tour
19342896 Day Bike Rider
1934291Against the Law
1934292By Your Leave
1934293The Merry Widow
1934294Girl o' My Dreams
1934295A Successful Failure
19340296The Iron Duke
1935296Without Children
1934300Limehouse Blues
1934301Great Expectations
1934302Elinor Norton
1935310Home on the Range
1934311College Rhythm
1935312Chandu on the Magic Island
1935315Dumb Luck
1934317Anne of Green Gables
1934318What Every Woman Knows
1934320Gridiron Flash
1934321Kid Millions
19350325The Song of the Birds
1934326Kentucky Kernels
1935326The Old Grey Mayor
1934329The Captain Hates the Sea
1934330Fugitive Lady
1934331Port of Lost Dreams
1934332Prescott Kid
1934333Cheating Cheaters
1934335Hell in the Heavens
1934336Bachelor of Arts
1934337Here Is My Heart
1934341Lost in the Stratosphere
1934343It's a Gift
1934344The Goddess of Spring
1934346The White Parade
1935347Señora casada necesita marido
1934350Flirtation Walk
1934352Lightning Strikes Twice
1934353When a Man Sees Red
1934354Men of the Night
1935355White Lies
19400357Bulldog Sees It Through
1934358I Am a Thief
1934359The World Accuses
1934361I've Been Around
1932362Bachelor Mother
1934366Buddy's Adventures
1935370The Love Department
1934372Behold My Wife
1934373One Hour Late
1934374Father Brown, Detective
1934379Evelyn Prentice
1934380Murder in the Clouds
1935381Maybe It's Love
1935382Red Morning
1934384The Secret Bride
1935388Manhattan Butterfly
1935389Romance in Manhattan
1934390Broadway Bill
1934392The Mighty Barnum
1934394The Gay Bride
1934395The Painted Veil
1934396Flirting with Danger
1934400Strange Wives
1934401Babes in Toyland
19370401The Life of the Party
1934407In Old Santa Fe
1935409Square Shooter
1935411Biography of a Bachelor Girl
1934412Imitation of Life
1934413West of the Pecos
19350414Main Street Follies
1934416Sweet Adeline
1934417The Ghost Walks
1934419Music in the Air
1934422Sing Sing Nights
1934423The Mysterious Mr. Wong
1934424The Man Who Reclaimed His Head
1935425Life Returns
1934427Bright Eyes
19350429Dancing on the Moon
1935429Grand Old Girl
1934435The President Vanishes
1934436Buddy the Dentist
1935437The Perfect Clue
1934438The Westerner
1935443The Right to Live
1934448Sons of Steel
1935449Calling All Cars
19350451Dizzy Divers
1934451The Marines Are Coming
1934452A Wicked Woman
19350455For Better or Worser
19350456Johnny Green & His Orchestra
1935456Mystery Woman
1934457The Band Plays On
1935458Red Hot Tires
1935459The Lottery Lover
1934465Mills of the Gods
1935470Night Life of the Gods
1935472Horses' Collars
1935474The Lives of a Bengal Lancer
1935475The Gilded Lily
1935476Rocky Mountain Mystery
1935477Wings in the Dark
1935480Enchanted April
1934481The Little Minister
1934483Little Men
1934484Million Dollar Baby
19350485King of the Mardi Gras
1935486The County Chairman
1934487Forsaking All Others
19360487Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor
19350489Betty Boop and Grampy
1935490Straight from the Heart
1935492Rendezvous at Midnight
1935494The Tortoise and the Hare
1935497The White Cockatoo
1935501Clive of India
19350503All American Drawback
1935505Behind the Evidence
1935506The Best Man Wins
1935507Charlie Chan in Paris
19350510The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes
1935511A Notorious Gentleman
1935512Rescue Squad
1935516The Night Is Young
1934517Inside Information
1935519Society Doctor
1935520The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David Copperfield the Younger
1935523The Woman in Red
1935524Devil Dogs of the Air
19340526The Clairvoyant
1935526Under Pressure
1935530One More Spring
1935535Sweepstake Annie
1935536Sweet Music
1935537Ruggles of Red Gap
1935538The Devil Is a Woman
1934539All the King's Horses
1935541The Cowboy and the Bandit
1935542Julieta compra un hijo
1935543Symphony of Living
1935544Mystery of Edwin Drood
1933544Sorrell and Son
1935546The Revenge Rider
1935547Law Beyond the Range
1935552Adventurous Knights
1935553Women Must Dress
1935554The Amateur Husband
1935555Once in a Blue Moon
1935559The Crimson Trail
1935560The Winning Ticket
1935561The Good Fairy
1935562The Nut Farm
1935563Murder on a Honeymoon
19350563Stylish Stouts
19350564Double Exposure
19350566Brown on Resolution
1935567Let's Live Tonight
1935568The Whole Town's Talking
1935571The Mystery Man
19360571Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky
1935572Transient Lady
1935573Living on Velvet
1935576While the Patient Slept
1935577When a Man's a Man
1934578The Scarlet Pimpernel
1935579Black Fury
1935580Gold Diggers of 1935
1935581Life Begins at Forty
1935582Death Flies East
1935583Car 99
1935584Love in Bloom
1935585McFadden's Flats
19350586Musical Memories
1935586Shadow of Doubt
19360587Somewhere in Dreamland
1935590Captain Hurricane
1934591Mon coeur t'appelle
1935593After Office Hours
19360593The Cobweb Hotel
19350594The Spinach Overture
1935596The Little Colonel
1935598Mutiny Ahead
1935599The People's Enemy
1935600Folies Bergère de Paris
1935602A Shot in the Dark
1930605Hell Harbor
1935608It Happened in New York
1935609A Night at the Ritz
1935612The Great Hotel Murder
19350613Adventures of Popeye
1935613The Florentine Dagger
19320614Good Night, Vienna
1935614Vanessa: Her Love Story
19330615Yes, Mr. Brown
1934620The Man Who Knew Too Much
1935621A Dog of Flanders
1935622Naughty Marietta
19360623Betty Boop and the Little King
1935623Great God Gold
1935626The Lost Chick
1935628Hold 'Em Yale
1935629Four Hours to Kill!
19350629Molly Moo-Cow and Rip Van Wrinkle
1935630Paris in Spring
1935636I'll Love You Always
1935637In Spite of Danger
1935638Times Square Lady
1935640The Wedding Night
1935643Unwelcome Stranger
1935644Private Worlds
19360645A Clean Shaven Man
19350646Molly Moo-Cow and the Butterflies
1935646The Casino Murder Case
19350649Beautiful Banff and Lake Louise: A FitzPatrick Traveltalk
1935649Get That Man
1935650Dizzy Dames
1935651Public Opinion
1935652Angelina o el honor de un brigadier
1935655Brewster's Millions
19330656Puppets of Fate
1935660Sunset Range
1935661Along Flirtation Walk
1935663Roaring Roads
1935665Go Into Your Dance
1935666Traveling Saleslady
1935667Ten Dollar Raise
1935669Men of the Hour
1935671People Will Talk
1935672Princess O'Hara
1935673West Point of the Air
1935674George White's 1935 Scandals
1935676Cardinal Richelieu
19350676Molly Moo-Cow and the Indians
1935677Beginner's Luck
1935678Behind the Green Lights
1935679Eight Bells
1935680Mary Jane's Pa
1935681Stolen Harmony
1935683Dante's Inferno
1935685The Case of the Curious Bride
1935686Les Misérables
1935688Hong Kong Nights
1935690Strangers All
19350690The Divine Spark
1935692Mister Dynamite
1935693Motive for Revenge
1935694One New York Night
1935695Goin' to Town
1935696The Glass Key
1935697Circumstantial Evidence
1935702Vagabond Lady
1935703Chasing Yesterday
19360705I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski
1935706The Calico Dragon
19350706The Rocks of Valpre
1935709It's a Small World
19350710The Tunnel
19340712D'Ye Ken John Peel?
1935713Baby Face Harrington
1935714WereWolf of London
19360715Greedy Humpty Dumpty
19350718The Passing of the Third Floor Back
1935720Doubting Thomas
1935721Uncivil Warriors
1935722Poker at Eight
1935723The Hoosier Schoolmaster
1935725Mark of the Vampire
1935727Star of Midnight
1935729In Caliente
19360730A Song a Day
1935730The Goose and the Gander
1935733Tramp Tramp Tramp
1935734The Informer
1935735Becky Sharp
19350736Fang and Claw
1935737Spring Tonic
19360740Brotherly Love
1935740Teacher's Beau
19360741I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze
1935741My Green Fedora
1935743Party Wire
1935744Fighting Shadows
1935745'G' Men
1935746The Daring Young Man
19360750Toonerville Trolley
1935752A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935758The Scoundrel
1935759Village Tale
19360760Nut Guilty
1936761Soak the Rich
1935762The Old Homestead
1935763Pardon My Scotch
1935764Good Little Monkeys
1935765El Día que me quieras
19360766Hawaiian Birds
1935767Oil for the Lamps of China
1935768Bride of Frankenstein
1935770Two Hearts in Wax Time
1935776The Awakening of Jim Burke
19360777Betty Boop and Little Jimmy
1935777The Call of the Wild
1935778Together We Live
1935779Ladies Love Danger
1935781Border Brigands
1935783Buddy's Lost World
1935784Into Your Dance
1935787Rainbow's End
1935788Justice of the Range
19360789I Don't Want to Make History
1935789The Crime of Doctor Crespi
1935790The Raven
1935791Chinatown Squad
1935795Death from a Distance
19340800The Scotland Yard Mystery
1935801Break of Hearts
1936803Things to Come
1935804Let 'em Have It
1935807The Cowboy Millionaire
1935809Air Hawks
19360809The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg
19360812Bridge Ahoy!
1935815One Frightened Night
19360817Victoria and Vancouver: Gateways to Canada
1935822Kentucky Blue Streak
19360824Rhodes Of Africa
1935828The Girl from Tenth Avenue
1935830Wilderness Mail
19360831Sacred City of the Mayan Indians
1935831The Red Blood of Courage
1935832Wagon Trail
19360833We Did It
1935834Our Little Girl
1935835Black Sheep
1935836Bronco Buster
1935837Hoi Polloi
1935838Age of Indiscretion
1935839The Nitwits
1935840What Price Crime
1935841Kid Courageous
1935843Alias Mary Dow
19360843Bold King Cole
19360846Neptune Nonsense
1935848Under the Pampas Moon
1935849Now or Never
1936851Frankie and Johnnie
1935852Escape Me Never
1935856Going Highbrow
1935858College Scandal
1935859The Crusades
1935860Men Without Names
1935861Accent on Youth
1934862Nell Gwyn
1935863Who Killed Cock Robin?
1935864Mickey's Fire Brigade
19360865It's a Greek Life
1935865Mickey's Garden
1935866Murder in the Fleet
1935867Born to Battle
1935868The Four Star Boarder
19360868What -- No Spinach?
1935869The Flame Within
1935870Border Vengeance
1935871Silent Valley
1935872The Headline Woman
1935873The Girl Who Came Back
1935874The Country Mouse
1935875The Test
1935876The Circle of Death
1935877The Chinese Nightingale
1935880Unknown Woman
1935881Hooray for Love
1935882Te quiero con locura
1935885Alibi Ike
19360885More Pep
1935886The Healer
1935890Outlaw Rule
1935891No More Ladies
1935892Public Hero #1
1935893Blazing Guns
19360896The Amateur Gentleman
1935896The Last Wilderness
1935898Circus Shadows
1935899China Seas
1935901Keystone Hotel
1935902On Probation
1933903Moonlight and Pretzels
1935904The New Adventures of Tarzan (I)
1935905Charlie Chan in Egypt
1935906Slightly Static
1935912The Live Wire
1935915Honeymoon Limited
1934916The Broken Melody
1935918The Arizonian
193592118 Minutes
19360921Let's Get Movin'
1935923Front Page Woman
19360924A Waif's Welcome
1935924North of Arizona
1935926The Vanishing Riders
1935927The Farmer Takes a Wife
1935929Riding Wild
1935930The Laramie Kid
1936931Night Cargo
1935932Redheads on Parade
1935933Smokey Smith
1935935Broadway Gondolier
1935936Keeper of the Bees
1935937Nurse to You!
1932942The Lodger
1935943Reckless Roads
1935944Champagne for Breakfast
1935945Man on the Flying Trapeze
1935946Buddy Steps Out
1935947Tango Bar
1935948Little Papa
1935952The Cyclone Ranger
19360954Man who Changed His Mind, The (I)
1935954Orchids to You
19360955Seven Sinners
1935956The Texas Rambler
1935957The Merry Old Soul
1935958Society Fever
1935959Don't Bet on Blondes
1935960Piernas de seda
1935962Gun Smoke
19360962Play Safe
1935963Calm Yourself
19360963You're Not Built That Way
19360964Never Kick a Woman
1935966Ladies Crave Excitement
1934968My Song for You
1935969Twenty Dollars a Week
1935970Born to Gamble
1935971Code of the Mounted
1935973Unconquered Bandit
1935974Lady Tubbs
1935975Danger Trails
1935976Love Me Forever
1935977Buddy the Gee Man
1935978Social Error
1935979Diamond Jim
1935980Make a Million
1935984Page Miss Glory
19360986Cupid Gets his Man
1935986Poor Little Me
1935987Rip Roaring Riley
1935991Dressed to Thrill
1935992Welcome Home
19311002Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
19351003Lightning Triggers
19351007The Man from Guntown
19351008Thunder in the Night
19351009The Black Room
19351010Six Gun Justice
193601011Happy You and Merry Me
193601014Rio de Janeiro: City of Splendour
19351015Anna Karenina
19351016Outlawed Guns
19351017In Old Kentucky
19351020The Big Broadcast of 1936
19351021The Last Outpost
19351022Without Regret
19351023Wanderer of the Wasteland
19351024Pluto's Judgement Day
19351026Music Land
19351027Texas Jack
19351030Happiness C.O.D.
193601030Little Swee' Pea
19351031Speed Devils
19351032Silk Hat Kid
19351033Western Frontier
19351034Mad Love
19361035Jaws of the Jungle
19351035The Murder Man
19331036Gallant Lady
193601037Training Pigeons
19351042Smart Girl
19351043After the Dance
19351044Wild Mustang
193601045Everything Is Thunder
19321046The Kid from Spain
19351047Manhattan Moon
19321048One Man Law
19351049The Irish in Us
19351050Men of Action
193901050Paradise in Harlem
19351051Here Comes Cookie
19351054The Return of Peter Grimm
19351055Bonnie Scotland
19351056The Girl Friend
19351057Atlantic Adventure
19351058Steamboat Round the Bend
19351060Bright Lights
19351061We're in the Money
19351062Curly Top
19351063Old Man Rhythm
19351064The Lady in Red
19351067Thicker Than Water
19331070The Masquerader
19351071She Gets Her Man
19351072The Payoff
19351073Special Agent
19351074Dr. Socrates
19351075I Live for Love
19351076Woman Wanted
193701077Elephant Boy
19351077Rosa de Francia
19351078Annapolis Farewell
193601078Tudor Rose
19331079The Bowery
19311082The Deadline
19351083Cheers of the Crowd
19351087Little Big Shot
193501088Honours Easy
19341089The Death Parade
19321090Hello Trouble
193601090Hold the Wire
19351091Every Night at Eight
19311092The Unholy Garden
19331096Roman Scandals
19351098Hot Money
19351099Top Hat
19351100Hot Tip
19351101Alice Adams
19351102His Family Tree
19341103Moulin Rouge
19341104Looking for Trouble
19341105Viva Villa!
19311106Palmy Days
19351107Two for Tonight
19351110Hop-a-long Cassidy
19331111Advice to the Lovelorn
19351116She Married Her Boss
19351117Streamline Express
19351118The Public Menace
19351123The Rider of the Law
19321124Sundown Rider
193401125Menace (II)
19351131Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery
19351135Branded a Coward
19351136Harmony Lane
193601136Jack of all Trades
19351137Forbidden Heaven
19351138Cappy Ricks Returns
19351139Gun Play
19351140Two Sinners
19351141Danger Ahead
19351144The Shadow of Silk Lennox
19351145A Cartoonist's Nightmare
19361146Ants in the Pantry
19351149Here Comes the Band
19351153The Case of the Lucky Legs
19351154Personal Maid's Secret
193601155Christmas Comes But Once a Year
19351155Moonlight on the Prairie
19361156The Murder of Dr. Harrigan
19351157Broadway Melody of 1936
19361158Contra la corriente
19351159Coyote Trails
19351160Rio Rattler
193601160The Spinach Roadster
19351161The Throwback
19351162Condemned to Live
19321163Forbidden Trail
19351164Storm Over the Andes
19351166Hot Off the Press
19351167The Spanish Cape Mystery
19351168Last of the Clintons
19351170Here's to Romance
19351171The Gay Deception
19351172Peter Ibbetson
19351173So Red the Rose
19351174Trails of the Wild
19351175La Fiesta de Santa Barbara
19351177Shipmates Forever
193501181She Shall Have Music
193601183Strangers on Honeymoon
193701185Head Over Heels
193601186His Lordship
19331186Three Little Pigs
19351192Way Down East
19361193Mickey's Grand Opera
19341195The Wise Little Hen
19341196The Flying Mouse
19341197Funny Little Bunnies
193301198Her Secret
19341199The Grasshopper and the Ants
19351205King Solomon of Broadway
19351206The Affair of Susan
193701209Bunny Mooning
19351213Flicker Fever
193601214I'm in the Army Now
193701221Twilight on the Trail
193701226The Paneless Window Washer
19351228Three Orphan Kittens
19331232Charlie Chan's Greatest Case
19331233My Weakness
19331234Walls of Gold
19331235My Lips Betray
19331236Jimmy and Sally
19331238Mr. Skitch
19331239I Am Suzanne!
19341240Frontier Marshal
19341242I Believed in You
19341244Bottoms Up
19341245All Men Are Enemies
19341246Stand Up and Cheer!
19341247Now I'll Tell
193701248Organ Grinder's Swing
19331248Zoo in Budapest
19311249Around the World with Douglas Fairbanks
193601249As You Like It
19321250Mr. Robinson Crusoe
193601251George Hall and His Orchestra
19351252Little Dutch Plate
193501252Maria Marten, or The Murder in the Red Barn
19351254The Dark Angel
19351255Charlie Chan in Shanghai
19351256Guard That Girl
19351257I Live My Life
193701257Whoops! I'm a Cowboy
19351263The Last Days of Pompeii
19351264Hi, Gaucho!
19351265Powdersmoke Range
19351266The Three Musketeers
19351268The Rainmakers
19351269The Virginia Judge
19351270Into Little America
19351271It's a Great Life
193601272Everybody Dance
19321276The Golden West
19321278Too Busy to Work
19331279Smoke Lightning
19331281Life in the Raw
193601282Love In Exile
19331282Shanghai Madness
19321283Society Girl
19321284Bachelor's Affairs
193701286My Artistical Temperature
19331287Doctor Bull
19331288Berkeley Square
19331289I Was a Spy
19341290As Husbands Go
193601290Rushin' Art
19341291Orient Express
193701291Pudgy Takes a Bow-wow
19341292Sleepers East
19351294This Is the Life
19351299Navy Wife
19361300Important News
19331303The Prizefighter and the Lady
19341304The Thin Man
19341305Tarzan and His Mate
19341306Men in White
19331307Dancing Lady
19351310Red Salute
19351311O'Shaughnessy's Boy
19351313Fighting Youth
19351314False Pretenses
19331316The Emperor Jones
193601316Yellowstone Park: 'Nature's Playground'
19331317Hallelujah I'm a Bum
193501317Travel Talks: Colorful Islands
193501318Emil and The Detectives
19311319The Struggle
19311321Street Scene
19351322Heir to Trouble
19311324The Criminal Code
19311325Platinum Blonde
19331326Lady for a Day
19311328Ten Cents a Dance
19331330Cross Fire
193601331Ourselves Alone
19331331The Cheyenne Kid
19331332Chance at Heaven
19331333Before Dawn
193501333Once in a Million
19331335Scarlet River
19321336Renegades of the West
193601337Broken Blossoms
19341337Murder on the Blackboard
19331338The Right to Romance
193601338The Tenth Man
19331339The Son of Kong
19341340Long Lost Father
193701341Chicken a La King
19331341Little Women
19341342Let's Try Again
19341343Keep 'Em Rolling
193701344Hotel a la Swing
19331344If I Were Free
19341345Man of Two Worlds
19341346The Lost Patrol
19331347Midshipman Jack
19321348The Most Dangerous Game
19351350A Feather in Her Hat
19341352The Old Fashioned Way
19341353Shoot the Works
19341354The Great Flirtation
19341355Many Happy Returns
19341356Little Miss Marker
193501357The Mystery of the Marie Celeste
19341357Thirty Day Princess
19311358A Private Scandal
193601358Living Dangerously
19341359Double Door
19341360The Witching Hour
19341361We're Not Dressing
193701362Lost and Foundry
19341362Melody in Spring
19341363You're Telling Me!
19341365Six of a Kind
19341366The Last Round-Up
19331367Alice in Wonderland
19331368Lone Cowboy
19331369The Thundering Herd
19331370Duck Soup
19331371Cradle Song
19331372White Woman
19331373Hell and High Water
19331374The Way to Love
19331375Tillie and Gus
19331376Too Much Harmony
19331377Golden Harvest
19331378To the Last Man
19331379Torch Singer
19331380One Sunday Afternoon
19331382Three-Cornered Moon
19331383College Humor
19321384Madame Butterfly
19321385Movie Crazy
19321386The Night of June 13th
1932138770,000 Witnesses
19321388The Miracle Man
19321390Shanghai Express
19311392Huckleberry Finn
193701399Morning, Noon and Night Club
19351408Hollywood Capers
193701408I Never Changes My Altitude
19331410Under the Tonto Rim
19331411The Mysterious Rider
19321412Heritage of the Desert
19321414Wild Horse Mesa
19321415If I Had a Million
19351416Barbary Coast
193801416The Divorce of Lady X
193701418Farewell Again
19351420The Bishop Misbehaves
19351421Waterfront Lady
19351422Trails End
19351423Music Is Magic
19341425Where Sinners Meet
19341426Strictly Dynamite
19331428Tomorrow at Seven
19321429Thirteen Women
19331430Man Hunt
19321431Ghost Valley
19321432Come on Danger!
19321433Bring 'Em Back Alive
19331434Blind Adventure
19321435Beyond the Rockies
19341436Wild Cargo
19331437Lucky Devils
193601441The Lonely Road
193601452The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss
19341458The Crime Doctor
19331459One Man's Journey
19331460State Fair
19351461She Couldn't Take It
19361463Rose of the Rancho
19351464Hands Across the Table
19341465Racketeer Round-up
19351466Trigger Tom
19351467Three Kids and a Queen
193701468The Great Barrier
19351471A Tale of Two Cities
193701471I Likes Babies and Infinks
193701472Peeping Penguins
19331473Sunset Pass
19351474Bad Boy
19351477Frisco Kid
19351478Broadway Hostess
19361479Frontier Justice
193701483A Car-Tune Portrait
19321486The Lost Squadron
19331487Double Harness
19331488India Speaks
19331489The Silver Cord
19351490Our Gang Follies of 1936
19351491His Fighting Blood
19331491That's the Spirit
19331493Morning Glory
19331494Ace of Aces
19331494The Audition
19331495After Tonight
19331496The Big Brain
19341497Cockeyed Cavaliers
19321498The Conquerors
19331501Flaming Gold
19331502Goldie Gets Along
19331503Goodbye Love
193701503Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves
19321504The Half Naked Truth
19331505Headline Shooter
19341507The Life of Vergie Winters
19321508Men of America
19341509The Meanest Gal in Town
19331510No Marriage Ties
19331511Professional Sweetheart
19331512Rafter Romance
19321513Secrets of the French Police
19341514Sing and Like It
19331515Son of the Border
193601515Spy of Napoleon
193601516Dusty Ermine
19341516Success at Any Price
19341517This Man Is Mine
19341518Two Alone
19341523We're Rich Again
19341524Blossom Time
19351525Grand Exit
19361525Wildcat Saunders
19351527Toll of the Desert
19351529Forced Landing
19351530Never Too Late
193701531Fowl Play
19351531Mutiny on the Bounty
19351533The Perfect Gentleman
19351534Gold Diggers of '49
19351535Thunder Mountain
19351536To Beat the Band
19351537In Person
19351538Annie Oakley
19321539The Sport Parade
19321540Bird of Paradise
19331541Flying Devils
19321542Strange Justice
193601543Man in the Mirror
19331544Christopher Strong
193701545Protek the Weakerist
19351545Thanks a Million
19351546The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
19351547Show Them No Mercy!
19351550I Found Stella Parish
19351551The Story of Louis Pasteur
19351552Captain Blood
19351553Stars Over Broadway
193701554Love from a Stranger
19351555Miss Pacific Fleet
19351556Man of Iron
19361557Song of the Saddle
19351558No Man's Range
19321559Make Me a Star
19311560Girls About Town
19311561Once a Lady
193701562Serene Siam
19361563Tarzan Escapes
19351564The Eagle's Brood
19351566His Night Out
19351567The Ivory-Handled Gun
193701568Educated Fish
19331568From Hell to Heaven
19361570Mickey's Polo Team
19351571It's in the Air
19361573Carnival Day
19351575Case of the Missing Man
193801575Learn Polikeness
19341576No More Women
19341577Wharf Angel
19341578Come on Marines
19341580Four Frightened People
19321581The Sign of the Cross
19331582Sitting Pretty
19341583Murder at the Vanities
19341584Here Comes the Groom
19361585Murder at Glen Athol
19351586Remember Last Night?
193601587A Woman Alone
19361587Charlie Chan's Secret
19351590Valley of Wanted Men
19351591Alias John Law (I)
193801592The House Builder-Upper
19351595Western Courage
19361596Modern Times
19351597Bars of Hate
19351598A Scream in the Night
193701598Under the Red Robe
193601599Talk of the Devil
193701601Zula Hula
193801603Pudgy and the Lost Kitten
19351604I Dream Too Much
19321605Million Dollar Legs
19321606Service for Ladies
19331607The Crime of the Century
193516091,000 Dollars a Minute
19351611Billboard Frolics
19351612Ship Cafe
19351613A Night at the Opera
19351614Bar 20 Rides Again
19321616Thunder Below
19321617This Is the Night
19331618This Day and Age
19351619Three Little Beers
19351621Escape from Devil's Island
19351622Frisco Waterfront
19361623I Conquer the Sea!
193701624Non-Stop New York
19351624One-Way Ticket
19351625Crime and Punishment (I)
19351626The Lady in Scarlet
19321628Under-Cover Man
19331629King of the Jungle
19341630Ever Since Eve
19331631Her Bodyguard
19341632Murder In Trinidad
19341634Such Women Are Dangerous
19341635Call It Luck
19321636Young America
19311637Fair Warning
19311638A Holy Terror
19321639The Rainbow Trail
19321640Down to Earth
193701640The Football Toucher Downer
19321641Tess of the Storm Country
19321642Robbers' Roost
193801643Riding the Rails
19321644Handle with Care
193701645Bulldog Drummond at Bay
19301645Under Suspicion
19321647Business and Pleasure
19311648Riders of the Purple Sage
19321649Amateur Daddy
19331650The Good Companions
19351651Too Tough to Kill
19321652The Broken Wing
193701653Storm in a Teacup
19321653Strangers in Love
193701654Action for Slander
193801655The Drum
193701657Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel
19381658South Riding
19351659The Law of 45's
193701659The Squeaker
19351662Millions in the Air
193701663London Melody
19351664Mary Burns, Fugitive
19351665Paddy O'Day
19351667Midnight Phantom
193701670Little Lamby
19351670Murder by Television
193701671Slacks Appeal
19361672King of the Islands
19361675Orphans' Picnic
19361676Mickey's Rival
19361677Three Little Wolves
19361678Alpine Climbers
19361679Elmer Elephant
19351680Broken Toys
19351681East of Java
19351682The Great Impersonation
19361684The Fire Alarm
19351688The Melody Lingers On
19351689The Calling of Dan Matthews
19351692The Courageous Avenger
19351693Your Uncle Dudley
19351694Gallant Defender
193801695I Yam Lovesick
19351697Sylvia Scarlett
19351698Seven Keys to Baldpate
19351699The Cheyenne Tornado
19351701Riddle Ranch
19351706Another Face
19361707The Robin Hood of El Dorado
19351708The Widow from Monte Carlo
19361709Ceiling Zero
19361710Freshman Love
19331711Midnight Club
19321712Evenings for Sale
19321713Horse Feathers
19361714Thru the Mirror
193701716Stockholm: Pride of Sweden
19321719The Phantom President
19351720The Judgement Book
19351721We're Only Human
19361722Movie Maniacs
193801722The Tears of an Onion
19351723The Bride Comes Home
19361725The Bohemian Girl
19331726Mama Loves Papa
19351727The Littlest Rebel
19361728Hitch Hike to Heaven
19351729Last of the Pagans
193701729Young and Innocent
19321732The Vanishing Frontier
19351737Flowers for Madame
19361738Plane Dippy
193801741Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh
19351741Sunset of Power
19311742The Cisco Kid
19351743My Marriage
19331745Billion Dollar Scandal
19361746The Invisible Ray
19351747Magnificent Obsession
19351748If You Could Only Cook
19351749The Lone Wolf Returns
19351750Timber War
19361751The Petrified Forest
19361752Road Gang
19361753Boulder Dam
19361754Anything Goes
19361755The Milky Way
19361756Drift Fence
19331762Hello, Everybody!
193801762Let's Celebrake
19351764Skull and Crown
19351767Ah, Wilderness!
19351769Hitch Hike Lady
19351770Lawless Riders
19361771La Última cita
19361772Her Master's Voice
19361775Three on a Limb
19361777King of Burlesque
19351778Professional Soldier
19361779Champagne Charlie
19361780Gentle Julia
19361781The Singing Kid
19361783Man Hunt
19361784Anthony Adverse
19361786You May Be Next
19361787Dangerous Intrigue
19361788Lady of Secrets
193801789Hold It!
19331789The Power and the Glory
19311790It Pays to Advertise
193701791Dinner at the Ritz
19311791The Secret Call
19361792Ring Around the Moon
19351793Alias St. Nick
19321794Night After Night
19351795Suicide Squad
19361798Two in the Dark
19361799Yellow Dust
19361800Muss 'em Up
19361801Follow the Fleet
19351806Kind Lady
19351807The Fire Trap
19361808We're in the Legion Now
19351809A Dream Comes True
19361810Brides Are Like That
19361811Snowed Under
19361812The Walking Dead
19361816Alpine Antics
19351816The Fighting Coward
19351818Bulldog Courage
193701819Said O'Reilly to McNab
19331819The Last Trail
19361820Desert Guns
19361822Fast Bullets
19361823Captain January
193701823Paradise for Two
19361824Song and Dance Man
19361825It Had to Happen
19311827Finn and Hattie
19341828Missouri Nightingale
19351830Whispering Smith Speaks
19331831Big Executive
19361834The Leavenworth Case
19361836I Wanna Play House
19351837Abdul the Damned
193801837Plumbing Is a 'Pipe'
19361838Hell-Ship Morgan
193701839Green Fields
19361839The Mysterious Avenger
19361839The Phantom Ship
19331840The Worst Woman in Paris?
19331841Olsen's Big Moment
19341842Hold That Girl
19341843The Devil Tiger
19351844Trail of Terror
19361845Silver Spurs
193701846The Show Goes On
193701849The Cantor's Son
19361851Tough Guy
193801852The Jeep
19361853The Pinch Singer
19361854Blazing Justice
19361855The Crime Patrol
19361856Three Live Ghosts
19361857Klondike Annie
19361858Woman Trap
19361859The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
19361860Strike Me Pink
19361864Love on a Bet
19361865The Lady Consents
19361866Silly Billies
19361868Dancing Feet
19361869Satan Met a Lady
19361870Treachery Rides the Range
193801872Freddie Rich and His Orchestra
19361872Hair-Trigger Casey
19361873Ghost Town
19361874The Kid Ranger
19361876Dangerous Waters
19361881A Face in the Fog
193801882Bulldozing the Bull
19311883Young as You Feel
19311884Ambassador Bill
19311885A Connecticut Yankee
19361885The Cat Came Back
19371887Rich Relations
19361889The Preview Murder Mystery
19361890Sky Parade
193801891Pudgy the Watchman
19361895Boom Boom
19361896Give Us This Night
19361897Timothy's Quest
19361899The Dark Hour
19361900The Music Goes 'Round
19361901Devil's Squadron
193801901Hunky and Spunky
19361902Don't Gamble with Love
19381903Crashing Through Danger
19361905Black Gold
19361906Sum Hun
19361907The Prisoner of Shark Island
19361908Every Saturday Night
19361909A Message to Garcia
19361910Here Comes Trouble
19361911Everybody's Old Man
19361912Next Time We Love
193901914Stop, Look and Love
19361915The Green Pastures
19361916Hearts Divided
19361919Roarin' Guns
19361923The Leathernecks Have Landed
19361924The Return of Jimmy Valentine
19361925Exclusive Story
19381926Glimpses of New Brunswick
19361926Lucky Terror
19361927Call of the Prairie
19351928Shadows of the Orient
193701928The Wife of General Ling
19361929Outlaws of the Range
19361931Desert Gold
193801937Owd Bob
19351938The Pecos Kid
19361940The Cattle Thief
19361941Valley of the Lawless
193801946Mutiny Ain't Nice
19361956The Garden Murder Case
19361959Little Lord Fauntleroy
19361960Don't Get Personal
19361961Kelly the Second
19361962Page Miss Glory
19361964Pride of the Marines
19361965Roaming Lady
19361966Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
19361967Panic on the Air
19311972The Guardsman
19361973The Lion Man
19361974Taming the Wild
19361976The Country Doctor
19361977Under Two Flags
19361978Charlie Chan at the Circus
193801979All's Fair at the Fair
19361979Little Miss Nobody
19361980The Country Beyond
19361981Laughing Irish Eyes
19361982The House of a Thousand Candles
19361983I'll Name the Murderer
19361984Ridin' On
19351985Tetched in the Head
19311987Trader Horn
193801988A Date to Skate
19361988The Voice of Bugle Ann
19361989Wife vs. Secretary
19361990The Bridge of Sighs
19361991The Farmer in the Dell
19361997White Legion
19361998Two in Revolt
19361999Murder on a Bridle Path
19362000The Great Ziegfeld
19362001The Moon's Our Home
19362002Palm Springs
19362003These Three
19362004A Miniature: The Story of 'The Jonker Diamond'
19362006Love Before Breakfast
19362007Sutter's Gold
19362008Heroes of the Range
19362010Tugboat Princess
19362011The Drag-Net
19362012Three Godfathers
19362013The Rogues Tavern
19362014For the Service
19362015The Little Red Schoolhouse
19322017The Old Dark House
19362019I'm a Big Shot Now
19362020The Blow Out
19362021Murder by an Aristocrat
19362022Sons o' Guns
19362023Times Square Playboy
19362024I Married a Doctor
193702024Kathleen Mavourneen
193902025Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
19362025The Golden Arrow
19312026The Bad Sister
19362028Doughnuts and Society
19362029The Girl From Mandalay
19362031Border Caballero
19312032Consolation Marriage
19362036Song of the Trail
19362037Too Many Parents
19362038Thirteen Hours by Air
193802039The Knight Is Young
19362039Till We Meet Again
19362040Florida Special
19362041In Paris, A.W.O.L.
19362042Lightnin' Bill Carson
19362043Show Boat
19362046Desert Phantom
19362048Let It Be Me
19362049The Witness Chair
19362050Special Investigator
19362051The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
19362052Mary of Scotland
19362053Petticoat Fever
193902054Customers Wanted
19362058The King Steps Out
19362059And So They Were Married
19372061Lost Horizon
19362065The Millionaire Kid
19362066The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 1: Who is the Clutching Hand?
19362067The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 2: Shadow
19362068The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 3: House of Mystery
19362069The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 4: The Phantom Car
19362070The Law in Her Hands
19362071Two Against the World
19362073The Big Noise (I)
19362074Stage Struck
19372075Home Run on the Keys
193802075Sally Swing
19362075The White Angel
19362076Earthworm Tractors
19362077O'Malley of the Mounted
19332078A Lady's Profession
19322079The Strange Case of Clara Deane
19312080The False Madonna
19322081Sky Bride
19312082June Moon
19362083The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 5: The Double Trap
19362084The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 6: Steps of Doom
19362084The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 7. The Invisible Enemy
19362086The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 8: A Cry in the Night
193802086Titans of the Deep
19362087The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 9: Evil Eyes
19362088Half Shot Shooters
19312089Iron Man (I)
19362090Three on the Trail
19362092One Rainy Afternoon
19372093Glimpses of Java and Ceylon
19362093The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 10: A Desperate Chance
19362094The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 11: The Ship of Doom
19362095The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 12: Hidden Danger
19362096The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 13: The Mystic Menace
19362097The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 14: The Silent Spectre
19362100Neighborhood House
19362101Changing of the Guard
19362102The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand [Chapter 15: The Lone Hand
19362103Human Cargo
19362104The Road to Glory
19362105Brilliant Marriage
19352106The Reckless Buckaroo
19362107Moonlight Murder
19362108Three Wise Monks
19362109Dracula's Daughter
19362110The Cowboy and the Kid
19362111Desert Justice
193902111Leave Well Enough Alone
19362112Big Brown Eyes
19362113Fatal Lady
19352114Sundown Saunders
19362115Trapped by Television
19362116Aces and Eights
193802116The Great Library Misery
19332117Terror Aboard
19332118The Woman Accused
19362119Absolute Quiet
19362120Last of the Warrens
19362121Captain Calamity
19362122Westward Whoa
19362123Too Much Beef
19362124Roamin' Wild
19362125Caryl of the Mountains
19362126The Unguarded Hour
19362128Our Relations
19362130The Princess Comes Across
19362131Border Flight
19362132Small Town Girl
19362133Poor Little Rich Girl
19362134The First Baby
19362138Feud of the West
193902141Wotta Nitemare
19362143Avenging Waters
19362144The Harvester
193802144The Lady Vanishes
193802145Climbing High
19362145Hearts in Bondage
19362146The Mine with the Iron Door
193802148Convict 99
193902149Ghosks Is the Bunk
19362149I'd Love to Take Orders from You
19362150August Weekend
19362152Let's Sing Again
19362153Sins of Man
19362154Half Angel
19362155Bullets or Ballots
19362156The Charge of the Light Brigade
19362157The Case of the Velvet Claws
19362158Public Enemy's Wife
19362159Hot Money
19362160Love Begins at Twenty
19362161Revolt of the Zombies
19362162Dancing Pirate
19362163Born to Fight
19362165Nobody's Fool
19362166Disorder in the Court
19362167The Singing Cowboy
19362168Rio Grande Romance
19352169Legong: Dance of the Virgins
19362170What Becomes of the Children?
193902172Gulliver's Travels
19362176Forgotten Faces (I)
19362179The Old Mill Pond
19362180San Francisco
19362187Early to Bed
19362188Yellow Cargo
19362199Rogue of the Range
19362200Bingo Crosbyana
19362203Secret Patrol
19362204Phantom Patrol
19362205Three Blind Mouseketeers
19322206King Neptune
19362206Toby Tortoise Returns
19362208The Last Outlaw
193802208Thrills and Chills
19362209Bunker Bean
193902210Always Kickin'
19362212Meet Nero Wolfe
19362213The Lonely Trail
193802214The Gay Nineties
19362214The Lion's Den
19362215Senor Jim
19362216Romeo and Juliet
19362219The Case Against Mrs. Ames
19362220Navy Born
19362221On The Wrong Trek
19362222The Fugitive Sheriff
193902224Hello How Am I
19362224Trailin' West
19362225Cain and Mabel
19362226Bengal Tiger
19362227China Clipper
193802227Sidewalks of London
19362228Fish Tales
193802229Prison Without Bars
193802230Sixty Glorious Years
19362231Phantom of Santa Fe
19362233Educating Father
19362237Trouble for Two
19362239A Pain in the Pullman
19362240I Love to Singa
19362244Girl of the Ozarks
19362245And Sudden Death
193802246Men of Ireland
19362246Three Cheers for Love
19362248The Arizona Raiders
19362249Private Number
19362251Prison Shadows (I)
19362252The Three Wise Guys
19362253White Fang
19362254West of Nevada
19362258The Speed Reporter
19372259High Hat
19362260Three of a Kind
19362261Mister Cinderella
19362265The Final Hour
193902267Small Fry (I)
19362268A Tenderfoot Goes West
19362270Below the Deadline
19362271The Bride Walks Out
19362273Swing Time
19362274Crash Donovan
19362275The Crime of Dr. Forbes
19322276Grand Hotel
19362277Pinto Rustlers
19362278Heart of the West
19362280Guns and Guitars
19362282Ticket to Paradise
19362283Down to the Sea
193702283Talking Feet
19332284Dinner at Eight
19322286Symphony of Six Million
19362287Ghost Patrol
19362288False Alarms
193902289Musical Mountaineers
19362290Down the Stretch
19362291Give Me Your Heart
19372292Guns of the Pecos
19362293The Captain's Kid
19362297Whoops, I'm an Indian!
19362298The Riding Avenger
19332299The Eagle and the Hawk
19362301Two in a Crowd
19362302My Man Godfrey
19362303Ride 'Em Cowboy
19362304Shanghaied Shipmates
193902304The Scared Crows
19362305High Tension
19362306To Mary - with Love
19342307Frontier Days
193802307The Singing Blacksmith
19312308Smart Money
19362310Who's Looney Now
19362311Kelly of the Secret Service
19362312Wildcat Trooper
19362314Everyman's Law
193202316Behind the Mask
19362316Winds of the Wasteland
19362319The Return of Sophie Lang
19362320Yours for the Asking
19362321Rhythm on the Range
19362322Step On It
19362323Santa Fe Bound
19362326Gun Grit
193502326Peg of Old Drury
19362327Porky's Pet
19362328The Devil-Doll
19362329We Went to College
19362330Women Are Trouble
19362331The Gentleman from Louisiana
193502332Father O'Flynn
19362332The Traitor
19362333Easy Money
193902334It's the Natural Thing to Do
19362335Hollywood Extra!
19412335Navy Blues
193902335The Barnyard Brat
193702336The Mutiny of the Elsinore
19362338The Law Rides
19362339The Border Patrolman
19362340The Country Cousin
19362341When I Yoo Hoo
19362344Mickey's Elephant
19362345The Last of the Mohicans
193902346Artie Shaw and His Orchestra
19362346Mummy's Boys
19362347More Kittens
19362348Girls' Dormitory
19362353Charlie Chan at the Race Track
19362354Polo Joe
19362355Isle of Fury
19372356Draegerman Courage
19372357God's Country and the Woman
19362358Here Comes Carter
193902358Never Sock a Baby
19362359Adventure in Manhattan
19362360Two-Fisted Gentleman
19362361They Met in a Taxi
19362365Every Sunday
19362369Grand Jury
193602370Land without Music
19362378The Glory Trail
19362380Postal Inspector
19362381The Boss Rider of Gun Creek
19362382Walking on Air
193902383The Mikado
19362384I Cover Chinatown
19362385Every Sunday
19362386The Idaho Kid
19362387Brand of the Outlaws
19362389My American Wife
19362390A Son Comes Home
19362391The Texas Rangers
19362392Hollywood Boulevard
19362393Straight from the Shoulder
19362394Lady Be Careful
19362395Sworn Enemy
19392397For Your Convenience
19362398Second Wife
19362402End of the Trail
19362402Pennies from Heaven
19362403Craig's Wife
19362404Porky the Rain-Maker
193902405The Fresh Vegetable Mystery
19362405The Garden of Allah
19362406A Woman Rebels
19322407Spirit of the West
19312408Wild Horse
19362409Follow Your Heart
19322410The Gay Buckaroo
19312411Clearing the Range
19322412Rasputin and the Empress
19362414Sing, Baby, Sing
19322415The Local Bad Man
19362416The Crooked Trail
19362417Don't Turn 'em Loose
194002421Ants in the Plants
194002421Little Lambkin
194002426Shakespearian Spinach
19362427I'd Give My Life
19362428The Plough and the Stars
19362429Oh, Susanna!
19402434Double or Nothing
19362438The General Died at Dawn
19362439The Gorgeous Hussy
19362440His Brother's Wife
193702441School for Husbands
19362441The Devil on Horseback
1936244336 Hours to Kill
19362444Back to Nature
19362446The Case of the Black Cat
19362447California Mail
19362448Sing Me a Love Song
19362449King of Hockey
19372449The Candid Camera Story (Very Candid) of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures 1937 Convention
19372450Green Light
19372451The Great O'Malley
19362456Piccadilly Jim
19362457Old Hutch
193902457The Four Feathers
19362458The Sunday Round-Up
19362459Cavalcade of the West
19362464Death in the Air
19362466Go-Get-'Em, Haines
19362468Three Married Men
19362469Wives Never Know
19362470Murder with Pictures
19362473Under Cover Man
19362474Sea Spoilers
19362475Sitting on the Moon
19362476The Three Mesquiteers
19362477Bulldog Edition
19362478Racing Blood
19362479King of the Royal Mounted
19362480General Spanky
19362483At Your Service Madame
193902483Jamaica Inn
194002484Females Is Fickle
19362484The Big Game
19362486Porky's Poultry Plant
19362487Men of the Plains
19362488Thank You, Jeeves!
19362489The Unknown Ranger
19372490We Who Are About to Die
19372492Hollywood Party
19362493It Couldn't Have Happened - But It Did
19372494Magician Mickey
19362495Mother Pluto
19372496The Worm Turns
19362499Without Orders
19362500Daniel Boone
19362502Romance Rides the Range
19372503Stolen Holiday
19362504Gold Diggers of 1937
19362505Fugitive in the Sky
193902506Inspector Hornleigh
19362506Three Men on a Horse
19372507Black Legion
193902507The 400 Million
19362509Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 1: The Arms of the God]
19362510Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 2: The Crushing Walls]
193902510The Outsider
19362511Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 3: 13 Ferguson Alley]
19362512Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 4: Death on the Wire]
194002512Stealin' Ain't Honest
19362513Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 5: The Sinister Ray]
19362514Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 6: The Sword Thrower]
19362515Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 7: The Noose]
19362516Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 8: Midnight]
19362517Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 9: The Last Warning]
19362518Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 10: The Bomb]
19362519Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 11: Thundering Doom]
19362520Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 12: Invisible Gas]
19362521Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 13: The Brink of Disaster]
19362522Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 14: The Fatal Trap]
19362523Shadow of Chinatown (I) [Chapter 15: The Avenging Powers]
19362524Toy Town Hall
19362525The Man Who Lived Twice
19362526I Was a Captive of Nazi Germany
19362527Magnificent Brute
19362529The Devil Is a Sissy
193802529The Ware Case
19362530The Big Broadcast of 1937
19362531Valiant Is the Word for Carrie
19362532Fury and the Woman
19372532Ranger Courage
19362533Alibi for Murder
19362534Lady from Nowhere
19362535Theodora Goes Wild
19362536Come Closer, Folks
194002536Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra
19362537Killer at Large
19362538Legion of Terror
19362540The Cowboy Star
193902544Black Limelight
19362544The Gay Desperado
19372545Island Captives
19322546A Bill of Divorcement
19372546The Rainbow Pass
19362547Hopalong Cassidy Returns
19372549Jungle Jim [Chapter 1: Into the Lion's Den]
193902549Rhythm on the Reservation
19372550Jungle Jim [Chapter 2: The Cobra Strikes]
193902550Symphony of Swing
19372551Jungle Jim [Chapter 3: The Menacing Herd]
19372552Jungle Jim [Chapter 4: The Killer's Trail]
19372553Jungle Jim [Chapter 5: The Bridge of Terror]
19372554Jungle Jim [Chapter 6: Drums of Doom]
19362555Ride Ranger Ride
19362557The Longest Night
19362558Fifteen Maiden Lane
19362558Porky's Moving Day
19362560In His Steps
19362561Make Way for a Lady
19362562Can This Be Dixie?
19362563Ladies in Love
194002565A Kick in Time
19362565The Girl on the Front Page
19362566The Man I Marry
19372567Once a Doctor
19372568Smart Blonde
19372569Melody for Two
193902572Hook, Line and Sinker
19362576Smartest Girl in Town
19372577What Price Vengeance?
19332578The Kennel Murder Case
19322579The Man Who Played God
19362580Wedding Present
19362581Milk and Money
19362582All American Chump
19362583Missing Girls
193902584Just Like a Woman
19372584The Good Earth
19362585Libeled Lady
19332587The Telegraph Trail
19362588The President's Mystery
19362589Ghost-Town Gold
19362590Red River Valley
19362591The Accusing Finger
19372593Champagne Waltz
19362594Easy to Take
19362595The Jungle Princess
19362596Rose Bowl
19362597The Plainsman
19362598The Gun Ranger
19312599The Hard Hombre
19362602Wanted: Jane Turner
193902604Going Places with Graham McNamee, #69
19372604Jungle Jim [Chapter 11: In the Cobra's Coils]
19372605Jungle Jim [Chapter 12: The Last Safari]
19322606A Successful Calamity
19332607The Life of Jimmy Dolan
19322608The Big Stampede
19332609Somewhere in Sonora
19322610Life Begins
19332611Heroes for Sale
19332612Grand Slam
19322613You Said a Mouthful
19332614College Coach
19332615The Keyhole
193802616Star of the Circus
19342616The Key
19342617Gambling Lady
19332618From Headquarters
19332619The World Changes
19322620Central Park
19332622Bureau of Missing Persons
193802623A Village in India
19342623Journal of a Crime
19342624A Very Honorable Guy
19342626The Merry Frinks
19342627The Big Shakedown
19332628Ever in My Heart
19342629As the Earth Turns
193802630Return of the Frog
19322630The Crash
19332631I Loved a Woman
19322632The Match King
19322633Haunted Gold
19322634Ride Him, Cowboy
193802635A Royal Divorce
19332635The Silk Express
19362636Boulevardier from the Bronx
19342637Twenty Million Sweethearts
19342638Harold Teen
19322639They Call It Sin
19322640One Way Passage
19332641Mystery of the Wax Museum
193802642Luck of the Navy
19332643The House on 56th Street
19332644The Mayor of Hell
19342645Hi, Nellie!
193602646Treachery on the High Seas
19322647I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
19332649Footlight Parade
19372650Navy Spy
194002650Wimmen Is a Myskery
19362652Give Me Liberty
19372653Way Out West
19332657Elmer, the Great
19322658Fireman, Save My Child
193702659Our Fighting Navy
19332659The King's Vacation
194002660Fightin Pals
19332660The Man From Monterey
193902661Shipyard Sally
19332661The Working Man
19362662Wanted -- A Master
19362663Wild Brian Kent
19372664Racing Lady
19382665I Demand Payment
194002665Snubbed by a Snob
19362666The Plot Thickens
19362668Night Waitress
19362669Under Your Spell
19362670Flying Hostess
19362671The Luckiest Girl in the World
19362672Four Days' Wonder
19362673Love on the Run
19362675Laughing at Trouble
19362676Rip Roarin' Buckaroo
19362677The Phantom of the Range
19362681The Bold Caballero
19362682Stormy Trails
19362683Ambush Valley
19362684Vengeance of Rannah
19362685Along Came Love
19362686That Girl from Paris
19332689Son of a Sailor
19342691Jimmy the Gent
19342692Fashions of 1934
19342693Dark Hazard
19332694Wild Boys of the Road
19332695Havana Widows
19332696The Mind Reader
19332697The Narrow Corner
19332698The Little Giant
194002699Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive
19342699Wonder Bar
19332700Employees' Entrance
19322701Silver Dollar
19332702Girl Missing
19322703Lawyer Man
19362705Pigskin Parade
194002705Poopdeck Pappy
19372706Lawless Land
19362707Born to Dance
193902707Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday
193702709Return of a Stranger
19322709The Mummy
19362712Empty Saddles
193902713Hitler - Beast of Berlin
19362714Hideaway Girl
19372715Maid of Salem
194002715Popeye Meets William Tell
1933271842nd Street
19372719Nobody's Baby
19312720Monkey Business
19362721Don't Look Now
19362721Little Beau Porky
19372722Quality Street
19362724Lloyd's of London
194002724Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep
19322725The Cabin in the Cotton
19362726The CooCoo Nut Grove
19332726Untamed Africa
19362727The Big Show
19372728A Million to One
194102728Quiet! Pleeze
194102729Problem Pappy
19362730Three Smart Girls
19362731Love Letters of a Star
194002732Puttin on the Act
19372734Woodland Café
19362738Country Gentlemen
19362739The Public Pays
19342741Love Birds
19342742Let's Talk It Over
194102742Olive's $weep$take Ticket
19312743Reckless Living
19312744Heaven on Earth
19332745Secret of the Blue Room
19332746Terror Trail
19332747The Trail Drive
194102748Olive's Boithday Presink
194002749The Thief of Bagdad
19372749Under Southern Stars
19372750Mountain Justice
19372751Ready, Willing and Able
194002751You Can't Shoe a Horsefly
19372752San Quentin
19372753Penrod and Sam
19372754Another Dawn
194002754The Dark Eyes of London
19372755Land Beyond the Law
193702757Sunset in Vienna
19322757Tell Me Tonight
194102759Child Psykolojiky
19362759House of Secrets
19332760The Kiss Before the Mirror
194102761Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle
19322761Rome Express
19332763The Cohens and Kellys in Trouble
19322764The All-American
19332765The Big Cage
19342766I'll Tell the World
194002766My Pop, My Pop
194102769I'll Never Crow Again
194002770They Came by Night
19312773Bad Girl
19312774Daddy Long Legs
19372778Criminal Lawyer
19362779Mad Holiday
19372781Moose Hunters
19372782Mickey's Amateurs
193802782Monkey into Man
19372785Little Hiawatha
19332786Hard to Handle
19362787White Hunter
19362788Go West Young Man
19362789North of Nome
19362791Song of the Gringo
19362792Two Minutes to Play
19362793Come and Get It
194002794King for a Day
19362796Charlie Chan at the Opera
19372797Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 1: Modern Pirates]
19372798Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 2: The Ray That Blinds]
19372799The Singing Buckaroo
19362800Ellis Island
19362801Headin' for the Rio Grande
19362802Career Woman
19362803The Mandarin Mystery
19362804Happy Go Lucky
19362805Roarin' Lead
194002806Doing Impossikible Stunts
19362806The Old Corral (I)
19362807The Village Smithy
19362808Mysterious Crossing
19372809Top of the Town
19362810Wild Horse Roundup
19372814Sea Devils
194002815George Washington Carver
19372815They Wanted to Marry
19372817When You're in Love
19362818More Than a Secretary
19372819Women of Glamour
19372820I Promise to Pay
19372821Woman in Distress
19362822Counterfeit Lady
19372823Find the Witness
19362824Dodge City Trail
19362826Arizona Mahoney
19372827Bars and Stripes
19362827Let's Make a Million
19362828College Holiday
19372829Grips, Grunts and Groans
19362830Porky in the North Woods
19372833The Devil's Playground
19362836Rainbow on the River
19372837Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 3: Man of Many Faces]
19372838Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 4: The Listening Shadow]
19372839Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 5: False Fires]
19372843Midnight Court
19372844Men in Exile
194102845Flies Ain't Human
19372845White Bondage
19362848Banjo on My Knee
19362850One in a Million
19372851Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 6: The Dragnet]
19372852Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 7: Sealed Lips]
19372853Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 8: Exhibit 'A']
19372854Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 9: The Masquerader]
19372855Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 10: The Forced Lie]
194102857All's Well
19362857Rio Grande Ranger
19362858A Man Betrayed
19372859Riders of the Whistling Skull
19362860Beware of Ladies
19362862Fury Below
19362863The Pups' Christmas
19362864Hats Off
19372865Killers of the Sea
194002867Ten Days in Paris
194102868Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
19372868Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 11: The Enemy Camp]
19372869Secret Agent X-9 [Chapter 12: Crime Does Not Pay]
19372872Call It a Day
19372873The King and the Chorus Girl
19372875That Man's Here Again
19372876He Was Her Man
19382877The Kid Comes Back
194102877Two for the Zoo
19372878Arizona Days
193902880Murder in Soho
19312883Seas Beneath
19312884Hush Money
194102888Gabby Goes Fishing
194102888Swing Cleaning
19362888Trail Dust
19362889After the Thin Man
19372891Border Phantom
19362892With Love and Kisses
19372893Porky the Wrestler
19372895She's Dangerous
194102895Vitamin Hay
19372896The Mighty Treve of Arizona
19372897Round-Up Time in Texas
19372898We're on the Jury
193902900I Met a Murderer
19372900Pick a Star
19372901The Soldier and the Lady
19362902Beloved Enemy
19372903Westbound Mail
19372905John Meade's Woman
19382909Convicts at Large
19362911Mind Your Own Business
194002911The Door With Seven Locks
19362912Law and Lead
19372913Bar-Z Bad Men
194002913Pastor Hall
193802914Mr. Reeder in Room 13
19322914No Man of Her Own
19372915Don't Tell the Wife
19372916Larceny on the Air
194202916Pip-eye, Pup-eye, Poop-eye an' Peep-eye
194002917Let George Do It!
19372917The Holy Terror
193902918Traitor Spy
19362920The Beloved Vagabond
19322921Radio Patrol
19322922The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood
19362923Sinner Take All
19372925Headline Crasher
19372928Off to the Races
194102929Fire Cheese
19362929Great Guy
19372930The Romance of Robert Burns
19372931Her Husband's Secretary
19372932The Prince and the Pauper
194102933It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Day
194002933Night Train to Munich
19372933The Cherokee Strip
19372934The Go Getter
19372935The Case of the Stuttering Bishop
19372936Marked Woman
19372937The Legion of Missing Men
19372938Join the Marines
19372939Pigs Is Pigs
19372941The Trusted Outlaw
19362942Ten Laps to Go
19372943Reunion in Rhythm
19372944You Only Live Once
19362945Silks and Saddles
19372946Secret Valley
19362947Red Lights Ahead
19372950Battle of Greed
19372951Captains Courageous
19372952Bulldog Drummond Escapes
194002952Mein Kampf - My Crimes
19372954Under Cover of Night
19372955Galloping Dynamite
193702955Silver Blaze
19372957Love Is News
19372958On the Avenue
19372959Fair Warning
19372961The Woman I Love
19372962The Gambling Terror
19372963The Toast of New York
19372964Nation Aflame
193802965It's in the Air
19372968The Outer Gate
19312969Doctors' Wives
19372972China Passage
193902972Trunk Crime
19372973Hit the Saddle
19372975A Doctor's Diary
19312977Man of the World
19362978Special Agent K-7
193902978The Tempermental Lion
19372979Cheyenne Rides Again
19372981Locks and Bonds
19372982Dancing on the Ceiling
19372983Paradise Express
193702983Silver Blaze
19372984Two Wise Maids
19372985Park Avenue Logger
19372986A Star Is Born
19372987Breezing Home
193902987Secret Journey
19372988Left-Handed Law
19372989When Love Is Young
19372990Girl Overboard
19372991We Have Our Moments
19372992Wings of the Morning
19372993Porky's Road Race
19372994Shall We Dance
19372995Swing High, Swing Low
19372997When's Your Birthday?
19372998The Devil Diamond
19373001Law of the Ranger
19373003Man of the People
19373004Dangerous Number
19373008Valley of Terror
194003009It Happened to One Man
19373011Step Lively, Jeeves!
19373012Nancy Steele Is Missing!
19373012Uncle Tom's Bungalow
19373013Seventh Heaven
19373014Time Out for Romance
19373018I Only Have Eyes for You
19373019Trail of Vengeance
19373020Glove Taps
193803021Break the News
19363025The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand (I)
19373026The Man Who Found Himself
19373027Mama Steps Out
19313028Beau Hunks
19373029Souls at Sea
19373030Murder Goes to College
19373031The Crime Nobody Saw
19373032Internes Can't Take Money
19373033Dark Manhattan
19373034Marry the Girl
19373035Dance Charlie Dance
19373036Kid Galahad
194103036Nix on Hypnotricks
19373037The Singing Marine
19373038Talent Scout
19373039Public Wedding
193730413 Dumb Clucks
19373042Picador Porky
19373043Trouble in Texas
19373044Circus Girl
19343045The Silver Streak
19373046Santa Fe Rides
19373047Let's Get Married
19373048Racketeers in Exile
19373049Venus Makes Trouble
19373050Parole Racket
19373052Motor Madness
19373053Criminals of the Air
19373054Two Gun Law
19373055The Outcasts of Poker Flat
19373056Lightnin' Crandall
19323057Disorderly Conduct
19373058The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
19373060Penny Wisdom
19373068India on Parade
19333071Face in the Sky
194103074Major Barbara
194003080The Chinese Bungalow
19373083Personal Property
19313085I Take This Woman
19373086The Great Hospital Mystery
19373087Slave Ship
19373088Fifty Roads to Town
19373089That I May Live
19373090Charlie Chan at the Olympics
19373094Too Many Wives
19373096The Fella with the Fiddle
19373098The Devil Is Driving
19373099The Frame-Up
194103100Freedom Radio
19373101History Is Made at Night
19373103Bill Cracks Down
19373104Girl Loves Boy
19323105Tombstone Canyon
19333106Drum Taps
19373106Porky's Romance
19333107Phantom Thunderbolt
19333108The Lone Avenger
19293109Perfect Day
19373110Pigskin Champions
19373111California Straight Ahead!
19373112Let Them Live
19373113Night Key
19373114Smoke Tree Range
19373115Her Husband Lies
19373116Trouble in Morocco
19373118Three Legionnaires
19373119Guns in the Dark
19373120Wake Up and Live
19373121Café Metropole
19373122Wee Willie Winkie
19373123Midnight Taxi
1937312423 1/2 Hours Leave
19373125Hit Parade of 1937
19373126Jim Hanvey, Detective
19373129Sing While You're Able
19323130Law and Order
19333131The Invisible Man
19373135Waikiki Wedding
19373136A Family Affair
19373137The Road Back
19373138As Good as Married
19373139Wings Over Honolulu
19373140The Gold Racket
19373141Git Along Little Dogies
19373142Old Louisiana
194103142The Mechanical Monsters
19373143You Can't Buy Luck
194203145Billion Dollar Limited
19373146Blazing Sixes
193903146The Silent Battle
19373147Fly Away Baby
19373149The Footloose Heiress
19373150They Won't Forget
19373152Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin
19373153Back to the Woods
19373154The Old Mill
19373155Pluto's Quin-puplets
19373156Mile a Minute Love
19323157Carnival Boat
19323158Once in a Lifetime
194203160Kickin' the Conga Round
19373162Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 1: Mystery of the Blooming Gardenia]
19373163Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 2: Death in the Laboratory]
194103163The Mighty Navy
19373164Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 3: Cleared Mysteries]
19373165Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 4: Mystery of the Silver Fox]
194203165The Arctic Giant
19373166Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 5: Death in the River]
19373167Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 6: The Criminal Shadow]
19373168Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 7: Face to Face ]
194103168Welcome Little Stranger
19373169Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 8: The Fatal Trap]
19373170Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 9: Parisian House Tops]
19373171Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 10: Battle Royal]
19373172Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 11: The Burning Fuse]
19373173Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 12: The Roofs of Lime House]
19373174Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 13: Sting of the Scorpion]
19373175Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 14: The Scorpion Unmasked]
19373176Blake of Scotland Yard (II) [Chapter 15: The Trap Is Sprung]
19323177Dancers in the Dark
19333179Don't Bet on Love
194103179Mr. Bug Goes to Town
19373179She Was an Acrobat's Daughter
194203180Blunder Below
194203181Fleets of Stren'th
19373183Song of the City
19313184Annabelle's Affairs
194103185Turned Out Nice Again
193231866 Hours to Live
19373187Porky and Gabby
19373188Navy Blues
19333189Man of the Forest
19373190Porky's Duck Hunt
19373193Melody of the Plains
19373195Hittin' the Trail
194203199The Bulleteers
19373199Think Fast, Mr. Moto
19373200This Is My Affair
19373201Angel's Holiday
19373202Tough to Handle
194403202Yankee Doodle Donkey
19373204Hills of Old Wyoming
19373204How to Start the Day
19373205The Wildcatter
19373206Oh, Doctor
19373207The Man in Blue
19373209Ever Since Eve
19373210West of Shanghai
19373211Empty Holsters
19373212The Life of Emile Zola
19343213Manhattan Melodrama
194003214The Big Blockade
194203215The Black Sheep of Whitehall
194203216The Foreman Went to France
19373216The League of Frightened Men
19373217It Happened in Hollywood
194203218Electric Earthquake
19373218Two-Fisted Sheriff
19373219A Dangerous Adventure
19373220Reckless Ranger
19373221Meet the Missus
194203221The Magnetic Telescope
19373222Big Business
19373223She Had to Eat
19373224One Mile From Heaven
194003226The Proud Valley
194103230The Saint's Vacation
19373231A Day at the Races
19373232Ain't We Got Fun
19373233The Girl From Scotland Yard
19373236Make Way for Tomorrow
19313237Fighting Caravans
19373239There Goes My Girl
19373242Gunsmoke Ranch
19373244Behind the Headlines
19313246Galloping Thru
19323247The Man from New Mexico
193703247Under Secret Orders
19373248Michael O'Halloran
19373249Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm
19373251New Faces of 1937
19373252Night Must Fall
19373254High, Wide, and Handsome
19373255I Met Him in Paris
19373256Turn Off the Moon
19373257The Good Old Soak
19313258Hell Divers
194203259Olive Oyl and Water Don't Mix
194103260East of Piccadilly
19373262They Gave Him a Gun
19373264Border Cafe
19373265Clean Pastures
19373268Hawaiian Holiday
19373269Night of Mystery
19373270Hotel Haywire
19373271Mountain Music
194203272Terror on the Midway
19333274Hell Below
19323275County Hospital
19373277Sing, Cowboy, Sing
19373279Song of Revolt
19373281A Lawman Is Born
19373282Dangerous Holiday
19373283Love Takes Flight
194203283Many Tanks
194203284Baby Wants a Bottleship
19373284Bank Alarm
19373285Whistling Bullets
19373286Affairs of Cappy Ricks
19373290The Thirteenth Chair
19373292Woman Chases Man
19373293North of the Rio Grande
19373294Rustlers' Valley
19373295Wine, Women and Horses
19373296That Certain Woman
19373297It's Love I'm After
19373298The Devil's Saddle Legion
19373299Back in Circulation
19373300Love in a Bungalow
19373301Armored Car
19373302I Cover the War
19373303Black Aces
19373308It Happened Out West
19373309Love Under Fire
19373310The Lady Escapes
19373311Sing and Be Happy
19373313Come on, Cowboys
19373315You Can't Beat Love
19373316On Again-Off Again
19373317Hollywood Cowboy
194203319Alona on the Sarong Seas
19333320The Man Who Dared
19333321Trick for Trick
19333322Arizona to Broadway
19333323Best of Enemies
19333324The Devil's in Love
19333325Hold Me Tight
19373326Doomed at Sundown
194203327A Hull of a Mess
19373327Under Strange Flags
19373328Trailin' Trouble
19373329Boots of Destiny
19383330Vivacious Lady
19373338Porky's Super Service
194203339You're a Sap, Mr. Jap
19373340Roamin' Holiday
194203342United We Stand
19373348The Man Without a Country
194203350Eleventh Hour
194003353A Window in London
193603353When Knights Were Bold
19373354Rhythm in the Clouds
19373355It Could Happen to You!
19373356The Prisoner of Zenda
19373357Streamlined Greta Green
19373359The Last Train from Madrid
19373360Wild Money
19373361Forlorn River
194203362Destruction Inc.
19323364Rackety Rax
19323365Sherlock Holmes
19373372Girls Can Play
19373373A Fight to the Finish
19373374The Game That Kills
19373375Roaring Timber
194003375The Middle Watch
19373376It Can't Last Forever
194203376The Goose Steps Out
19373377One Man Justice
19313378Ex-Bad Boy
19373379The Feud of the Trail
19373380Mystery Range
19373381The Girl Said No
19373383Cash and Carry
19373386Riding on Air
194203389Penn of Pennsylvania
19373391Yodelin' Kid From Pine Ridge
19373392Broadway Melody of 1938
194203393They Flew Alone
19373393Varsity Show
19373394Mr. Dodd Takes the Air
19373395First Lady
194203395Went the Day Well?
19373396Boothill Brigade
194203397Me Musical Nephews
19373397The Emperor's Candlesticks
194303398Jungle Drums
19373398The Big Shot
194303399A Jolly Good Furlough
19373401Easy Living
19373402Double or Nothing
19373404Small Town Boy
19373409Playing the Ponies
19373410Sweetheart of the Navy
19373411Porky's Badtime Story
19373412Riders of the Rockies
19373413The Great Gambini
19373421Porky's Building
19373422The Red Rope
19373425Meet the Boyfriend
19383425What Do You Think? (Number Three)
19373426The Shadow Strikes
19423429Sappy Birthday
194303431The Mummy Strikes
19373432The Law Commands
19373433Midnight Madonna
19373434Range Defenders
194303434Secret Agent
19373435Sweet Sioux
19373436Blazing Barriers
194303437Cartoons Ain't Human
19373437You Can't Have Everything
19373438Born Reckless
194303439The Hungry Goat
19373439Thin Ice
19373440Lancer Spy
194303440The Underground World
19373441Wild and Woolly
19323442Trailing the Killer
19373443Heroes of the Alamo
19373445Married Before Breakfast
19373446West Bound Limited
19373447Reported Missing
19373448One Hundred Men and a Girl
19373449The 13th Man
19373450Annapolis Salute
19373452Pacific Paradise
19373453Romance of Radium
19373454Anything for a Thrill
19373456The Sitter Downers
19373457Counsel for Crime
19373458Murder in Greenwich Village
19373460Life Begins with Love
19373461It's All Yours
19373462Woman Against the World
19373463Drums of Destiny
19373464Egghead Rides Again
19323465Single-Handed Sanders
19373468Blake of Scotland Yard (I)
19373469The Californian
19373473Raw Timber
194303475Ration Fer the Duration
19373476The Fighting Deputy
19373478Outlaws of the Orient
19373480Decathlon Champion: The Story of Glenn Morris
19373481Between Two Women
19373483Hoosier Schoolboy
19373485Vogues of 1938
19373486Stage Door
19373492The Fighting Texan
19373493The Perfect Specimen
19373494Alcatraz Island
19373495Love Is on the Air
19373496The Great Garrick
19373497The Adventurous Blonde
194303498Happy Birthdaze
19373498Submarine D-1
19373499The Sheik Steps Out
19373500Music for Madame
19373501Plenty of Money and You
19383502Self Control
19373503Donald's Ostrich
19373505The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen
19373506The Firefly
19373507Flying Fists
194303508The Bells Go Down
19373511Clipped Wings
194303513Her Honor the Mare
19373515Danger-Love at Work
19363516A Girl's Best Years
19373516Hot Water
19373517She's No Lady
19373518Porky's Railroad
19373518That's My Story!
19373519The Man Who Cried Wolf
19373520Idol of the Crowds
19373521Law for Tombstone
19373522Paradise Isle
19373524On Such a Night
19373526Sea Racketeers
19373527A Sunbonnet Blue
19373528Get Rich Quick Porky
19373529Flight From Glory
19373530Artists & Models
19373531Ebb Tide
19373532Blonde Trouble
19373533This Way Please
19373535Prairie Thunder
19373537Expensive Husbands
19373538Missing Witnesses
194303539Nine Men
19373539Over the Goal
19373540She Loved a Fireman
19373541Riders of the Dawn
19373542The Luck of Roaring Camp
19373543Public Cowboy No. 1
19373545The Lady Fights Back
19373546Adventure's End
19373547Merry Go Round of 1938
19373548Behind the Mike
19373549Make a Wish
19373550Moonlight on the Range
19373551London by Night
19373552Speaking of the Weather
19373553All Over Town
19373555The Rangers Step In
19373558Stella Dallas
19373559The Boss Didn't Say Good Morning
19373560Saturday's Heroes
19373561There Goes the Groom
19373562Forty Naughty Girls
19373563Fight for Your Lady
19383564Boat Builders
19383565Mickey's Trailer
19383566Moth and the Flame
19373567Breakfast for Two
19373570Charlie Chan on Broadway
19373571Wife, Doctor and Nurse
19373574Carnival Queen
19383575Polar Trappers
19373577She Asked for It
19373578Hopalong Rides Again
19373579Dog Daze
19373580Porky's Garden
19373582The Bride Wore Red
19373583A Damsel in Distress
19373584African Holiday
194303584Desert Victory
19373585Sophie Lang Goes West
19373586Bulldog Drummond Comes Back
19373587Partners in Crime
194403588Cilly Goose
19373588Fit for a King
19373589Heart of the Rockies
194203589The Night Has Eyes
19373593Sudden Bill Dorn
19383594Trouble at Midnight
19373595Some Blondes Are Dangerous
19373596Dead End
19373597Arizona Gunfighter
19373598Ridin' the Lone Trail
1937360052nd Street
19373601I'll Take Romance
19373602The Awful Truth
19373609Little Buck Cheeser
19373610Escape by Night
19373611Double Wedding
19373613Big City
19373614God's Country and the Man
194303614My Learned Friend
19373615Sh! The Octopus
19383616Sergeant Murphy
19383617Over the Wall
19373619I Wanna Be a Sailor
19383620Here's Flash Casey
19373621My Dear Miss Aldrich
19383623Farmyard Symphony
19373625Rover's Rival
19373626Atlantic Flight
19373627Bad Guy
19373628Something to Sing About
19373629The Roaming Cowboy
19313633Six Cylinder Love
194303634Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
19383634Hawk of the Wilderness
194203639Breach of Promise
19373639In Old Chicago
19373640Ali Baba Goes to Town
19373641Life Begins in College
19383642Mr. Moto Takes a Chance
19373643Dangerously Yours
19373644Wallaby Jim of the Islands
19373645Renfrew of the Royal Mounted
19383646Donald's Nephews
19383648I Met My Love Again
19373649Boots and Saddles
19373650Roaring Six Guns
194403651Suddenly It's Spring
19373651Thunder Trail
19373652Bulldog Drummond's Revenge
194403652W'ere on Our Way to Rio
19373653Wells Fargo
19383654The Buccaneer
19373661The Wrong Road
19373662The Women Men Marry
19373663Living on Love
19373664High Flyers
19373665Youth on Parole
19373666The Case of the Stuttering Pig
19373667The Lyin' Mouse
19373668Trapped by G-Men
19373669She Married an Artist
19373670Paid to Dance
19373671All-American Sweetheart
19373672The Old Wyoming Trail
19373676Sky Racket
19373681A Bride for Henry
19373684Western Gold
19313685The Man from Death Valley
19373686The Trigger Trio
19373688The Shadow
19383689Start Cheering
19373690Hollywood Round-Up
19373691Hitting a New High
19373693The Westland Case
19373694Boss of Lonely Valley
19373695A Girl with Ideas
19373696Courage of the West
194403697Lulu in Hollywood
19383697The Jury's Secret
19373699Young Dynamite
19373700Stars Over Arizona
19373701Portia on Trial
19373702Love on Toast
19373703Madame X
194203705Suspected Person
19373706Born to the West
19373707Night Club Scandal
19373708Thrill of a Lifetime
19373709Hold 'Em Navy
194403709The Anvil Chorus Girl
19373710Brothers of the West
1937371245 Fathers
19373713Borrowing Trouble
19373714Texas Trail
19373718Hollywood Hotel
19383719The Invisible Menace
19383720He Couldn't Say No
19383721Women Are Like That
19383722The Patient in Room 18
19383723Accidents Will Happen
19373724Live, Love and Learn
19373727Wise Girl
19373728The Colorado Kid
19373730Danger Patrol
19373731Roll Along, Cowboy
19373732Thanks for Listening
194203733The Power of God
19373734Manhattan Merry-Go-Round
19373735Little Red Walking Hood
19373738Porky's Double Trouble
19373739The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos
19383741Billy Rose's Casa Mañana Revue
19383742Mr. Boggs Steps Out
19373744Nothing Sacred
19383745The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
19373746Springtime in the Rockies
19373747Million Dollar Racket
19373748Where Trails Divide
19373749The Duke Comes Back
19373750Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts
19373751The Barrier
19383752Bringing Up Baby
19373753She's Got Everything
19383755Having Wonderful Time
19363757Wolves of the Sea
19373761Rough Riding Rhythm
19383762Swing It, Sailor!
194303762The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
19443764Jasper Goes Hunting
19373764Quick Money
19373765Prescription for Romance
19373766You're a Sweetheart
19383767Brave Little Tailor
19373768The Last Gangster
19373770Swing It, Professor
19383772Paroled - To Die
194403774Pitchin' Woo at the Zoo
19313774The Spirit of Notre Dame
19373775Daughter of Shanghai
194203776Secret Mission
19373776True Confession
194303777Yellow Canary
19373779The Hurricane
19373780Federal Bullets
19373781Gangsters on the Loose
19383782Termites of 1938
19383783Adventures of Chico
19373785Porky's Hero Agency
19373786September in the Rain
19383787Swing Your Lady
194103787The Man at the Gate
19383788Penrod and His Twin Brother
19383789The Beloved Brat
19383790The Adventures of Robin Hood
19383791Daredevil Drivers
19383792Blondes at Work
19383793Gold Is Where You Find It
19373795Second Honeymoon
19373796Love and Hisses
19373797Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
19373798Big Town Girl
19383799Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
19373800Blossoms on Broadway
194303802They Met In The Dark
19373803Manhattan Shakedown
19373805Danger Valley
19373806Murder Is News
19373807Navy Blue and Gold
19383808Good Scouts
194403811I'm Just Curious
19323811Vanishing Men
19373812The Bad Man of Brimstone
19383813The Big Broadcast of 1938
19383814Romance in the Dark
19383815Scandal Street
19383816Porky's Poppa
19383817The Whalers
19383819Daffy Duck & Egghead
19373820Exiled to Shanghai
19393821Donald's Lucky Day
19383823Mickey's Parrot
19373824Thoroughbreds Don't Cry
19383827Happy Landing
19373828Thank You, Mr. Moto
19373829County Fair
19373830Wild Horse Rodeo
19373831Lady Behave!
19383833The Spy Ring
194403834Gabriel Churchkitten
19383834Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
194503835Scrappily Married
19383838Frontier Town
19383840Crashing Hollywood
19313842The Spider
19373843Headin' East
19383844Cassidy of Bar 20
19373845Under Suspicion
19383846Everybody's Doing It
19373847Romance of the Rockies
19383848Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 1: New Worlds to Conquer]
19383849Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 2: The Living Dead]
19383850Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 3: Queen of Magic]
19383851Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 4: Ancient Enemies]
19383852Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 5: The Boomerang]
19383853Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 6: Tree Men of Mars]
19383854Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 7: The Prisoner of Mongo]
19383855Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 8: The Black Sapphire of Kalu]
19383856Life Goes On
19383857The Adventures of Marco Polo
19373858Boy of the Streets
194603858Cheese Burglar
19383860Little Miss Roughneck
19383861No Time to Marry
19383864Squadron of Honor
19383865Women in Prison
19383866Who Killed Gail Preston?
19383867When G-Men Step In
19373868Outlaws of the Prairie
19373869Amateur Crook
19373870Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
19373871Our Gang Follies of 1938
19383872Jungle Jitters
194503875Beau Ties
19383875Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 9: Symbol of Death]
194403875Lulu at the Zoo
19383876Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 10: Incense of Forgetfulness]
19383877Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 11: Human Bait]
19383878Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 12: Ming the Merciless]
19383879Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 13: The Miracle of Magic]
19383880Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 14: A Beast at Bay]
19383881Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars [Chapter 15: An Eye for an Eye]
19383882The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 1: The Howl of the Wolf]
19383883The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 2: The Web Tangles]
19383884The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 3: Enemies in the Air]
19383885The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 4: In the Hands of the Law]
19383886The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 5: The Crack-Up]
19383887The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 6: The Dark Hour]
19383888The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 7: Wings of Destiny]
19383889The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 8: Battle in the Sky]
194403890English Without Tears
19383890The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 9: The Great Fight]
19383891The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 10: Whirlpool of Death]
19383892The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 11: The Haunted Will]
19383893The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 12: The Lost Trail]
19383894The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 13: The Net Tightens]
19383895The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 14: Vengeance Rides the Airways]
19383896The Mysterious Pilot [Chapter 15: Retribution]
19383897Surf Heroes
19373898Beg, Borrow or Steal
19373900Every Day's a Holiday
194503900Tops in the Big Top
19373901Harlem on the Prairie
19383904Tarzan's Revenge
19373905The Singing Outlaw
19383906Partners of the Plains
194403906The Way Ahead
19373907Mama Runs Wild
19373908You're Only Young Once
19393909Goofy and Wilbur
19383913Radio City Revels
19383914Porky at the Crocadero
19383916A Slight Case of Murder
194503916Shape Ahoy
19383917Mystery House
19383918Fools for Scandal
19383919Love, Honor and Behave
19383923Mad About Music
19383926The Goldwyn Follies
19383927Sally, Irene and Mary
19383928City Girl
19383929Change of Heart
19383930Love on a Budget
19383931Thunder in the Desert
19383936Cleaning House
19373937Lost Ranch
19373938Orphan of the Pecos
19383939Donald's Golf Game
19373940Telephone Operator
19383942My Little Buckeroo
19383945Feed the Kitty
19383945Hollywood Bowl
194603948House Tricks?
19383954The Sneezing Weasel
19383960Double Danger
19383963What Price Porky
19383964Hawaiian Buckaroo
19383965The Black Doll
19383966Midnight Intruder
194303966The Silver Fleet
19383967The Last Stand
19383968Border Wolves
19383969Forbidden Valley
19383971Ferdinand the Bull
19393972Society Dog Show
19383973Everybody Sing
19383974Making the Headlines
19383975Night Spot
19383976Joy of Living
194403976Two Thousand Women
19323977Honor of the Mounted
19383979Outside of Paradise
194303979The Demi-Paradise
19383980Spirit of Youth
19383981The Old Barn Dance
19383982Love Is a Headache
19383985Bluebeard's Eighth Wife
19383986Bulldog Drummond's Peril
19383987Her Jungle Love
19383988College Swing
19383989Dangerous to Know
194503989Man's Pest Friend
19383990The Rangers' Round-Up
19383991International Settlement
194603992Peep in the Deep
19383992The Baroness and the Butler
19383994Walking Down Broadway
19383997The Feud Maker
194603998Bargain Counter Attack
19383999West of Rainbow's End
19384000Paradise for Three
194504000We Accuse
19384001The Purple Vigilantes
19384003Arsène Lupin Returns
194604004Old MacDonald Had a Farm
19384006My Old Kentucky Home
19384007Hawaii Calls
19384008Born to Be Wild
19384009A Yank at Oxford
19384010International Crime
19384011Porky's Phoney Express
19384013Maid's Night Out
19384016Where the West Begins
19384017Porky's Five & Ten
19384018Of Human Hearts
19384019Cattle Raiders
19384020Call of the Rockies
19384021The Lone Wolf in Paris
19384022There's Always a Woman
19384023Special Inspector
19394025Ugly Duckling
19384027Wide Open Faces
19384028Dr. Rhythm
19384029Condemned Women
19384030Rolling Caravans
19384033Merrily We Live
19384035Penrod's Double Trouble
19384036Men Are Such Fools
194604036Sudden Fried Chicken
19384037Cowboy from Brooklyn
194604038Bored of Education
194104039Love on the Dole
19384039Torchy Blane in Panama
19384046Hollywood Stadium Mystery
19384051A Star Is Hatched
19384053Mr. Moto's Gamble
194504053The Way To The Stars
19384054Kentucky Moonshine
194604054Rocket to Mars
19384055Port of Missing Girls
19384056The Main Event
194304057Battle for Music
19384057The Painted Trail
194704059Stupidstitious Cat
19384059Violent Is the Word for Curly
19384060Topa Topa
194304061Dear Octopus
19384066Call the Mesquiteers
19384067Heart of Arizona
19384069The Crime of Doctor Hallet
19384070Goodbye Broadway
19394071Donald's Cousin Gus
194604071Rodeo Romeo
19384072Bear Facts
19384073This Marriage Business
194504080Die Letzte Chance
19384081King of the Newsboys
19384082Prison Nurse
19384083The Penguin Parade
19384084Code of the Rangers
19384093Bar 20 Justice
19384094Out Where the Stars Begin
194504096I Live in Grosvenor Square
19384096The Girl of the Golden West
19384097Four Men and a Prayer
19384098Alexander's Ragtime Band
19384099Little Miss Broadway
19384100Island in the Sky
194404100María Candelaria (Xochimilco)
19384101Battle of Broadway
19384102A Trip to Paris
19384103Snow Gets in Your Eyes
19334104Counsellor at Law
19394106Donald's Penguin
19384107We're Going to Be Rich
19384108Test Pilot
194704108Wotta Knight
19384109Castillos en el aire
19384111Now That Summer Is Gone
19384112Arson Gang Busters
19384115Swiss Miss
19384116The First Hundred Years
19384117Law of the Underworld
19384118Stolen Heaven
19384119Tip-Off Girls
19384120You and Me
19384121Tropic Holiday
19384122Cocoanut Grove
194504122Painted Boats
19384123Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb
19384124Invisible Enemy
19384125Go Chase Yourself
19384125The Isle of Pingo Pongo
19384127Port of Seven Seas
194704128Abusement Park
19384131Porky's Hare Hunt
19394136Hamateur Night
19384137Judge Hardy's Children
19384138Injun Trouble
19384138Swingtime in the Movies
194504138Waltz Time
19384139Rose of the Rio Grande
19384140Flight Into Nowhere
19384142The Nurse From Brooklyn
19384143Reckless Living
194404146Fiddlers Three
19394148Three Little Sew and Sews
194704149A Scout with the Gout
19384149Gold Diggers in Paris
19384150Little Miss Thoroughbred
194704150The Enchanted Square
19384151Four's a Crowd
19384152Crime School
19384153Secrets of an Actress
19384154The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
19384155When Were You Born
19384156Boy Meets Girl
19384157The Saint in New York
19384158Female Fugitive
194704160Popeye and the Pirates
19384164Hollywood Handicap
19384166Land of Fighting Men
19384167Songs and Bullets
19384168Outlaws of Sonora
19394171The Hockey Champ
19384172Call of the Yukon
194604173Loose in a Caboose
19384173Porky's Party
19384175Hunted Men
19384176Religious Racketeers
19384179The Overland Express
19384185Stagecoach Days
19384186Three Comrades
19384187Blind Alibi
194704187The Wee Men
194704189The Royal Four-Flusher
19384191Gun Law
19384192Blond Cheat
19384193That Mothers Might Live
19384195Two Gun Justice
19384196Under Western Stars
19384197Law of the Plains
19384198Romance on the Run
19384199Phantom Ranger
19384200The Lady in the Morgue
19384201Air Devils
19384202Sinners in Paradise
19384203The Devil's Party
19384204The Rage of Paris
19384205Letter of Introduction
19384206Katnip Kollege
19384209Delinquent Parents
194804209Little Brown Jug
194704211Cad and Caddy
19384212Speed to Burn
19384213Mysterious Mr. Moto
19384214One Wild Night
19384215The Duke Is Tops
194704217Naughty But Mice
19464218Traffic with the Devil
19384219Porky & Daffy
19394221Beach Picnic
19384222Numbered Woman
19384223Three Blind Mice
19384224I'll Give a Million
19384225Gunsmoke Trail
194704226A Bout with a Trout
19384226Gangs of New York
19384230Rebellious Daughters
19384234Yellow Jack
19384236My Bill
19384237Garden of the Moon
194704237The Baby Sitter
19384239Mr. Chump
19384240Porky the Fireman
19384241Knight of the Plains
19384242Desert Patrol
19384243Durango Valley Raiders
19364244Flash Gordon (II)
19384245Wives Under Suspicion
19314248The Champ (I)
19384249The Toy Wife
194704253The Circus Comes to Clown
19384254Whirlwind Horseman
19384255Spawn of the North
19384256Sing You Sinners
19384257Prison Farm
19384258The Texans
19384259Men with Wings
19384260The Magician's Daughter
19384262Ladies in Distress
19384263The Marines Are Here
19384264A-Lad-In Bagdad
19384264Have You Got Any Castles?
194704264Safari So Good
19384265Hold That Kiss
19384266Slander House
19384268City Streets
19384270Highway Patrol
19384271West of Cheyenne
19384272Porky in Wackyland
19394274Sea Scouts
19394275The Pointer
19384277Keep Smiling (II)
19384278Always Goodbye
19384279My Lucky Star
19384280Just Around the Corner
19384282Six-Shootin' Sheriff
194804283The Dog Show-Off
19394285The Autograph Hound
19384289Mother Carey's Chickens
19384290Crime Ring
19384296Border G-Man
194804296We're in the Honey
19384297Sky Giant
19384298Pioneer Trail
19384299Western Trails
19384300Outlaw Express
194804300There's Good Boos To-Night
19384301Young Fugitives
19384302The Shopworn Angel
194904302Toys Will Be Toys
194704303All's Fair at the Fair
19334304Man's Castle
19324306A Farewell to Arms
19384308Riders of the Black Hills
19384309Woman Against Woman
19384310Colorado Trail
19344311It Happened One Night
19344312Twentieth Century
19384316Romance of the Limberlost
194804316Winter Draws On
19384317Pride of the West
19344318The Crosby Case
19344319Madame Spy
19344320The Countess of Monte Cristo
19344321Beloved (I)
194804322Butterscotch and Soda
19384322Marie Antoinette
194804325Pre-Hysterical Man
19384326Army Girl
19384327Porky's Spring Planting
19384328Cinderella Meets Fella
19384329Professor Beware
194504335Murder in Reverse
194804337The Bored Cuckoo
19384343The City of Little Men
19384344Streamlined Swing
19384349Panamint's Bad Man
19384350I'm From the City
194704357Santa's Surprise
19384358The Affairs of Annabel
19384359Danger on the Air
19384360Prison Break
19384361The Road to Reno
19384362Lord Jeff
19384363Passport Husband
194704364Give Us the Earth!
194104369The Patient Vanishes
19374370Secret Lives
19384375South of Arizona
19344376Bombay Mail
19384377Man's Country
19384383Gold Mine In the Sky
19404384The Riveter
19384385On the Great White Trail
19384386Fast Company
194904387Little Red Schoolmouse
19384387You Can't Take It with You
19384388I Am the Law
19384389Girls' School
194304390Hi De Ho
19374390Hi De Ho
194804390Popeye Meets Hercules
19384390The Lady Objects
19384391Flight to Fame
19384393Breaking the Ice
194704393The Wolf's Pardon
19384397Little Tough Guy
19384398Rollin' Plains
19384399Valley of the Giants
19384400Four Daughters
19384401Racket Busters
19384402Girls on Probation
19384403Brother Rat
19384404Broadway Musketeers
19394405King of the Underworld
19384406Hard to Get
19384407The Sisters
19384408The Major Lied 'Til Dawn
19384410State Police
19384413Smashing the Rackets
19384414Paroled from the Big House
19384415A Desperate Adventure
194804415The Mite Makes Right
19384417The Courtship of the Newt
19384418The Crowd Roars
19384419Painted Desert
19384420Phantom Gold
194804421Olive Oyl for President
19384421The Missing Guest
19384422Youth Takes a Fling
19384423That Certain Age
19384424The Terror of Tiny Town
19394425Verbena trágica
19384427Porky's Naughty Nephew
19384428Love Finds Andy Hardy
19384429Fugitives for a Night
19384431Give Me a Sailor
19384432If I Were King
19384433Artists and Models Abroad
19384434Bulldog Drummond in Africa
194804434Miracle in Harlem
19394435Paris Honeymoon
19384439Heroes of the Hills
19384440Barefoot Boy
19384441Unusual Occupations (II)
19384442What a Lion!
19384443Straight Place and Show
19384444Meet the Girls
194904445A Mutt in a Rut
19394445Mr. Moto's Last Warning
19384446Always in Trouble
19384447Hold That Co-ed
19384448Safety in Numbers
19314449Two Fisted Justice
19394452Gunga Din
19384453Too Hot to Handle
19384454Freshman Year
19384455Room Service
19384456Come On, Leathernecks!
194804461Hector's Hectic Life
19384462In Old Mexico
19384463Porky in Egypt
19384464Cracked Ice
19384465Mis dos amores
19384469The Utah Trail
19384470The Gladiator
19384471The Arkansas Traveler
19384472Campus Confessions
19384474Touchdown, Army
19384476Man from Music Mountain
194904477A-Haunting We Will Go
19384478The Chaser
19384479A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: They're Always Caught
19384481The Mad Miss Manton
19384483The Young in Heart
19384484Mr. Doodle Kicks Off
19384485Wholly Smoke
19374487Tenth Avenue Kid
19384488Tarzan and the Green Goddess
19384493The Mysterious Rider
19394495Devil's Island
19384496Angels with Dirty Faces
19394497Blackwell's Island
19384498Heart of the North
19394499Wings of the Navy
19384500Comet Over Broadway
19384501Road Demon
19384502Five of a Kind
19384503Submarine Patrol
19384505While New York Sleeps
194804506Going to Blazes!
19384506The Declaration of Independence
19324506The Menace
19384509Baby Kittens
19404510Mr. Duck Steps Out
194804511Robin Hood-Winked
19384517The Higgins Family
19384518Pals of the Saddle
19384521The Renegade Ranger
19384526Rich Man, Poor Girl
19384527Under the Big Top
19384528Boys Town
19384531Community Sing: Series 2, No. 11
19384532Community Sing: Series 2, No. 12
19384536There Goes My Heart
19384537Juvenile Court
19394538Officer Duck
194804538The Search
19384539The Stranger From Arizona
19384542King of Alcatraz
19384543Ride a Crooked Mile
19384544King of the Sierras
19384547Billy the Kid Returns
19384555Black Bandit
19384556Guilty Trails
19384557Prairie Justice
19384558A Man to Remember
19384559Three Loves Has Nancy
194804560Snow Place Like Home
19384560Starlight Over Texas
19384561Listen, Darling
19384562Little Pancho Vanilla
19384563Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas
194604567Gaiety George
19384568The Mexicali Kid
194804569Will It Happen Again?
194404570Our Mr. Shakespeare
194904571Heart to Heart
19384573Love and Curses
19384579A Feud There Was
19384584Torchy Gets Her Man
19384585The Dawn Patrol
19384586Going Places
19384587The Daffy Doc
19394587The Lone Stranger and Porky
194904588Hep Cat Symphony
19394589Inside Story
19394590Jesse James
19384591The Citadel
19384593Sunset Murder Case
194904593The Emerald Isle
194804594Community Sing: Series 12?, No. 2
195004594Quack-a-Doodle Do
19384594Shadows Over Shanghai
19344601The Black Cat
19384602Overland Stage Raiders
19384603Annabel Takes a Tour
19384604Songs and Saddles
19384605Wanted by the Police
194104605You Will Remember
19384606Frontier Scout
19384609Illegal Traffic
19384610Thanks for the Memory (II)
19394611Arrest Bulldog Drummond
194704612White Cradle Inn
19384613The Great Waltz
19394614Saved by the Belle
19334615Brief Moment
194904615The Funshine State
19334616Night of Terror
19324617No More Orchids
19384621West of the Santa Fe
19384626Down in 'Arkansaw'
19384627Personal Secretary
19394628Homicide Bureau
19384629Adventure in Sahara
19384630The Little Adventuress
19384631Rio Grande
19394633There's That Woman Again
19384636Strange Case of Dr. Meade
19384637In Early Arizona
19384639Hawk of the Wilderness [Chapter 1: Mysterious Island]
19384640Hawk of the Wilderness [Chapter 2: Flaming Death]
19384641Hawk of the Wilderness [Chapter 3: Tiger Trap]
19384642Hawk of the Wilderness [Chapter 4: Queen's Ransom]
19384643Hawk of the Wilderness [Chapter 5: Pendulum of Doom]
19384644Hawk of the Wilderness [Chapter 6: The Dead Fall]
19384645Tarnished Angel
19384647Down on the Farm
19394648Tail Spin
19394649Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation
19384650The Night Hawk
194904650The Ski's the Limit
19394653Buck Rogers [Chapter 1: Tomorrow's World]
19394654Buck Rogers [Chapter 2: Tragedy on Saturn]
19394655Buck Rogers [Chapter 3: The Enemy's Stronghold]
19394656Buck Rogers [Chapter 4: The Sky Patrol]
19394657Buck Rogers [Chapter 5: The Phantom Plane]
19394658Buck Rogers [Chapter 6: The Unknown Command]
194904658The Stork Market
19394659Buck Rogers [Chapter 7: Primitive Urge]
194904659Song of the Birds
19394660Buck Rogers [Chapter 8: Revolt of the Zuggs]
19394661Buck Rogers [Chapter 9: Bodies Without Minds]
194804661Symphony in Spinach
19394662Buck Rogers [Chapter 10: Broken Barriers]
19394663Buck Rogers [Chapter 11: A Prince in Bondage]
19394665Buck Rogers [Chapter 12: War of the Planets]
19384669Lightning Carson Rides Again
19344670The Love Captive
19394671Sunset Trail
19384672Prairie Moon
19394673Crashing Thru
19384674Hawk of the Wilderness [Chapter 7: White Man's Magic]
194804674Jan August and His Piano Music
194904677Comin' Round the Mountain
194904678Lumberjack and Jill
19374679Brief Ecstasy
194904679Hot Air Aces
19384680Cipher Bureau
19394683Ride 'Em Cowgirl
19384685The Night Watchman
19384687Vacation from Love
19384688The Last Express
19384689Where the Buffalo Roam
19384690Mr. Wong, Detective
195004690Tarts and Flowers
195004691Ups an' Downs Derby
19384694Law of the Texan
194604696Children on Trial
194904697Popeye's Premiere
195004699Land of the Lost Jewels
19394700Torchy Blane in Chinatown
194904701Tar with a Star
19394701They Made Me a Criminal
19394702Off the Record
19384703Nancy Drew -- Detective
19394704Women in the Wind
19394705You Can't Get Away with Murder
19394706Secret Service of the Air
19384707You're an Education
19384708Porky the Gob
19394709The Arizona Wildcat
19384711Up the River
19394712The Little Princess
19394713Pardon Our Nerve
19384716Count Me Out
194804717The Quiet One
194904718The Big Flame Up
194904719Farm Foolery
194904720A Balmy Swami
194904721The Big Drip
19384721The Law West of Tombstone
19384722Flirting with Fate
19384724I Stand Accused
19384726Swing That Cheer
19344727No Greater Glory
19384729Next Time I Marry
19384730Lawless Valley
19384731Once Over Lightly
194904731The Covered Pushcart
194704733Just William's Luck
19384734Trade Winds
19384737The Captain's Christmas
19394738Petunia Natural Park
19384739Storm Over Bengal
19384744Service de Luxe
19394746King of Chinatown
19384747Say It in French
19384748Tom Sawyer, Detective
194904751The Covered Pushcart
19384751Young Dr. Kildare
19384753Rhythm of the Saddle
19384754The Frontiersmen
19384755Prison Train
19384758Gangster's Boy
19384759Gang Bullets
19384762The Storm
19394764The Adventures of the Masked Phantom
19384765Strange Faces
19394766The Three Musketeers
19394767Everybody's Baby
195004767Saved by the Bell
19384768Thanks for Everything
19384770The Shining Hour
19384771Little Orphan Annie
19394772Feud of the Range
19384773Topper Takes a Trip
19384774Come On, Rangers
19384775Daffy Duck in Hollywood
195004776How Green Is My Spinach
19394777Boy Slaves
19394778Love Affair
19384779Six-Gun Trail
19384780Gun Packer
195004783Teacher's Pest
19384783The Cowboy and the Lady
19384785His Exciting Night
19324786Chandu the Magician
19384788Santa Fe Stampede
19394789Smashing the Spy Ring
19394790North of Shanghai
19394791The Thundering West
19394792Whispering Enemies
19384793California Frontier
19394794The Great Man Votes
19384795Flat Foot Stooges
19394796They All Come Out
19404797Donald's Dog Laundry
19384801The Headleys at Home
19394802Pacific Liner
19314803Rider of the Plains
19384804Orphans of the Street
19384805Western Jamboree
19384806Ghost Town Riders
19394807Honor of the West
19394808The Phantom Stage
19394809Lincoln in the White House
19384812Spring Madness
19394815Porky's Tire Trouble
19394819Flying G-Men [Chapter 1: Challenge in the Sky]
19394820Flying G-Men [Chapter 2: Flight of the Condemned]
19384821Out West with the Hardys
19384822Secrets of a Nurse
19394824Flying G-Men [Chapter 3: The Vulture's Nest]
19394825Flying G-Men [Chapter 4: The Falcon Strikes]
19394826Never Say Die
19394827Hotel Imperial
19394828Persons in Hiding
19394829Cafe Society
19394830Boy Trouble
19394831Union Pacific
19324832The Night Club Lady
195004833Beach Peach
19334833The Circus Queen Murder
195404834Greek Mirthology
19394835Dark Victory
19394836The Oklahoma Kid
19394837The Adventures of Jane Arden
19394838Nancy Drew... Reporter
19394839Naughty But Nice
19394840Yes, My Darling Daughter
19324842She Wanted a Millionaire
19384844I Am a Criminal
19394846Made for Each Other
19384847Gang Smashers
19384851The Mice Will Play
19394852Flying G-Men [Chapter 5: Flight from Death]
19394853The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle
19394854Beauty for the Asking
19394855Flying G-Men [Chapter 6: Phantom of the Sky]
19384857Red River Range
19384858The Duke of West Point
19384859Dramatic School
19394860Flying G-Men [Chapter 7: Trapped by Radio]
19384861Charlie Chan in Honolulu
19394862Wife, Husband and Friend
194904863Gobs of Fun
19384863The Last Warning
19384864Song of the Buckaroo
19394865Flying G-Men [Chapter 8: The Midnight Watch]
19394866Flying G-Men [Chapter 9: Wings of Terror]
19394867Flying G-Men [Chapter 10: Flaming Wreckage]
19394869A Ducking They Did Go
19394870Stand Up and Fight
19394872Flying G-Men [Chapter 11: While a Nation Sleeps]
19384874Little Tough Guys in Society
19384875Federal Man-Hunt
19394875Flying G-Men [Chapter 12: Sealed Orders]
19394876Flying G-Men [Chapter 13: Flame Island]
19394877Flying G-Men [Chapter 14: Jaws of Death]
195004877Goofy Goofy Gander
19394878Flying G-Men [Chapter 15: The Falcon's Reward]
194904878Shortenin' Bread
19394879Fisherman's Wharf
19394880Arizona Legion
19384881Shine On, Harvest Moon
19394882Happily Buried
19394883Dog Gone Modern
19384884A Christmas Carol
19394886St. Louis Blues
19384887El trovador de la radio
195004887Jitterbug Jive
19384888Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus
194904889Win, Place and Showboat
19394889Yes, We Have No Bonanza
19394894The Flying Irishman
195004895Pleased to Eat You
19394897Pirates of the Skies
19394898Fighting Thoroughbreds
19394901It's an Ill Wind
19384904Gambling Ship
19394905Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police
19394907The Lady's from Kentucky
195004908Helter Swelter
19394908I'm from Missouri
195004909Popeye Makes a Movie
19394909Porky's Movie Mystery
19394912Convict's Code
19394914Outlaws' Paradise
19394915Twelve Crowded Hours
19384916Tough Kid
195004916Wide Open Spaces
19384917Wild Horse Canyon
19384918The Girl Downstairs
19394921Calling All Curs
19394924The Mysterious Miss X
195004925Baby Wants Spinach
19384925Swing, Sister, Swing
19394926The Lady and the Mob
19394927The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt
19394929Let Us Live
19394930My Son Is a Criminal
19394931First Offenders
19394932Texas Stampede
19394933Frontiers of '49
194904934Barking Dogs Don't Fite
195004934Casper's Spree Under the Sea
19394934Lone Star Pioneers
19394936Robin Hood Makes Good
19384937Newsboys' Home
19394938Chasing Danger
19394939Mr. Moto in Danger Island
19394940The Jones Family in Hollywood
195004941Quick on the Vigor
19394941Winner Take All
19394942Only Angels Have Wings
19394943Coast Guard
19394944Blondie Meets the Boss
195004945Rival Romeos
19394946Long Shot
19384947A Clean Sweep
195204957The Awful Tooth
195104958Audrey the Rainmaker
195104962Boo Hoo Baby
19394963Mandrake the Magician [Chapter 1: Shadow on the Wall]
19394964The Saint Strikes Back
19394965Idiot's Delight
19384966Keep Smiling (I)
195104966Miners Forty-Niners
19394967Pride of the Navy
19394968Mandrake the Magician [Chapter 2: Trap of the Wasp]
19394970Burn 'Em Up O'Connor
19394975The One-Armed Bandit
195004976The Farmer and the Belle
19394978Mandrake the Magician [Chapter 3: City of Terror]
19394979Trigger Pals
195104979Tweet Music
19394980Dodge City
19394981The Kid From Kokomo
19394982Code of the Secret Service
19394983Sweepstakes Winner
195104984Hold the Lion Please
19394984Torchy Runs for Mayor
19394985On Trial
19394986Home on the Prairie
19394987Son of Frankenstein
19384989The Singing Cowgirl
195104989Vacation with Play
19404991Donald's Vacation
19394992Navy Secrets
19394994King of the Turf
19394995Gold Rush Daze
19384996Ghost Town Frolics
19394996Woman Doctor
19394998Code of the Fearless
195104998Thrill of Fair
195105000Too Boo or Not to Boo
195105001Double-Cross-Country Race
19395001Forged Passport
195105002Land of Lost Watches
19395003A Day at the Zoo
195105003As the Crow Lies
195105004Alpine for You
19395004Code of the Cactus
19395005Sundown on the Prairie
19395007Sudden Money
19395008Undercover Doctor
19395009Grand Jury Secrets
19395010Man About Town
195105011Boo Scout
19395011Invitation to Happiness
19395016Papa Soltero
195105017By Leaps and Hounds
19395017Somewhat Secret
19395019I Was a Convict
195105021Slip Us Some Redskin
19395021The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
19395023Fast and Loose
19395026Four Girls in White
195205026Popalong Popeye
19395027Almost a Gentleman
19395028Star Reporter
19395029Chicken Jitters
19415030Where Did You Get That Girl?
19415031San Antonio Rose
19395033Goldilocks and the Three Bears
19395034The Little Goldfish
19395035Prest-O Change-O
19395036Bars and Stripes Forever
19395037The Hound of the Baskervilles
19395038The Story of Alexander Graham Bell
19395039Susannah of the Mounties
195105040Let's Stalk Spinach
19395040Stanley and Livingstone
19395042Romance of the Redwoods
19395045The Renegade Trail
19395046Mandrake the Magician [Chapter 4: The Secret Passage]
19395048Land of the Midnight Fun
19395049Exile Express
19395050Fagin's Freshman
19395050Trouble in Sundown
19395051The Little Lion Hunter
195105051Vegetable Vaudeville
19395052'A Haunting We Will Go'
195105052Casper Comes to Clown
19395054They Made Her a Spy
19395055Code of the Streets
19395056Rollin' Westward
19515056The Helpful Geni
19395059Radio Hams
19395060Thugs with Dirty Mugs
19395063Mandrake the Magician [Chapter 6: The Fatal Crash]
19395064Let Freedom Ring
19395065Mystery Plane
195105065Punch and Judo
19415066Law of the Range
19395068Mandrake the Magician [Chapter 8: Gamble for Life]
19395069Polar Pals
19395070Scalp Trouble
19395071My Wife's Relatives
195105072Casper Takes a Bow-Wow
19395074Trapped in the Sky
19395075Man of Conquest
19395078Sons of Liberty
19395081The Man Who Dared
19395082Hell's Kitchen
19395083Indianapolis Speedway
19395084Confessions of a Nazi Spy
19395085Each Dawn I Die
19395086Goodbye, Mr. Chips
19395087Mexicali Rose
195105088Cat Tamale
19395089Six-Gun Rhythm
19395093Rose of Washington Square
19395094News Is Made at Night
19395095The Gorilla
19395096Fixer Dugan
19395097Panama Patrol
19395098Rough Riders' Round-up
19395099The Ice Follies of 1939
19395101You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
19395102Mandrake the Magician [Chapter 11: At the Stroke of Eight]
19395103Love On Tap
19395104Wuthering Heights
19395105Broadway Serenade
19395112Heritage of the Desert
19395114Mandrake the Magician [Chapter 12: The Reward of Treachery]
19395115Society Smugglers
19395117The Hardys Ride High
19395118Marine Circus
19395119Baby Daze
19395121Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
195205121Snooze Reel
19395122Porky and Teabiscuit
19395125The Giant of Norway
195205126Swimmer Take All
19395126The Bookworm
195205127Deep Boo Sea
19395127In Old Montana
19395128The Mystery of Mr. Wong
19395129Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
195205131Off We Glow
19395132The Spirit of Culver
19395133Hijos mandan, Los
19395134The Law Comes to Texas
19395135Blind Alley
19395136Outside These Walls
19395137Spoilers of the Range
19395139Risky Business
19395140Sorority House
195205143Cat Carson Rides Again
19395146Sergeant Madden
195205156Lunch with a Punch
195205157Fun at the Fair
19395159Mystery of the White Room
19395160Charlie Chan in Reno
195205160Ghost of the Town
19395161Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.
19395162Naughty But Mice
19395164Believe It or Else
19395168Trigger Smith
19395173Within the Law
19395174Undercover Agent
19395175The Good Egg
19395176The Night Riders
195205177Clown on the Farm
19395177Street of Missing Men
19395178Frontier Pony Express
19395179Panama Lady
19395180Three Smart Girls Grow Up
19395181Boy Friend
19395182Return of the Cisco Kid
19395184The Sleeping Princess
19395189Bachelor Mother
19395190The Rookie Cop
19395195The Mad Empress
19395196The Kid From Texas
19395197The Girl from Mexico
19395198Society Lawyer
19395199Blue Montana Skies
195205200Good Mousekeeping
195205200Spunky Skunky
19395204East Side of Heaven
19395205Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 1: The Monstrous Plot]
19395206Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 2: The Mysterious Friend]
19395207Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 3: The Executioner]
19395208Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 4: Sabotage]
19395209Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 5: The Ray of Death]
19395211El otro soy yo
19395214Captain Fury
19395215Calling Dr. Kildare
195205216Cage Fright
19395216Young Mr. Lincoln
19395217Second Fiddle
195205220Friend or Phony
19395220The Family Next Door
19395221Hobo Gadget Band
19395222Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter
19395223Daughters Courageous
19395224The Angels Wash Their Faces
19395225Pride of the Blue Grass
19395227The Old Maid
19405228British Intelligence
19395229A Child Is Born
19395230Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 7: The Flooded Mine]
19395231Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 8: S.O.S.]
19395232Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 9: Ladder of Peril]
19395233Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 10: The Infernal Machine]
19395234Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 11: The Red Light Speaks]
19395235Daredevils of the Red Circle [Chapter 12: Flight to Doom]
19395237Streets of New York (I)
19395238Lucky Night
19395239Tell No Tales
19395240Beau Geste
19395241The Gracie Allen Murder Case
19395242Some Like It Hot
19395243The Magnificent Fraud
19395244Island of Lost Men
19395245Texas Wildcats
19395246Bulldog Drummond's Bride
19395247What a Life
19395248It's a Wonderful World
19395249Missing Daughters
19395250Big Town Czar
19395251Three Texas Steers
19395252Bridal Suite
19395253Sniffles and the Bookworm
19395254Screwball Football
19395255Boys' Reformatory
19395258Old Glory
195205259City Kitty
19395259Dangerous Dan McFoo
19395260The Man in the Iron Mask
19395272Snowman's Land
19395279For Love or Money (I)
19395284Five Came Back
195205284Pill Peddlers
19395285Racketeers of the Range
19395286Reform School
19395287Flaming Lead
19395288Southward Ho
19395289Life Begins for Andy Panda
19395290It Could Happen to You
195205290The Case of the Cockeyed Canary
19395291The Escape
19395293Hare-um Scare-um
19395295The Girl and the Gambler
19395296The Zero Hour
19395297Hollywood Hobbies
19395298The House of Fear
19395299Tarzan Finds a Son!
19395302Down the Wyoming Trail
19405304Half a Sinner
195205304Shuteye Popeye
19395305Across the Plains
195205306Big Bad Sindbad
19395309The Bear That Couldn't Sleep
193953106,000 Enemies
19395312In Name Only
195205313Feast and Furious
19395313They Asked for It
19405314Busy Bakers
19395315Hero for a Day
195305315Hysterical History
19395320The Rains Came
19395321Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
19395322Quick Millions
19395323Hotel for Women
19395324The Phantom Creeps
195305329Plumber's Helpers
195305335Frightday the 13th
19395336Wolf Call
195305337Ancient Fistory
19395339S.O.S. Tidal Wave
195305340Of Mice and Magic
19395340The Gentleman from Arizona
19395341Million Dollar Legs
19395342Our Leading Citizen
19395343Disputed Passage
19395344Rulers of the Sea
19395345The Cat and the Canary
19395346The Night of Nights
19395347The Star Maker
19395348Night Work
195305354Winner by a Hare
19395356Should a Girl Marry?
19395358Daughter of the Tong
195305359Child Sockology
19335359Gabriel Over the White House
19395360Mountain Rhythm
195305361Herman the Catoonist
195305363Surf Bored
19395364The Wizard of Oz
19395365Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever
19555365Gym College
19395366When Germany Surrendered
19395368Golden Boy
19395369Good Girls Go to Paris
19395370Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
19395371Parents on Trial
19395372Western Caravans
19395373The Man From Sundown
19395374A Woman Is the Judge
19395375Hidden Power
195305375Popeye's Mirthday
19395376Detouring America
195305376North Pal
19395377Little Brother Rat
19395378Sioux Me
19395379El rancho del pinar
19395380Timber Stampede
19395381Mickey the Kid
19395382Port of Hate
19395383On Borrowed Time
19395384Inside Information
19395388In Old Caliente
19395389The Spellbinder
19395390Range War
19395391Q Planes
19395392Porky's Hotel
19395394The Curious Puppy
19405395Confederate Honey
19405396Pilgrim Porky
19395396They Shall Have Music
19395397Stronger Than Desire
19395398Chicken Wagon Family
19395400Land of Liberty
195405400The Tall Tale Teller
19395401Nurse Edith Cavell
19395402Bad Lands
19395404The Sun Never Sets
19395405The Cowboy Quarterback
19395406Everybody's Hobby
195305406Firemen's Brawl
19395408No Place to Go
19395409Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase
19395410Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite
19395411The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
19395412Espionage Agent
19395415Wyoming Outlaw
19395416She Married a Cop
193954175th Ave Girl
19395418Mutiny on the Blackhawk
195305419Log Rollers
19315419Mata Hari
195305423Invention Convention
19395424Winter Carnival
19395426Mesquite Buckaroo
195305427By the Old Mill Scream
195305428Baby Wants a Battle
195305430No Place Like Rome
195305432Little Boo-Peep
19395435Here I Am a Stranger
19395436Hollywood Cavalcade
19395437Miracle on Main Street
19395439The Saint in London
19395440Stunt Pilot
19395441The Real Glory
19425441The Secret Code
195305445Shaving Muggs
19395452Outpost of the Mounties
19395454Colorado Sunset
19395455Should Husbands Work?
19405459Kittens' Mittens
19395461Scrambled Eggs
19535462How to Relax
19405465The Shadow [Chapter 1: The Doomed City]
19405465The Shadow [Chapter 2: The Shadow Strikes]
19395467Bad Boy
19395468The Man From Texas
195305470Do or Diet
19405471The Fishing Bear
19405472Puss Gets the Boot
195405473Boo Moon
195305473Huey's Ducky Daddy
19405474The Shadow [Chapter 3: The Shadow's Peril]
19395475Let's Talk Turkey
19395476Thunder Afloat
19395477Babes in Arms
19395478The Forgotten Woman
195405479Floor Flusher
19395479Midnight Shadow
19395480Honeymoon in Bali
19395481Television Spy
19395482Death of a Champion
19395483$1000 a Touchdown
195405483The Seapreme Court
19405484Dr. Cyclops
19395485The Light That Failed
19395486The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
19395487Frontier Marshal
19395488Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence
19395489Miracles for Sale
195305490Boos and Saddles
19395491Straight Shooter
19395492The Girl from Rio
19395493Lady of the Tropics
19395495Blondie Takes a Vacation
195305495Popeye, the Ace of Space
19395496Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
19395497Behind Prison Gates
19395498Fugitive at Large
19395499Full Confession
195405501A Howling Success
19395502La Inmaculada
195405503Crazy Town
19395503Death Rides the Range
19395504The Hunchback of Notre Dame
19395505Desperate Trails
19395506Unexpected Father
195405506Zero the Hero
19395507I Stole a Million
19405508A Chump at Oxford
19405510French Without Tears
19395511Naughty Neighbors
19405513Elmer's Candid Camera
195405513Popeye's 20th Anniversary
19395515Mr. Wong in Chinatown
19395516In Old Monterey
19395517The Day the Bookies Wept
195405518Candy Cabaret
19395518The Great Commandment
19395519Everything's on Ice
19395520New Frontier
19405521Tugboat Mickey
19395524These Glamour Girls
19395525Smuggled Cargo
195505528Baby Boogie
19395529Pack Up Your Troubles
19395530Drums Along the Mohawk
19395531Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
195405534Casper Genie
19405536The Shadow [Chapter 4: In the Tiger's Lair]
19395537The Fighting Gringo
19395538Allegheny Uprising
195405538Pride of the Yard
195405539The Cat's Revenge
19405539The Shadow [Chapter 5: Danger Above]
19405540The Shadow [Chapter 6: The Shadow's Trap]
19395541The Return of Doctor X
19395542Jeepers Creepers (II)
19395542Kid Nightingale
19395543On Dress Parade
19395544Tropic Fury
19405545The Shadow [Chapter 7: Where Horror Walks]
19395546The Women
19395547Riders of the Sage
19405548The Shadow [Chapter 8: The Shadow Rides the Rails]
19395551Flight at Midnight
195405552Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
19395552The Llano Kid
19395553Two Bright Boys
19395554The Under-Pup
19395555Hawaiian Nights
19405558The Shadow [Chapter 9: The Devil in White]
19405559The Shadow [Chapter 10: The Underground Trap]
19395560The Witness Vanishes
195405561Bride and Gloom
19395561Three Sons
195405563Puss 'n' Boos
19405564The Shadow [Chapter 11: Chinatown at Dark]
19395566The Man They Could Not Hang
19395569Wall Street Cowboy
19325571Payment Deferred
19395573On Your Toes
195405573The Oily Bird
19395574Smashing the Money Ring
19405575Castle on the Hudson
19395576The Roaring Twenties
19415577Road Show
19395577We Are Not Alone
19395578Private Detective
195705582A Hare-Breadth Finish
19405584The Shadow [Chapter 13: Wheels Of Death]
19405585Calling Philo Vance
19395586Riders of the Frontier
19395587Our Neighbors - The Carters
19405590Adventure in Diamonds
19405591Parole Fixer
19405592Remember the Night
19395593When Tomorrow Comes
19405594The Shadow [Chapter 14: The Sealed Room]
19405595The Shadow [Chapter 15: The Shadow's Net Closes]
19395596Calling All Marines
195405596Fright to the Finish
19405600Vigil in the Night
195405602Boos and Arrows
19395603Law of the Pampas
19405604Santa Fe Marshal
19395605The Housekeeper's Daughter
19395606Sky Patrol
19395607Riders of Black River
19395609Eternally Yours
195405609Fido Beta Kappa
19395610Konga, the Wild Stallion
19395611One Hour to Live
19395612Missing Evidence
195405613Private Eye Popeye
19395614Oklahoma Terror
19395616At the Circus
19405618Andy Panda Goes Fishing
19405619Abe Lincoln in Illinois
19395620Sued for Libel
19395621Oklahoma Frontier
19395624Straight to Heaven
195405630Boo Ribbon Winner
19405634Brother Rat and a Baby
19395644Those High Grey Walls
19395645Beware Spooks!
195505645Cookin' with Gags
195405645Gopher Spinach
195505646Dizzy Dishes
19395646Scandal Sheet
19395647Pied Piper Porky
19395647The Stranger from Texas
19395648The Taming of the West
19395649Legion of Lost Flyers
19395650The Marshal of Mesa City
19395652Chip of the Flying U
19395653Fast and Furious
195405654No Ifs, Ands or Butts
195505655Hide and Shriek
19395656The Arizona Kid
19395657One Dark Night
195505659Nurse to Meet Ya
19395660Call a Messenger
195405660Keep Your Grin Up
19405661High School
19395662Too Busy to Work
19395663The Honeymoon's Over
19395664Swanee River
19405665How High is Up?
19395666Mutiny in the Big House
19395667Dancing Co-Ed
19395668The Flying Deuces
19395671Intermezzo: A Love Story
19405673The Hardship of Miles Standish
19395674The Film Fan
19395675The Kansas Terrors
19395676Wise Quacks
195505680Bicep Built for Two
19425684Flying Fortress
19395688The Great Victor Herbert
19405689Emergency Squad
19395690All Women Have Secrets
19395691Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 1: The Golden God]
19395692Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 2: The Flaming 'Z']
195505693Foxed by a Fox
19395693Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 3: Descending Doom]
19395694Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 4: The Bridge Of Peril]
195605695The Clockmaker's Dog
19395695Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 5: The Decoy]
195505697Beaus Will Be Beaus
19395697Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 6: Zorro to the Rescue]
19395698Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 7: The Fugitive]
19395699Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 8: Flowing Death]
19395703The Spy in Black
19395705Meet Dr. Christian
19405706Roll Wagons Roll
1939570720,000 Men a Year
19405708The Blue Bird
19405709The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
19405710100 Pigmies and Andy Panda
19405711The Adventures of Tom Thumb Jr.
19395712Laugh It Off
195405713Gift of Gag
19395713Main Street Lawyer
19395714Torture Ship
19395715That's Right - You're Wrong
19395716Jeepers Creepers (I)
19405717The Bear's Tale
19405719Mighty Hunters
195505723Poop Goes the Weasel
195505724Bull Fright
19405725'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers)
195405727Car-azy Drivers
19395728The Man from Montreal
19395729Gone with the Wind
19395732Day-Time Wife
19395733Everything Happens at Night
19405734City of Chance
19395735The Cisco Kid and the Lady
19395737The Blue Danube
19395738Peace on Earth
19405740West of Carson City
19395741Fresh Fish
19405741Put-Put Troubles
19395743Blondie Brings Up Baby
195505743Mister and Mistletoe
19395744The Amazing Mr. Williams
19405746Outside the Three-Mile Limit
195505747Red White and Boo
19395747The Royal Rodeo
195505748Little Audrey Riding Hood
19405750Horrors of War
19395751Danger Flight
19405752Tear Gas Squad
19405753Gambling On the High Seas
19395754Four Wives
19395755Invisible Stripes
19405756The Fighting 69th
19405757Murder in the Air
19395758The Covered Trailer
195505759Cops Is Tops
19395759Rovin' Tumbleweeds
19405762Confidential Lady
19405763A Fugitive From Justice
19395765Two Thoroughbreds
19405766Legion of the Lawless
19395767Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 9: The Golden Arrow]
19395768Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 10: Mystery Wagon]
19395769Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 11: Face to Face]
19395770Zorro's Fighting Legion [Chapter 12: Unmasked]
19385773The Story of Doctor Carver
19395777Escape to Paradise
19395778Bad Little Angel
19405779Porky's Last Stand
19405780Swiss Family Robinson
19405781Mexican Spitfire
195405782A Job for a Gob
19395782Heroes in Blue
19405783Murder on the Yukon
19395786Little Accident
19405787Riders of Pasco Basin
195505788Boo Kind to Animals
19405788Little Old New York
19405789The Grapes of Wrath
19405790He Married His Wife
19405791A Gander at Mother Goose
195505791Kitty Cornered
19405792Africa Squeaks
19395792Porky's Picnic
19405794Little Blabbermouse
19395795Westbound Stage
19405795You Ought to Be in Pictures
195605796Hill-billing and Cooing
19405796Ridin' the Trail
19395797Of Mice and Men
19395798The Secret of Dr. Kildare
19395802Judge Hardy and Son
19395805Saga of Death Valley
19405806Phantom Rancher
195605807Swab the Duck
19395808Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President
19395809Overland Mail
19405810Rockin' Thru the Rockies
19395812Cowboys from Texas
19405813Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet
19405814King of the Lumberjacks
19405815Granny Get Your Gun
19405816Knights of the Range
19395817Buried Alive
19395819Tower of London
19395820First Love
19395821Nick Carter, Master Detective
19405822Cafe Hostess
19405823His Girl Friday
19395826Another Thin Man
19405827Slap Happy Pappy
19395827Slightly Honorable
19395828Henry Goes Arizona
19405830Married and in Love
19395831Double Deal
195605831Out to Punch
19395832The Pal from Texas
19395833El Diablo Rides
19405835Danger on Wheels
19405836Green Hell
19405837Women Without Names
19405838The Farmer's Daughter
19405839Road to Singapore
195605840Assault and Flattery
19405840Opened by Mistake
19405841The Biscuit Eater
19405843Buck Benny Rides Again
19555845Tanbark and Turf
19405846Yukon Flight
195605849Popeye for President
19405849Tom Thumb in Trouble
19405850The Marines Fly High
19395853The Lambeth Walk
195605854Line of Screammage
19405857Virginia City
19405858Isle of Destiny
19395859South of the Border
195505860Black Cats and Broomsticks
19395862The Invisible Killer
19395863Thou Shalt Not Kill
195605865Insect to Injury
19405866Broadway Melody of 1940
195505866Football Headliners
19415870Yosemite the Magnificent
19405871Modern New Orleans
19395872Destry Rides Again
19395873My Son Is Guilty
19405874I Married Adventure
195605875Parlez Vous Woo
19405876Pioneers of the Frontier
19405877Music in My Heart
195505882Canadian Carnival
19395888Money to Burn
19395889Days of Jesse James
195605891Lion in the Roar
19405892Charlie Chan in Panama
19405893Young as You Feel
19405896Those Were the Days!
19405897East Side Kids
195605898Hide and Peak
195605901Lucky Dog
19405901The Saint's Double Trouble
19405902Primrose Path
195605904A Haul in One
19395905The Big Guy
19405906Ali-Baba Bound
19405911The Earl of Chicago
19405912Leopard Men of Africa
19405914Saps at Sea
195705915Pest Pupil
19395916Mercy Plane
19405917Porky's Baseball Broadcast
19405918Circus Today
19405921The Invisible Man Returns
195705923Hooky Spooky
19405924Bullet Code
195605925I Don't Scare
19405925The Lone Wolf Strikes
19405926Five Little Peppers at Home
195705926The Crystal Brawl
19405927Convicted Woman
19405928Blazing Six Shooters
19405929Orphans of the North
19405930The Showdown (I)
195705931Fishing Tackler
195705932Patriotic Popeye
19405934Shooting High
19405935Johnny Apollo
19405935The Light of Western Stars
19395939Charlie McCarthy, Detective
195605941Will Do Mousework
19405943Little Orvie
19405944A Bill of Divorcement
19405945Millionaire Playboy
19405945Sniffles Takes a Trip
195705946Mr. Money Gags
19405953The House Across the Bay
19445957To Heir Is Human
19405959The Westerner
19405962Congo Maisie
19405963Wolf of New York
19405966Danger Ahead
19405967The Shop Around the Corner
19405968Wild Horse Valley
195705969Spree Lunch
195705970Jolly the Clown
195505971Aqua Babes
19405971Old New Orleans
195705972Cock-a-Doodle Dino
19405974My Favorite Wife
19405975Village Barn Dance
19405976Honeymoon Deferred
19405977The Great McGinty
19405978The Way of All Flesh
19395979Golden Gloves (I)
195705981Ghost of Honor
19405981Son of Ingagi
19405982Strange Cargo
19405983Heroes of the Saddle
19405984Saturday's Children
19405984The Fatal Hour
19405985Dark Command
19405985Ghost Wanted
195605986Canoeman's Holiday
19405987Oh Johnny, How You Can Love
195705988Spooky Swabs
19405988Young Tom Edison
19405990Free, Blonde and 21
19405991I Was an Adventuress
19405992Viva Cisco Kid
195605993Born to Fight
19405994Malibu Beach Party
19405995A Wild Hare
195705997Ice Scream
19406000I Take This Woman
19406001Hidden Enemy
1940600221 Days
195706002Topsy TV
19406005It All Came True
19406006'Til We Meet Again
195706007From Mad to Worse
19406007Three Cheers for the Irish
195706011Jumping with Toy
19406013The Man from Dakota
195606014Holland Sailing
19406016Wild Boar Hunt
19406018Pioneer Days
195706018Possum Pearl
19406019Chasing Trouble
19406023Queen of the Mob
19406024Pluto's Dream House
19406025Rhythm of the Rio Grande
19406026My Son, My Son!
195706028Basque Sports
19406028Hidden Gold
19406029My Little Chickadee
195706032Boo Bop
195706033One Funny Knight
195806034Heir Restorer
19406035Texas Stagecoach
19406036Too Many Husbands
19406037Blondie on a Budget
195706038L'Amour the Merrier
19406038Men Without Souls
19406039The Doctor Takes a Wife
195706043Bermuda Cockleshells
195706044Cave Explorers
195806045Dante Dreamer
195706045Polar Outpost
19406046New Moon
195706046Sportsmen at Work
19406047Enemy Agent (I)
19406047Star Dust
19406049Sailor's Lady
19406050Lillian Russell
195706050Speed Week
195706051Dirt Track Racing
19406051Passport to Alcatraz
19406052Curtain Call
195706052Wild Water
19406053The Courageous Dr. Christian
19406056A Rainy Day with the Bear Family
195706058Salar, the Leaper
19406059Stagecoach War
19406060Mystery In Swing
19416061The Mad Doctor
19406063The Cheyenne Kid
19406064Pioneers of the West
19406067Black Friday
19406068Swing Social
19406069The Ghost Comes Home
19406071Double Alibi
19406071Our Town
19406072Bedtime for Sniffles
19406073Stage Fright
19406074Calling Dr. Porky
19406075You Can't Fool Your Wife
19406077Forgotten Girls
19406079One Million B.C.
19406081Lightning Strikes West
19406082Men with Steel Faces
19406083Ceiling Hero
19406084Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
19406086Porky's Poor Fish
19406087Enemy Agent (I)
19406088The Saint Takes Over
19406089All This, and Heaven Too
195806089Chew Chew Baby
19406090The Sea Hawk
19406091Torrid Zone
19406092An Angel from Texas
195806094Finnegan's Flea
19406095Dr. Kildare's Strange Case
19406103Rancho Grande
19406104Ghost Valley Raiders
19406105Midnight Limited
19406106Beyond Tomorrow
19406107The House of the Seven Gables
195906108Felineous Assault
195906109Foofle's Train Ride
195906112Doing What's Fright
195806115Dawg Gawn
19406116Alias the Deacon
19406117Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me
19406119Holiday Highlights
19406120Porky's Hired Hand
19406121Tom Brown's School Days
195906122Fun on Furlough
19406122It's a Date
19406123Broken Strings
19406124Two Girls on Broadway
19406125And One Was Beautiful
19406125Prehistoric Porky
19406126The Ghost Breakers
19416127Life with Henry
19406128On Their Own
19406129Lucky Cisco Kid
19406130Forty Little Mothers
19406132In Old Missouri
19406134Young Buffalo Bill
19406135Grandpa Goes to Town
19406138Lights Out in Europe
19406139Cowboy from Sundown
195906139La Petite Parade
19406140Pals of the Silver Sage
19406141The Chewin' Bruin
19406142Terry and the Pirates
19406142Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 1: Into the Great Unknown]
19406143Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 2: The Fang Strikes]
19406144Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 3: The Mountain of Death]
195906144The Animal Fair
19406145Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 4: The Dragon Queen Threatens]
195906146Huey's Father's Day
19406146Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 5: At the Mercy of a Mob]
19406147Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 6: The Scroll of Wealth]
19406148Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 7: Angry Waters]
195906149Not Ghoulty
19406149Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 8: The Tomb of Peril]
19406150Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 9: Jungle Hurricane]
19406151Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 10: Too Many Enemies]
19406152Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 11: Walls of Doom]
19406153Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 12: No Escape]
19406154Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 13: The Fatal Mistake]
19406155Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 14: Pyre of Death]
19406156Terry and the Pirates [Chapter 15: The Secret of the Temple]
19406159The Capital City: Washington, D.C.
195906165Casper's Birthday Party
19406167From Nurse to Worse
19406168Waterloo Bridge
19406169La Conga Nights
19406170Adventures of Red Ryder
19406170Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 1: Murder on the Santa Fe Trail]
19406171Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 2: Horsemen of Death]
195906171Katnip's Big Day
19406172Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 3: Trail's End]
19406173Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 4: Water Rustlers]
19406174Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 5: Avalanche]
19406175Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 6: Hangman's Noose]
19406176Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 7: Framed]
19406177Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 8: Blazing Walls]
196206177Shotgun Shambles
19406178Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 9: Records of Doom]
19406179Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 10: One Second to Live]
19406180Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 11: The Devil's Marksman]
19406181Adventures of Red Ryder [Chapter 12: Frontier Justice]
19406182Son of the Navy
19406183The Man with Nine Lives
19406184Island of Doomed Men
19406184The Egg Collector
19406184The Man from Tumbleweeds
19406186No Census, No Feeling
19406187The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady
19406191Fugitive From a Prison Camp
195906193Out of This Whirl
19406195Women in War
19406196Wacky Wildlife
19406197Sky Bandits
19406199Anne of Windy Poplars
19406202Flight Angels
19406203Brother Orchid
19406204Knute Rockne All American
196006204The Boss Is Always Right
1940620820 Mule Team
19406210Pinto Canyon
196006211Fiddle Faddle
19406212The Crooked Road
19406213Patient Porky
19406214Girl in 313
19406215Manhattan Heartbeat
19406216Edison, the Man
19416217Mr. Washington Goes to Town
196006218Trouble Date
19406220I Want a Divorce
19406221Gangs of Chicago
19336222Let's Fall in Love
19406223Sandy Is a Lady
19406224I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
196006224Trigger Treat
19406225Ski Patrol
19406226Bad Man from Red Butte
196006227From Dime to Dime
19406228Gaucho Serenade
19446229Nostradamus IV
19406230The Mortal Storm
19406231Prairie Law
19406232Young People
19406233Four Sons
196006233Silly Science
19406234Public Deb No. 1
19406235Pride and Prejudice
19406236Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
19406237Window Cleaners
19406238The Kid from Santa Fe
19406239Three Faces West
19406240Lucky Partners
19406241Pop Always Pays
19406242If I Had My Way
19406244Fire Chief
19406246Susan and God
19406247Dance, Girl, Dance
19406249The Villain Still Pursued Her
19406250Riders from Nowhere
19406251Millionaires in Prison
19406252Girl from Avenue A
19406253Pier 13
19406254Street of Memories
19406256Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
196006258Counter Attack
19406259A Night at Earl Carroll's
19406260The Texas Rangers Ride Again
19406261North West Mounted Police
19406262Cross-Country Romance
19416264The Fighting 69½th
19406265Shop Look & Listen
19406266Of Fox and Hounds
19406267Rocky Mountain Rangers
19406268Good Night Elmer
19406269Pony Express Days
196006269The Mysterious Package
19406271Babies for Sale
19406273Out West with the Peppers
19406274West of Abilene
19406275The Return of Wild Bill
19406276My Love Came Back
19406277The Man Who Talked Too Much
19406278They Drive by Night
19406279No Time for Comedy
19376280Busman's Holiday
19406280Busman's Honeymoon
19406281Nutty But Nice
19406282Rangers of Fortune
19406283Dancing on a Dime
19406284Wild Horse Range
19426285Half Way to Shanghai
19406285Love, Honor and Oh Baby!
19406287South to Karanga
19406289Dreaming Out Loud
19406290I Take This Oath
19406291Wagons Westward
19406295Grand Ole Opry
196006297Bouncing Benny
19406297Frontier Crusader
19406299Land of the Six Guns
19406303The Captain Is a Lady
196106303The Kid from Mars
19406304Phantom Raiders
19406310Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Humdingers
196106311The Lion's Busy
196106314Alvin's Solo Flight
196106315Goodie, the Gremlin
19406317Hot Steel
19406320The Spook Speaks
196106322In the Nicotine
196106323The Inquisit Visit
19406324Comin' Round the Mountain
19406325Mystery Sea Raider
19406326Rhythm on the River
19406329Brigham Young
19406330The Return of Frank James
19406331The Man I Married
19406332Money and the Woman
19406333A Dispatch from Reuter's
19406334River's End
196106335Bopin' Hood
19406336The Carson City Kid
19406338The Great Plane Robbery
19396339On the Night of the Fire
19416340Elmer's Pet Rabbit
19416341Joe Glow, the Firefly
19416342Porky's Bear Facts
19406343You're Not So Tough
196106344Abner the Baseball
19406344Stage to Chino
196106345The Plot Sickens
19406349South of Pago Pago
196206350Crumley Cogwheel
19406350While Thousands Cheer
19406351Boom Town
196106352Cane and Able
19406353Dr. Christian Meets the Women
19406357Private Affairs
19406358Gold Rush Maisie
196206361Popcorn and Politics
19406362One Man's Law
19406364On the Spot
19406366Am I Guilty?
19406367Strike Up the Band
19406368Hold That Woman!
19406369Girl from God's Country
19406370Men Against the Sky
19406371We Who Are Young
19406372Black Diamonds
196206373Hi Fi Jinx
19406373One Crowded Night
19406374Carolina Moon
19406375Three Men from Texas
19406377Sporting Blood
196206379Yule Laff
19406381The Golden Trail
196206382Robot Ringer
19406382The Bride Wore Crutches
19406383Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
19406384The Gay Caballero
19406385Cookoo Cavaliers
196206386One of the Family
196206387It's for the Birdies
19406389The Last Alarm
196206390Fiddlin' Around
19406390I Love You Again
19416391Pluto's Playmate
196306392Drum Up a Tenant
19416392The Little Whirlwind
19406394The Sour Puss
196206395Frog's Legs
19336396A Bedtime Story
19406397Girls of the Road
196306397Good Snooze Tonight
19406398Slightly Tempted
196306398Trash Program
19406399Military Academy
196306399One Weak Vacation
19406400Five Little Peppers In Trouble
19406401Blondie Has Servant Trouble
19406402The Lady in Question
19406403He Stayed for Breakfast
19406404The Secret Seven
19406405The Durango Kid
19416405The Pinto Kid
19406407Stranger on the Third Floor
19406409Foreign Correspondent
19406410The Long Voyage Home
19406411Diamond Frontier
19406412I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now
19406413The Flag of Humanity
19406414Christmas in July
196206419Take Me to Your Gen'rul
19406420The Boys from Syracuse
196306424Hound for Pound
19406424Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot
196306429Tell Me a Badtime Story
19406432The Ranger and the Lady
19406439Captain Caution
19416440The Cat's Tale
19416441The Haunted Mouse
19406442The Letter
19406443City for Conquest
19406444Tugboat Annie Sails Again
19406445Ladies Must Live
19406446Flowing Gold
19406447Boys of the City
19406449They Knew What They Wanted
19406450Goofy's Glider
19406457The Timid Toreador
19406457The Tulsa Kid
19416458Golden Eggs
19406459Billy the Kid Outlawed
19406460Earl of Puddlestone
19406461Oklahoma Renegades
19406462Triple Justice
19406463Wildcat Bus
19406464Too Many Girls
19406466Gun Code
19406467Rainbow Over the Range
19406469The Great Profile
19416470For Beauty's Sake
19406471Down Argentine Way
19406472The Howards of Virginia
19416475The Hard-Boiled Canary
19406476Moon Over Burma
19406477Arise, My Love
19406479Pantry Pirate
19406480Haunted House
19426482The Omaha Trail
19406483The Golden Fleecing
19406485Laughing at Danger
19406486Thundering Frontier
19406487Angels Over Broadway
19406488Before I Hang
196306488Gramps to the Rescue
19406489So You Won't Talk
196306489The Pig's Feat
19406491Ride Tenderfoot Ride
19406492Queen of the Yukon
19406496Son of Roaring Dan
19406497The Mummy's Hand
19406498The Quarterback
19436499Red Hot Riding Hood
196306499The Sheepish Wolf
19406500I'm Still Alive
19326502Love Me Tonight
19416503Yumpin' Yimminy!
196306504Hiccup Hound
19406505Doomed to Die
196406506Whiz Quiz Kid
196306507Goodie's Good Deed
19406511Arizona Frontier
19406513When the Daltons Rode
19406514Little Men
19406515Youth Will Be Served
19406516Yesterday's Heroes
19406517Murder Over New York
19406518Charter Pilot
196306518The Critic
19406522Marked Men
19406523Papa Gets the Bird
19406524Love Thy Neighbor
19406526The Range Busters
19406527Kit Carson
19416529Dutiful But Dumb
19406530Cherokee Strip
19406531Blondie Plays Cupid
196406531Laddy and His Lamp
19406532Nobody's Children
196406533Brother from Outer Space
19366533Lady Luck
19426533Lucky Ghost
19406534Girl from Havana
19406535Mexican Spitfire Out West
19416536The Crackpot Quail
19416537Porky's Ant
19436543Thank Your Lucky Stars
196406549Panhandling on Madison Avenue
196406550Accidents Will Happen
196406551Fizzicle Fizzle
196406552Sailing Zero
19406554Wagon Train
19416555Citizen Kane
19416557Honeymoon for Three
196406557Outer Galaxy Gazette
19416558Four Mothers
19406559Santa Fe Trail
19416560Meet John Doe
196406560Robot Rival
19406561Calling All Husbands
19406562East of the River
19416563High Sierra
196406565A Friend in Tweed
19406566Argentine Nights
196406566Fix That Clock
19416566Outlaws of the Panhandle
19406567Ragtime Cowboy Joe
19406570Under Texas Skies
19406571Boobs in Arms
196406572Call Me a Taxi
19406572Dr. Kildare Goes Home
196406573Highway Slobbery
19406574The Leather Pushers
19406578The Green Archer[Chapter 1: Prison Bars Beckon
196406579Hip Hip Ole
19406580You'll Find Out
19406581Law and Order
196406585And So Tibet
19416585Baggage Buster
196506586Reading, Writhing, and Rithmetic
19416587A Good Time for a Dime
19406589Arizona Gang Busters
196506592Near-Sighted and Far Out
19406592That Gang of Mine
19416593All the World's a Stooge
196506594A Tiger's Tail
19406594The Philadelphia Story
19416595Cliff Edwards and His Buckaroos
19406596Hit Parade of 1941
19406597The Mark of Zorro
19416598Hudson's Bay
196506599Homer on the Range
19406600Chad Hanna
196406601Horning In
19406601Tin Pan Alley
19416602Golden Hoofs
19406603Spring Parade
19406604Hired Wife
19406605The Green Archer[Chapter 2: The Face at the Window
19406606The Green Archer[Chapter 3: The Devil's Dictograph
19406607The Fargo Kid
19406608No, No, Nanette
196506608The Story of George Washington
19406609Sky Murder
196506611A Leak in the Dike
19406611The Great Dictator
19406612Little Nellie Kelly
19406613Glamour for Sale
196506613Inferior Decorator
19406614Girls Under 21
19406615The Green Archer[Chapter 4: Vanishing Jewels
19406616The Green Archer[Chapter 5: The Fatal Spark
19406617Pony Post
19416619Toy Trouble
19416620Tortoise Beats Hare
19416621The Trial of Mr. Wolf
19406622Melody and Moonlight
19406623Up in the Air
196506625A Hair-Raising Tale
19406625The Green Archer[Chapter 6: The Necklace of Treachery
19406627Alice in Movieland
19406627Young Bill Hickok
19416628An Ache in Every Stake
196506628Poor Little Witch Girl
196506629The Itch
19406631Frontier Vengeance
19406636Lady with Red Hair
196406636Ocean Bruise
19406637Father Is a Prince
19406638South of Suez
19406639Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman
19406640Knock Knock
19416641Early to Bed
19416642A Gentleman's Gentleman
196506642Solitary Refinement
19416643Canine Caddy
19406645The Green Archer[Chapter 7: The Secret Passage
19406646The Green Archer[Chapter 8: Garr Castle Is Robbed
19406647A Little Bit of Heaven
19406648Bitter Sweet
19406650The Son of Monte Cristo
196506651Tally Hokum
19406651The Green Archer[Chapter 9: The Mirror of Treachery
196406652Getting Ahead
19416652I Wanted Wings
196506653The Outside Dope
19406655The Devil's Pipeline
19406656Escape to Glory
19406657The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date
19406658Beyond the Sacramento
19406659Prairie Schooners
19406660Third Finger, Left Hand
196606661Sick Transit
196606663Baggin' the Dragon
19406664The Green Archer[Chapter 10: The Dagger That Failed
19406665Trailing Double Trouble
19406666The Green Archer[Chapter 11: The Flaming Arrow
196606667From Nags to Witches
19406668Meet the Wildcat
196606668Trick or Cheat
19406669The Green Archer[Chapter 12: The Devil Dogs
19416670Mr. & Mrs. Smith
196606673Potions and Notions
19406676The Ape
19406677Drums of the Desert
196606678The Defiant Giant
196606679Space Kid
19406685The Green Archer[Chapter 13: The Deceiving Microphone
19406688Who Killed Aunt Maggie?
19406689Friendly Neighbors
19406692Li'l Abner
19406695The Trail Blazers
196606696A Balmy Knight
196606697A Wedding Knight
19416698Porky's Snooze Reel
196606698Throne for a Loss (I)
19406699The Homeless Flea
19406700The Green Archer[Chapter 14: The End of Hope
19416703Let's Make Music
19406704Give Us Wings
196606707Geronimo and Son
19406708Second Chorus
19406710The Green Archer[Chapter 15: The Green Archer Exposed
19416712Romance of the Rio Grande
19416713Ride, Kelly, Ride
19406714Michael Shayne: Private Detective
19416715Western Union
19416716Play Girl
19406717The Old Swimmin' Hole
196706719The Blacksheep Blacksmith
19406720Remedy for Riches
196706720The Opera Caper
19416724Donald's Camera
19416726A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob
19406728Always a Bride
19416729The Wagons Roll at Night
196706729Think or Sink
19416730Flight from Destiny
196706731The Trip (I)
19406732Gallopin' Gals
19406733Take Me Back to Oklahoma
19406737Melody Ranch
19406739Meet the Missus
19406740Texas Terrors
19406741Riders of Black Mountain
19416742You're the One
19416743Porky's Preview
19416744Goofy Groceries
19416745Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt
19416746Porky's Prize Pony
196706747Clean Sweep
196706748High But Not Dry
196706752My Daddy the Astronaut
196706753Alter Egotist
196706757The Squaw Path
196706763The Plumber
19406765The Wildcat of Tucson
19416766Truant Officer Donald
19406767Dr. Kildare's Crisis
19416768Lend a Paw
196706771Brother Bat
19406771Sandy Gets Her Man
19406773Four Shall Die
196706775The Stuck-Up Wolf
19406776Trail of the Vigilantes
19416778The Monster and the Girl
19406779Phantom of Chinatown
19416780Footsteps in the Dark
196806780Keep the Cool, Baby
19406781She Couldn't Say No (II)
19416782The Case of the Black Parrot
196706783A Bridge Grows in Brooklyn
19406783One Night in the Tropics
19406785Barnyard Follies
19406786The Border Legion
19406787Ellery Queen, Master Detective
196806787The Fuz
19406788Gallant Sons
19416789The Saint in Palm Springs
19426792The Village Smithy
19416793Old MacDonald Duck
196806793The Mini Squirts
19406794Comrade X
19406795Seven Sinners
19406797Dark Streets of Cairo
19406798Go West
19406799Flight Command
196706799Marvin Digs
19416801The Lady Eve
19416802Reaching for the Sun
19416804Hollywood Steps Out
196806807Mouse Trek
19406808West of Pinto Basin
19416810The Art of Skiing
19426811Pluto at the Zoo
19416812The Art of Self Defense
19416816Zis Boom Bah
19416821The Goose Goes South
19416823The Roundup
19406824The Bank Dick
19406825San Francisco Docks
19416831A Dangerous Game
19416834Inki and the Lion
19406835Rolling Home to Texas
19416839Cheers for Miss Bishop
19406841Behind the News
19406841Lone Star Raiders
19406842Bowery Boy
19416843Farm Frolics
19406845Pride of the Bowery
19416845The Great Lie
19416846Swing It Soldier
19406846This Thing Called Love
19416848Penny Serenade
19406849The Phantom Submarine
19416850The Face Behind the Mask
19416859Along the Rio Grande
19416864The Strawberry Blonde
19416866The Sea Wolf
19416867Father's Son
19416869Road to Zanzibar
19406874Keeping Company
19416875The Reluctant Dragon
19406876Her First Romance
19406878Misbehaving Husbands
19406880Billy the Kid's Gun Justice
19406882Buzzy Rides the Range
19416883Buzzy and the Phantom Pinto
19416883The Wacky Worm
19416885The Wild Man of Borneo
19416891Wyoming Wildcat
19416892Robin Hood of the Pecos
19416895Sniffles Bells the Cat
19406897The Devil Bat
19426898Mickey's Birthday Party
19426899Pluto Junior
19416900Chef Donald
19416901They Met In Argentina
19416904Tall, Dark and Handsome
19416905That Night in Rio
19416906Murder Among Friends
19416912Billy the Kid's Range War
19416914Las Vegas Nights
19416915That Hamilton Woman
19416917Come Live with Me
19416918Ridin' on a Rainbow
19416920Adventures of Captain Marvel [Chapter 7: Human Targets]
19416921Adventures of Captain Marvel [Chapter 8: Boomerang]
19416924Sky Raiders [Chapter 1: ]
19416925Sky Raiders [Chapter 2: ]
19416926Sky Raiders [Chapter 3: ]
19416927Sky Raiders [Chapter 4: ]
19416928Sky Raiders [Chapter 5: ]
19416929Sky Raiders [Chapter 6: ]
19416930Sky Raiders [Chapter 7: ]
19416931Sky Raiders [Chapter 8: ]
19416932Sky Raiders [Chapter 9: ]
19416933Sky Raiders [Chapter 10: ]
19416934Sky Raiders [Chapter 11: ]
19416934We, the Animals - Squeak!
19416940Dizzy Kitty
19406945The Invisible Woman
19416947Robbers of the Range
19416950The Great Mr. Nobody
19416951Here Comes Happiness
19416953The Lone Rider Rides On
19426956Symphony Hour
19416957Arkansas Judge
19416960Adam Had Four Sons
19416962Kisses for Breakfast
19416963Topper Returns
19416964The Devil and Miss Jones
19416965Scattergood Baines
19416968Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals
19416969The Bad Man
19416970Blonde Inspiration
19416971The Kid's Last Ride
19416973Snow Time for Comedy
19416974The Heckling Hare
19416975Sport Chumpions
19416976Aviation Vacation
19416977Sleepers West
19416978Scotland Yard
19416979Tobacco Road
19416980Ride on Vaquero
19416981Dead Men Tell
19416984One Night in Lisbon
19416988The Rookie Bear
19416990Footlight Fever
19416992Men of Boys Town
19416993Petticoat Politics
19426994The Olympic Champ
19416997That Uncertain Feeling
19416999The Midnight Snack
19417000Little Cesario
19417001Officer Pooch
19417003The Devil Commands
19417004Shadows on the Stairs
19417005The Bride Came C.O.D.
19417006Shining Victory
19417008Thieves Fall Out
19417009Affectionately Yours
19417011Meet the Chump
19417020Back Street
19417022The Phantom Cowboy
19417025Adventure in Washington
19427026The Sleepwalker
19417027Meet John Doughboy
19417028Prairie Pioneers
19417029Buck Privates
19417032Strange Alibi
19417033A Shot in the Dark
19417034Singapore Woman
19417041A Very Young Lady
19417042The Cowboy and the Blonde
19417043The Great American Broadcast
19417044The Trial of Mary Dugan
19417045Meet Boston Blackie
19417046The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
19417047A Coy Decoy
19417048The Spider Returns
19417049Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
19417051Kiss the Boys Goodbye
19417052Border Vigilantes
19417054City of Missing Girls
19417055A Man Betrayed
19417057Man Made Monster
19417058Rage in Heaven
19417062Those Good Old Days
19417071Flying Wild
19417072Repent at Leisure
19417073The Great Train Robbery
19417074Ziegfeld Girl
19417076All This and Rabbit Stew
19417078Porky's Midnight Matinee
19417078Saddle Silly
19417079The Brave Little Bat
19427080Hop, Skip and a Chump
19417081Notes to You
19417082The Penalty
19417083Sis Hopkins
19417089Pot o' Gold
19417090Sergeant York
19417091Out of the Fog
19417092Three Sons o' Guns
19417093Highway West
19417099Free and Easy
19417100Sign of the Wolf
19417101Nice Girl?
19417103Mr. District Attorney
19417104I'll Never Heil Again
19427105Donald's Gold Mine
19417105Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga
19417110Broadway Limited
19417114Mr. Dynamite
19407116Sailors Three
19417122Back in the Saddle
19417123In Old Cheyenne
19417126A Woman's Face
19427130The Great Man's Lady
19417131West Point Widow
19417136Tom Dick and Harry
19417138Billy the Kid
19417139Hold Back the Dawn
19417141Federal Fugitives
19417144My Life with Caroline
19417145New Wine
19417147Double Date
19417148Jungle Girl
19417153Under Age
19417155Naval Academy
19417156North from the Lone Star
19427160Bellboy Donald
19427161How to Swim
19417167Night of January 16th
19417168Two Gun Sheriff
19417173Woody Woodpecker
19417174Model Wife
19417180Pals of the Pecos
19417188The Cagey Canary
19427189The Bird Came C.O.D.
19417190The Bug Parade
19417192Blossoms In the Dust
19417193The Nurse's Secret
19417195Rookies On Parade
19417197Bad Men of Missouri
19417199Dive Bomber
19417200Yankee Doodle Andy
19417201The Flame of New Orleans
19417207Lady from Louisiana
19417208Horror Island
19417209Gun Cargo
19417215Hold That Ghost
19417216Blood and Sand
19417217Moon Over Miami
19417218Sun Valley Serenade
19417219Man Hunt
19417220Washington Melodrama
19417222Her First Beau
19417223The Return of Daniel Boone
19417224Bedtime Story
19417229Sweetheart of the Campus
19417230The Son of Davy Crockett
19417232The Singing Hill
19417233Buy Me That Town
19417234The People vs. Dr. Kildare
19417236Blondie in Society
19417238All That Money Can Buy
19417239Mutiny in the Arctic
19417241Parachute Battalion
19417243Invisible Ghost
19417247Cyclone on Horseback
19417249Country Fair
19417250Sheriff of Tombstone
19417251I'll Sell My Life
19417269World Premiere
19417271The Black Cat
19417273Aloma of the South Seas
19417274Accent on Love
19417275Belle Starr
19417276A Yank in the R.A.F.
19417277Private Nurse
19417278Love Crazy
19417279Lady Be Good
19417280The Lone Rider in Ghost Town
19417282Orphans' Benefit
19417285I'll Wait for You
19417286The Gay Vagabond
19417290King of the Zombies
19417291Cracked Nuts
19417293Father Takes a Wife
19417294Forty Boys and a Song
19417295Mountain Moonlight
19417296Desert Bandit
19417297Angels with Broken Wings
19417297Bad Men of Missouri
19417298Lady Scarface
19417299Sing Another Chorus
19417300Dude Cowboy
19417301Sea Raiders [Chapter 1: The Raider Strikes]
19417302Sea Raiders [Chapter 2: Flaming Torture]
19417303Sea Raiders [Chapter 3: The Tragic Crash]
19417304Sea Raiders [Chapter 4: The Raider Strikes Again]
19417305Sea Raiders [Chapter 5: Flames of Fury]
19417306Sea Raiders [Chapter 6: Blasted from the Air]
19417307Sea Raiders [Chapter 7: Victims of the Storm]
19417308Sea Raiders [Chapter 8: Dragged to Their Doom]
19417309Sea Raiders [Chapter 9: Battling the Sea Beast]
19417310Sea Raiders [Chapter 10: Periled by a Panther]
19417311Sea Raiders [Chapter 11: Entombed in the Tunnel]
19417312Sea Raiders [Chapter 12: Paying The Penalty]
19417314Cuban Rhythm
19417316Emergency Landing
19417318Henry Aldrich for President
19417320Pantry Panic
19417322The Tanks Are Coming
19427324How to Fish
19417325The Texas Marshal
19417326Unfinished Business
19417327The Henpecked Duck
19417330Birth of the Blues
19417332The Tell-Tale Heart
19417333In the Sweet Pie and Pie
19427337Kings Row
19417339The Shepherd of the Hills
19427340Conrad the Sailor
19417341Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
19427342Donald Gets Drafted
19417343Bachelor Daddy
19417345They Meet Again
19417346Hello, Sucker
19417347Outlaws of the Desert
19437348Criminals Within
19417349The Officer and the Lady
19417362The Gay Falcon
19417363Puddin' Head
19417364Burma Convoy
19417365The Big Store
19417366Bullets for O'Hara
19417366The Gang's All Here
19417367Dance Hall
19417367Host to a Ghost
19417368Dressed to Kill
19417369Last of the Duanes
19417370Charlie Chan in Rio
19417371The Get-Away
19417372The Bandit Trail
19417373Some More of Samoa
19417374Among the Living
19437375The Flying Jalopy
19417376In the Navy
19417377Men of the Timberland
19417380Look Who's Laughing
19417382Sullivan's Travels
19417383They Met in Bombay
19427384Sealed Lips
19417387The Parson of Panamint
19417388Kansas Cyclone
19417389Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company 'B'
19417391Law of the Tropics
19417392'The Smiling Ghost'
19417394Dynamite Canyon
19437396Forever and a Day
19427398Minnesota: 'Land of Plenty'
19417403The Medico of Painted Springs
19417406Two Latins from Manhattan
19417408You'll Never Get Rich
19417409Here Comes Mr. Jordan
19417410Our Wife
19417411Two in a Taxi
19417413Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime
19427415Fraidy Cat
19417416King of the Texas Rangers
19417417Mexican Spitfire's Baby
19417435Murder by Invitation
19417437Six-Gun Gold
19417438Charley's Aunt
19417439Wild Geese Calling
19437440The Outlaw
19417441Barnacle Bill
19417443Billy the Kid in Santa Fe
19417444Double Cross
19417445Gangs of Sonora
19417446Hurricane Smith
19437447Donald's Tire Trouble
19417450The Little Foxes
19427451Glen Gray and His Casa Loma Orchestra
19417452Kings of the Turf
19417453Moonlight in Hawaii
19417454The Prime Minister
19417456Nine Lives Are Not Enough
19417457The Maltese Falcon
19417459Rawhide Rangers
19417462Desperate Cargo
19417462Robinson Crusoe Jr.
19417463Gambling Daughters
19417464The Prime Minister
19417467Life Begins for Andy Hardy
19427468Reap the Wild Wind
19417469Bahama Passage
19397470Come On George!
19427471Jail House Blues
19417472Weekend for Three
19417473Flying Cadets
19417474Ringside Maisie
19427475Porky's Cafe
19417477Wabbit Twouble
19427478Lights Fantastic
19417479Marry the Boss's Daughter
19417480How Green Was My Valley
19417481We Go Fast
19417482Man at Large
19417483The Riders of the Purple Sage
19417484Week-End in Havana
19417485Unexpected Uncle
19417490Father Steps Out
19417491Smilin' Through
19417493Citadel of Crime (I)
19417494Rookie Revue
19417495Fugitive Valley
19427496Cactus Makes Perfect
19417497The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury
19427498Obliging Young Lady
19417499King of Dodge City
19417500Down in San Diego
19417502Glamour Boy
19417504One Foot in Heaven
19417505They Died with Their Boots On
19417506Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day
19417507Niagara Falls
19417508Tanks a Million
19417509Mob Town
19417511Three Girls About Town
19417512Thunder Over the Prairie
19417513Roaring Frontiers
19417514Man From Montana
19417515Raiders of the Desert
19427516Mother Goose on the Loose
19417517Porky's Pooch
19427518Jungle Book
19417520You Belong to Me
19417522Rags to Riches
19417523Holt of the Secret Service
19427538Porky's Pastry Pirates
19427538The Remarkable Andrew
19427539Aloha Hooey
19417539Blues in the Night
19417540International Lady
19417545Bowery Blitzkrieg
19417546The Masked Rider
19417548Riders of the Timberline
19417550Whistling in the Dark
19417551The Men in Her Life
19427552Loco Boy Makes Good
19427553Riding the Wind
19417555Reg'lar Fellers
19417556Flying Blind
19417558The Lone Rider Ambushed
19417563Small Town Deb
19417564Great Guns
19417565Moon Over Her Shoulder
19417566Swamp Water
19417567Cadet Girl
19417568Double Trouble
19417568This Woman Is Mine
19427569What's the Matador?
19417572Prairie Stranger
19417573Go West, Young Lady
19417574Harmon of Michigan
19417575The Stork Pays Off
19427576Sweater Girl
19427577Beyond the Blue Horizon
19417578Louisiana Purchase
19417579Doctors Don't Tell
19417580The Blonde From Singapore
19417584Unholy Partners
19417585All-American Co-Ed
19417586Scattergood Meets Broadway
19417587Married Bachelor
19427588Four Jacks and a Jill
19417589Outlaws of Cherokee Trail
19427591The Draft Horse
19417593When Ladies Meet
19417595Gentleman from Dixie
19417597The Pittsburgh Kid
19417598Arizona Cyclone
19417600The Kid from Kansas
19417604Bad Man of Deadwood
19417606The Feminine Touch
19427607Overland Mail
19417608I Killed That Man
19417612I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island
19487615Hidden Danger
19417623The Apache Kid
19417624Tarzan's Secret Treasure
19417624The Body Disappears
19427625Crazy Cruise
19427626The Mad Doctor of Market Street
19427627Captains of the Clouds
19427628The Man Who Came to Dinner
19417630All Through the Night
19427633Land of the Open Range
19417634Honky Tonk
19417635Badlands of Dakota
19417637The Driftin' Kid
19417638Stick to Your Guns
19417639Twilight on the Trail
19417640Let's Go Collegiate
19417642Dangerous Lady
19427643Lone Star Vigilantes
19417644Spooks Run Wild
19417647I Wake Up Screaming
19417648Confirm or Deny
19427650Bombay Clipper
19417651Death Valley Outlaws
19427653A Date with the Falcon
19417654Miss Polly
19417656The Chocolate Soldier
19417658Mercy Island
19417659Sailors on Leave
19427676Henry and Dizzy
19417677Pacific Blackout
19417680Jungle Man
19427681Young America
19427682Lone Star Ranger
19427683Spanish Fiesta
19417686Billy the Kid Wanted
19417687Two-Faced Woman
19427688Call Out the Marines
19417690Steel Against the Sky
19427694The Male Animal
19417696Down Mexico Way
19417698Appointment for Love
19417700Hard Guy
19417701Tonto Basin Outlaws
19417702South of Tahiti
19417704Mr. Celebrity
19417705Jesse James at Bay
19427706Come on Danger
19417707Rhapsody in Rivets
19417707Shadow of the Thin Man
19427708The Yukon Patrol
19417709Keep 'Em Flying
19427709The Vanishing Private
19417710Riding the Sunset Trail
19417713Remember the Day
19417714Rise and Shine
19427715Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake
19427716Night in New Orleans
19417717The Lone Rider Fights Back
19417718Gauchos of El Dorado
19417720Atlantic Ferry
19427721Wild Bill Hickok Rides
19427723Joan of Paris
19417723You're in the Army Now
19417724Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
19417725No Hands on the Clock
19427727The Hollywood Matador
19417728It Started with Eve
19417731The Royal Mounted Patrol
19427732Bullets for Bandits
19417734Sierra Sue
19417739The Night Before Christmas
19427742Double Chaser
19427743Horton Hatches the Egg
19427745Who's Who in the Zoo
19417748Top Sergeant Mulligan
19417763Fighting Bill Fargo
19427764Valley of the Sun
19427765Thundering Hoofs
19417766Public Enemies
19417768Sing for Your Supper
19427775Don't Get Personal
19417781The Corsican Brothers
19427782The Lady Has Plans
19427783The Fleet's In
19417785The Devil Pays Off
19427789Sing Your Worries Away
19417790Billy the Kid's Round-up
19427794Lady for a Night
19417796The Miracle Kid
19427800The Magnificent Ambersons
19427802The Wabbit Who Came to Supper
19417803Babes on Broadway
19417804H.M. Pulham, Esq.
19427804The Army Mascot
19417805Design for Scandal
19417806Swamp Woman
19427811North of the Rockies
19417812Riders of the Badlands
19417813Tuxedo Junction
19417820The Perfect Snob
19427821Castle in the Desert
19427822The Lady Is Willing
19427823Juke Girl
19417824Confessions of Boston Blackie
19427825Blondie Goes to College
19417826Honolulu Lu
19427828West of Tombstone
19427829Panama Hattie
19427831The Bear and the Beavers
19427833Dog Trouble
19427834To Be or Not to Be
19427836Mexican Spitfire at Sea
19427839Sky Trooper
19427841The Mayor of 44th Street
19417842Dangerously They Live
19427844Woman of the Year
19417845Paris Calling
19417847Ball of Fire
19427849Texas Man Hunt
19427850Dr. Kildare's Victory
19417851Riot Squad
19417852Johnny Eager
19427854Always in My Heart
19447855Arsenic and Old Lace
19417856Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring
19427856In This Our Life
19417858Law of the Timber
19427860The Vanishing Virginian
19427861Captain Midnight [Chapter 1: Mysterious Pilot]
19427862Captain Midnight [Chapter 2: The Stolen Range Finder]
19427863Captain Midnight [Chapter 3: The Captured Plane]
19427864Captain Midnight [Chapter 4: Mistaken Identity]
19427865Captain Midnight [Chapter 5: Ambushed Ambulance]
19427866Captain Midnight [Chapter 6: Weird Waters]
19427867Captain Midnight [Chapter 7: Menacing Fates]
19427868Captain Midnight [Chapter 8: Shells of Evil]
19427869Captain Midnight [Chapter 9: The Drop to Doom]
19427870Captain Midnight [Chapter 10: The Hidden Bomb]
19427871Captain Midnight [Chapter 11: Sky Terror]
19427872Captain Midnight [Chapter 12: Burning Bomber]
19427873Captain Midnight [Chapter 13: ]
19427874Captain Midnight [Chapter 14: ]
19427875Captain Midnight [Chapter 15: The Fatal Hour]
19427876Dr. Broadway
19427877True to the Army
19427878This Gun for Hire
19417879Borrowed Hero
19437880Private Pluto
19427881The Bugle Sounds
19427883We Were Dancing
19427884Song of the Islands
19427885On the Sunny Side
19427886Blue, White and Perfect
19427887Tales of Manhattan
19427888Roxie Hart
19427889Hay Foot
19427892Mr. and Mrs. North
19417893Melody Lane
19427894Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die
19417895Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case
19417896Red River Valley
19417897West of Cimarron
19417898Lone Star Law Men
19417899Blonde Comet
19457901I Was a Criminal
19427903The Wacky Wabbit
19427904Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
19427905Foney Fables
19427906Fresh Hare
19427907The Squawkin' Hawk
19417909Road Agent
19427911The Tuttles of Tahiti
19427912Juke Box Jenny
19427916There's One Born Every Minute
19427917The Lone Rider and the Bandit
19427918Arizona Terrors
19437920Young and Willing
19427921Freckles Comes Home
19427922Joe Smith, American
19427924North to the Klondike
19427925Road to Happiness
19427927Powder Town
19427928Larceny, Inc.
19427929Yankee Doodle Dandy
19427943Hold the Lion, Please
19427945Torpedo Boat
19257947The Gold Rush
19427948A Gentleman After Dark
19427949Twin Beds
19427966A Yank on the Burma Road
19427967Born to Sing
19427968Ride 'Em Cowboy
19427969Raiders of the West
19427971The Devil's Trail
19417972The Shanghai Gesture
19417973The Wolf Man
19427975Right to the Heart
19427976To the Shores of Tripoli
19427977A Gentleman at Heart
19427978The Mad Martindales
19427980Take a Letter, Darling
19437982For Whom the Bell Tolls
19427983The Palm Beach Story
19427985My Favorite Blonde
19427986Are Husbands Necessary?
19427987Nutty News
19427987Tulips Shall Grow
19417991The Gunman from Bodie
19427992Today I Hang
19427995The Strange Case of Doctor Rx
19427996Man from Cheyenne
19427997Cowboy Serenade
19427999Dudes Are Pretty People
19428000My Favorite Spy
19428001Almost Married
19428002The Man Who Returned to Life
19428003Brooklyn Orchid
19438004This Land Is Mine
19428005Pardon My Stripes
19428006Shut My Big Mouth
19428007Two Yanks in Trinidad
19428008A Close Call for Ellery Queen
19428009Canal Zone
19428010Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
19428011Blondie's Blessed Event
19428012Private Snuffy Smith
19428014The Bashful Bachelor
19428015Man from Headquarters
19428016Code of the Outlaw
19428018A Tragedy at Midnight
19428019Billy the Kid Trapped
19428020Tough As They Come
19428025Nazi Agent
19428027The Adventures of Martin Eden
19428031Down Rio Grande Way
19428032Broadway Big Shot
19428033This Time for Keeps
19428034Mrs. Miniver
19428035Ace in the Hole
19428036Girls' Town
19428037Shoot Yourself Some Golf
19428039Below the Border
19428040This Was Paris
19428041I Married an Angel
19428042The Courtship of Andy Hardy
19428043About Face
19428044Flying with Music
19428045Bullet Scars
19428046The Big Shot
19428047South of Santa Fe
19438048Journey Into Fear
19428049You're Telling Me
19428051Kid Glove Killer
19428052Law of the Jungle
19428053Prairie Gunsmoke
19428056The Falcon Takes Over
19428059Yokel Boy
19428060Sleepytime Gal
19428061Too Many Women
19428062Mr. Wise Guy
19428065Fox Pop
19428067Hobby Horse-Laffs
19428069Alias Boston Blackie
19428070The Wife Takes a Flyer
19428071The Talk of the Town
19428074Mystery of Marie Roget
19428077Murder in the Big House
19458078So You Think You're Allergic
19428080Rock River Renegades
19428081Vengeance of the West
19428084I Live on Danger
19428085The Night Before the Divorce
19428086My Gal Sal
19428087Rings on Her Fingers
19428088This Above All
19428090Tarzan's New York Adventure
19428091Rio Rita
19428092Saludos Amigos
19428097Ship Ahoy
19428098Heart of the Rio Grande
19428100Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost
19428102Fingers at the Window
19428103Tortilla Flat
19428104Drums of the Congo
19428105Black Dragons
19428106Wacky Blackout
19428107Street of Chance
19428109Scattergood Rides High
19428111Stagecoach Express
19428112American Empire
19428113Puss n' Toots
19428119Daffy's Southern Exposure
19428120The Hare-Brained Hypnotist
19428120The Sheepish Wolf
19428121The Hep Cat
19428123Sundown Jim
19428124Whispering Ghosts
19428125Who Is Hope Schuyler?
19428126Secret Agent of Japan
19428127The Man Who Wouldn't Die
19428128Ten Gentlemen from West Point
19428129The Ghost of Frankenstein
19438130Figaro and Cleo
19428131Raiders of the Range
19418133Dangerous Moonlight
19428134What's Cookin'? (I)
19428135The Dawn Express
19428137The Bowling Alley-Cat
19428138Professor Creeps
19428139My Heart Belongs to Daddy
19428140Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
19428146The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall
19428151The Valley of Vanishing Men
19428156The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine
19428158Her Cardboard Lover
19428159Man with Two Lives
19428160Gopher Goofy
19428161House of Errors
19428164Shepherd of the Ozarks
19428165Desperate Journey
19428166I Was Framed
19428171Ghost Town Law
19428172Jesse James, Jr.
19428177Sunset on the Desert
19428180Klondike Fury
19428181Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 1: Wings Aflame]
19428181Lady Gangster
19428182Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 2: Plunge of Peril]
19428183Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 3: Hidden Danger]
19428184Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 4: The Tunnel of Terror]
19428185Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 5: The Black Dragon Strikes]
19428186Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 6: Flaming Havoc]
19428187Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 7: The Death Mist]
19428188Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 8: Satan Fires the Fuse]
19428189Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 9: Satanic Sabotage]
19428190Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 10: Trapped in a Blazing Chute]
19428191Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 11: Undeclared War]
19428192Junior G-Men of the Air [Chapter 12: Civilian Courage Conquers]
19428192My Favorite Duck
19428195Case of the Missing Hare
19428198Ding Dog Daddy
19428199The Girl from Alaska
19428200Butch Minds the Baby
19428201Friendly Enemies
19428202Miss Annie Rooney
19428205For the Common Defense!
19428206The Panther's Claw
19428207The Glass Key
19428208Henry Aldrich, Editor
19428213Frisco Lil
19428228Not a Ladies' Man
19428229Hello, Annapolis
19428232Parachute Nurse
19428233So's Your Aunt Emma!
19428234Submarine Raider
19428235Eatin' on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to Dinner
19438236Pluto and the Armadillo
19428237Pigeon Patrol
19428239The Magnificent Dope
19428244Sunday Punch
19438246The Constant Nymph
19428247Smart Alecks
19438247The Hard Way
19428248Across the Pacific
19438252Three Cheers for the Girls
19428253King of the Stallions
19428255Road to Morocco
19428257Calling Dr. Gillespie
19428259Hi, Neighbor
19428260Home in Wyomin'
19428261Blitz Wolf
19428262Lady in a Jam
19428263Three Smart Saps
19428264The Mad Monster
19428266Inside the Law
19428269The Spoilers
19428270The Major and the Minor
19428272Escape from Crime
19428273Grand Central Murder
19428274The Good Job
19428275The Gay Sisters
19428276Spy Ship
19428276The Corpse Vanishes
19428277Boot Hill Bandits
19428278The Affairs of Martha
19428279Maisie Gets Her Man
19428280In Old California
19428281Atlantic Convoy
19428282Flight Lieutenant
19428283Rolling Down the Great Divide
19428288Jackass Mail
19428291Pacific Rendezvous
19428295The Pride of the Yankees
19438296Saddles and Sagebrush
19428297The Ducktators
19428300Priorities on Parade
19428301The Devil with Hitler
19428302Eagle Squadron
19428304It Happened in Flatbush
19428306Remember Pearl Harbor
19438307The Old Army Game
19428309Undercover Man
19428311Stardust on the Sage
19438313Greetings Bait
19438314Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk
19428317Let's Get Tough!
19428318She's in the Army
19428319Army Surgeon
19428322Highways by Night
19428324Men of San Quentin
19428325Scattergood Survives a Murder
19428326Gallant Lady
19428330The Film That Was Lost
19438332Bombs Over Burma
19428334The McGuerins from Brooklyn
19428338So You Think You Need Glasses
19428340Rubber Racketeers
19428341Now, Voyager
19428342Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns
19428346Pierre of the Plains
19428347Private Buckaroo
19428348Romance on the Range
19428350Outlaws of Boulder Pass
19428351I Married a Witch
19448352The Great Moment
19438353Happy Go Lucky
19438354Lady Bodyguard
19428355Strictly in the Groove
19428356Eyes of the Underworld
19428360A Tale of Two Kitties
19428374Wake Island
19428375The Lone Rider in Texas Justice
19428376Danger in the Pacific
19428377Down Texas Way
19428379The Cyclone Kid
19428383Top Sergeant
19428384Somewhere I'll Find You
19428385The Big Street
19428386The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe
19428387Thru Different Eyes
19428388Footlight Serenade
19428390Moonlight Masquerade
19438392They Stooge to Conga
19438394Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs
19428396Bandit Ranger
19428397Apache Trail
19428398They Raid by Night
19428401S.O.S. Coast Guard
19428402A-Haunting We Will Go
19428405Fine Feathered Friend
19428406Tumbleweed Trail
19428407Texas Trouble Shooters
19428409Blondie for Victory
19428410A Man's World
19428411Sabotage Squad
19428412Overland to Deadwood
19428413The Phantom Plainsmen
19428417The Pied Piper
19428418Orchestra Wives
19428419Thunder Birds [Soldiers of the Air]
19428421The Black Swan
19428422The Postman Didn't Ring
19428424Berlin Correspondent
19428425Sock-a-Bye Baby
19428427Prisoner of Japan
19438429Back from the Front
19438432The Unbearable Bear
19428433The Impatient Patient
19438434Mexican Police on Parade
19438438Air Force
19428439Secret Enemies
19428440Gentleman Jim
19428457Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror
19428460The Right Timing
19428464For Me and My Gal
19428466The Great Impersonation
19428467Joan of Ozark
19428468Flying Tigers
19428469The Loan Stranger
19428471Lure of the Islands
19428472Pirates of the Prairie
19438473Slay It with Flowers
19438474The Fighting Devil Dogs
19428477Baby Face Morgan
19428479Destination Unknown
19428480Sons of the Pioneers
19428495A Yank in Libya
19428496Pardon My Sarong
19428498A Yank at Eton
19448500Springtime for Pluto
19428504Madame Spy
19438506Fighting Frontier
19428507Here We Go Again
19428508Mexican Spitfire's Elephant
19428509The Navy Comes Through
19428511Jasper and the Haunted House
19438512The Fifth-Column Mouse
19428516Little Tokyo, U.S.A.
19428517Seven Days' Leave
19428518Once Upon a Honeymoon
19428520Pardon My Gun
19438521Taxi, Mister
19428522Hillbilly Blitzkrieg
19428525The United States Marine Band
19428530Seven Sweethearts
19428531Careful, Soft Shoulder
19428532Girl Trouble
19428533The Man in the Trunk
19428534Boss of Hangtown Mesa
19428535The Silver Bullet
19428536Hatter's Castle
19428538Give Out, Sisters
19428539Men of Texas
19438539No Time for Love
19428543Arizona Stage Coach
19428545Random Harvest
19428546The Daffy Duckaroo
19438547Tortoise Wins by a Hare
19428548The Magic Alphabet
19428551Lucky Legs
19428552My Sister Eileen
19428555Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen
19428562Jungle Siren
19438563The Avenging Rider
19428563The Greatest Gift
19428564The Moon and Sixpence
19438565Pigs in a Polka
19438566The Aristo-Cat
19428568The War Against Mrs. Hadley
19428570The Sombrero Kid
19428573The Falcon's Brother
19428574Red River Robin Hood
19428575China Girl
19428577Manila Calling
19438578He Hired the Boss
19428579Silver Queen
19428583The Old Homestead
19428584Invisible Agent
19428585Law and Order
19428586A Tornado in the Saddle
19428589Springtime in the Rockies
19438590The Ox-Bow Incident
19438592Sagebrush Law
19438593Spook Louder
19438594Submarine Alert
19428595Sheriff of Sage Valley
19438596Cheyenne Roundup
19438599Watch on the Rhine
19438600The Desert Song
19448602The Adventures of Mark Twain
19438603Truck Busters
19438604Princess O'Rourke
19438607Sufferin' Cats
19428608Andy Hardy's Double Life
19428617Deep in the Heart of Texas
19428620Police Bullets
19428621Phantom Killer
19428622Eyes in the Night
19428627White Cargo
19428628Heart of the Golden West
19438628Yankee Doodle Daffy
19428629Tomorrow We Live
19438631A Night for Crime
19428632Who Done It?
19428633You Were Never Lovelier
19428634The Spirit of Stanford
19438636Let's Have Fun (I)
19428637The Daring Young Man
19428638Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood
19428639Smith of Minnesota
19428640The Boogie Man Will Get You
19438641Dizzy Detectives
19428642The Lone Prairie
19438643The Fighting Buckaroo
19428643The Living Ghost
19428644Bells of Capistrano
19428645Shadows on the Sage
19438646Prairie Chickens
19428647Fall In
19438653The Desperadoes
19428654Youth on Parade
19428655The Mummy's Tomb
19428656City of Silent Men
19428656Get Hep to Love
19438657Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
19428659Dr. Renault's Secret
19438660My Friend Flicka
19438661The Meanest Man in the World
19428662Life Begins at Eight-Thirty
19428663Whistling in Dixie
19428664Lost Canyon
19438665Border Patrol
19428668Prairie Pals
19428669Along the Sundown Trail
19428683Texas to Bataan
19428684Flying Fortress
19428684Flying Fortress
19438686The Crystal Ball
19428687Lucky Jordan
19438688Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour
19428689Little Joe, the Wrangler
19428690Behind the Eight Ball
19428691Sunset Serenade
19438692Ladies' Day
19428693Cat People
19428694Foreign Agent
19428697Seven Miles from Alcatraz
19428699Bowery at Midnight
19438700Flight for Freedom
19428701Ice-Capades Revue
19428702Northwest Rangers
19438704The Gorilla Man
19438705Edge of Darkness
19438706Action in the North Atlantic
19428708Journey for Margaret
19438713The Wise Quacking Duck
19438714Tin Pan Alley Cats
19428716Secrets of a Co-Ed
19428717Between Us Girls
19438718Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground
19428719Night Monster
19438720Sherlock Holmes in Washington
19438721Raiders of San Joaquin
19428722Border Roundup
19428728The Yanks Are Coming
19428730The Undying Monster
19438731Crash Dive
19438732Education for Death
19428733War Dogs
19428736Criminal Investigator
19438738The Screwball
19428741Outlaws of Pine Ridge
19438745A Blitz on the Fritz
19438745Law of the Northwest
19428746X Marks the Spot
19438747It Comes Up Love
19428749West of the Law
19438750Leather Burners
19438759Home Defense
19438765A Corny Concerto
19438766Night Plane from Chungking
19438769Yanks Ahoy
19428770Miss V from Moscow
19428772Time to Kill
19428773Quiet Please: Murder
19438774Mug Town
19428777The Living Ghost
19438779Wackiki Wabbit
19438780Fin n' Catty
19428787'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
19438792Inki and the Minah Bird
19428798One of Our Aircraft is Missing
19438799Cinderella Swings It
19428801Stand by for Action
19428802Tennessee Johnson
19438803They Got Me Covered
19428809Johnny Doughboy
19428810The Boss of Big Town
19438811Hoppy Serves a Writ
19428815Moonlight in Havana
19428816Underground Agent
19428819Junior Army
19438820Silver City Raiders
19438821Riders of the Northwest Mounted
19438822Hail to the Rangers
19428825Trail Riders
19438827Dead Men Walk
19428830The Old Chisholm Trail
19438833Background to Danger
19428835Secrets of the Underground
19428843The Great Gildersleeve
19438844High Explosive
19438848Something to Shout About
19428850The Traitor Within
19438852Dixie Dugan
19438854Immortal Sergeant
19438858Pilot #5
19438859Two Fisted Justice
19438862True to Life
19438864Nazty Nuisance
19438865Kid Dynamite
19428866The Mysterious Rider
19438869The Lonesome Mouse
19438870Who Killed Who?
19428871Keeper of the Flame
19428872The Day Will Dawn
19438876Hop and Go
19428877Reunion in France
19438878Hitler's Children
19428879Ridin' Down the Canyon
19428880Arabian Nights
19438881Hi'ya, Chum
19438883War Dogs
19438884Daffy - the Commando
19438885Baby Puss
19428886The Sundown Kid
19428889Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant
19428891Lady from Chungking
19438892Tarzan Triumphs
19428893Queen of Broadway
19438894Man of Courage
19438895The Yankee Doodle Mouse
19438899Coney Island
19438901Tonight We Raid Calais
19428904Valley of Hunted Men
19438905Stars on Horseback
19468906Our Old Car
19438907Mountain Rhythm
19438908Wolf in Thief's Clothing
19428914Overland Stagecoach
19438918The Lone Star Trail
19438919No Place for a Lady
19438921The More the Merrier
19438923Power of the Press
19438925Murder in Times Square
19428927Commandos Strike at Dawn
19428931The Payoff
19428933When Johnny Comes Marching Home
19438934Two Weeks to Live
19438939It Ain't Hay
19448940The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
19448942Crime by Night
19448942The Last Ride
19438944Nursery Rhyme Mysteries
19448946Little Red Riding Rabbit
19438946London Blackout Murders
19438948Thundering Trails
19438949I Walked with a Zombie
19438951The Powers Girl
19438952Buckskin Frontier
19438956Murder on the Waterfront
19438957Find the Blackmailer
19438958Mission to Moscow
19438964Cabin in the Sky
19438967Three Hearts for Julia
19438969Trifles That Win Wars
19438972Hello Frisco, Hello
19438973Haunted Ranch
19438986Presenting Lily Mars
19438987The Human Comedy
19428988The Rangers Take Over
19448989The Zoot Cat
19438993The Dizzy Acrobat
19438995Lassie Come Home
19438996The Moon Is Down
19438999The Kid Rides Again
19439000Old Acquaintance
19439001Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra
19449003What's Cookin' Doc?
19439004An Itch in Time
19439005Hit Parade of 1943
19439006Colt Comrades
19439008Silent Witness
19449009Batty Baseball
19439010Dead Man's Gulch
19439011Shadow of a Doubt
19439016Behind Prison Walls
19439018Porky Pig's Feat
19439019Du Barry Was a Lady
19439023Fugitive of the Plains
19439024Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
19439025Harrigan's Kid
19439026So Proudly We Hail!
19439027Henry Aldrich Swings It
19439028Keep 'Em Slugging
19439029Bar 20
19439030Slightly Dangerous
19439031A Stranger in Town
19439034Hi, Buddy
19439035White Savage
19439036They Came to Blow Up America
19439040Sahara (I)
19439044You Can't Beat the Law
19439052Riders of the Deadline
19439054After Midnight with Boston Blackie
19439055First Comes Courage
19449055The Last Horseman
19449059Riding West
19439060Frontier Fury
19439063The Ape Man
19439064To Duck... or Not to Duck
19439065The Youngest Profession
19439067Assignment in Brittany
19439071Rhythm of the Islands
19439072He's My Guy
19439073Heaven Can Wait
19439074Wild Horse Rustlers
19439076The Amazing Mrs. Holliday
19439077Land of Hunted Men
19439078The Blocked Trail
19439081My Son, the Hero
19439082Heavenly Music
19459084Renegades of the Rio Grande
19439084Scrap Happy Daffy
19439088A Lady Takes a Chance
19439090Five Graves to Cairo
19449091Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid
19439092The Good Fellows
19439093Riding High
19439094Let's Face It
19439095Aerial Gunner
19439096Bad Men of Thunder Gap
19439100Petticoat Larceny
19439101Stormy Weather
19439103Hiss and Make Up
19439105The Purple V
19439106Tahiti Honey
19439107How's About It
19439108Good Morning, Judge
19449112The Million Dollar Cat
19439114Air Raid Wardens
19439116King of the Cowboys
19439117Tarzan's Desert Mystery
19439118Lady of Burlesque
19439119Falling Hare
19439121Hitler's Madman
19439123Carson City Cyclone
19439124Captive Wild Woman
19439125The Falcon Strikes Back
19439130The Renegade
19439134Western Cyclone
19439135Bomber's Moon
19439136Outlaws of Stampede Pass
19449137Angel Puss
19439138Clancy Street Boys
19439138Follies Girl
19439139Girl Crazy
19439140Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
19439141Ode to Victory
19439143Hi Diddle Diddle
19439144Above Suspicion
19439145Thousands Cheer
19449146Duck Soup to Nuts
19439148Salute to the Marines
19439150Swing Shift Maisie
19439151Batman [Chapter 1: The Electrical Brain]
19439152Batman [Chapter 2: The Bat's Cave]
19439153Batman [Chapter 3: The Mark of the Zombies]
19439154Batman [Chapter 4: Slaves of the Rising Sun]
19449154Mackinac Island
19439155Batman [Chapter 5: The Living Corpse]
19439156Batman [Chapter 6: Poison Peril]
19439157Batman [Chapter 7: The Phoney Doctor]
19439158Batman [Chapter 8: Lured By Radium]
19439159Batman [Chapter 9: The Sign of the Sphinx]
19439160Batman [Chapter 10: Flying Spies]
19439161Batman [Chapter 11: A Nipponese Trap]
19439162Batman [Chapter 12: Embers of Evil]
19439163Batman [Chapter 13: Eight Steps Down]
19439164Batman [Chapter 14: The Executioner Strikes]
19439165Batman [Chapter 15: The Doom of the Rising Sun]
19439166Ration Bored
19439169Cowboy in Manhattan
19439170The Black Raven
19439171I Dood It
19439172The Kansan
19439174Tomorrow We Live
19439176Santa Fe Scouts
19439178Ghosts on the Loose
19439178Klondike Kate
19439179The Leopard Man
19439180Always a Bridesmaid
19439182Girls in Chains
19449182Trial by Trigger
19439183The Ghost and the Guest
19439184Hit the Ice
19439185Hangmen Also Die!
19439186Gildersleeve's Bad Day
19439189Days of Old Cheyenne
19439190Calling Wild Bill Elliott
19439191Best Foot Forward
19439192A Gentle Gangster
19439194Son of Dracula
19439195Higher Than a Kite
19439196Redhead from Manhattan
19449198The Weakly Reporter
19439199Puss n' Booty
19439200Around the World
19439203Submarine Base
19429204The First of The Few
19439205Young Ideas
19439207Swing Your Partner (I)
19439208Riders of the Rio Grande
19439209I Can Hardly Wait
19449213Jane Eyre
19439216Stage Door Canteen
19439217The Ghost Rider
19449218Roger Touhy, Gangster
19449218Tick Tock Tuckered
19439222Someone to Remember
19449225Big Heel-Watha
19449230I Got Plenty of Mutton
19449231Russian Rhapsody
19439234Follow the Band
19439237Swing Fever
19359237Two Boobs in a Balloon
19439238Phony Express
19439239Sweet Rosie O'Grady
19439240False Faces
19439244Adventures of the Flying Cadets
19439244Sarong Girl
19439245Sabotage Agent
19439247To My Unborn Son
19439249Fugitive from Sonora
19449250Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears
19439250Death Rides the Plains
19449266Slightly Daffy
19459267Herr Meets Hare
19439270Dizzy Pilots
19439271Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event
19439272Song of Texas
19439273Thumbs Up
19439274West of Texas
19439276All by Myself
19449277Screwball Squirrel
19439278Happy Times and Jolly Moments
19459279Saratoga Trunk
19449280Raiders of the Border
19449289The Bodyguard
19439294Northern Pursuit
19449295Birdy and the Beast
19439296Forgotten Treasure
19439297Mister Big
19439304It's a Great Life
19439307Never a Dull Moment
19439309Henry Aldrich Haunts a House
19449311Bear Raid Warden
19449314Brother Brat
19439316Flesh and Fantasy
19439317The Song of Bernadette
19439319Holy Matrimony
19439320Border Buckaroos
19439321Reason and Emotion
19439322Chicken Little
19439323The Saint Meets the Tiger
19439325Victory Vehicles
19439326We've Never Been Licked
19439327The Falcon in Danger
19449328Trombone Trouble
19439330Shoe Shine Boy
19439331Two Señoritas From Chicago
19439333West Side Kid
19439334Headin' for God's Country
19449335Career Girl
19449337The Uninvited
19439340Spy Train
19449346Contrary Condor
19439348Melody Parade
19439349Bordertown Gun Fighters
19439350Behind the Rising Sun
19439350Get Going
19439351The Gang's All Here
19469358One More Tomorrow
19449359Passage to Marseille
19459366The Corn Is Green
19449368Puttin' on the Dog
19439369The Iron Major
19439370The Seventh Victim
19449371The Hour Before the Dawn
19439373Two Tickets to London
19439382Crime Doctor
19439384Isle of Forgotten Sins
19439385The Man from Down Under
19449386Plane Daffy
19439388Phantom of the Opera
19439389Good Luck, Mr. Yates
19439390Silver Spurs
19439391Wolves of the Range
19439392Black Hills Express
19439393The Law Rides Again
19449394Four Jills in a Jeep
19449395Cover Girl
19439398Paris After Dark
19439399Guadalcanal Diary
19449401The Lady and the Monster
19449402Roaring Guns
19439403Danger! Women at Work
19439404Six Gun Gospel
19439405Sherlock Holmes Faces Death
19439406Nobody's Darling
19439408Fighting Valley
19449412Hare Ribbin'
19439413Victory Through Air Power
19439415Fired Wife
19439416Wagon Tracks West
19439422A Gem of a Jam
19439423Gals, Incorporated
19439425Lost Angel
19439426Black Market Rustlers
19449427Voice in the Wind
19439430Whistling in Brooklyn
19439431The Adventures of a Rookie
19439432Trail of Terror
19439433The Mad Ghoul
19439440Sleepy Lagoon
19439442The Man from Thunder River
19439442Tiger Fangs
19439444Here Comes Kelly
19439445Revenge of the Zombies
19439446Cattle Stampede
19439449Hoosier Holiday
19439450Johnny Come Lately
19439451The Masked Marvel
19439463Government Girl
19439464The North Star
19439466Death Valley Manhunt
19439467Law of the Saddle
19439468Bullets and Saddles
19449470The Spider Woman
19449471Henry Aldrich's Little Secret
19449472The Story of Dr. Wassell
19449473Frenchman's Creek
19439480The Dancing Masters
19439481Happy Land
19439482The Man from Music Mountain
19439483The Cross of Lorraine
19449484Song of Russia
19449487How to Play Golf
19439488Hers to Hold
19439489Gangway for Tomorrow
19439490Beyond the Last Frontier
19449491The Heavenly Body
19439492Honeymoon Lodge
19459494Odor-Able Kitty
19449495Hare Force
19449496Booby Hatched
19439500Madame Curie
19439501False Colors
19439503A Scream in the Dark
19439504Nearly Eighteen
19449505This Is the Life
19449509Hail the Conquering Hero
19449510Standing Room Only
19449511Ministry of Fear
19439512So This Is Washington
19439513So's Your Uncle
19439514Corvette K-225
19449518Days of Glory
19439519Frontier Badmen
19449520Shine On Harvest Moon
19439521Destination Tokyo
19449522In Our Time
19439528Blazing Guns
19439531Raiders of Sunset Pass
19439532The Deerslayer
19449533Buffalo Bill
19449534Pin Up Girl
19439536Here Comes Elmer
19439537Speaking of Animals: In the Garden
19439538Cry 'Havoc'
19449539Cobra Woman
19439540Gildersleeve on Broadway
19439542In Old Oklahoma
19439543The Girl From Monterrey
19439545Higher and Higher
19439546Doughboys in Ireland
19449547From Hand to Mouse
19439548There's Something about a Soldier (I)
19439549Footlight Glamour
19439551The Chance of a Lifetime
19439553Cowboy in the Clouds
19439556The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler
19449557Mouse Trouble
19459558The Unwelcome Guest
19439559The Man from the Rio Grande
19439560Hi'ya, Sailor
19439561Harvest Melody
19439562The Texas Kid
19439563Meatless Tuesday
19459565The Horn Blows at Midnight
19439567The Ghost Ship
19439568Rookies in Burma
19439569You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith
19439570Through the Colorado Rockies
19449571Monumental Utah
19449572In Our Time
19439575Mystery of the 13th Guest
19439576Campus Rhythm
19439577Mystery Broadcast
19439579Freddie Fisher and His Band
1944958011th. Naval District 'United States Coast Guard Band'
19439586Tender Comrade
19439587The Falcon and the Co-eds
19439588Arizona Trail
19439589Mr. Muggs Steps Out
19439591Water Wisdom
19449592Patrolling the Ether
19439594Top Man
19449597The Lodger
19449600Passport to Destiny
19449605Outlaw Trail
19449613Going My Way
19449614Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout
19449615Our Hearts Were Young and Gay
19449616Hands Across the Border
19449618The Curse of the Cat People
19439619Devil Riders
19439621The Phantom [Chapter 1: The Sign of the Skull]
19439622The Phantom [Chapter 2: The Man Who Never Dies]
19439623The Phantom [Chapter 3: A Traitor's Code]
19439624The Phantom [Chapter 4: The Seat of Judgement]
19439625The Phantom [Chapter 5: The Ghost Who Walks]
19439626The Phantom [Chapter 6: Jungle Whispers]
19439627The Phantom [Chapter 7: The Mystery Well]
19439628The Phantom [Chapter 8: In Quest of the Keys]
19439629The Phantom [Chapter 9: The Fire Princess]
19439630The Phantom [Chapter 10: The Chamber of Death]
19439631The Phantom [Chapter 11: The Emerald Key]
19439632The Phantom [Chapter 12: The Fangs of the Beast]
19439633The Phantom [Chapter 13: The Road to Zoloz]
19439634The Phantom [Chapter 14: The Lost City]
19439635The Phantom [Chapter 15: Peace in the Jungle]
19449636The Purple Heart
19449637Commando Duck
19439640What a Woman!
19449641None Shall Escape
19449643The Return of the Vampire
19449644Sundown Valley
19439645Frontier Law
19439646Overland Mail Robbery
19449649Home in Indiana
19449650The Sullivans
19449651The Eve of St. Mark
19439652Smart Guy
19439657Grand Canyon, Pride of Creation
19439658The Heat's On
19439659O, My Darling Clementine
19439661Return of the Rangers
19449662Jungle Jive
19449663The Barber of Seville
19449665Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
19439668Canyon City
19439669The Woman of the Town
19449671Captain America [Chapter 1: The Purple Death]
19449672Captain America [Chapter 2: Mechanical Executioner]
19449673Captain America [Chapter 3: The Scarlet Shroud]
19449674Captain America [Chapter 4: Preview of Murder]
19449675Captain America [Chapter 5: Blade of Wrath]
19449676Captain America [Chapter 6: Vault of Vengeance]
19449677Captain America [Chapter 7: Wholesale Destruction]
19449678Captain America [Chapter 8: Cremation in the Clouds]
19449679Captain America [Chapter 9: Triple Tragedy]
19449680Captain America [Chapter 10: The Avenging Corpse]
19449681Captain America [Chapter 11: The Dead Man Returns]
19449682Captain America [Chapter 12: Horror on the Highway]
19449683Captain America [Chapter 13: Skyscraper Plunge]
19449684Captain America [Chapter 14: The Scarab Strikes]
19449685Captain America [Chapter 15: The Toll of Doom]
19439686Drums of Fu Manchu
19439687Jack London
19449688Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
19449689Busy Buddies
19439691His Butler's Sister
19439692Boss of Rawhide
19449693Sweethearts of the U.S.A.
19439694Whispering Footsteps
19449695Cowboy Canteen
19459698The Mouse Comes to Dinner
19449701Crash Goes the Hash
19449702Broadway Rhythm
19449704The Mummy's Ghost
19449706The Stupid Cupid
19449707Swooner Crooner
19449708Moonlight and Cactus
19449712Sing a Jingle
19449713Marshal of Gunsmoke
19459715The Man in Half Moon Street
19449716Rainbow Island
19449717Double Indemnity
19449718Pride of the Plains
19449719Main Street Today
19449721See Here, Private Hargrove
19459722Booby Dupes
19449724Oklahoma Raiders
19439726The Fallen Sparrow
19439727A Guy Named Joe
19449729The Drifter
19449729Westward Bound
19439730California Joe
19449731The Sultan's Daughter
19449732Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
19449733Return of the Ape Man
19439734Jive Junction
19449735The Falcon Out West
19449736I Love a Soldier
19449740An American Romance
19449741Stage Door Cartoon
19449746Casanova in Burlesque
19449748Meet the People
19449750Gunsmoke Mesa
19449753Show Business
19449754Action in Arabia
19449759Till We Meet Again
19449760Uncertain Glory
19449761Between Two Worlds
19449762Mr. Skeffington
19449763The Hitler Gang
19449766Gildersleeve's Ghost
19449767Youth Runs Wild
19449768The Yoke's On Me
19449769Lady, Let's Dance
19469770My Reputation
19439771Swingtime Johnny
19449773What a Man!
19449774Oh, Baby!
19439775'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders
19439776Idle Roomers
19459777Escape in the Desert
19449781The Canterville Ghost
19449782Up in Arms
19449786My Best Gal
19439787Klondike Kate
19449789The Racket Man
19449795Marine Raiders
19439796Crime Doctor's Strangest Case
19459799A Tale of Two Mice
19439801Pistol Packin' Mama
19449802The Fighting Seabees
19449803Chip Off the Old Block
19459804Incendiary Blonde
19449807Mojave Firebrand
19449808Beautiful But Broke
19449809Seven Days Ashore
19449811How to Play Football
19459812Draftee Daffy
19439813Calling Dr. Death
19449814Ladies Courageous
19439815Raiders of Red Gap
19449815Texas Masquerade
19449817First Aiders
19449819Hollywood Canteen
19469820Cinderella Jones
19449821The Mask of Dimitrios
19449822The Bridge of San Luis Rey
19449824The Impostor
19449825The Immortal Blacksmith
19449825The White Cliffs of Dover
19439826Moonlight in Vermont
19449827Phantom Lady
19459829Dog Watch
19449830Knickerbocker Holiday
19449831Lost and Foundling
19469832Holiday for Shoestrings
19449836National Barn Dance
19449837You Can't Ration Love
19449838Beneath Western Skies
19459839Patrick the Great
19449840Rosie the Riveter
19449841Greenwich Village
19459843Life with Feathers
19449844Her Primitive Man
19449846Dangerous Journey
19449852The Great Alaskan Mystery
19459853Fresh Airedale
19449855Doctor, Feel My Pulse
19459864Behind the Meat-Ball
19459866The Shooting of Dan McGoo
19459867Tee for Two
19449868Weekend Pass
19449871His Hotel Sweet
19449875The Ghost That Walks Alone
19449878Hidden Valley Outlaws
19449879Lady in the Death House
19449881Hat Check Honey
19449883Men on Her Mind
19469884Hare Remover
19449887The Laramie Trail
19449888Saddle Leather Law
19459889Sagebrush Heroes
19449891The Tiger Woman
19449892Tucson Raiders
19449893The Yellow Rose of Texas
19449894Call of the Rockies
19449895Secrets of Scotland Yard
19449897The Girl Who Dared
19449898Song of Nevada
19449899Stagecoach to Monterey
19459899The Screwy Truant
19449900Port of 40 Thieves
19449901Sing, Neighbor, Sing
19449902Bordertown Trail
19449909Frontier Outlaws
19449910Gypsy Wildcat
19449911Slightly Terrific
19449913Block Busters
19449915Two Girls and a Sailor
19449916Song of the Open Road
19449917Two-Man Submarine
19459919Flirty Birdy
19449921Partners of the Trail
19449926Sailor's Holiday
19439927The Sky's the Limit
19449928Outlaws of Santa Fe
19449929Ladies of Washington
19449930In the Meantime, Darling
19449931Bermuda Mystery
19449932Sonora Stagecoach
19469933Road to Utopia
19449934Weird Woman
19449936Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More
19449937Hot Rhythm
194499393 Men in White
19449941Thundering Gun Slingers
19459944A Song to Remember
19459946A Gruesome Twosome
19459947African Diary
19459948Canine Casanova
19449949Donald's Off Day
19439950Mr. Lucky
19449951Hi, Good Lookin'!
19449952A Night of Adventure
19449962Man from Frisco
19449963Law Men
19449964Step Lively
19449965Cowboy and the Senorita
19449966Bathing Beauty
19449968The Monster Maker
19459970Bring on the Girls
19449971The Beach Nut
19449972Jam Session
19459974Tiger Trouble
19459975Donald's Crime
19449977Make Your Own Bed
19449978Guns of the Law
19449983The Merry Monahans
19449986Follow the Boys
19449987Summer Storm
19449988The Scarlet Claw
19449990Since You Went Away
19449991The Very Thought of You
19449992The Whistler
19449993Moon Over Las Vegas
19449994Heavenly Days
194410000Dragon Seed
194410002Sweet and Low-Down
194410003The Keys of the Kingdom
194410004Wing and a Prayer
194410005Irish Eyes Are Smiling
194410006Silent Partner
194410007Storm Over Lisbon
194410009The Invisible Man's Revenge
194410010Christmas Holiday
194410026The Contender
194610027Quentin Quail
194510027The Bashful Buzzard
194410029Allergic to Love
194410032Mr. Winkle Goes to War
194410033Stars on Parade
194410035Secret Command
194410036The Black Parachute
194410039None But the Lonely Heart
194410040Pardon My Rhythm
194410043Mr. Moocher
194510044Ain't That Ducky
194410044The Three Caballeros
194410047Shake Hands with Murder
194510049The Eyes Have It
194410050Meet Me in St. Louis
194410051Haunted Harbor
194410051Haunted Harbor [Chapter 1: Wanted for Murder]
194410052To Have and Have Not
194410053The Conspirators
194410055The Falcon in Mexico
194410056Music in Manhattan
194410057Bride by Mistake
194510060Hare Conditioned
194410061Jungle Woman (I)
194410063Abroad with Two Yanks
194410064South of Dixie
194510065Hare Trigger
194410066Mademoiselle Fifi
194410067Marshal of Reno
194410068Delinquent Daughters
194410068Goodnight, Sweetheart
194410069Call of the South Seas
194410070Casanova Brown
194410071Belle of the Yukon
194410072Barbary Coast Gent
194410073One Body Too Many
194510074That's the Spirit
194410075Machine Gun Mama
194410077Musical Movieland
194410078Marriage Is a Private Affair
194410080Ski for Two
194510082Those Endearing Young Charms
194410084The Seventh Cross
194410085The Big Noise
194410086Take It or Leave It
194410089Dead Man's Eyes
194410090Murder in the Blue Room
194410092Leave It to the Irish
194510093The Legend of Coyote Rock
194410096No Dough Boys
194510098Objective, Burma!
194510100Three Pests in a Mess
194410101She's a Soldier Too
194410102They Live in Fear
194410105The Impatient Years
194510106Rough Ridin' Justice
194410107Call of the Jungle
194410109Tall in the Saddle
194410114Louisiana Hayride
194410115Twilight on the Prairie
194410116Brand of the Devil
194410117Three of a Kind
194410118Lost in a Harem
194410119Maisie Goes to Reno
194410124The Singing Sheriff
194510125Having Wonderful Crime
194610127Two Years Before the Mast
194410129Oh, What a Night
194510130Pied Piper of Basin Street
194410134Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
194410135Zorro's Black Whip
194510136Hot Lips Jasper
194410137Fuzzy Settles Down
194410141Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 1: Murder by Accident]
194410142Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 2: Flaming Treachery]
194410143Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 3: Death Rides Double]
194410144Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 4: Ghost City Terror]
194410145Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 5: The Fatal Lariat]
194410146Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 6: Water Rising]
194410147Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 7: Bullet Avalanche]
194410148Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 8: Death Laughs Last]
194410149Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 9: Cold Steel]
194410150Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 10: Showdown]
194410151Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 11: The Trail to Torture]
194410152Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 12: Calling All Buckboards]
194410153Raiders of Ghost City [Chapter 13: Golden Vengeance]
194610155The Haunted Mine
194410156Three Little Sisters
194410157Atlantic City
194410158Murder, My Sweet
194410159Something for the Boys
194510160A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
194510161Rustlers' Hideout
194510163Cured Duck
194410164The Painter and the Pointer
194510173Merida and Campeche
194410177Goin' to Town
194410179Here Come the Waves
194510180The Unseen
194610181Springtime for Thomas
194510183Trap Happy Porky
194410184The Pearl of Death
194410187Trigger Trail
194410188The Master Race
194410190House of Frankenstein
194410191Reckless Age
194410193My Pal Wolf
194510197Christmas in Connecticut
194410199The San Antonio Kid
194410200Mrs. Parkington
194410201Strangers in the Night
194410202Sheriff of Sundown
194410203Shadows in the Night
194410204Marked Trails
194510207Thunderhead - Son of Flicka
194410208Sunday Dinner for a Soldier
194410209Seven Doors to Death
194410210Swing Hostess
194410211The Princess and the Pirate
194410212Girl Rush
194410213She Snoops to Conquer
194510214Chew-Chew Baby
194410216A Wave, a WAC and a Marine
194410218Porkuliar Piggy
194410220Trail to Gunsight
194410222Cheyenne Wildcat
194410223Kansas City Kitty
194410224When Strangers Marry
194510227Tonight and Every Night
194410228Carolina Blues
194410229Cry of the Werewolf
194410230Meet Miss Bobby Socks
194410231Strange Affair
194410233One Mysterious Night
194510235The Return of the Durango Kid
194610236Blondie's Lucky Day
194510236Both Barrels Blazing
194410237San Fernando Valley
194410240Kickapoo Juice
194510243The House of Fear
194410244When the Lights Go On Again
194510246Hockey Homicide
194410246Sergeant Mike
194510247See My Lawyer
194410248Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
194510249A Medal for Benny
194610251Baseball Bugs
194510252Nasty Quacks
194610253Daffy Doodles
194510254Peck Up Your Troubles
194410256Code of the Prairie
194510257This Man's Navy
194410259Riders of the Santa Fe
194510272The Brighton Strangler
194410273My Buddy
194410274That's My Baby!
194410275I'll Be Seeing You
194410276San Diego I Love You
194410277Babes on Swing Street
194410280Ever Since Venus
194510296Out of This World
194410299Gents Without Cents
194410300The Woman in the Window
194510301The Thin Man Goes Home
194410306End of the Road
194410307Firebrands of Arizona
194410308Winged Victory
194410309The Old Texas Trail
194410310Experiment Perilous
194410311The Falcon in Hollywood
194510313Betrayal from the East
194410314Strife of the Party
194410316Vigilantes of Dodge City
194410317My Gal Loves Music
194510319Isle of the Dead
194410321National Velvet
194410323Guest in the House
194610325Book Revue
194410328In Society
194410329Double Exposure
194410333Sheriff of Las Vegas
194410334Lights of Old Santa Fe
194510340Mama Loves Papa
194510344Her Lucky Night
194510350Hare Tonic
194510350Touring Hollywood
194510351The Picture of Dorian Gray
194410352Hi, Beautiful
194410355Bowery to Broadway
194510356Beyond the Pecos
194410357Gangsters of the Frontier
194510358Two O'Clock Courage
194410359Wild Horse Phantom
194410360Army Wives
194410378Nothing But Trouble
194510379Crow Crazy
194410382I Won't Play
194510383Canine Patrol
194510386A Royal Scandal
194510387Rustlers of the Badlands
194610388A Knight for a Day
194410389Can't Help Singing
194510391China Sky
194410392The Unwritten Code
194410393The Fighting Lady
194510400The Big Show-Off
194410401I'm From Arkansas
194510402Night Club Girl
194510403Flame of Barbary Coast
194410404Faces in the Fog
194410405The Missing Juror
194310406San Demetrio London
194410408Oath of Vengeance
194410409Dead or Alive
194410410Rogues Gallery
194410411Crazy Knights
194410412Ghost Guns
194510413The Cisco Kid In Old New Mexico
194510415Eve Knew Her Apples
194510416Brewster's Millions
194510417Son of Lassie
194510418I'll Remember April
194410419The Mark of the Whistler
194410420Lake Placid Serenade
194510421Diamond Horseshoe
194510424China's Little Devils
194410425Blonde Fever
194510426Murder, He Says
194510428Hangover Square
194610430Frontier Gunlaw
194410432The Mummy's Curse
194510433Anchors Aweigh
194510434Between Two Women
194410435The Big Bonanza
194510436Zombies on Broadway
194410437Dangerous Passage
194510439Ziegfeld Follies
194410454She's a Sweetheart
194510455Great Stagecoach Robbery
194410457Gentle Annie
194410458Dancing in Manhattan
194510459Hollywood and Vine
194610460Pluto's Kid Brother
194610462Miss Susie Slagle's
194510463Duffy's Tavern
194510464Tarzan and the Amazons
194510467The Jade Mask
194510468Grissly's Millions
194610469Baby Bottleneck
194510470Penthouse Rhythm
194610478Who's Cookin Who?
194510479Bedside Manner
194510484Rough Riders of Cheyenne
194510485Over 21
194510488What a Blonde
194510490Under Western Skies
194410491Tomorrow, the World!
194510493Swing Out, Sister
194410495Jammin' the Blues
194510496His Brother's Ghost
194410498Song of the Range
194510501Hitchhike to Happiness
194510503The Jungle Captive
194510505Strange Holiday
194510509The Topeka Terror
194610510Squatter's Rights
194510512G.I. Honeymoon
194510513The Enchanted Cottage
194510514West of the Pecos
194510515Blazing the Western Trail
194610516The Virginian
194510517The Lost Weekend
194510519The Great Flamarion
194510520Main Street After Dark
194610522Hollywood Canine Canteen
194610522Hush My Mouse
194510523It's a Pleasure
194510524Wagon Heels
194510525Where Do We Go from Here?
194510526Circumstantial Evidence
194510527A Song for Miss Julie
194510528The Chicago Kid
194510529The Kid Sister
194510530The Vampire's Ghost
194410531Tahiti Nights
194510532Leave It to Blondie
194510534Youth on Trial
194510536Sing Me a Song of Texas
194510539Steppin' in Society
194510542Marked for Murder
194510543The Man Who Walked Alone
194510544Strange Illusion
194510546Delightfully Dangerous
194510547River Gang
194610549Kitty Kornered
194610550Hollywood Daffy
194610562Make Mine Music
194510563The Body Snatcher
194410564The Suspect
194510566The Clock
194510567The Phantom Speaks
194510568Eadie Was a Lady
194510569Molly and Me
194510570A Bell for Adano
194510571Lawless Empire
194510572Idiots Deluxe
194510573Love Letters
194510574The Affairs of Susan
194510575It's in the Bag!
194510576Back to Bataan
194510580There Goes Kelly
194610594The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
194610595Courage of Lassie
194510595Strange Holiday
194510596Keep Your Powder Dry
194510598Swingin' on a Rainbow
194510599Three's a Crowd
194510600Manhunt of Mystery Island
194510601Shadows of Death
194610602Hair-Raising Hare
194510607Earl Carroll Vanities
194510610The Spanish Main
194410613Youth Aflame
194510614The Cisco Kid Returns
194510615The Bullfighters
194510616Captain Eddie
194510617High Powered
194610623Nobody Lives Forever
194510624Sing Your Way Home
194610625The Big Sleep
194510626Fog Island
194510627Johnny Angel
194510629Frisco Sal
194510634San Antonio
194510635The Dippy Diplomat
194610636Donald's Double Trouble
194510637Fashion Model
194510638She Gets Her Man
194510640Lone Texas Ranger
194510641A Thousand and One Nights
194510642I Love a Mystery
194510644The Southerner
194510645Jerky Turkey
194610646Acrobatty Bunny
194610647Racketeer Rabbit
194510648Thrill of a Romance
194510651Identity Unknown
194510652A Sporting Chance
194510653The Beautiful Cheat
194510654Honeymoon Ahead
194510655Along Came Jones
194510656Sheriff of Cimarron
194510657Without Love
194510658Wonder Man
194510659Hotel Berlin
194510660Mildred Pierce
194510661Men in Her Diary
194510661Pride of the Marines
194610661Rhythm and Weep
194510662Wife Decoy
194510663Crime, Inc.
194510665The Valley of Decision
194510669Gangs of the Waterfront
194510670Tell It to a Star
194510671Song of the Sarong
194510672A Guy, a Gal and a Pal
194510673Rough, Tough and Ready
194510674Escape in the Fog
194510676Corpus Christi Bandits
194510677The Crime Doctor's Courage
194510680Here Come the Co-eds
194610681In Dutch
194610683Lighthouse Keeping
194510684Gangster's Den
194510691Easy to Look at
194510692Road to Alcatraz
194510693Adventures of Rusty
194510693Behind City Lights
194510695Blonde Ransom
194510699The Power of the Whistler
194610700The Fighting Guardsman
194510701Rockin' in the Rockies
194610702Colonel Effingham's Raid
194510703State Fair
194510704I'll Tell the World
194510705Blood on the Sun
194510707The Fatal Witness
194510713Our Vines Have Tender Grapes
194510715Captain Tugboat Annie
194610717Of Thee I Sting
194610718The Eager Beaver
194610719Bacall to Arms
194510722George White's Scandals
194510723Man Alive
194510724Enemy of the Law
194510725Masquerade in Mexico
194510728The Loose Nut
194510730Ten Cents a Dance
194510732The Scarlet Clue
194610733Walky Talky Hawky
194510735The Phantom of 42nd Street
194410736This Happy Breed
194510737Federal Operator 99
194510738Bells of Rosarita
194510739An Angel Comes to Brooklyn
194510749First Yank Into Tokyo
194510756A Game of Death
194510757Twice Blessed
194510758First Yank Into Tokyo
194610760Three Strangers
194510762Danger Signal
194610763A Stolen Life
194510765Too Young to Know
194610766Shadow of a Woman
194510767Midnight Manhunt
194510768Senorita from the West
194510769Phantom of the Plains
194510773Come Out Fighting
194510774The Falcon in San Francisco
194510775You Came Along
194510776Hold That Blonde
194610777The Well-Groomed Bride
194510779The Woman in Green
194510780The Missing Corpse
194510782Mouse in Manhattan
194510783The Lady Confesses
194510784The Hidden Eye
194610787The Purloined Pup
194510789Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion
194510790The Blonde From Brooklyn
194510791Three in the Saddle
194510792Guest Wife
194510794Flame of the West
194510795A Walk in the Sun
194610796Fair and Worm-er
194610797The Big Snooze
194710798The Gay Anties
194610799The Mouse-Merized Cat
194510800Week-End at the Waldorf
194510814Marshal of Laredo
194510815Scotland Yard Investigator
194510817The Cheaters
194510819Santa Fe Saddlemates
194610822Cross My Heart
194510822The Frozen Ghost
194510824The Bells of St. Mary's
194510825Strange Confession
194510826Don Juan Quilligan
194510827The Dolly Sisters
194510828The Caribbean Mystery
194510829Within These Walls
194510830Captain Kidd
194510832Star in the Night
194610837Mousie Come Home
194510838Swing Shift Cinderella
194510839Girls of the Big House
194510840Trail of Kit Carson
194510841Why Girls Leave Home
194410843Harmony Trail
194510845The Stork Club
194610846Tokyo Rose
194510847Follow That Woman
194510851The Purple Monster Strikes
194710852The Imperfect Lady
194610853Our Hearts Were Growing Up
194510854The Tiger Woman
194510855Colorado Pioneers
194510856Man from Oklahoma
194510857Boston Blackie's Rendezvous
194510863Pillow of Death
194510863Story of G.I. Joe
194510865Springtime In Texas
194510868Kiss and Tell
194510869White Pongo
194510870Radio Stars on Parade
194610871Wet Paint
194510872The Poet & Peasant
194510873Her Highness and the Bellboy
194610874The Blue Dahlia
194510875Oregon Trail
194510876Sunbonnet Sue
194510876Wagon Wheels Westward
194510878And Then There Were None
194510881Rhythm Round-Up
194510882Song of Mexico
194610890Girl on the Spot
194510892Bandits of the Badlands
194510896Sensation Hunters
194610899Ding Dong Williams
194410900The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France
194310901Millions Like Us
194410902Tawny Pipit
194310903The Flemish Farm
194410904A Canterbury Tale
194410906Don't Take It To Heart
194310907We Dive at Dawn
194410908Love Story
194610910Glimpses of California
194610911The Great Morgan
194610912California Gold Rush
194510914Stagecoach Outlaws
194610918Beer Barrel Polecats
194310919The Gentle Sex
194510923Arson Squad
194510924Dangerous Partners
194510926The Crimson Canary
194610927The Harvey Girls
194510928Yolanda and the Thief
194510929Outlaws of the Rockies
194510930Texas Panhandle
194510933Madonna of the Seven Moons
194610934Tomorrow Is Forever
194610936People Are Funny
194610937Deadline at Dawn
194610938Do You Love Me
194510939The House on 92nd Street
194510940Fallen Angel
194610941Wake Up and Dream
194610943The Two Mrs. Carrolls (I)
194610944The Time, the Place and the Girl
194510945Wild and Woolfy
194510947Frontier Fugitives
194510948Song of Old Wyoming
194510949The Sailor Takes a Wife
194510956Wanderer of the Wasteland
194510963Dick Tracy
194610964Border Bandits
194510966A Gun in His Hand
194510967Stairway to Light
194610968Janie Gets Married
194510969Woman Who Came Back
194510970Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood
194510973Border Badmen
194510974Flaming Bullets
194710975Pluto's Housewarming
194510976The Gay Senorita
194610977Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive
194510980Fighting Bill Carson
194510981Love, Honor and Goodbye
194510982Club Havana
194510985South of the Rio Grande
194410987Hotel Reserve
194510989The Shanghai Cobra
194510990Lady on a Train
194511004Shadow of Terror
194511006On Stage Everybody
194611007Night in Paradise
194611011Apple Andy
194511012If a Body Meets a Body
194511013I Love a Bandleader
194511014Sunset in El Dorado
194611015A Bird in the Head
194711016Crazy with the Heat
194611018Uncivil War Birds
194611019Riverboat Rhythm
194511020Quiet Please!
194511021The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry
194611025A Guy Could Change
194611029Wanted for Murder
194511033The Lost Trail
194611035Roaring Rangers
194611036Gunning for Vengeance
194611037Galloping Thunder
194511040Pardon My Past
194511042Leave Her to Heaven
194511043The Spider
194511044She Went to the Races
194611046The Truth About Murder
194611047Double Dribble
194511051The Cherokee Flash
194611052The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
194511066Getting Gertie's Garter
194511067Confidential Agent
194611069Never Say Goodbye
194711070The Man I Love
194511072People On Paper
194611073Sheriff of Redwood Valley
194611074The Strange Woman
194611075Blue Skies
194611075The Diary of a Chambermaid
194611076The Bride Wore Boots
194511079The Girl of the Limberlost
194611081The Three Troubledoers
194511088Allotment Wives
194511093The Strange Mr. Gregory
194511094Code of the Lawless
194611096The Reckless Driver
194611097They Made Me a Killer
194511098Frontier Gal
194611099Tarzan and the Leopard Woman
194611100A Letter for Evie
194511101Crime Doctor's Warning
194811102A Feather in His Hare
194611103Roughly Squeaking
194711104Tweetie Pie
194711105Hobo Bobo
194711106A Hare Grows In Manhattan
194711107Birth of a Notion
194711107Scent-imental Over You
194711108One Meat Brawl
194611110Strange Impersonation
194611111Easy to Wed
194511112Riders of the Dawn
194511113They Were Expendable
194511114Frontier Feud
194611116To Each His Own
194611122The Falcon's Alibi
194711123The Trouble with Women
194511124Don't Fence Me In
194411125A Fig Leaf for Eve
194711127Rabbit Transit
194511128Shady Lady
194511129Bad Men of the Border
194611130Genius at Work
194511131Lonesome Trail
194711135Rescue Dog
194511146That Night with You
194611147Romance of the West
194611148Danny Boy
194611149The Flying Serpent
194511150The Spiral Staircase
194611154The Jolson Story
194511157Along the Navajo Trail
194511159Doll Face
194511162How Doooo You Do!!!
194611163Song of the South
194611165Abilene Town
194611167The Wife of Monte Cristo
194511170Prairie Rustlers
194611172The Bamboo Blonde
194611173Night and Day
194611176Sun Valley Cyclone
194511178My Name Is Julia Ross
194611179Two-Fisted Stranger
194511194Prison Ship
194711195Easter Yeggs
194711196A Pest in the House
194611200Badman's Territory
194511202This Love of Ours
194511203Voice of the Whistler
194611204Tokyo Rose
194611205Hot Cargo
194511206What Next, Corporal Hargrove?
194611207Young Widow
194611208Fair Weather Fiends
194611209Valley of the Zombies
194611210Days of Buffalo Bill
194611211Strangler of the Swamp
194511212Black Market Babies
194511214Pursuit to Algiers
194511215Blithe Spirit
194611216Monsieur Beaucaire
194611217Gun Town
194511218Lightning Raiders
194611219Whistle Stop
194611221I've Always Loved You
194511226Hitler Lives
194611230Up Goes Maisie
194611231The Hoodlum Saint
194611232Moon Over Montana
194511234Life with Blondie
194611237The Desert Horseman
194611238Heading West
194611239Perilous Holiday
194611240The Postman Always Rings Twice
194611244Two Sisters from Boston
194611245Society Mugs
194611246Lady Luck
194611248In Fast Company
194611250God's Country
194611251House of Horrors
194511252The Daltons Ride Again
194511253The Navajo Kid
194611254The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
194711255Easy Come, Easy Go
194611256Bathing Buddies
194611257Jasper's Derby
194611258The Catman of Paris
194611259The Madonna's Secret
194611260Till the End of Time
194611262Without Reservations
194611263Bad Bascomb
194611264Boys' Ranch
194511265Perfect Strangers
194811266Daddy Duck
194711267Sleepy Time Donald
194611269Drifting Along
194311271The Man in Grey
194411272Fanny by Gaslight
194611273Breakfast in Hollywood
194611274Six Gun Man
194511276Scarlet Street
194611278Conquest of Cheyenne
194611279Behind Green Lights
194611283Sentimental Journey
194611284Centennial Summer
194611286The Face of Marble
194611288Meet Me on Broadway
194511289The Red Dragon
194611291Crime of the Century
194611292The Kid from Brooklyn
194611294Her Kind of Man
194711298Figaro and Frankie
194511300House of Dracula
194611302The Shadow Returns
194611303The French Key
194611304The Spider Woman Strikes Back
194611305A Scandal in Paris
194611306The Caravan Trail
194711311Donald's Dilemma
194611315Sister Kenny
194611316Because of Him
194611318Tars and Spars
194711319Ladies' Man
194611321A Close Call for Boston Blackie
194611323The Notorious Lone Wolf
194611324That Texas Jamboree
194611325Terror Trail
194611327Partners in Time
194511328Out of the Depths
194611329Two Smart People
194611330The Green Years
194611331The Mask of Diijon
194511332Burma Victory
194611334The Beast with Five Fingers
194611335Murder in the Music Hall
194611336Night Train to Memphis
194611337Sunset Pass
194611338The Last Crooked Mile
194611339The Undercover Woman
194611342The Schooner the Better
194611349Terror by Night
194611351From This Day Forward
194611353The Stranger
194611354The Gentleman Misbehaves
194611355Talk About a Lady
194611357The Devil's Mask
194511358The Seventh Veil
194611359The Milky Waif
194611368Junior Prom (I)
194611369The Brute Man
194611370Her Sister's Secret
194611372Gay Blades
194611377Murder Is My Business
194611378Little Mister Jim
194611379Holiday in Mexico
194611380No Leave, No Love
194611383Home on the Range
194611385Step by Step
194611386Ambush Trail
194611390The Glass Alibi
194611406Idea Girl
194611407A Night in Casablanca
194611408Dark Alibi
194611410Specter of the Rose
194611412Alias Billy the Kid
194611413Terrors on Horseback
194611414Little Giant
194611415Thunder Town
194611417Song of Arizona
194611420The Searching Wind
194711421The Perfect Marriage
194811422The Big Wash
194711424Mickey's Delayed Date
194611425Johnny Comes Flying Home
194611426She-Wolf of London
194511427Caesar and Cleopatra
194611429The Hick Chick
194611430One Exciting Week
194611433Gentlemen with Guns
194611434Somewhere in the Night
194611435The Dark Corner
194611436Cluny Brown
194611437Throw a Saddle on a Star
194611441Strange Triangle
194611442Passkey to Danger
194611443Affairs of Geraldine
194511444God Is My Co-Pilot
194811444Gorilla My Dreams
194611445Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
194611446So Goes My Love
194611447Smooth as Silk
194711448Wide Open Spaces
194611449Vacation in Reno
194611451So Dark the Night
194611452Mysterious Intruder
194611453Night Editor
194611455The Gay Cavalier
194711456A Likely Story
194611456Three Loan Wolves
194611458Rendezvous 24
194711459The Woman on the Beach
194611461Joe Palooka, Champ
194611462The Cat Creeps
194611463Three Wise Fools
194711464Inki at the Circus
194611466The El Paso Kid
194611467Under Arizona Skies
194611468Rainbow Over Texas
194611468Two Guys from Milwaukee
194611469Devil Bat's Daughter
194611470Blonde Alibi
194711471Design for Death
194611473Trail to Mexico
194611474Strange Conquest
194611475Behind the Mask
194611476West of the Alamo
194611482Trap Happy
194611483Northwest Hounded Police
194611484The Invisible Informer
194611487Gallant Bess
194611488Faithful in My Fashion
194711492Nora Prentiss
194711493That Way with Women
194711495Forever Amber
194611496It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
194611497Claudia and David
194611498The Razor's Edge
194711499Carnival in Costa Rica
194611500The Phantom Thief
194711503The Pilgrim Lady
194611504The Man from Rainbow Valley
194711505Big Town
194911505Winter Storage
194711507Mexican Joyride
194711508Catch as Cats Can
194711509The Foxy Duckling
194711510Slick Hare
194611511Rhapsody Rabbit
194611512Dressed to Kill
194711514Sinbad the Sailor
194611515Black Beauty
194611518Child of Divorce
194711519Suddenly, It's Spring
194611520Colorado Serenade
194711529Along Came Daffy
194711538Crowing Pains
194611542Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra
194611543So You Want to Keep Your Hair
194611546Larceny in Her Heart
194811546Nothing But the Tooth
194611547Canyon Passage
194611549The Yearling
194611551She Wrote the Book
194611552Jasper's in a Jam
194611553Solid Serenade
194611554Criminal Court
194711570Untamed Fury
194611571The Cockeyed Miracle
194611572Anna and the King of Siam
194611573Three Little Girls in Blue
194711574The Shocking Miss Pilgrim
194611575The Man Who Dared
194611578The Locket
194611579Little Miss Big
194611580Mr. Ace
194711582The Ghost Goes Wild
194811583Mickey Down Under
194611586The Inner Circle
194611587My Pal Trigger
194611588Santa Fe Uprising
194611589The Gentleman from Texas
194611590Home, Sweet Homicide
194611591My Darling Clementine
194611592Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
194611594Freddie Steps Out
194611595Don't Gamble with Strangers
194811597The Rattled Rooster
194711600Welcome Stranger
194711601Where There's Life
194811603Daffy Duck Slept Here
194811604Hop, Look and Listen
194611605Red River Renegades
194611606Traffic in Crime
194611607The Fabulous Suzanne
194611608Inside Job
194611609Hot Water
194711612Danger Street
194811613Back Alley Oproar
194711614Little Orphan Airedale
194611615Abie's Irish Rose
194811615What's Brewin', Bruin?
194811616Rabbit Punch
194611617Deadline for Murder
194611618The Dark Horse
194611619Henpecked Hoboes
194611620The Dark Mirror
194511621Great Day
194611622The Wacky Weed
194611623South of Monterey
194611625The Show-Off
194611626Rendezvous with Annie
194611627The Falcon's Adventure
194611643The Verdict
194611646Three Little Pirates
194711647Life with Father
194611648Bowery Bombshell
194611649Duel in the Sun
194811651Ladies of the Chorus
194611651Queen of Burlesque
194611653Earl Carroll Sketchbook
194611654Ghost of Hidden Valley
194811655Drip Dippy Donald
194611656It's a Wonderful Life
194711657The Red House
194511658The Rake's Progress
194811659Bone Bandit
194711660Song of Scheherazade
194611661Lover Come Back
194811662They're Off
194611670Cloak and Dagger
194711671Half-Wits Holiday
194611672Stagecoach to Denver
194611673Under Nevada Skies
194611675Shadows Over Chinatown
194711676Down to Earth
194611677Gallant Journey
194611680Blondie Knows Best
194511682Secrets of a Sorority Girl
194711683Foul Hunting
194611685Musical Moments from Chopin
194611686Below the Deadline
194711689Scared to Death
194611690Angel on My Shoulder
194611692The Runaround
194611693If I'm Lucky
194611694Little Iodine
194611702G.I. War Brides
194711703Born to Kill
194711704The Michigan Kid
194811706So Dear to My Heart
194611707Sure Cures
194711710Seven Were Saved
194611720Flight to Nowhere
194611721Out California Way
194611723Till the Clouds Roll by
194611724A Matter of Life and Death
194711727Part Time Pal
194611728The Missing Lady
194611729Sing While You Dance
194611730Crime Doctor's Man Hunt
194611731Personality Kid
194611732Cowboy Blues
194611734Cuban Pete
194711735The Farmer's Daughter
194611736The Bachelor's Daughters
194711737La Perla
194711738My Brother Talks to Horses
194611739Her Adventurous Night
19471174013 Rue Madeleine
194611745Sunset Pass
194611750Danger Woman
194711754Thunder in the Valley
194711755The Brasher Doubloon
194711756The Homestretch
194611757Roll on Texas Moon
194711762Mail Dog
194611764Plainsman and the Lady
194711767Vigilantes of Boomtown
194611771The Time of Their Lives
194711773Cry Wolf
194611775Prairie Badmen
194611776Black Angel
194711778Cat Fishin'
194711779Winter Wonderland
194611782Spook Busters
194711783Desire Me
194711783Fright Night
194611785Strange Journey
194811787Tenth Avenue Angel
194611789The Mysterious Mr. Valentine
194611790Overland Riders
194611791Wild West
194711796Beat the Band
194711801High Barbaree
194611802Slightly Scandalous
194711803Lady in the Lake
194611804The Devil's Playground
194611805Trigger Fingers
194611806Outlaws of the Plains
194511807They Were Sisters
194711808Last Frontier Uprising
194711809Red Hot Rangers
194611810Wild Beauty
194711811The Devil Thumbs a Ride
194611812The Thrill of Brazil
194611813It's Great to Be Young
194711814The Mighty McGurk
194611816London Town
194811817The Pest That Came to Dinner
194811818The Shell Shocked Egg
194511819Brief Encounter
194511820'I Know Where I'm Going!'
194711821Out West
194611824Dangerous Money
194611829That Brennan Girl
194611830Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
194611831Sioux City Sue (I)
194611832Home in Oklahoma
194711833Code of the West
194611834Susie Steps Out
194711836Tubby the Tuba
194611837The Fighting Frontiersman
194711838South of the Chisholm Trail
194711839I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
194711840The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
194611843Wife Wanted
194611844Honeymoon Blues
194711847Angel and the Badman
194611848Rustler's Round-Up
194711849The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
194611851Rio Grande Raiders
194611853Gentleman Joe Palooka
194711854Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
194711856Fear in the Night
194711857I Cover Big Town
194611859Bringing Up Father
194711861The Sea of Grass
194711862The Late George Apley
194611863Lawless Breed
194611864The Secret Heart
194711865Trail Street
194711866Smoked Hams
194611869Silver Range
194811872Here Comes Trouble
194711873Homesteaders of Paradise Valley
194711874Black Narcissus
194611875The Magnificent Rogue
194711877Pirates of Monterey
194611879The Unknown
194811884Hot Cross Bunny
194811885The Foghorn Leghorn
194611886Rolling Home
194711887Born to Speed
194611888White Tie and Tails
194611889San Quentin
194711890They Won't Believe Me
194711891Calendar Girl
194811893Buccaneer Bunny
194711893Doggone Cats
194811894Bugs Bunny Rides Again
194811896You Were Never Duckier
194811897The Stupor Salesman
194711900The Beginning or the End
194611901Driftin' River
194711904Fool's Gold
194611905Dangerous Millions
194611906Gunman's Code
194711909The Macomber Affair
194711917Spoilers of the North
194711918The Goofy Gophers
194711923Love and Learn (I)
194711927Fun on a Weekend
194711928Dishonored Lady
194611929Song of the Sierras
194711930The Vigilantes Return
194611940Don Ricardo Returns
194711946That's My Gal
194711949It's a Joke, Son!
194711950Trail to San Antone
194711951Yankee Fakir
194611953The Captive Heart
194611954I See a Dark Stranger
194611956Lone Star Moonlight
194711957Oregon Trail Scouts
194711958The Long Night
194711959Dead Reckoning
194711960The Guilt of Janet Ames
194611961Singin' in the Corn
194611963Boston Blackie and the Law
194711964Over the Santa Fe Trail
194711968Rainbow Over the Rockies
194711970The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
194611972The Best Years of Our Lives
194711974Bush Pilot
194711976The Cat Concerto
194711976Vacation Days
194711977Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman
194611980Mr. Hex
194711981My Favorite Brunette
194811984The Swordsman
194711985The Lone Wolf in Mexico
194611986Alias Mr. Twilight
194711987Cigarette Girl
194711988Johnny O'Clock
194611990The Return of Monte Cristo
194711991Last of the Redmen
194611992Betty Co-Ed
194711993The Arnelo Affair
194811995The Emperor Waltz
194711996The Adventures of Don Coyote
194611997Swell Guy
194712000The Coo Coo Bird
194612006Tumbleweed Trail
194912007Night Unto Night
194812009The Woman in White
194712010Deep Valley
194712011Hound Hunters
194712013The Devil on Wheels
194712016It Happened on Fifth Avenue
194712016Raiders of the South
194712017The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
194612019The Chase
194712021Merton of the Movies
194612022Lady Chaser
194712023The Private Affairs of Bel Ami
194712024Dear Ruth
194612024Magnificent Doll
194712025Valley of Fear
194612026Stars Over Texas
194712028Queen of the Amazons
194712030Salt Water Tabby
194712031Jack Armstrong [Chapter 1: Mystery of the Cosmic Ray]
194712032Jack Armstrong [Chapter 2: The Far World]
194712033Jack Armstrong [Chapter 3: Island of Deception]
194712034Jack Armstrong [Chapter 4: Into the Chasm]
194712035Jack Armstrong [Chapter 5: The Space Ship]
194712036Jack Armstrong [Chapter 6: Tunnels of Treachery]
194712037Jack Armstrong [Chapter 7: Cavern of Chance]
194712038Jack Armstrong [Chapter 8: The Secret Room]
194712039Jack Armstrong [Chapter 9: Human Targets]
194712040Jack Armstrong [Chapter 10: Battle of the Warriors]
194712041Jack Armstrong [Chapter 11: Cosmic Annihilator]
194712042Jack Armstrong [Chapter 12: The Gortto of Greed]
194712043Jack Armstrong [Chapter 13: Wheels of Fate]
194712044Jack Armstrong [Chapter 14: Journey into Space]
194712045Jack Armstrong [Chapter 15: Retribution]
194712047The Fabulous Dorseys
194812048Haredevil Hare
194812049House Hunting Mice
194712050Mother Wore Tights
194712051Captain from Castile
194712052Moss Rose
194712055Hit Parade of 1947
194712057Tarzan and the Huntress
194712058Three on a Ticket
194712062Desert Fury
194612064Adventures in South America
194712067Thunder Mountain
194712068Fun & Fancy Free
194712068Wild Harvest
194712071Rustlers of Devil's Canyon
194812072Summer Holiday
194812073Kit for Cat
194712075Well Oiled
194812076Scaredy Cat
194812078A Horsefly Fleas
194812079A-Lad-in His Lamp
194712080Pluto's Blue Note
194712082Golden Earrings
194712082Out of the Past
194712083Magic Town
194712089Wild Country
194712090This Time for Keeps
194712091Web of Danger
194712092Dick Tracy's Dilemma
194712094A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: The Luckiest Guy in the World
194812097Hare Splitter
194712099So You Want To Be In Pictures
194712101The Unfinished Dance
194712102Riding the California Trail
194912104Tale of the Navajos
194712105Philo Vance's Secret Mission
194712106Law of the Canyon
194712107Fall Guy
194712110Millie's Daughter
194712111The Lady from Shanghai
194712112The Thirteenth Hour
194712114West of Dodge City
194712115The Lone Hand Texan
194712116Law of the Canyon
194712118Seven Keys to Baldpate
194712119It Happened in Brooklyn
194712120A Mouse in the House
194712121I'll Be Yours
194712122Miracle on 34th Street
194612124The Magic Bow
194712126So Well Remembered
194612128Great Expectations
194612129Green for Danger
194712131Trailing Danger
194912133The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
194612134Cavalcade of Archery
194712134Marshal of Cripple Creek
194712134The Perils of Pauline
194812135My Bunny Lies Over the Sea
194712137The Fabulous Joe
194712138Lost Honeymoon
194712140Range Beyond the Blue
194712147Kilroy Was Here
194712149The October Man
194712150Captain Boycott
194712152Fame Is the Spur
194712154Six-Gun Serenade
194712157The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
194712158Odd Man Out
194712161Buffalo Bill Rides Again
194712164New Orleans
194712165Slap Happy Lion
194712166Dark Delusion
194812169Squareheads of the Round Table
194812170The Hot Scots
194712171Law of the Lash
194812172A Hick a Slick and a Chick
194912173Porky Chops
194812174Two Gophers from Texas
194712175Philo Vance's Gamble
194712176It Always Rains On Sunday
194712176The Big Fix
194712177Black Gold
194712177Dangerous Venture
194712182Jewels of Brandenburg
194712185The Guilty
194712186Gas House Kids Go West
194712187Hold That Lion!
194912188Hare Do
194712192The Return of Rin Tin Tin
194712194Solid Ivory
194712195Living in a Big Way
194712196Undercover Maisie
194712197Carnegie Hall
194712199Bells of San Fernando
194812201Cat Nap Pluto
194712202Blondie's Holiday
194812203Pluto's Fledgling
194712204Bulldog Drummond at Bay
194712205For the Love of Rusty
194712206Prairie Raiders
194712207The Stranger from Ponca City
194712208My Wild Irish Rose
194712208Riders of the Lone Star
194712210The Corpse Came C.O.D.
194712212Jungle Flight
194812213Blanche Fury
194712215That's My Man
194712216Northwest Outpost
194712217Hoppy's Holiday
194712218The Red Stallion
194812219If You Knew Susie
194712222The Egg and I
194712225Monsieur Verdoux
194712227The Invisible Mouse
194712229Green Dolphin Street
194712230The Romance of Rosy Ridge
194712233Blaze of Noon
194712233The Bandmaster
194712234Border Feud
194812235I Walk Alone
194712238Under the Tonto Rim
194912239The Judge Steps Out
194712241Shoot to Kill
194912244Rebel Rabbit
194912245Paying the Piper
194812246Three Daring Daughters
194712248Dark Passage
194712249The Unfaithful
194712251The Unsuspected
194712252Song of Love
194712254Land of the Lawless
194712256Philo Vance Returns
194712257West to Glory
194712259Bells of San Angelo
194712260Twilight on the Rio Grande
194712262Christmas Eve
194812263On Our Merry Way
194712264Buck Privates Come Home
194712266The Crimson Key
194812267The Bear and the Bean
194812269What Makes Daffy Duck
194812271I Taw a Putty Tat
194912271Mississippi Hare
194812272Riff Raffy Daffy
194912273Wise Quackers
194712275The Peanut Man
194712276Stork Bites Man
194712279Let's Sing a Song of the West
194712282Hard Boiled Mahoney
194712283Too Many Winners
194712285The Upturned Glass
194712286The Other Love
194712288Little Miss Broadway
194912295Holiday for Drumsticks
194712307King-Size Canary
194812310Let's Sing a Song About the Moonlight
194812313Who Killed Doc Robbin
194912315Pueblo Pluto
194712317The Fugitive
194712318The Trespasser
194812319What Price Fleadom
194712320The Paradine Case
194712321Repeat Performance
194712322Killer at Large
194712326Brideless Groom
194812329Bone Sweet Bone
194812332Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!
194812333Fighting Father Dunne
194712336The Hucksters
194812339Song of My Heart
194812342Arch of Triumph
194712342The Amazing Mr. Nordill
194712344The Voice of the Turtle
194712345Song of the Thin Man
194812347The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
194712349Crime Doctor's Gamble
194712351Sing a Song of Six Pants
194712352The Woman In The Hall
194812353Shivering Sherlocks
194712354Law Comes to Gunsight
194812355Give My Regards to Broadway
194712356Kiss of Death
194712357The Foxes of Harrow
194712358Saddle Pals
194712359Springtime in the Sierras
194712360Killer Dill
194712361Mourning Becomes Electra
194812366Kitty Foiled
194712367The Man Within
194712368The Hat Box Mystery
194712369The Case of the Baby Sitter
194712371Heaven Only Knows
194912372Daffy Duck Hunt
194912373The Grey Hounded Hare
194712375Night Song
194712376The Pretender
194712377Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
194712378Second Chance
194712379Hollywood Barn Dance
194712380The Gangster
194812382Goodbye, Miss Turlock
194712383The Brothers
194712388Holiday Camp
194812390To the Ends of the Earth
194712391Her Husband's Affairs
194712392Out of the Blue
194912392Sea Salts
194712396Nightmare Alley
194812397Call Northside 777
194812398Red River
194712400Song of the Wasteland
194712401Swing the Western Way
194712402The Web
194712403Pioneer Justice
194712404News Hounds
194812413The Man from Colorado
194712414Blondie in the Dough
194712416The Son of Rusty
194712417Key Witness
194912418Tennis Racquet
194812424Broken Journey
194812426The Big Clock
194712427Along the Oregon Trail
194712429All Gummed Up
194812432Banquet Busters
194812433Pixie Picnic
194812434The Pirate
194712435Body and Soul
194812436Kiddie Koncert
194712438Love from a Stranger
194712439Gas House Kids in Hollywood
194712440Robin Hood of Texas
194712441Brute Force
194812444Wacky Bye Baby
194512445Killers All
194712448The Marauders
194712449Sweet Genevieve
194712451The Sea Hound [Chapter 1: Captain Silver Sails Again]
194712452The Sea Hound [Chapter 12: Dangerous Waters]
194712452The Sea Hound [Chapter 2: Spanish Gold]
194712453The Sea Hound [Chapter 3: Mystery of the Map]
194712454The Sea Hound [Chapter 4: Menaced by Ryaks]
194712455The Sea Hound [Chapter 5: Captain Silver's Strategy]
194712456The Sea Hound [Chapter 6: The Sea Hound at Bay]
194712457The Sea Hound [Chapter 7: Bland's Treachery]
194712458The Sea Hound [Chapter 8: In the Admiral's Lair]
194712459The Sea Hound [Chapter 9: On the Water Wheel]
194712460The Sea Hound [Chapter 10: On the Treasure Trail]
194712461The Sea Hound [Chapter 11: The Sea Hound Attacked]
194712463The Sea Hound [Chapter 13: The Panther's Prey]
194712464The Sea Hound [Chapter 14: The Fatal Double-Cross]
194712465The Sea Hound [Chapter 15: Captain Silver's Last Stand]
194712466Bury Me Dead
194712468Something in the Wind
194812471The Hunted
194712474High Tide
194712475Robin Hood of Monterey
194712477The Flame
194712478Road to Rio
194712480Smoky River Serenade
194812481The Prince of Thieves
194812482I Love Trouble
194712483The Son of Rusty
194812485The Bear and the Hare
194812486Fiddlers Three
194812487Oliver Twist
194712488Gentleman's Agreement
194712489Daisy Kenyon
194812490The Snake Pit
194812491Green Grass of Wyoming
194912492Chicken Every Sunday
194712493On the Old Spanish Trail
194812494Whispering Smith
194812495Dream Girl
194712500Cass Timberlane
194912502Mouse Mazurka
194812503The Truce Hurts
194912506Pluto's Surprise Package
194812507Alias a Gentleman
194812508Dough Ray Me-ow
194812509Odor of the Day
194912510Bowery Bugs
194812511I Remember Mama
194812512Return of the Bad Men
194812513Daffy Dilly
194912514Awful Orphan
194812515Mouse Wreckers
194912516Long-Haired Hare
194912517The Bee-Deviled Bruin
194712518King of the Bandits
194712519Good News
194812520Silver River
194812521Romance on the High Seas
194712522That Hagen Girl
194812523My Girl Tisa
194712524Always Together
194712527Bowery Buckaroos
194712528Joe Palooka in the Knockout
194812529Black Hills
194712530Shadow Valley
194812534G-Men Never Forget
194712536The Wild Frontier
194812539Mummy's Dummies
194712539Springtime in the Sierras
194912541Donald's Happy Birthday
194712541The Invisible Wall
194912542High Diving Hare
194812543Two Guys from Texas
194912544Knights Must Fall
194712545Blonde Savage
194712546It Had to Be You
194712547When a Girl's Beautiful
194712550Buckaroo from Powder River
194712551Last Days of Boot Hill
194712552The Last Round-Up
194912553The Ghost Talks
194812554Silent Conflict
194812555The Dead Don't Dream
194712558The Burning Cross
194712559Hungry Hill
194712559The Lost Moment
194812560The Playful Pelican
194812562Wet Blanket Policy
194712563Return of the Lash
194812564Man from Texas
194712565If Winter Comes
194812567They Live by Night
194712568The Exile
194812569So You Want to Be a Gambler
194812570Half-Pint Pygmy
194912573Curtain Razor
194812573The Up-Standing Sitter
194912574Frigid Hare
194912575Henhouse Henery
194812576Mary Lou
194912576The Windblown Hare
194912597Siren of Atlantis
194712598Flashing Guns
194712599Ridin' Down the Trail
194712600The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap
194812601Check Your Guns
194812602Old Rockin' Chair Tom
194812604Dog Tax Dodgers
194812607The Miracle of the Bells
194912608My Own True Love
194812609Night Has a Thousand Eyes
194812610The Mating of Millie
194712611Devil Ship
194812612Six-Gun Law
194812613Phantom Valley
194812614The Strawberry Roan
194812615The Return of October
194812616The Sign of the Ram
194812617Pardon My Clutch
194812619Wild and Woody!
194812621Secret Beyond the Door...
194812622I'm a Monkey's Uncle
194912623Who Done It?
194712624Woody, the Giant Killer
194712625The Mad Hatter
194712628Linda Be Good
194712629Wild Horse Mesa
194712632The Spirit of West Point
194712633Roses Are Red
194812634Crime on Their Hands
194712635The Fabulous Texan
194712636Under Colorado Skies
194812637The Gay Ranchero
194712638Bandits of Dark Canyon
194812639Station West
194812641The Cat That Hated People
194812645Dangers of the Canadian Mounted
194812646Good Sam
194712648Killer McCoy
194812650This Was a Woman
194712651Road to the Big House
194712653Prairie Express
194812654So Evil My Love
194912659The Greener Yard
194712667The Bishop's Wife
194812668You Were Meant for Me
194812669Deep Waters
194812670Rachel and the Stranger
194812671The Kissing Bandit
194812672On an Island with You
194812674Western Heritage
194812675Berlin Express
194712676Ride the Pink Horse
194712677Dangerous Years
194912677Hippety Hopper
194812678Black Bart
194812679Four Faces West
194712680Cheyenne Takes Over
194812681The Bride Goes Wild
194812683Race Street
194812684Bill and Coo
194712686The Prairie
194712689The Senator Was Indiscreet
194812690The Walls of Jericho
194812691Women in the Night
194812693Adventures of Casanova
194712695The Fighting Vigilantes
194812700Portrait of Jennie
194712701High Wall
194812702To the Victor
194812703April Showers
194812704The Decision of Christopher Blake
194812705Johnny Belinda
194812707Adventures of Don Juan
194712710Heading for Heaven
194812711Perilous Waters
194712712Big Town After Dark
194912714Goggle Fishing Bear
194812715Scott of the Antarctic
194712716Bush Christmas
194912717Honey Harvester
194912718Goofy Gymnastics
194712719Have You Ever Wondered?
194812721My Old Town
194812722Tornado Range
194712723Gun Talk
194812724The Tender Years
194812726Sleep, My Love
194712728Stage to Mesa City
194812729Northwest Stampede
194812731Tap Roots
194812732The Enchanted Valley
194912733Bad Luck Blackie
194712734Blondie's Anniversary
194812735Slippy McGee
194812737River Lady
195012739The Silver Bandit
194712740Le silence est d'or
194812742The Inside Story
194812743The Main Street Kid
194712744Where the North Begins
194712745Trail of the Mounties
194812747The Westward Trail
194712748Rose of Santa Rosa
194712748The Chinese Ring
194812749Whirlwind Raiders
194812750The Woman from Tangier
194812751The Return of the Whistler
194812752The Wreck of the Hesperus
194812753Blondie's Reward
194812755The Black Arrow
195012756Hurdy-Gurdy Hare
194812757Open Secret
194912758Fast and Furry-ous
194912759Bad Ol' Putty Tat
194912760Which Is Witch?
194912761Rabbit Hood
195012762Home, Tweet Home
194712764An Ideal Husband
194812765The Velvet Touch
194812766Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
194912767A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
194812768The Time of Your Life
194712769For You I Die
194812770Mystery in Mexico
194812771Campus Honeymoon
194812772Professor Tom
194812774A Woman's Vengeance
194812775Luxury Liner
194712776Jiggs and Maggie in Society
194812777Smart Politics
195112779Wicket Wacky
194812780California Firebrand
194812783Borrowed Trouble
194812784False Paradise
194812785Strange Gamble
194812786The Paleface
194812788Beyond Glory
194812789The Sainted Sisters
194812791A Foreign Affair
194912793Pluto's Sweater
194912794Swallow the Leader
194912796Bubble Bee
194812797Glamour Girl
194812798Easy Money
194812799A Song Is Born
194812800The Arizona Ranger
194812801B.F.'s Daughter
194812805The Tioga Kid
194812806The Hawk of Powder River
194812807You Can't Win
194812810The Iron Curtain
194812812Fury at Furnace Creek
194812813That Lady in Ermine
194812814Sitting Pretty
194712816They Made Me a Fugitive
194812817Old Los Angeles
194812818The Vicious Circle
194812819Fort Apache
194812840Mickey and the Seal
194812844Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad
194712847A Double Life
194812848Song of the Drifter
194812851Sinister Journey
194812853West of Sonora
194812854The Angry God
194812855Letter from an Unknown Woman
194812858Madonna of the Desert
194812859Half Past Midnight
194812860The Naked City
194912861The Window
194812862Speed to Spare
194812863The Challenge
194912864Bye, Bye Bluebeard
194812866Overland Trails
194912871Call of the Forest
194812872The Blind Goddess
194812873Oklahoma Badlands
194812874Angels' Alley
194812876Mouse Cleaning
194812877The Gallant Blade
194812878My Dog Rusty
194812879Song of Idaho
194812880Coroner Creek
194812881The Fuller Brush Man
194812882The Loves of Carmen
194812883Lulu Belle
194812884Let's Live Again
194812885Mr. Reckless
194812886Lightnin' in the Forest
194812887I, Jane Doe
194812890Another Part of the Forest
194812891Guns of Hate
194912893Mighty Joe Young
194812894Tarzan and the Mermaids
194812895Docks of New Orleans
194812897All My Sons
194812898Big City
194812903The Counterfeiters
194812906Under California Stars
194912907The Red Pony
19481290913 Lead Soldiers
194812910Heart of Virginia
194812911The Bold Frontiersman
194812912My Brother's Keeper
194812913Waterfront at Midnight
194912914Polka-Dot Puss
194812916The Noose Hangs High
194812917The Cobra Strikes
194812918Assigned to Danger
194812919Arthur Takes Over
194812920Adventures in Silverado
194812921Port Said
194812924Blazing Across the Pecos
194812925Trail to Laredo
194812928Crossed Trails
194712930Mine Own Executioner
194812932Key Largo
194812934One Sunday Afternoon
194812935Hills of Home
194812936The Dude Goes West
194812937Melody Time
194812938Up in Central Park
194812939Devil's Cargo
194812941King of the Gamblers
194912942Song of Surrender
194812943Sorry, Wrong Number
194812945Are You with It?
19481294616 Fathoms Deep
194812947Easter Parade
194812948The Argyle Secrets
194812949Smart Woman
194812950Money Madness
194812951Campus Sleuth
194812952State of the Union
194812954The Gallant Legion
194812955The Timber Trail
194812956The Street with No Name
194812957Cry of the City
194812958The Luck of the Irish
194812959Apartment for Peggy
194812960Unfaithfully Yours
194912976Señor Droopy
194812977Sleeping Car to Trieste
194812983Man-Eater of Kumaon
194812984Jinx Money
194812984Oklahoma Blues
194812987Raw Deal
194812999The Big Punch
194813001The Winner's Circle
194813004Secret Service Investigator
194813005French Leave
194813006Souvenirs of Death
194913008A Ham in a Role
195013009Boobs in the Woods
195013010Strife with Father
195013011What's Up Doc?
194913012Hatch Up Your Troubles
195613012The Egg and Jerry
194813015The Boy with Green Hair
194813016Frontier Agent
194813017Joan of Arc
194813018A Southern Yankee
194813019Sword of the Avenger
194813020The Amazing Mr. X
194813021Shanghai Chest
194913024For Scent-imental Reasons
195013025Homeless Hare
194913025Often an Orphan
194913026Bear Feat
194613027Facing Your Danger
194913028A Woman's Secret
194813029Blood on the Moon
194813030Let's Cogitate
194813033Smart Girls Don't Talk
194913034One Last Fling
194813035Carson City Raiders
194813036Michael O'Halloran
194813038A Date with Judy
194913039The Great Gatsby
194913044Each Dawn I Crow
194813046Daredevils of the Clouds
194813047Train to Alcatraz
194813049Adventures of Gallant Bess
195013050Pest Control
195113052Appointment with Danger
194813057I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes
194813059Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid
194813060Blonde Ice
194913062Heavenly Puss
194913063Hokus Pokus
194813066The Gay Intruders
194813067An Innocent Affair
194813068Lady at Midnight
194813070Miraculous Journey
194813075Shed No Tears
194913076Sheep Dog
195013077Pluto's Heart Throb
194913078Manhattan Angel
194813079I Surrender Dear
194813082Rusty Leads the Way
194813085Stage Struck
195013086Crazy Over Daisy
194813089Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven
194713090The White Unicorn
194813091The Checkered Coat
194813092The Weaker Sex
194813093Road House
194813094When My Baby Smiles at Me
194813095In This Corner
194813097Julia Misbehaves
194813098Fighting Back
194813099An Act of Murder
194813100Embraceable You
194813105Musical Merry-Go-Round (II)
194813106That Wonderful Urge
194813107The Secret Land
194813108Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin'
194813109Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein
194813110The Saxon Charm
194813111The Creeper
194813112The Three Musketeers
194913113Slightly French
194813114Partners of the Sunset
194813115Musical Merry-Go-Round (I)
194813116Variety Time
194813118Eyes of Texas
194813119Angel in Exile
194813121Out of the Storm
194813122Sons of Adventure
194813124Range Renegades
194813125Smugglers' Cove
195013126Walk Softly, Stranger
194813131The Babe Ruth Story
194813132The Little Orphan
194913133Sorrowful Jones
194913134The Accused
194813136Miss Tatlock's Millions
194913136The Blazing Trail
194913140Doggone Tired
194813169Night Wind
194813170Arkansas Swing
194813171Singin' Spurs
194813172Canon City
194913173Dough for the Do-Do
194813175Bonnie Prince Charlie
194813181One Touch of Venus
194813182Marshal of Amarillo
194813183Dead Man's Gold
194813184Indian Agent
194813185The Golden Eye
195013186The Lion's Busy
194813187Cowboy Cavalier
194913192Special Agent
195613193Millionaire Droopy
194813194Ladies of the Chorus
194913195Flaxy Martin
194913195Wags to Riches
194913198South of St. Louis
194813200Joe Palooka in Winner Take All
194813201Every Girl Should Be Married
194813202Night Time in Nevada
194813203Back Trail
194813204Mark of the Lash
194813205Angel on the Amazon
195013207Love at First Bite
194913208Cardboard Cavalier
194813209The Girl from Manhattan
194813210No Minor Vices
194813211Rogues' Regiment
194813217For the Love of Mary
194913220Adventure in Baltimore
194913221Passport to Pimlico
194813224Yellow Sky
194913226The Fan
194913227A Letter to Three Wives
194913228Britannia Mews
194913230Black Magic
194813231Walk a Crooked Mile
194813232Music Man
194813233The Fighting Ranger
194813234Trouble Preferred
194813235Homicide for Three
194913239The Walking Hills
194813240The Dark Past
194813241Black Eagle
194813242The Gentleman from Nowhere
194913243Rusty Saves a Life
194813244Blondie's Secret
194813246Quick on the Trigger
194813247Loaded Pistols
194813249The Untamed Breed
194913250The Undercover Man
194913251Song of India
194813252Desperadoes of Dodge City
194813254Trouble Makers
194813255The Mozart Story
194813256The Return of Wildfire
194913257Brothers in the Saddle
194813258The Strange Mrs. Crane
194813261Jungle Goddess
194913262Tarzan's Magic Fountain
194813264Let's Live a Little
194813265Son of God's Country
194813267Tea for Two Hundred
194913270The Sun Comes Up
194813272Jungle Patrol
194813273Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
194813274Command Decision
194813275Act of Violence
194813276Behind Locked Doors
194913279My Dear Secretary
194913288The Cat and the Mermouse
194813293Words and Music
194813294Bungalow 13
194913295All Over the Town
194813297Silver Trails
194813304June Bride
194913305Easy Living
194813306The Plunderers
194813307Grand Canyon Trail
194813308The Denver Kid
194913309Little Rural Riding Hood
194913310Streets of Laredo
1948133123 Godfathers
194913313Bad Men of Tombstone
194813320Million Dollar Weekend
194913321Whisky Galore!
194813324Unknown Island
194813326Inner Sanctum
194813329The Sheriff of Medicine Bow
194813332Triple Threat
194913333The Gay Amigo
194913334Bomba, the Jungle Boy
194813335Gun Smugglers
194913336The Fighting O'Flynn
194913338The Bribe
194913340Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture
194913342Law of the Barbary Coast
194813344Smoky Mountain Melody
194813348My Sister and I
194913349Trottie True
194913350Fighting Fools
194813350The Countess of Monte Cristo
194813351You Gotta Stay Happy
195013353Wonder Dog
195013354Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
194913356Riders of the Whistling Pines
194913358The Fountainhead
194913364Family Honeymoon
194813365He Walked by Night
194913366Savage Splendor
194913367Trouble at Melody Mesa
194913368Rose of the Yukon
194813369The Far Frontier
194813370Wake of the Red Witch
194913372Miss Mink of 1949
195013373The Scarlet Pumpernickel
195013374The Leghorn Blows at Midnight
195013375The Hypo-Chondri-Cat
195013376An Egg Scramble
195013377It's Hummer Time
1950133788 Ball Bunny
195013379Pop 'im Pop!
195013380A Fractured Leghorn
195013381Caveman Inki
195013381Two's a Crowd
195013382Bushy Hare
194913383Mighty Manhattan, New York's Wonder City
194813384The Rangers Ride
194913385Cover Up
194913386Canadian Pacific
194813388Appointment with Murder
194913390Love That Pup
194813391Outlaw Brand
194913392Follow Me Quietly
194913393Criss Cross
194813394Strike It Rich
194813395Valiant Hombre
194913396Mother Is a Freshman
194913397Down to the Sea in Ships
194913398The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend
194913402State Department: File 649
195013406Roaming Through Michigan
194813409Sundown in Santa Fe
194813412Belle Starr's Daughter
194813413Force of Evil
194813415Parole, Inc.
194813416Gunning for Justice
194913422Little Women
194913426Edward, My Son
194913427Jerry's Diary
194813428Mexican Hayride
194813433Frontier Revenge
195013434His Bitter Half
195013435Mutiny on the Bunny
195013436Big House Bunny
195013437Golden Yeggs
195013438All a Bir-r-r-rd
195013439Dog Gone South
194913440Daughter of the Jungle
194913441The Last Bandit
194913442Kind Hearts and Coronets
194913444Chicago Deadline
194913445Tennis Chumps
194913447Samson and Delilah
194913448The House of Tomorrow
194913454It's a Great Feeling
194713456Ghost Town Renegades
194813457Courtin' Trouble
194913458Colorado Territory
194913459Flamingo Road
194913460The Clay Pigeon
194913461Mr. Soft Touch
194913462The Lone Wolf and His Lady
194813465Jungle Jim
194813466Renegades of Sonora
194913467Red Stallion in the Rockies
194813469Last of the Wild Horses
194913472Take Me Out to the Ball Game
194913473The Barkleys of Broadway
194913475Daughter of the West
194913476The Counterfeit Cat
194913478The Set-Up
194813479Shep Comes Home
194913480Alaska Patrol
194913481Reign of Terror
194913483Stagecoach Kid
194813487Thunder in the Pines
194913488Water Trix
194813489Jiggs and Maggie in Court
194913491Henry, the Rainmaker
194913493An Old-Fashioned Girl
194913496Make Believe Ballroom
194913497The Devil's Henchman
194913498Outpost in Morocco
194913499I Cheated the Law
194913500Bad Boy
194913506Ride, Ryder, Ride!
194913508Big Jack
194913509She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
194913510El Paso
194913513Sheriff of Wichita
194913516Love Happy
194913516The Green Promise
195013519Paid in Full
194913521The Big Cat
194913524Desert Vigilante
194913526The Passionate Friends
194913528You're My Everything
194913529Mr. Belvedere Goes to College
194913530Thieves' Highway
194913531Oh, You Beautiful Doll
195013532Jerry and the Lion
194913533Once More, My Darling
194913534I Was a Male War Bride
194913535I Shot Jesse James
194913536Floodtide (I)
194913537Strange Bargain
194913539Too Late for Tears
194913540Stuff for Stuff
195113541Double Dynamite
194913542Clues to Adventure
195013543Puss Cafe
195013546Food for Feudin'
194813546Highway 13
194913547Tuna Clipper
194913549The Great Lover
194913550Top o' the Morning
194913551The Life of Riley (I)
194913552Gun Runner
195013552Pluto and the Gopher
194913553Task Force
195013554This Side of the Law
195213558Two Weeks Vacation
194913563We Were Strangers
194913564Roll, Thunder, Roll!
195213565Montana Belle
194913566City Across the River
194913567Adam and Evelyne
194913568The Lost Tribe
194913569Calamity Jane and Sam Bass
194913570Son of Billy the Kid
194913571Son of a Badman
194913574Shamrock Hill
195013575The Cuckoo Clock
194913576The Secret Garden
195013577The Ducksters
195113578Chow Hound
195013579Bunker Hill Bunny
195113580Dog Collared
195113582A Fox in a Fix
195113583Corn Plastered
194913586Toy Tinkers
194913587Duke of Chicago
194913588Mississippi Rhythm
194913589Madness of the Heart
194913592Gun Law Justice
194913593The Great Sinner
194913594Search for Danger
195213596Thumb Fun
195013600Dopey Dicks
195013613They Were Not Divided
194913616Ma and Pa Kettle
194913619Vagabond Loafers
195013630Punchy Cowpunchers
194913630The Great Dan Patch
195013634Saturday Evening Puss
194913635South of Death Valley
194913635The Big Steal
194913637Lust for Gold
194913638Johnny Allegro
194913639The Secret of St. Ives
194913641Rim of the Canyon
194913643The Stratton Story
194913645The Sky Dragon
194813647My Brother Jonathan
194913648The Lawton Story
194913649The Doolins of Oklahoma
194913650It Happens Every Spring
194913651Come to the Stable
194913652House of Strangers
194913653The Daring Caballero
194913656Neptune's Daughter
195013657Did'ja Know?
194913658Prince of the Plains
194913659The Crooked Way
194913661Without Honor
194913664The Lady Gambles
195013669The Astonished Heart
194913670The Chiltern Hundreds
194913671Batman and Robin [Chapter 1: Batman Takes Over]
194913672Batman and Robin [Chapter 2: Tunnel of Terror]
194913673Batman and Robin [Chapter 3: Robin's Wild Ride]
194913674Batman and Robin [Chapter 4: Batman Trapped!]
194913675Batman and Robin [Chapter 5: Robin Rescues Batman!]
194913676Batman and Robin [Chapter 6: Target--Robin!]
194913677Batman and Robin [Chapter 7: The Fatal Blast]
194913678Batman and Robin [Chapter 8: Robin Meets the Wizard]
194913679Batman and Robin [Chapter 9: The Wizard Strikes Back]
194913680Batman and Robin [Chapter 10: Batman's Last Chance]
194913681Batman and Robin [Chapter 11: Robin's Ruse]
194913682Batman and Robin [Chapter 12: Robin Rides the Wind]
194913683Batman and Robin [Chapter 13: The Wizard's Challenge]
194913685Batman and Robin [Chapter 14: Batman vs Wizard]
194913685Batman and Robin [Chapter 15: Batman Victorious]
194913686Madame Bovary
194913687Omoo-Omoo the Shark God
194913688Susanna Pass
194913689Death Valley Gunfighter
195013690Stooge for a Mouse
194913692Slattery's Hurricane
194913694Africa Screams
194913695Arctic Manhunt
194913696Amazon Quest
194913699Dear Wife
195013700Captain Carey, U.S.A.
195713701Cat's Meow
195013701Ventriloquist Cat
194913702Illegal Entry
195013703Studio Stoops
194913704The Lovable Cheat
194913705Roseanna McCoy
194913707Law of the Golden West
194913708Yes Sir That's My Baby
194913709Mr. Whitney Had a Notion
194913712Bride for Sale
194913714Streets of San Francisco
194913715Home of the Brave
195013718Texas Tom
194913719Any Number Can Play
194913720In the Good Old Summertime
194913724Rope of Sand
195013725The File on Thelma Jordon
194913726My Friend Irma
195013727Riding High
194913728Prince of Foxes
195113729Rabbit Every Monday
195113729The Fair Haired Hare
194913730Everybody Does It
194913732Father Was a Fullback
194913733Frontier Investigator
194913734Outcasts of the Trail
194913740So You're Having In-Law Trouble
194913741Border Incident
194913744Challenge to Lassie
194913746Anna Lucasta
194913747All the King's Men
194913748The Cowboy and the Indians
194913749Tokyo Joe
194913750Barbary Pirate
194913753Rusty's Birthday
194913754Miss Grant Takes Richmond
194913755Tell It to the Judge
194913761The Gal Who Took the West
194913762King of the Rocket Men
194913763The Mysterious Desperado
195013764Garden Gopher
194913765A Run for Your Money
194913766The Red Menace
194913767That Midnight Kiss
194913768That Forsyte Woman
194913769Leave It to Henry
194913770Across the Rio Grande
194913786Down Dakota Way
194913787Ragtime Bear
195013789Hold That Pose
194913790Not Wanted
194913792Scene of the Crime
195013793Little Quacker
194913796West of El Dorado
195013797Curtain Call at Cactus Creek
194913802The Wyoming Bandit
194913803The Fighting Kentuckian
194913806Red Light
194913808Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff
194913809Arctic Fury
194913810Arson, Inc.
194913811The Woman on Pier 13
194913812Hold That Baby!
195113814Corn Chips
194913815A Dangerous Profession
194913817Dancing in the Dark
194913818Twelve O'Clock High
195013819Three Came Home
195013820Wabash Avenue
194913821Masked Raiders
194913825Forgotten Women
194913835Make Mine Laughs
194913838Flaming Fury
195013840The Blue Lamp
195013841The Arizona Cowboy
194913842Brand of Fear
195013844Safety Second
194913847The Lady Takes a Sailor
194913849The Story of Seabiscuit
195013850Return of the Frontiersman
195013851Chain Lightning
194913852White Heat
194913853Beyond the Forest
194913855The Red Danube
194913857South of Rio
194913858Range Justice
195213860Magical Maestro
195013864Golden Salamander
194913865Bandit King of Texas
195013874Punchy de Leon
195013884Canary Row
195013885Rabbit of Seville
194913887Johnny Stool Pigeon
194913889Lost Boundaries
194913890The Hasty Heart
194913891That Dangerous Age (If This Be Sin)
195013892The Chump Champ
194913893Sword in the Desert
194913896Grand Canyon
195013899The Savage Horde
194913900The Golden Stallion
195113902So You Want to Be a Cowboy
195013904The Great Jewel Robber
194913906The Big Wheel
194913907Project X
195113909Room and Bird
195113911Canned Feud
194913912The Man on the Eiffel Tower
195013913Bitter Springs
194913914The Threat
194913915Trail of the Yukon
195013918Shadow on the Wall
194913920Intruder in the Dust
194713921Master of Bankdam
195013922Blondie's Hero
195013923Captain China
195013924Mother Didn't Tell Me
195013926Broken Arrow
195013927Love That Brute
195013928When Willie Comes Marching Home
194913929On the Town
194913934Post Office Investigator
194913935Prison Warden
194913936Roaring Westward
195013939The Framed Cat
195013941Riders of the Range
194913944Sky Liner
194913948Flame of Youth
195013949Born to Be Bad
195013950No Man of Her Own
195013951Let's Dance
195013954Side Street
195013955Sunset Blvd.
194913957The Doctor and the Girl
195013959Cow Town
195013961The Good Humor Man
195013962Cargo to Capetown
194913963Mary Ryan, Detective
194913964Bandits of El Dorado
195013966Between Midnight and Dawn
194913967Give Us This Day
194913970Fighting Man of the Plains
194813973Portrait from Life
195113974Cold Storage
195113975Lion Down
194913978The Fighting Redhead
194913980So You Want to Be an Actor
194913987The Reckless Moment
194913993Calling on Michigan
194913996So You Want to Get Rich Quick
195013997Perfect Strangers
194913999Always Leave Them Laughing
195014000Young Man with a Horn
195014001The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady
194914008Holiday Affair
194914012A Kiss for Corliss
195014013The Great Rupert
194914014San Antone Ambush
194914022Down Memory Lane
195014023Deadly Is the Female
194914024Treasure of Monte Cristo
194914025The Kid from Cleveland
195014026Tarzan and the Slave Girl
195014031The Kid from Texas
195014034Storm Over Wyoming
194914037Alias the Champ
194914038Western Renegades
194914039Adam's Rib
195014046Stars in My Crown
194714048Adventure Island
194914048Navajo Trail Raiders
195014049So Young So Bad
194914050Angels in Disguise
194914051Lawless Code
195014053The Peachy Cobbler
194914054Traveller's Joy
194914055My Foolish Heart
195014057Rogues of Sherwood Forest
195014058A Woman of Distinction
194914060Feudin' Rhythm
194914061Chinatown at Midnight
194914063Riders In the Sky
195014064Moments in Music
194914067Free for All
195014068South Sea Sinner
194914072Ranger of Cherokee Strip
195014073The Great Plane Robbery
194914076The Dalton Gang
194914077Satan's Cradle
195014078Please Believe Me
194914086Mrs. Mike
195014088The Sundowners
195014090Forbidden Jungle
194914091Apache Chief
194914092Square Dance Jubilee
195014093Bells of Coronado
195014094Cue Ball Cat
195014095The Black Rose
195014096Night and the City
195014097Under My Skin
195014098A Ticket to Tomahawk
195014099Nancy Goes to Rio
195014100Black Hand
195014101House by the River
194914104Powder River Rustlers
194914105There's a Girl in My Heart
195014110Belle of Old Mexico
194914111Sands of Iwo Jima
195014112The Eagle and the Hawk
195014113Kill or Be Killed
195014114Dynamite Pass
195014115The White Tower
195014116The Tattooed Stranger
195114118Cock-a-Doodle Dog
194914120Port of New York
195014121Key to the City
195014123Dakota Lil
194914125The Third Man
194914126East Side, West Side
195014127The Blonde Bandit
195014128Sangue sul sagrato
195014129Father Is a Bachelor
195014131Fortunes of Captain Blood
195014132The Petty Girl
195014133Beware of Blondie
195014134Frontier Outpost
194914135Bomba on Panther Island
195014136Mule Train
195014140So You Want to Throw a Party
195014141So You Think You're Not Guilty
195014145Red Rock Outlaw
195014146West of Wyoming
194914147Cowboy and the Prizefighter
194914148Tough Assignment
195114149My Forbidden Past
194914150The Story of Molly X
194914151Johnny Holiday
195114152Bunny Hugged
195114153Hare We Go
195114154Scent-imental Romeo
195114155Early to Bet
195114156A Hound for Trouble
195114158Rabbit Fire
195114159Cheese Chasers
195014160The Yellow Cab Man
195114161Putty Tat Trouble
19521416214 Carrot Rabbit
195114163Tweety's S.O.S.
194914165Pioneer Marshal
195014167The Big Hangover
195014169The Damned Don't Cry
195014170Three Secrets
195014171The Flame and the Arrow
195014172The Glass Menagerie
195114173Casanova Cat
195014175Comanche Territory
194914176Sons of Matthew
195014177Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town
195014177Swiss Tour
195014178The Fighting Stallion
194914179Master Minds
195014181Border Treasure
195014181Rider from Tucson
195014182The Avengers
195014183The Cariboo Trail
195014185The Cariboo Trail
195014191The Flying Saucer
195114192A Bear for Punishment
195114193Lovelorn Leghorn
195114194French Rarebit
195114194Leghorn Swoggled
195014195Hillbilly Hare
195014196Treasure Island
195014197The Secret Fury
195014198Military Academy with That Tenth Avenue Gang
195014199No Sad Songs for Me
195014200Mark of the Gorilla
195014200Trail of the Rustlers
195014201Captive Girl
195014205Out on a Limb
195014206Blue Grass of Kentucky
195014215The Capture
195014216Devil's Doorway
195014217The Gunfighter
195014218Cheaper by the Dozen
195014219Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl
195014221Champagne for Caesar
195014222Johnny One-Eye
195014223Rock Island Trail
194914224Hollywood Varieties
195114225Daredevil Droopy
195014226The Outriders
193214227One Hour with You
195014228The Men
195014229A Snitch in Time
195114235Jerry and the Goldfish
195014236Redwood Forest Trail
195014238Twilight in the Sierras
195014239Singing Guns
195114240Home Made Home
195014241Motor Mania
195014241Young Daniel Boone
195014242Gunmen of Abilene
194914244Never Fear
195014246Morning Departure
195014251Kill the Umpire
195014252The Killer That Stalked New York
195014254Outcasts of Black Mesa
195014255The Blazing Sun
195014256In a Lonely Place
195014257No Way Out
195014258The Iroquois Trail
195014260Our Very Own
195014262The Golden Gloves Story
194714263Addio Mimí!
195014264Guilty of Treason
195014268The Miniver Story
195014269Stage Fright
195114272Double Crossbones
195014274Once a Thief
195014276The Kid From Gower Gulch
195014277Outside the Wall
195014278Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey
195014279The Underworld Story
195014280Fence Riders
195014285Mystery Street
195014286The Reformer and the Redhead
195014287Radar Secret Service
195114289Three Arabian Nuts
195014290The Girl From San Lorenzo
195014291Never a Dull Moment
195014292Killer Shark
195014293Annie Get Your Gun
195014296The Boy From Indiana
195714297Jet Pilot
195014298Guilty Bystander
195014299Federal Agent at Large
195014300Blonde Dynamite
195014301It's a Small World
195014302Code of the Silver Sage
195014303Trigger, Jr.
195014304Mr. Music
195014305September Affair
195014306I Was a Shoplifter
195214308At Sword's Point
195014310The Lawless
195014311The Big Lift
195014312My Blue Heaven
195014313Panic in the Streets
195014314Wagon Master
195114315Gerald McBoing-Boing
195014317The Vicious Years
195014319The Happy Years
195014320Crooked River
195014321Colorado Ranger
195014322Marshal of Heldorado
195014323Hostile Country
195014324West of the Brazos
195014325Fast on the Draw
195014326The Skipper Surprised His Wife
194914327Murder at the Windmill
195014328Square Dance Katy
195014329Tales of the West #4
194814330Good-Time Girl
195014330The Second Woman
195014333The Baron of Arizona
195014335Western Pacific Agent
195014337Where Danger Lives
195014338Armored Car Robbery
195014343The Furies
195114344Storm Warning
195014345Bright Leaf
195014346Pretty Baby
195014347Colt .45
195114350Baby Sitters Jitters
195014352So You Want to Hold Your Husband
195014353So You Want to Move
195014354Harbor of Missing Men
195014357The Asphalt Jungle
195014358Father Makes Good
195114359Droopy's Good Deed
195014376The Sleeping City
195014377Edge of Doom
195014378The Admiral Was a Lady
195014382The Showdown
195014383The Vanishing Westerner
195014384Jungle Stampede
195014386Beyond the Purple Hills
195014387Destination Murder
195014388Prelude to Fame
195014394Customs Agent
195014396The Fuller Brush Girl
195014397Rookie Fireman
195014398David Harding, Counterspy
195014401Women from Headquarters
195014404Over the Border
195014405State Penitentiary
195014406Square Dance Katy
195114408Ballot Box Bunny
195214409Foxy by Proxy
195114410Tweet Tweet Tweety
195214411Operation: Rabbit
195114412His Hare Raising Tale
195214413Water, Water Every Hare
195114414Drip-Along Daffy
195114415The Prize Pest
194714416Sepia Cinderella
195114416Sleepy Time Possum
195114417Big Top Bunny
195014417Buccaneer's Girl
195214418Who's Kitten Who?
195014419Everybody's Dancin'
195014420Gambling House
194814421La Leggenda di Faust
195014422Bunco Squad
195014423One Way Street
195014425Hills of Oklahoma
195014426A Modern Marriage
195114427Jerry's Cousin
195014428Salt Lake Raiders
195014430Duchess of Idaho
195014432Destination Moon
195014433The Golden Twenties
195014434Jiggs and Maggie Out West
195014435The Torch
195014437Outrage (I)
195014438The Kangaroo Kid
195014439Father of the Bride
195014440High Lonesome
195014441Destination Big House
195114442Payment on Demand
195014443Three Little Words
195014445Operation Haylift
195014447711 Ocean Drive
195114448The Company She Keeps
195114452Lightning Strikes Twice
195014455Texas Dynamo
195014457The Next Voice You Hear...
195014458Where the Sidewalk Ends
195014459I'll Get by
195014460Savage Africa
195114461A Place in the Sun
195014462Union Station
195014463Lucky Losers
195014465A Lady Without Passport
195014466The Jackie Robinson Story
195014467Brooklyn Buckaroos
195114468Scrambled Brains
195014469Motor Patrol
195014470Rocketship X-M
195014475Comanche Territory
195014476My Friend Irma Goes West
195114477Tomorrow We Diet!
195114478Two Lost Worlds
195014479Timber Fury
195014481Right Cross
195014483Trial Without Jury
195014484Covered Wagon Raid
195114485Symphony in Slang
195114486Sleepy-Time Tom
194814488The Winslow Boy
195014489Federal Man
195014490He's a Cockeyed Wonder
195014491On the Isle of Samoa
195014492Streets of Ghost Town
195114493The Brave Bulls
195014494Last of the Buccaneers
195114495Gene Autry and The Mounties
195114498Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm
195014499King Solomon's Mines
195014502Sunset in the West
195014504The Toast of New Orleans
195014505Wrong Way Butch
195014506Six Gun Mesa
195214508On Dangerous Ground
195114510Camera Sleuth
194914513The Interrupted Journey
195014515Summer Stock
195014516The Fireball
195214517Japanese War Bride
195014517Spy Hunt
195014521The Breaking Point
195014522Tea for Two
195014523The Old Frontier
195114525Three Husbands
195014526Harriet Craig
195014527Stage to Tucson
195014528Emergency Wedding
195014529Across the Badlands
195014530Indian Territory
195114533His Kind of Woman
195014537A Life of Her Own
195114538Cold War
195014540Dial 1119
195014541Mister 880
195014542American Guerrilla in the Philippines
195014543Two Flags West
195014544All About Eve
195014547Saddle Tramp
195214560Going! Going! Gosh!
195014561County Fair
195014567California Passage
195014568Lonely Heart Bandits
195014571Experiment Alcatraz
195014575Hunt the Man Down
195014576Vigilante Hideout
195114580His Mouse Friday
195114583Home Town Story
195014584Snow Dog
195014587Call of the Klondike
195114587The Prowler
195014590Triple Trouble
195014592Dark City
195114593The Scarf
195014594Rio Grande Patrol
195014595The Desert Hawk
195114596Three Steps North
195014597Fifty Years Before Your Eyes
195014598The Second Face
195214599Feed the Kitty
195214600Little Beau Pepé
195214601Gift Wrapped
195214602Beep, Beep
195214603Cracked Quack
195214604Little Red Rodent Hood
195214605Ain't She Tweet
195014606The Clouded Yellow
195214608Sock a Doodle Do
195214609Kiddin' the Kitten
195114610The Redhead and the Cowboy
195114611The Mating Season
195014614Prisoners In Petticoats
195014615When You're Smiling
195114616Al Jennings of Oklahoma
195114618Mask of the Avenger
195014620Lightning Guns
195114621A Bone for a Bone
195014621Chain Gang
195114622Santa Fe
195114623Saturday's Hero
195014626Halls of Montezuma
195114627I'd Climb the Highest Mountain
195014628The Mudlark
195014629Arizona Territory
195114630The Whip Hand
195214631The Narrow Margin
195014639I Shot Billy the Kid
195014641Border Rangers
195014642Train to Tombstone
195114643Don't Throw That Knife
195114644Merry Mavericks
195114645Cat Napping
195014646Winchester '73
195014647I Killed Geronimo
195014648Two Weeks with Love
195014650North of the Great Divide
195014651Frisco Tornado
195114652Cause for Alarm
195014654Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion
195014656The Return of Jesse James
195014657Holiday Rhythm
195114659Happy Go Lovely
195014661Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
195214664The Pace That Thrills
195114666Law of the Badlands
195114680Nit-Witty Kitty
195114682Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.
195014684Rocky Mountain
195014685The Jackpot
195014686For Heaven's Sake
195114687Fourteen Hours
195014689Woman on the Run
195014690Wyoming Mail
195014695The Man Who Cheated Himself
195014696I'll Get You for This
195114697Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
195114699New Mexico
195014704Pagan Love Song
195014707The Daltons' Women
195014708King of the Bullwhip
195114709Under the Gun
195014710Big Timber
195014711Watch the Birdie
195014712State Secret
195014713Raiders of Tomahawk Creek
195114715Fury of the Congo
195114717Saddle Legion
195114718Footlight Varieties
195114722Call Me Mister
195114723Half Angel
195114724The First Legion
195014726Cyrano de Bergerac
195114727Hard, Fast and Beautiful
195014728Double Deal
195014730Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone
195114733The Great Missouri Raid
195014734Blues Busters
195114734Oh! Susanna
195014735Hit Parade of 1951
195114736Lorna Doone
195014737To Please a Lady
195114738Cry Danger
195114739Best of the Badmen
195014740Trail of Robin Hood
195114741The Adventurers
195114742The Dark Man
195114745Raton Pass
195114746Only the Valiant
195114747The Enforcer
195014748The Woman in Question
195114749R'coon Dawg
195314750Born to the Saddle
195114750Droopy's Double Trouble
195114751The Painted Hills
195114752Grounds for Marriage
195014755Law of the Panhandle
195014757Rustlers on Horseback
195014757The Sound of Fury
195014759Flying Disc Man from Mars
195114761Jungle Headhunters
195014762Kansas Raiders
195114763Vengeance Valley
195114765Katie Did It
195014767Highly Dangerous
195014769La Strada buia
195114770It's a Big Country
195114772Ace in the Hole
195114774The Lemon Drop Kid
195014777Under Mexicali Stars
195014778Your Witness
195014779Born Yesterday
195014780Southside 1-1000
195114781Sealed Cargo
195114783Smuggler's Island
195014785Highway 301
195014785Hot Rod
195014787The Magnificent Yankee
195114791Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 1: Indian Attack
195114792Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 2: Captured by Redskins
195114793Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 3: Trapped by Outlaws
195114794Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 4: In the Baron's Stronghold
195114795Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 5: A Ride for Life
195114796Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 6: White Indians
195114797Bowery Battalion
195114797Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 7: Fumes of Fate
195114798Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 8: Midnight Marauders
195114799Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 9: Raid on the Pay Train
195114800Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 10: Trapped on a Trestle
195114801Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 11: Redskins' Revenge
195114802Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 12: Plunge of Peril
195114803Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 13: The Law Takes Over
195114804Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 14: When Killer Meet
195114805Roar of the Iron Horse [Chapter 15: The End of the Trail
195014809The Missourians
195114810The House on Telegraph Hill
195114811Bird of Paradise
195114812Fuddy Duddy Buddy
195114814Cattle Queen
195014815Prehistoric Women
195114817Passage West
195014818Cherokee Uprising
195014818Short Grass
195114820The Groom Wore Spurs
195014821Outlaws of Texas
195014822Rio Grande
195014823The Tougher They Come
195114824Rogue River
195114825Abilene Trail
195114827The Fat Man
195114828Spoilers of the Plains
195114829Slicked-up Pup
195014831Revenue Agent
195114832Prairie Roundup
195114833Mr. Imperium
195114834Three Guys Named Mike
195014836Border Outlaws
195214841The Flying Cat
195114842Tom Brown's Schooldays
195214847Orange Blossoms for Violet
195014849Her Favorite Husband
195014852Undercover Girl
195114853When the Redskins Rode
195114854The Texas Rangers
195114855Texans Never Cry
195114856Her First Romance
195114857Flame of Stamboul
195114858Ridin' the Outlaw Trail
195114859Fort Savage Raiders
195214860A Missed Fortune
195114863On the Riviera
195114864No Highway
195114865The 13th Letter
195114868Puny Express
195114871A Streetcar Named Desire
195114872Jim Thorpe -- All-American
195114873Goodbye, My Fancy
195114874Operation Pacific
195114875Lullaby of Broadway
195114877Sleep Happy
195114878Blue Blood
195114879Pardon My French
195114882Apache Drums
195114883The Sword of Monte Cristo
195114885Car of Tomorrow
195114888Skipalong Rosenbloom
195014889Outlaw Gold
195014895One Too Many
195114897Royal Wedding
195114898An American in Paris
195014899The Bandit Queen
195114900Three Desperate Men
195114901The Steel Helmet
195114905Mr. Universe
195014907Father's Wild Game
195114908Colorado Ambush
195214909The Wild North
195114910The Pride of Maryland
195114911Bargain Madness
195114912Across the Wide Missouri
195114914Montana Desperado
195114915Of Men and Music
195014916Mystery Submarine
195114917Follow the Sun
195114918I Can Get It for You Wholesale
195114919Take Care of My Little Girl
195114920Decision Before Dawn
195114921You're in the Navy Now
195114923Rough Riders of Durango
195114924Bedtime for Bonzo
195114925The Thing From Another World
195114927The Great Caruso
195114928Inside Straight
195114929Fathers Are People
195114931The Prince Who Was a Thief
195114932Bright Victory
195114933Gasoline Alley
195114934Cavalry Scout
195214936The Duck Doctor
195114937The Red Badge of Courage
195114938Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas
195114939Belle Le Grand
195114940Heart of the Rockies
195114942Two Tickets to Broadway
195114945Along the Great Divide
195114946Strangers on a Train
195114947Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison
195114951Mysterious Island [Chapter 1: Lost in Space]
195114952Mysterious Island [Chapter 2: Sinister Savage]
195114953Mysterious Island [Chapter 3: Savage Justice]
195114954Mysterious Island [Chapter 4: Wild Man at Large]
195114955Mysterious Island [Chapter 5: Trail of the Mystery]
195114956Mysterious Island [Chapter 6: The Pirates Attack]
195114957Mysterious Island [Chapter 7: Menace of the Mercurians]
195114958Mysterious Island [Chapter 8: Between Two Fires]
195114959Mysterious Island [Chapter 9: Shrine of the Silver Bird]
195114960Mysterious Island [Chapter 10: Fighting Fury]
195114961Mysterious Island [Chapter 11: Desperate Chances]
195114962Mysterious Island [Chapter 12: Mystery of the Mine]
195114963Mysterious Island [Chapter 13: Jungle Dreadfall]
195114964Mysterious Island [Chapter 14: Men from Tomorrow]
195114965Mysterious Island [Chapter 15: The Last of Mysterious Island]
195114966My Outlaw Brother
195114968Silver City Bonanza
195114969Pistol Harvest
195114970Father's Little Dividend
195114971The Last Outpost
195214972A Bird in a Guilty Cage
195314973Snow Business
195214973Tree for Two
195214976Oily Hare
195214977The Turn-Tale Wolf
195214979The Super Snooper
195214981The Hasty Hare
195214984Rabbit Seasoning
195214985Smitten Kitten
195214986One Cab's Family
195314987The Big Break
195114988Navy Bound
195114989Dear Brat
195114990Drums in the Deep South
195114993The Tooth Will Out
195114994Flying Leathernecks
195114995Calling Bulldog Drummond
195114999The Girl on the Bridge
195315000Cobs and Robbers
195115001Go for Broke!
195115002Target Unknown
195115003Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man
195115004The Lady and the Bandit
195115005The Barefoot Mailman
195115006Two of a Kind
195115007Smuggler's Gold
195115008My True Story
195115009Snake River Desperadoes
195115010Bonanza Town
195115011Hurricane Island
195115012Silver Canyon
195115013A Yank in Korea
195115014The Harlem Globetrotters
195115015Circle of Danger
195115016Man From Sonora
195115017Missing Women
195115019Cuban Fireball
195115021The Vanishing Outpost
195215022The Frontier Phantom
195215023The Black Lash
195115025Tokyo File 212
195115027The Browning Version
195115028The Guy Who Came Back
195115029David and Bathsheba
195115030The Frogmen
195115033Hotel Sahara
195115034Soldiers Three
195115035Night Riders of Montana
195115036Mark of the Renegade
195115038Slingshot 6-7/8
195115039Rhythm Inn
195115040Up Front
195115041Mask of the Dragon
195115042Fingerprints Don't Lie
195115047According to Mrs. Hoyle
195215051Triplet Trouble
195115052Queen for a Day
195215053The Wild Heart (I)
195115054Insurance Investigator
195115054The Lavender Hill Mob
195115055He Ran All the Way
195115057Red Mountain
195115058Where No Vultures Fly
195115059Excuse My Dust
195115060Stop That Cab
195115063Tarzan's Peril
195115064Criminal Lawyer
195115066Bullfighter and the Lady
195115068That's My Boy
195115069The Magic Face
195215071Pete Hothead
195115072Air Cadet
195115073The Man From Planet X
195115074Gold Raiders
195115076Pest Man Wins
195215080Sound Off
195015082The Happiest Days of Your Life
195115083As Young as You Feel
195115084Meet Me After the Show
195115085Never Trust a Gambler
195115086Sunny Side of the Street
195115088The Magic Carpet
195115090The Dakota Kid
195115091Darling, How Could You!
195115092Badman's Gold
195115093Hot Lead
195115094Night Into Morning
195115095The Lion Hunters
195115096The Man in the White Suit
195115098On the Loose
195115099Fighting Coast Guard
195115100Thunder in God's Country
195215101Little Runaway
195115102Unknown World
195115104Hollywood Story
195115106No Questions Asked
195115107From Rogues to Riches
195115108In Old Amarillo
195115109Wells Fargo Gunmaster
195015110Into the Blue
195115111Blazing Bullets
195115112Alice in Wonderland
195115113The Secret of Convict Lake
195115114The House in the Square
195115115The Whistle at Eaton Falls
195115116When I Grow Up
195315118Jungle Drums of Africa
195115118Show Boat
195215119Love Is Better Than Ever
195115121Fort Worth
195115122Tomorrow Is Another Day
195115123On Moonlight Bay
195115124I Was a Communist for the FBI
195115125Painting the Clouds with Sunshine
195115130The Tall Target
195115131Thunder on the Hill
195115132I Was an American Spy
195115133Cattle Drive
195115134Little Egypt
195115136Kind Lady
194715137The Courtneys of Curzon Street
195115138The Well
195115139Rich, Young and Pretty
195115141Ghost Chasers
195115144Pier 23
195115145Roaring City
195115146Danger Zone
195215147Androcles and the Lion
195115150Flesh & Blood
195115152The Redwood Sap
195215154Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair
195115155Fort Defiance
195115156Nevada Badmen
194815157Hometown Girl
195115159Two Gals and a Guy
195115160Canyon Raiders
195115162The Golden Horde
195115163Francis Goes to the Races
195115165Quo Vadis
195215168Flaming Feather
195115171Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 1: Journey Into Space]
195115172Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 2: Menace of Atoma!
195115173Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 3: Captain Video's Peril!
195115174Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 4: Entombed in Ice!
195115175Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 5: Flames of Atoma!
195115176Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 6: Astray in the Stratosphere
195115177Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 7: Blasted by the Atomic Eye
195115178Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 8: Invisible Menace!
195115179Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 9: Video Springs a Trap
195115180Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 10: Menace of the Mystery Metal
195115181Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 11: Weapon of Destruction
195115182Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 12: Robot Rocket!
195115183Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 13: Mystery of Station X
195115184Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 14: Vengeance of Vultura
195115185Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere [Chapter 15: Video VS. Vultura
195215188Face to Face
195315189Don't Give Up the Sheep
195315190Kiss Me Cat
195315191Duck Amuck
195315192Ant Pasted
195315193A Mouse Divided
195115194Anne of the Indies
195315195Down Among the Sheltering Palms
195115200Million Dollar Pursuit
195215201Fit to Be Tied
195115203The Mob
195115204China Corsair
195115205The Big Gusher
195115206The Son of Dr. Jekyll
195115207Cyclone Fury
195115215Nature's Half Acre
195115216The Strip
195115217The Unknown Man
195115218Casa Manana
195215219The Half-Breed
195115220Comin' Round the Mountain
195115221Iron Man
195115222Here Comes the Groom
195115223When Worlds Collide
195115224Submarine Command
195215225Storm Over Tibet
195115226Secrets of Monte Carlo
195115227Havana Rose
195115228The Law and the Lady
195315229Bully for Bugs
195115229The Family Secret
195115230A Millionaire for Christy
195115231Behave Yourself!
195115232Kentucky Jubilee
195215235Red Snow
195215236The Stooge
195315241Muscle Tussle
195215242Fool Coverage
195215243The EGGcited Rooster
195315244Flame of Calcutta
195115245Cold Turkey
195115246Get Rich Quick
195115247South of Caliente
195115248Rodeo King and the Senorita
195115249Little Big Horn
195215251Push-Button Kitty
195115252The Blue Veil
195115253The Racket
195215254The Lady Says No
195115256The Late Edwina Black
195115257Another Man's Poison
195115258A Tale of Five Cities
195215258The Dog Snatcher
195115259Peking Express
195215260Lady Possessed
195115261Arizona Manhunt
195115263The Hoodlum
195115264My Favorite Spy
195115265Father Takes the Air
195115267Destination Meatball
195115269Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell
195115270People Will Talk
195115271The Day the Earth Stood Still
195115272The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel
195115273Slaughter Trail
195115274Texas Carnival
195115276Savage Drums
195115279Force of Arms
195115280Distant Drums
195115281The Two Mouseketeers
195215282The Las Vegas Story
195115284G.I. Jane
195215285Woman in the Dark
195115287Mister Drake's Duck
195115288Strictly Dishonorable
195115289Fort Dodge Stampede
195115290The Highwayman
195115295Yukon Manhunt
195215296Indian Uprising
195115297The Hills of Utah
195115298Man in the Saddle
195115299Yes Sir, Mr. Bones
195115300Detective Story
195115301Rooty Toot Toot
195115302The Raging Tide
195115306Two Dollar Bettor
195115307The Basketball Fix
195115308Love Nest
195115309Golden Girl
195115310Let's Make It Legal
195115313Lost Continent
195215314The Light Touch
195115316Journey Into Light
195115317The Lady from Texas
195115318Stagecoach Driver
195115321The People Against O'Hara
195115322Varieties on Parade
195115323The Wild Blue Yonder
195115324Close to My Heart
195215325Bugles in the Afternoon
195115327Come Fill the Cup
195115328The Tanks Are Coming
195215329Stop Look and Laugh
195215331Rancho Notorious
195015332Lilli Marlene
195115335Wanted: Dead or Alive
195215336Hong Kong
195115339The Sea Hornet
195215341Shadow in the Sky
195215343His Excellency
195115344Cave of Outlaws
195215345Viva Zapata!
195115346The Model and the Marriage Broker
195115347You Never Can Tell
195215348Aladdin and His Lamp
195115348Flight to Mars
195115349Oklahoma Justice
195115350Angels in the Outfield
195215351Saturday Island
195115352Let's Go Navy!
195215353A Girl in Every Port
195115354Appointment with Venus
195115356Disc Jockey
195115356Ten Tall Men
195115357The Man with a Cloak
195115358Westward the Women
195215361Jack and the Beanstalk
195115362Silver City
195115363Pals of the Golden West
195115364Street Bandits
195115365The Lady Pays Off
195115366Overland Telegraph
195115369Utah Wagon Train
195115370Whispering Smith Hits London
195215371The Dog House
195115373Too Young to Kiss
195215374Lydia Bailey
195215375With a Song in My Heart
195115376Flame of Araby
195215377Chicago Calling
195115378Chain of Circumstance
195115379Corky of Gasoline Alley
195115381The Kid from Amarillo
195115383Purple Heart Diary
195215384Jungle Jim In the Forbidden Land
195215385Boots Malone
195215387The First Time (I)
195215388Gents in a Jam
195115389Leave It to the Marines
195115390Sky High
195215392Lone Star
195115393Callaway Went Thataway
195115394Adventures of Captain Fabian
195115395Superman and the Mole-Men
195115399Reunion in Reno
195115400Desert of Lost Men
195215405Scandal Sheet
195115406The Big Night
195215407Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick
195215408Red Skies of Montana
195115409The Strange Door
195215411Beware, My Lovely
195315413Heir Bear
195215414Thunder in the East
195115416The Longhorn
195215418Finders Keepers
195215420Cruise Cat
195315425Upswept Hare
195215427The Crimson Pirate
195215428Where's Charley?
195115430Joe Palooka in Triple Cross
195115431Yellow Fin
195215432The Last Page
195215433The Cimarron Kid
195115434Pecos River
195215435Smoky Canyon
195115436Valley of Fire
195215437Thief of Damascus
195215440The Greatest Show on Earth
195115443Fixed Bayonets!
195215444The Savage
195115445Week-End with Father
195215446The Olympic Elk
195215447The Big Sky
195215448Trail Guide
195215449Carson City
195215450The Big Trees
195115451I'll See You in My Dreams
195215452Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory
195215453The Green Glove
195215454Man's Best Friend
195215455Father's Lion
195215456The Treasure of Lost Canyon
195215457One Minute to Zero
195215458Just This Once
195315459Forward March Hare
195315460Much Ado About Nutting
195315461Fowl Weather
195315462Wild Over You
195315463Southern Fried Rabbit
195315464Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century
195315465Hare Trimmed
195315466Tom Tom Tomcat
195315467A Street Cat Named Sylvester
195215468Oklahoma Annie
195215469Fort Osage
195115471As You Were
195115472Bride of the Gorilla
195115473Bee on Guard
195215474Rabbit's Kin
195315475A Peck o' Trouble
195215476Rose of Cimarron
195215477The Battle at Apache Pass
195215478The Steel Fist
195115482Meet Danny Wilson
195115483Elephant Stampede
195215484The Sellout
195115485FBI Girl
195215486Denver and Rio Grande
195115487Challenge the Wilderness
195215488The Pride of St. Louis
1952154895 Fingers
195215490Belles on Their Toes
195215491Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
195215492Phone Call from a Stranger
195215493Captive Women
195115495I Want You
195215498Captain Pirate
195215499Cripple Creek
195215500The Brigand
195215501California Conquest
195215502Brave Warrior
195215503The Old West
195115504Whistling Hills
195215506The Blazing Forest
195315508Captain Scarlett
195215510The Belle of New York
195215511Singin' in the Rain
195215513One Big Affair
195215514Anything Can Happen (I)
195215523The Hawk of Wild River
195315524Thy Neighbor's Wife
195215526When in Rome
195215527Talk About a Stranger
195215528Captive of Billy the Kid
195215529The Quiet Man
195215531Lambert the Sheepish Lion
195115533Northwest Territory
195215534Hello Aloha
195215535Donald Applecore
195215536Colorado Sundown
195215537Two Chips and a Miss
195115538Lawless Cowboys
195215539Return of the Texan
195115540Tales of Robin Hood
195215541Stage Hoax
195215542Let's Stick Together
195315545The Missing Mouse
195115546Crazy Over Horses
195215548The Card
195115550Texas Lawmen
195215552Three for Bedroom C
195215554Penny Princess
195215555Radar Men From the Moon
195215556Here Come the Nelsons
195315557Mesa of Lost Women
195215558The Last Musketeer
195215559For Men Only
195215560Room for One More
195215561About Face
195215562The Lion and the Horse
195215563Retreat, Hell!
195215564She's Working Her Way Through College
195215565This Woman Is Dangerous
195215569The Marrying Kind
195215570Montana Territory
195215571The Golden Hawk
195215572My Six Convicts
195115573Death of a Salesman
195215574The Four Poster
195215575The Sniper
195215576Night Stage to Galveston
195315578Punch Trunk
195115589Night Without Stars
195215596Son of Ali Baba
195215597Bronco Buster
195215599Clash by Night
195215600No Time for Flowers
195215601Bend of the River
195215603The Bushwhackers
195215604Road Agent
195215605Sailor Beware
195215607Hoodlum Empire
195315608Zipping Along
195215609Listen, Judge
195215610Actor's and Sin
195115611The African Queen
195315612The I Don't Care Girl
195315613The Girl Next Door
195215614Diplomatic Courier
195215615Way of a Gaucho
195315616Of Rice and Hen
195315617Plop Goes the Weasel
195315618Cat-Tails for Two
195315619Catty Cornered
195415620Dog Pounded
195315622There Auto Be a Law
195215624Tarzan's Savage Fury
195215625Two Gun Goofy
195115627The Browning Version
195215629Teachers Are People
195215630The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men
195215631Skirts Ahoy!
195215635Somebody Loves Me
195215637Young Man with Ideas
195215638Night Raiders
195215639Hold That Line
195315640Jerry and Jumbo
195215643Geisha Girl
195315644Ancient Cures
195215647Harem Girl
195215648Laramie Mountains
195215649The Fabulous Senorita
195215650Leadville Gunslinger
195215650Trick or Treat
195215651Pluto's Party
195215653High Noon
195315654Wee-Willie Wildcat
195215656Cruise of the Zaca
195215659So You Want to Go to a Convention
195215660So You Never Tell a Lie
195215663The Outcasts of Poker Flat
195215664Deadline - U.S.A.
195215666Without Warning!
195215668Desert Pursuit
195115669Chained for Life
195215670Lady in the Iron Mask
195215671The World in His Arms
195215672Steel Town
195215680Desert Passage
195215680Zombies of the Stratosphere
195215681Wagons West
195215682The Jungle
195215683The Merry Widow
195215684Border Saddlemates
195215685The San Francisco Story
195215686The Lost Hours
195215687Confidence Girl
195315688Francis Covers the Big Town
195215689Has Anybody Seen My Gal
195315692Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation
195215693Wings of Danger
195315694Just Ducky
195215695Son of Paleface
195215697Flesh and Fury
195215700My Son John
195315701Sword of Venus
195215703Lure of the Wilderness
195215704We're Not Married!
195215705Don't Bother to Knock
195215706What Price Glory
195215707The Little House
195215707The Turning Point
195215708A Yank in Indo-China
195315709Last of the Comanches
195215710Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder
195215711Apache Country
195215712The Lusty Men
195215713He Cooked His Goose
195215714The Girl in White
195215715Walk East on Beacon!
195315718Half-Pint Palomino
195215719Woman of the North Country
195215720Wild Horse Ambush
195215721Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom [Chapter 1: Distress Call from Space!]
195215736Gobs and Gals
195215737Bal Tabarin
195215738The Atomic City
195215740Stolen Face
195215741Glory Alley
195215743The Fighter
195215744Wild Stallion
195215745Outlaw Women
195315750San Antone
195315753A Perilous Journey
195215754Lovely to Look at
195215755Mara Maru
195315756The Man Behind the Gun
195215757The Winning Team
195215758Scalp Treatment
195215760Dead Man's Trail
195215761The Rough, Tough West
195215762Junction City
195215763Barbed Wire
195215765Jet Job
195215766Untamed Women
195215767The Hour of 13
195315770Woman They Almost Lynched
195315776The Twonky
195215778Carbine Williams
195215779The Captive City
195215780The Importance of Being Earnest
195215780Thundering Caravans
195215781Scarlet Angel
195215782Lost in Alaska
195215783The Duel at Silver Creek
195215787Here Come the Marines
195215789Babes in Bagdad
195215791The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima
195215792The Story of Will Rogers
195215793Operation Secret
195215797I Dream of Jeanie
195215798Just for You
195215799Jumping Jacks
195215800Black Hills Ambush
195215801Red Planet Mars
195215803Holiday for Sinners
195215804Les Miserables
195315806Treasure of the Golden Condor
195215807The Snows of Kilimanjaro
195215808Kid Monk Baroni
195215809Untamed Frontier
195215810Water Birds
195215811Park Row
195315812That's My Pup!
195215813Models, Inc.
195215817Meet Me Tonight
195215818The Planter's Wife
195215819Pat and Mike
195215820Assignment: Paris
195315821Prince of Pirates
195215822Affair in Trinidad
195215823The Happy Time
195315824Up in Daisy's Penthouse
195215826No Room for the Groom
195415827Dr. Jerkyl's Hide
195415828I Gopher You
195315829Robot Rabbit
195415830Captain Hareblower
195215831Venetian Bird
195215832Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd
195215833Washington Story
195215835Loan Shark
195215837Francis Goes to West Point
195215838Against All Flags
195415839Feline Frame-up
195415840No Barking
195315841Duck! Rabbit, Duck!
195415842The Cats Bah
195215845African Treasure
195215848How to Be a Detective
195215849The Ring
195215851Curtain Up
195215853The Gentle Gunman
195315854Cats A-Weigh!
195215856Old Oklahoma Plains
195415857The Impossible Possum
195315858Two Little Indians
195415860The Outlaw Stallion
195215861Because You're Mine
195215862Monkey Business
195215863Pony Soldier
195215864Come Back, Little Sheba
195215865Sudden Fear
195315866Stalag 17
195315867Botany Bay
195215868Hurricane Smith
195315869Off Limits
195215871Fearless Fagan
195215872Just Across the Street
195315873Tropic Zone
195215874Sally and Saint Anne
195215876April in Paris
195215877The Iron Mistress
195215879Toughest Man in Arizona
195215880Million Dollar Mermaid
195215881Stars and Stripes Forever
195215882Night Without Sleep
195215883My Wife's Best Friend
195315884The Glass Wall
195215885Eight Iron Men
195215888Arctic Flight
195615892Her Honor, the Nurse
195215899Invasion USA
195015900Kind der Donau
195215901Feudin' Fools
195315902Port Sinister
195215904Strange Fascination
195215905Ride the Man Down
195215906Last Train From Bombay
195215926Horizons West
195315928The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.
195215929Above and Beyond
195215930You for Me
195215931Yankee Buccaneer
195415932Challenge the Wild
195215933Army Bound
195115934Jungle Manhunt
195315935Easy Peckin's
195315936Tonight We Sing
195215937Bloodhounds of Broadway
195215939My Pal Gus
195215940The Pickwick Papers
195215941The Rose Bowl Story
195415944She Couldn't Say No
195215945Wagon Team
195415946Bird-Brain Bird Dog
195315947Life with Tom
195215955It Grows on Trees
195215956The Raiders
195215957The Black Castle
195215960The Kid From Broken Gun
195215961Blue Canadian Rockies
195315962Jack McCall Desperado
195215963The Pathfinder
195215964Hangman's Knot
195215965Plymouth Adventure
195215966The WAC from Walla Walla
195215968The Maverick
195215971Hans Christian Andersen
195215972Something Money Can't Buy
195215974My Man and I
195315975Rogue's March
195215976Blackbeard, the Pirate
195215977The Devil Makes Three
195215979The Prisoner of Zenda
195215980Sky Full of Moon
195315982Prowlers of the Everglades
195215983Everything I Have Is Yours
195515984Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki
195215986Horizons West
195315989The Farmer Takes a Wife
195215992Flat Top
195215993Angel Face
195215994Tropical Heat Wave
195315995Father's Day Off
195415996Posse Cat
195315997Little Johnny Jet
195115998Abenteuer im roten Meer
195315999The Hitch-Hiker
195216001Desperadoes' Outpost
195216005Springfield Rifle
195316006The Desert Song
195216007Full House (I)
195216009Road to Bali
195316010Scared Stiff
195316011The War of the Worlds
195216012Yukon Gold
195316014Son of the Renegade
195216015Montana Incident
195316016The Master of Ballantrae
195216017The Bad and the Beautiful
195216018Sea Tiger
195216019South Pacific Trail
195216020Bonzo Goes to College
195216021The Gambler and the Lady
195216022Back at the Front
195316023Affair with a Stranger
195316029Tricky Dicks
195316030The Lady Wants Mink
195316031Fair Wind to Java
195216032Stop, You're Killing Me
195216033The Jazz Singer
195316034The Eddie Cantor Story
195316035She's Back on Broadway
195316036I Confess
195316038Problem Girls
195216039Apache War Smoke
195216040Because of You
195316041The Lawless Breed
195216042The Steel Trap
195316043Time Bomb
195316044Bear Country
195316045Target Hong Kong
195316046All Ashore
195216047The Member of the Wedding
195316048Savage Mutiny
195216049Voodoo Tiger
195316051Winning of the West
195216052Ruby Gentry
195216053Desperate Search
195316054Sea Devils
195316055Four Sided Triangle
195316056The Lawless Breed
195216057Big Jim McLain
195216058Canyon Ambush
195216059Torpedo Alley
195316060Powder River
195216061My Cousin Rachel
195316063Destination Gobi
195216064Bwana Devil
195316065Peter Pan
195216066The Thief
195316067The Naked Spur
195216069Wyoming Roundup
195316073The Unicorn in the Garden
195316074Meet Me at the Fair
195316075Savage Frontier
195316079The Stars Are Singing
195216081Mr. Walkie Talkie
195216082Kansas City Confidential
195316083Small Town Girl
195416084His Majesty O'Keefe
195316085By the Light of the Silvery Moon
195316086Thunder Over the Plains
195316087The Vanquished (I)
195316088The Story of Three Loves
195316089The Girl Who Had Everything
195216090Three Dark Horses
195216091Battle Zone
195316092I Love Melvin
195316093The Girls of Pleasure Island
195316094Tangier Incident
195316095Confidentially Connie
195316096City Beneath the Sea
195416098Hic-cup Pup
195216099Lady in the Fog
195216102No Holds Barred
195316103The Mississippi Gambler
195316104Pony Express
195316105Ambush at Tomahawk Gap
195316106The Wild One
195316107Serpent of the Nile
195316108On Top of Old Smoky
195316111The Red Beret
195416112Little School Mouse
195416113Drag-A-Long Droopy
195316114Roman Holiday
195316115The Silver Whip
195316116The Glory Brigade
195316117Call Me Madam
195316122Cry of the Hunted
195316124The Redhead From Wyoming
195316125South of Algiers
195316126Jamaica Run
195416128Wild Wife
195416129Design for Leaving
195416130Bell Hoppy
195416131Little Boy Boo
195416131Satan's Waitin'
195416132Muzzle Tough
195316133Fort Vengeance
195416134Goo Goo Goliath
195416135Bugs and Thugs
195516136Pests for Guests
195416137Quack Shot
195516138Pizzicato Pussycat
195316141Cow Country
195316142Man on a Tightrope
195316143The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
195316144Kansas Pacific
195416146Claws for Alarm
195416147Lumber Jack-Rabbit
195416148Gone Batty
195516149Lumber Jerks
195416149Stop! Look! and Hasten!
195316150From A to Z-Z-Z-Z
195416151The Oily American
195416152My Little Duckaroo
195416153No Parking Hare
195316155Desert Legion
195216156Moulin Rouge
195316157Ride, Vaquero!
195316159Lone Hand
195316161Column South
195316162The Bandits of Corsica
195316164Marshal of Cedar Rock
195316165Sweethearts on Parade
195316166Old Overland Trail
195216167Johann Mouse
195216169Cattle Town
195316170Trouble Along the Way
195416171Bewitched Bunny
195316172Bubble Trouble
195316175Battle Circus
195316176Bright Road
195316177Scandal at Scourie
195316183Fort Vengeance
195316185Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue
195316194One Girl's Confession
195216196The Man Who Watched Trains Go By
195316197Pickup on South Street
195316198The President's Lady
195416199By Word of Mouse
195316200Never Wave at a WAC
195316210The Clown
195316211The Sea Around Us
195216212Bomba and the Jungle Girl
195316216Tarzan and the She-Devil
195316217Split Second
195316220Son of Belle Starr
195316222The Sun Shines Bright
195316224White Witch Doctor
195316225The Marksman
195316226Star of Texas
195316228Invaders from Mars
195316229Code Two
195316230Dangerous When Wet
195316232The Magnetic Monster
195316234Never Let Me Go
195316235Decameron Nights
195316236Goldtown Ghost Riders
195316237Goof on the Roof
195316238Julius Caesar
195316239Abbott and Costello Go to Mars
195316239White Lightning
195316240Law and Order
195316242Remains to Be Seen
195316243The Desert Rats
195316244Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
195316245The Tall Texan
195316246Fangs of the Arctic
195316248Below the Sahara
195216249Who Goes There!
195316250The Flanagan Boy
195316266City of Bad Men
195316267Girls in the Night
195316268Guerrilla Girl
195316269Count the Hours
195316270Let's Do It Again
195316271Mission Over Korea
195316272The Last Posse
195316273Siren of Bagdad
195016273The Magnet
195316275Pack Train
195316277The Juggler
195316278T.V. of Tomorrow
195316279Song of the Land
195316280Isn't Life Wonderful!
195416281Forever Female
195516286Ready.. Set.. Zoom!
195416287Sheep Ahoy
195416288Baby Buggy Bunny
195316289The Sword and the Rose
195316292Raiders of the Seven Seas
195316293For Whom the Bulls Toil
195316294Father's Week-end
195316295Plunder of the Sun
195316296The System
195416297Crime Wave
195316298So This Is Love
195316299Return to Paradise
195316301Take Me to Town
195416302Yankee Doodle Bugs
195316304Young Bess
195316305Fast Company
195316306Phantom from Space
195316307Dream Wife
195416308Duffy of San Quentin
195316309Little Boy Lost
195316310The Great Sioux Uprising
195216311Escape Route
195416312Puppy Tale
195316313The Flying Turtle
195316314The Marshal's Daughter
195316316City That Never Sleeps
195316317The Blue Gardenia
195316319Gun Belt
195316321Thunder Bay
195316322The Homesteaders
195216325The Ghost of Crossbones Canyon
195316327Slaves of Babylon
195316328Conquest of Cochise
195316329The 49th Man
195316330Cruisin' Down the River
195316337Roar of the Crowd (I)
195316339Give a Girl a Break
19521634124 Hours of a Woman's Life
195316342The Band Wagon
195216342The Secret People
195316343Fanciulle di lusso
195316344The Man from the Alamo
195316349East of Sumatra
195316350The Veils of Bagdad
195316352Run for the Hills
195316354The Stand at Apache River
195316357The Actress
195316358Man of Conflict
195316360A Slight Case of Larceny
195316362The New Neighbor
195316364All I Desire
195316365Man Crazy
195316366Dangerous Crossing
195316368Vice Squad
195316369Here Come the Girls
195316370Fort Algiers
195516372All Fowled Up
195516373Lighthouse Mouse
195516374Feather Dusted
195416375Devil May Hare
195316379The Neanderthal Man
195316380Saginaw Trail
195316381Rebel City
195316383The Golden Blade
195316384The Beggar's Opera
195316385House of Wax
195316386A Blueprint for Murder
195316388Iron Mountain Trail
195316389How to Dance
195316391Latin Lovers
195316392All the Brothers Were Valiant
195316394Fort Ti
195316395Killer Ape
195316396Prisoners of the Casbah
195216399Women of Twilight
195316401Main Street to Broadway
195316403Three Sailors and a Girl
195316404Blowing Wild
195316405So Big
195416406The Boy from Oklahoma
195316407The Charge at Feather River
195316408The Affairs of Dobie Gillis
195316412Take the High Ground!
195416415Baby Butch
195416416Homesteader Droopy
195316417It Happens Every Thursday
195416418Stormy, the Thoroughbred
195316419The Caddy
195316420Donovan's Brain
195316436No Escape
195316441The Robe
195316442The Kid from Left Field
195316443How to Marry a Millionaire
195316445Calamity Jane
195416446Riding Shotgun
195316448Egypt by Three
195316451Man in the Dark
195316452Second Chance
195316453The Maze
195316454It Came from Outer Space
195316456China Venture
195316457Valley of Head Hunters
195516458Son of Sinbad
195416458The Immortal City
195316459Big Leaguer
195316460The Living Desert
195316462Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
195316463Stazione Termini
195416464Fudget's Budget
195316466The Net
195316467Combat Squad
195316468The Great Jesse James Raid
195516469Stork Naked
195516470Tweety's Circus
195516472Hare Brush
195316473Devil's Canyon
195316474Louisiana Territory
195316479Bandits of the West
195316480The Captain's Paradise
195416481Carnival Story
195316482War Paint
195316483Loose in London
195316484Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
195316485The Diamond Queen
195316486South Sea Woman
195416494Mice Follies
195416497Farm of Tomorrow
195316498Champ for a Day
195316499A Lion Is in the Streets
195316500The Cruel Sea
195316501Ben and Me
195416513Dixieland Droopy
195216516Hindle Wakes
195316518Our Girl Friday
195216520Ghost Ship
195316521Down Laredo Way
195316522Safari Drums
195316524Laughing Anne
195316525Last of the Pony Riders
195316527Aquel hombre de Tánger
195416528The Great Diamond Robbery
195316529Sea of Lost Ships
195316531Wings of the Hawk
195416533The Scarlet Spear
195316535Captain John Smith and Pocahontas
195416536The Flea Circus
195416537Charge of the Lancers
195316538Miss Sadie Thompson
195316539The Stranger Wore a Gun
195316540El Paso Stampede
195316542How to Sleep
195316543Easy to Love
195416544Casey Bats Again
195316545Eyes of the Jungle
195316547Hot News
195316547Rough Shoot
195316549The Big Heat
195316550Mister Scoutmaster
195316551Those Redheads from Seattle
195316552Sins of Jezebel
195316553Walking My Baby Back Home
195316554Money from Home
195316555Don's Fountain of Youth
195316555I, the Jury
195416556World for Ransom
195316557Murder Without Tears
195316559The Flaming Urge
195316560The Moonlighter
195316561Sky Commando
195316562The Titfield Thunderbolt
195316563Clipped Wings
195316563War Arrow
195416566Ma and Pa Kettle at Home
195316567Martin Luther
195316568Back to God's Country
195316569Escape from Fort Bravo
195316570The French Line
195416571Billy Boy
195316574Island in the Sky
195316576Half a Hero
195316577Northern Patrol
195316577Shark River
195416578Hell Below Zero
195316580The All American
195316582From Here to Eternity
195316583El Alaméin
195316584Gun Fury
195316585Bad for Each Other
195416586It Should Happen to You
195416588Demetrius and the Gladiators
195316591Chilly Willy
195316593The Royal African Rifles
195316594Flight to Tangier
195416596Racing Blood
195316598Pardon My Backfire
195316599A Lion Is in the Streets
195316600Kiss Me Kate
195116601Monte Carlo Baby
195316602Captain Scarface
195316603Flight Nurse
195416604Neapolitan Mouse
195416606Dragon Around
195316607Shadows of Tombstone
195316608Torch Song
195416609Film Antics
195416612Elephant Walk
195316613Appointment in Honduras
195416614Riders to the Stars
195416615Red Garters
195316616Paris Model
195316617Hot Noon or 12 O'Clock for Sure
195316618Marry Me Again
195416621When Fish Fight
195416624Hell and High Water
195416625River of No Return
195316626The Nebraskan
195416627The Caine Mutiny
195416628Jesse James vs. the Daltons
195416629Drums of Tahiti
195316632The Long, Long Trailer
195416633Fish Tales
195316634Captain John Smith and Pocahontas
195416635The Camera Caught It
195316637Things We Can Do Without
195416639Ain't It Aggravatin'
195316640Private Eyes
195416641Dangerous Mission
195316643Canvas Back Duck
195316644Jack Slade
195316644The Saint's Return
195416646Southwest Passage
195416647Border River
195416650Robinson Crusoe
195316651Fighter Attack
195316653The Fighting Lawman
195316654The Joe Louis Story
195416655Rough Riding
195316657Street Corner
195416658Top Banana
195416660Alaska Seas
195416663Hollywood Thrill-Makers
195316664Yesterday and Today
195416668The Glenn Miller Story
195316669The Glass Web
195216670Trent's Last Case
195316674Sie fanden eine Heimat
195416675Pride of the Blue Grass
195316676Wicked Woman
195316677The Bigamist
195416683Killers from Space
195416684Jubilee Trail
195316687The Fake
195416689Dance Little Lady
195416690Tennessee Champ
195416691Downhearted Duckling
195416693Knock on Wood
195316694King of the Khyber Rifles
195416695Prince Valiant
195416696Night People
195416697Three Coins in the Fountain
195416700Kangaroo Courting
195416701Ride Clear of Diablo
195416702Gypsy Colt
195416703The Bounty Hunter
195316704The Yellow Balloon
195416706Socko in Morocco
195416708Dial M for Murder
195416709The Command
195416711Executive Suite
195416714Phantom of the Rue Morgue
195316716Red River Shore
195416718Hell's Half Acre
195516734The First Bad Man
195616735Secrets of Life
195416737Riot in Cell Block 11
195516738Field and Scream
195516739Pup on a Picnic
195516740Mouse for Sale
195416741Taza, Son of Cochise
195316742Knights of the Round Table
195416744Yukon Vengeance
195416745Rose Marie
195416746Dragonfly Squadron
195316747Cease Fire!
195316748Un acte d'amour
195416749Overland Pacific
195416750The Golden Idol
195416751A Star Is Born
195416754Lucky Me
195316755Man in the Attic
195416756Three Young Texans
195416757Gorilla at Large
195416758Her Twelve Men
195416758Prisoner of War
195316759Always a Bride
195316766Personal Affair
195416767Battle of Rogue River
195416772Siege at Red River
195416773Animal Farm
195416774The Outcast
195416775Shot in the Frontier
195416776Quest for the Lost City
195416777Yankee Pasha
195416778Casanova's Big Night
195416779The Naked Jungle
195416780Il maestro di Don Giovanni
195416784Highway Dragnet
195416784Roogie's Bump
195516787White Feather
195416788Flame and the Flesh
195416789Princess of the Nile
195516790A Life in the Balance
195416791The Raid
195416792The Gambler from Natchez
195416793The Mad Magician
195416794Paris Playboys
195316795The Body Beautiful
195416795The Gambler from Natchez
195416797The House Across the Lake
195416799Seagulls Over Sorrento
195416800Ring of Fear
195416801The High and the Mighty
195416802The Vanishing Prairie
195416803Massacre Canyon
195416804Drive a Crooked Road
195416805The Iron Glove
195416806The Saracen Blade
195416808Bitter Creek
195416811Duel in the Jungle
195416813Trouble in the Glen
195416814Men of the Fighting Lady
195416815Living It Up
195516815Pecos Pest
195416816Rails Into Laramie
195316817Beat the Devil
195416818Johnny Guitar
195416821Hunters of the Deep
195416822Income Tax Sappy
195416823The Far Country
195416826Monster from the Ocean Floor
195416832Phantom Stallion
195416834The Flying Squirrel
195416834The White Orchid
195416837Make Haste to Live
195416838The Rocket Man
195416839About Mrs. Leslie
195416840Go, Man, Go!
195416841The Good Die Young
195416842New Faces
195416843Donald's Diary
195416843The Yellow Tomahawk
195416844The Shanghai Story
195516845Designs on Jerry
195416848Fangs of the Wild
195416849Susan Slept Here
195416850The Long Wait
195416853Magnificent Obsession
195416853Secret of the Incas
195416854Creature from the Black Lagoon
195416856The Lone Gun
195416861The Forty-Niners
195416863Drums Across the River
195416867The Miami Story
195416868Return to Treasure Island
195416869Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl
195416870The Cowboy
195416871Johnny Dark
195616872Edge of Hell
195416873Prisoner of War
195416874Knutzy Knights
195416874The Forty-Niners
195416875Scotched in Scotland
195416877Happy Ever After
195416878Human Desire
195416879They Rode West
195416880The Outlaw Stallion
195416881Jungle Man-Eaters
195416882Hot Rod Huckster
195416885Black Horse Canyon
195416886Jesse James' Women
195516887A Kiddies Kitty
195516888Speedy Gonzales
195516889Sahara Hare
195516890Jumpin' Jupiter
195416891The Million Pound Note
195516892One Froggy Evening
195516893The Hole Idea
195516894Dime to Retire
195516895Beanstalk Bunny
195516896Guided Muscle
195416896Sandy Claws
195516897Rabbit Rampage
195516898Past Perfumance
195416900Untamed Heiress
195416903Touché, Pussy Cat!
195516904Up a Tree
195416907The Black Shield of Falworth
195416908The Golden Mistress
195416909Tobor the Great
195416910This Is My Love
195416912Outlaw's Daughter
195416913King Richard and the Crusaders
195416913The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters
195416916On the Waterfront
195416917Witness to Murder
195416919White Christmas
195616920Too Hop to Handle
195416921The Student Prince
195416922Silent Raiders
195616922We Never Sleep
195416923Silver Lode
195416926Man with the Steel Whip
195416927A Bullet Is Waiting
195516931Christopher Crumpet's Playmate
195416932Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
195416933Fireman Save My Child
195216934Top Secret
195416938Rear Window
195416940Five Days
195416942The Stranger Came Home
195416944Forbidden Desert
195416947A Fine Feathered Frenzy
195416951Valley of the Kings
195516952Three for the Show
195416954Three Hours to Kill
195416956The Law vs. Billy the Kid
195416957The Human Jungle
195416958The Bamboo Prison
195416959Khyber Patrol
195416960Beau Brummell
195416962Sign of the Pagan
195416963Garden of Evil
195416964Broken Lance
195416965The Egyptian
195416966Father Brown
195516967Battle Cry
195616968Helen of Troy
195416970Paris Playboys
19541697220000 Leagues Under the Sea
19531697399 River Street
195416974Two Guns and a Badge
195416975The Snow Creature
195516977The Littlest Outlaw
195416980Vera Cruz
195416981The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters
195416988Jail Bait
195416989The Black Knight (I)
195416990Dawn at Socorro
195416993The Desperado
195416994Ricochet Romance
195516995Land of the Pharaohs
1954169963 Ring Circus
195416997Naked Alibi
195416998Bengal Brigade
195517000Of Cash and Hash
195517011The Man with the Golden Arm
195417017The Black Dakotas
195417018Francis Joins the WACS
195417020The Other Woman
195417021Pet Peeve
195417023The Big Chase
195417026I'm Cold
195517028Stranger on Horseback
195517029Robbers' Roost
195417030Black Tuesday
195417031Return From the Sea
195517032Witch Crafty
195517034The Naked Dawn
195417042The Yellow Mountain
195417044Rogue Cop
195417045Kids Will Be Kids
195617046The Conqueror
195517048The Violent Men
195417050Masterson of Kansas
195417051Cannibal Attack
195517052Jungle Moon Men
195517056Hyde and Hare
195517057Red Riding Hoodwinked
195517060The Legend of Rockabye Point
195417063The Country Girl
195517064Smarty Cat
195517065Southbound Duckling
195417066The Weak and the Wicked
195417067Security Risk
195517068Magoo's Check Up
195417070The Bridges at Toko-Ri
195417073Woman's World (I)
195417074There's No Business Like Show Business
195417076West of Zanzibar
195417077Third Party Risk
195417078The Barefoot Contessa
195417080Green Fire
195417081Thunder Pass
195417083Down Three Dark Streets
195417084Private Hell 36
195417085The Silver Chalice
195517086East of Eden
195417087Drum Beat (I)
195517088Tall Man Riding
195317089Malta Story
195417090La Gazza Ladra Overture
195417092Killer Leopard
195417093Black Widow
195417097The Maggie
195517098This Island Earth
195517099The Americano
195417100Africa Adventure
195417102Four Guns to the Border
195417104Mask of Dust
195417106Lilacs in the Spring
195317107The Kidnappers
195417110Wyoming Renegades
195517113Bedlam in Paradise
195417114Shield for Murder
195517115Conquest of Space
195617116Invitation to the Dance
195517117The Fast and the Furious
195517118The Long Gray Line
195417119The Adventures of Hajji Baba
195417120Track of the Cat
195517122Lady and the Tramp
195417123Dangerous Voyage
195417124The Last Time I Saw Paris
195317125Black 13
195517126Strategic Air Command
195417127Deep in My Heart
195417128Sitting Bull
195417131The Men of Sherwood Forest
195517132The Glass Cage
195517133Run for Cover
195517134Hell's Island
195517135African Manhunt
195517137Paris Follies of 1956
195417139Hell's Outpost
195417140Carmen Jones
195517143Bowery to Bagdad
195417144Long John Silver
195417144The Bob Mathias Story
195417145The Atomic Kid
195517146Panther Girl of the Kongo
195517149Private Eye Pooch
195517150Six Bridges to Cross
195517151Ten Wanted Men
195517152Murder Is My Beat
195417154The Seekers
195517155Jupiter's Darling
195517156The End of the Affair
195517157Battle Taxi
195417158Cattle Queen of Montana
195517160The Glass Slipper
195517161A Prize of Gold
195517162Smoke Signal
195517163Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops
195517165The Green Buddha
195517166Cross Channel
195517167Track the Man Down
195517168Many Rivers to Cross
195617171The River Changes
195517173Strange Lady in Town
195517174Secret Venture
195517176Gypped in the Penthouse
195417179Target Earth
195417181Cry Vengeance
195517182We're No Angels
195517183Chief Crazy Horse
195517184Bad Day at Black Rock
195517186Carolina Cannonball
195417187Four Wheels, No Brakes
195417189The Black Pirates
195517192Man Without a Star
195417193Young at Heart
195517194Jump Into Hell
195517195Mister Roberts
195517196Target Zero
195517198An Annapolis Story
195517199The Naked Sea
195517202The Kentuckian
195517208Seminole Uprising
195417210Romeo and Juliet
195517211Hell's Horizon
195417212The Steel Cage
195517213Women's Prison
195517214New Orleans Uncensored
195517215Tight Spot
195517216My Sister Eileen
195517217The Man from Laramie
195517218Cell 2455 Death Row
195517220Revenge of the Creature
195517223That Lady
195517224New York Confidential
195517226To Catch a Thief
195517227Prince of Players
195517229The Racers
195517230The Seven Year Itch
195517246A Man Called Peter
195517247Daddy Long Legs
195517248Soldier of Fortune
195517252Madcap Magoo
195517254The Far Horizons
195517254This Is a Life?
195517255Captain Lightfoot
195517259The Dark Avenger
195517261Tarzan's Hidden Jungle
195517262Mad at the World
195517269The Gun That Won the West
195517270Hit the Deck
195517274The Prodigal
195517275Double or Mutton
195517276The Sea Chase
195517277Outlaw Treasure
195517278The Seven Little Foys
195517279Treasure of Ruby Hills
195517281Not as a Stranger
195417283Doctor in the House
195517284Bedtime Bedlam
195517286Bunco Busters
195517286Square Shootin' Square
195517287Gang Busters
195517298The Quatermass Xperiment
195517304Santa Fe Passage
195517308High Society
195517308Stage Door Magoo
195417309Hansel and Gretel (I)
195517311Magic Fire
195517314Lady Godiva of Coventry
195517315Air Strike
195517316Interrupted Melody
195517317The Fall Guy
195517318Escape to Burma
195417322Day of Triumph
195517323Rage at Dawn
195517324The Big Combo
195517325Deputy Droopy
195517328Big House, U.S.A.
195517329The Silver Star
195517331The Big Bluff
195517332It Came from Beneath the Sea
195517333Canyon Crossroads
195517334The Man from Bitter Ridge
195517335The Trouble with Harry
195517336The Shrike
195517337Top of the World
195517338The Marauders
195617343The Teahouse of the August Moon
195517349Creature with the Atom Brain
195517350Duel on the Mississippi
1955173515 Against the House
195517353Three Stripes in the Sun
195517356The Eternal Sea
195417358The Purple Plain
195517359Violent Saturday
195517361The Killer Lust
195517362Blunder Boys
195517363The Purple Mask
195617364Rabbitson Crusoe
195517365Five Guns West
195517366Knight-Mare Hare
195617367Rocket Squad
195617368Heaven Scent
195517369Two Scent's Worth
195517370Roman Legion-Hare
195617371Deduce, You Say
195617372Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z
195617373Rocket-bye Baby
195717374What's Opera, Doc?
195517376Blackboard Jungle
195517377To Hell and Back
195517378Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy
195517379Kiss of Fire
195617382Tree Cornered Tweety
195617383Tweet and Sour
195517384Cult of the Cobra
195517385The Night of the Hunter
195517386I Cover the Underworld
195617387Kentucky Rifle
195517388The Scarlet Coat
195517391Magoo Makes News
195417392A Life at Stake
195517393One Desire
195517395The Rose Tattoo
195517396The McConnell Story
195617397The Steel Jungle
195517399Female Jungle
195517400Beezy Bear
195517401The Big Tip Off
195517402Las Vegas Shakedown
195517403Bring Your Smile Along
195517404Chicago Syndicate
195517405Teen-Age Crime Wave
195517406Count Three and Pray
195517408Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
195517409The Road to Denver
195517410Kiss Me Deadly
195517411The Rise of Duton Lang
195517412Devil Goddess
195517413Footsteps in the Fog
195517414Dial Red O
195517418Hold Back Tomorrow
195517419The African Lion
195517420The Prisoner
195517421You're Never Too Young
195517422It's Always Fair Weather
195517424Spy Chasers
195517426The Cobweb
195517427Bearly Asleep
195517428A Bullet for Joey
195517429Finger Man
195517430The Magnificent Matador
195617432No Place to Hide
195517433Love Me or Leave Me
195517434Ain't Misbehavin'
195617434The Leather Saint
195517438I Died a Thousand Times
195517443The Virgin Queen
195517444How to Be Very, Very Popular
195517445Tom and Chérie
195617446The Killer Is Loose
195517447Pearl of the South Pacific
195517450House of Bamboo
195517451Seven Cities of Gold
195517453The Girl Rush
195517454Little Red Monkey
195517455City of Shadows
195517456The King's Thief
195517457Betrayed Women
195517459Blood Alley
195517460Murder in Villa Capri
195517461Lord of the Jungle
195517462The Left Hand of God
195517463Hot and Cold Penguin
195517463The Lonesome Trail
195417464Before I Wake
195617465Moby Dick
195517466Desert Sands
195517469All That Heaven Allows
195517471Female on the Beach
195517472Double Jeopardy
195517475Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
195517476The Tall Men
195517482The Spoilers
195517489Lay That Rifle Down
195617490Flame of the Islands
195617491A Kiss Before Dying
195617492The Vagabond King
195517494Storm Fear
195517495The Naked Street
195417496The Green Scarf
195517499The Desperate Hours
195517500The Last Command
195517501The Court Jester
195517502It's a Dog's Life
195517504Rebel Without a Cause
195517505Hell on Frisco Bay
195517510The Treasure of Pancho Villa
195517512The Last Frontier
195517513Apache Ambush
195517514Queen Bee
195517515The Crooked Web
195517516The Second Greatest Sex
195417517Mannequins für Rio
195617518Get Lost
195617519After the Ball
195517520Killer's Kiss
195617525Man in the Vault
195517526Man with the Gun
195517527Pete Kelly's Blues
195517528The Dam Busters
195517534King Dinosaur
195517537Headline Hunters
195517538The Twinkle in God's Eye
195517540Good Will to Men
195517543Tennessee's Partner
195617544The Brave One
195617545Barbary-Coast Bunny
195617546Broom-Stick Bunny
195617547Bugs' Bonnets
195617548Napoleon Bunny-Part
195617550Tugboat Granny
195617566The Unexpected Pest
195617567Invasion of the Body Snatchers
195517568Jail Busters
195517569Fort Yuma
195517570Artists and Models
195517573A Man Alone
195617576Weasel Stop
195617577The High and the Flighty
195517578Vom Himmel gefallen
195617580Time Table
195517581The Phenix City Story
195617582The Man Who Never Was
195517583Night Freight
195517584The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing
195617584There's Always Tomorrow
195517585The View from Pompey's Head
195617588The Animal World
195517589The Vanishing American
195517592Portrait of Alison (I)
195517593The Big Knife
195517594The Beast with a Million Eyes
195617598Flagpole Jitters
195617599For Crimin' Out Loud
195617600Miracle in the Rain
195517601Sincerely Yours
195517602The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell
195617605Forbidden Planet
195517606Dig That Uranium
195617607Chief Charlie Horse
195617608Mixed Master
195617609Stupor Duck
195617611The Kettles in the Ozarks
195517612Running Wild
195617616Indestructible Man
195517617Guys and Dolls (I)
195617620Foreign Intrigue
195517621A Lawless Street
195517622Quentin Durward
195617626Anything Goes
195517628The Fighting Chance
195617631The Houston Story
195617632Inside Detroit
195617633Battle Stations
195517634The Return of Jack Slade
195517635Top Gun
195517636Good Morning, Miss Dove
195517641At Gunpoint
195517642The Cockleshell Heroes
195517643Two-Gun Lady
195617644Hidden Guns
195517644Sudden Danger
195617645The Bold and the Brave
195617646Slightly Scarlet
195517648Texas Lady
195517649Reluctant Bride
195517650Apache Woman
195617652Woodpecker from Mars
195617655Room and Wrath
195617657Never Say Goodbye
195617660World in My Corner
195517661Bobby Ware Is Missing
195617662The Scarlet Hour
195517667That's My Mommy
195517668No Man's Woman
195517669The Toughest Man Alive
195617670Three Bad Sisters
195517671The Square Jungle
195517672The Tender Trap
195517673The Rains of Ranchipur
195517674The Indian Fighter
195617676The Lone Ranger
195617677Our Miss Brooks
195517678The Rawhide Years
195617678While the City Sleeps
195617679Arts and Flowers
195617680Great Day in the Morning
195617681Red Sundown
195617682Pillars of the Sky
195617683Star in the Dust
195617684Come Next Spring
195517685I'll Cry Tomorrow
195617687Miami Expose
195617689The Flying Sorceress
195517691Shack Out on 101
195617694The Gamma People
195617696Tribute to a Bad Man
195317698Grand National Night
195617701World Without End
195517705Last of the Desperados
195617706A Day of Fury
195617707Women Without Men
195617710Forever, Darling
195617716Fury at Gunsight Pass
195617717The Man Who Knew Too Much
195517722Day the World Ended
195617723The Lieutenant Wore Skirts
195617725On the Threshold of Space
195617726The Bottom of the Bottle
195617728Bhowani Junction
195617729The Last Hunt
195517730Lucy Gallant
195617731The Benny Goodman Story
195717732Let's Be Happy
195617735Running Target
195617739Soho Incident
195517740The Battle of Gettysburg
195617741Showdown at Abilene
195617742The Creature Walks Among Us
195617744Down Liberty Road
195617747Ghost Town
195617750Hot Blood
195617752The Eddy Duchin Story
195617753You Can't Run Away From It
195617754The Harder They Fall
195617755Secret of Treasure Mountain
195617757The Solid Gold Cadillac
195517758The Looters
195617759He Laughed Last
195617760Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado
195617761Uranium Boom
195617762Autumn Leaves
195617765Storm Center
1956177667th Cavalry
195617766The Naked Hills
195617767The Werewolf
195617771Stranger at My Door
195617772The Maverick Queen
195617773When Gangland Strikes
195617774Calling All Cuckoos
195417775The Sea Shall Not Have Them
195617778Unidentified Flying Objects: The True Story of Flying Saucers
195617779The Birds and the Bees
195617780Please Murder Me
195617782Alexander the Great
195617784Meet Me in Las Vegas
195617787The Searchers
195617790Good-Bye, My Lady
195517791The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues
195717794The Spirit of St. Louis
195617796A Cry in the Night
195617797The Bad Seed
195817799The Big Beat
195617808Congo Crossing
195617817Seven Men from Now
195617819The Broken Star
195617824The Come On
195617825Johnny Concho
195617826Screaming Eagles
195617829Away All Boats
195617831Calling Doctor Magoo
195617832Busy Buddies
195517833Swamp Women
195617834The Naked Eye
195617836The Killing
195617837Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
195617839The Proud and Profane
195617840Hold That Rock
195617842The Peacemaker
195717843Tarzan and the Lost Safari
195517845Doctor at Sea
195617846The Price of Fear
195617847Crime Against Joe
195617850The Man in the Road
195617853Raw Edge
195617854Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
195617856Niagara Fools
195617858Muscle Beach Tom
195617859Rumpus in the Harem
195617860The Swan
195617863The Toy Tiger
195617864The King and I
195617865The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
195617866The Revolt of Mamie Stover
195617868Emergency Hospital
195617869The Mountain
195617872Crime in the Streets
195617873D-Day the Sixth of June
195417874To Dorothy a Son
195617877The Wild Dakotas
195617878Crashing Las Vegas
19561788723 Paces to Baker Street
195717890Scrambled Aches
195617892A Star Is Bored
195717893Ali Baba Bunny
195717895Go Fly a Kit
195917896Really Scent
195717898Boyhood Daze
195617899Half-Fare Hare
195717899Piker's Peak
195717901Steal Wool
195717902Three Little Bops
195617903Yankee Dood It
195617904To Hare Is Human
195717905Tweet Zoo
195617906Two Crows from Tacos
195617907Navy Wife
195617914The Rack
195617915The Catered Affair
195617918The Great Locomotive Chase
195617919War and Peace
195617920The Oklahoma Woman
195617921Raw! Raw! Rooster!
195717922Hit and Run
195617923Walk the Proud Land
195617924Port Afrique
195617925Terror at Midnight
195617926The Ambassador's Daughter
195617928In the Bag
195617929The Slap-Hoppy Mouse
195617930Hilda Crane
195617931The Proud Ones
195617932Written on the Wind
195617933Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer
195617934Beyond Mombasa
195817935Edge of Fury
195617936Down Beat Bear
195817940Outcasts of the City
195617941Magoo's Canine Mutiny
195617941Rock Around the Clock
195517943Dial 999
195617945Dakota Incident
195617946The First Traveling Saleslady
195617947Magnificent Roughnecks
195617948Outside the Law
195617949The Unguarded Moment
195617950Lust for Life
195617951That Certain Feeling
195617955Friendly Persuasion
195617957Lovers and Lollipops
195617959Canyon River
195617961Death of a Scoundrel
195617963The Amazon Trader
195717966Fire Down Below
195617967Woody Meets Davy Crewcut
195717969Box Car Bandit
195617971The Fastest Gun Alive
195617972Tension at Table Rock
195617973Back from Eternity
195617980Three for Jamie Dawn
195617981Blue Cat Blues
195617984The Wild Party
195617985Run for the Sun
195617986Wideo Wabbit
195717987Bedevilled Rabbit
195717988The Body Is a Shell
195617989The Three Outlaws
195617990The Honey-Mousers
195617991Rebel in Town
195717993Cheese It, the Cat!
195617996Man from Del Rio
195617997Toward the Unknown
195617998The Burning Hills
195617999The Beast of Hollow Mountain
195618000The Power and the Prize
195618004Behind the High Wall
195518006Simon and Laura
195618007Trailblazer Magoo
195618008Somebody Up There Likes Me
195718009Public Pigeon No. One
195618010Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
195618013Wicked as They Come
195618017Gun the Man Down
195618021The Ten Commandments
195618022Francis in the Haunted House
195418023Cortigiana di Babilonia
195618024The Black Sleep
195518025Barbados Quest
195618028The First Texan
195718034The Pride and the Passion
195718035The Counterfeit Plan
195618036Scheming Schemers
195618037Commotion on the Ocean
195618038The Man Is Armed
195618039Hot Rod Girl
195618040Thunder Over Arizona
195618041Bus Stop
195618043Between Heaven and Hell
195618051Hot Cars
195618052Girls in Prison
195618053Gun Brothers
195718054The Living Idol
195718055Red Riding Hoodlum
195618057The Last Man to Hang?
195618058These Wilder Years
195618060Strange Intruder
195718061Bugsy and Mugsy
195718063Birds Anonymous
195718064Tweety and the Beanstalk
195618065High Society
195618066The Boss
195618069Magoo's Problem Child
195618071The Best Things in Life Are Free
195618072The Last Wagon
195618073The Young Guns
195718074Boston Quackie
195718075Pharaoh's Curse
195718076Kelly and Me
195618077The Mole People
195618078Scandal Incorporated
195718080Seven Waves Away
195618081Flight to Hong Kong
195618082A Woman's Devotion
195618083A Strange Adventure
195618084Calling Homicide
195718084Rabbit Romeo
195618087Hold Back the Night
195618088Around the World in Eighty Days
195618089Westward Ho the Wagons!
195618093Barbecue Brawl
195718098Footsteps in the Night
195618099The Opposite Sex
195718100Chain of Evidence
195618105Crowded Paradise
195718106The Weapon
195618107How to Have an Accident in the Home
195618108The Great Man
195618110The Brass Legend
195618111Yaqui Drums
195718112Battle Hymn
195618113Frontier Gambler
195618117The Wrong Man
195818118The Old Man and the Sea
195618119The Girl He Left Behind
195618122It Conquered the World
195618124Three Violent People
195718125Gun for a Coward
195618127I've Lived Before
195718128Quatermass 2
195618129Baby Doll
195718131Four Girls in Town
195618133The Sharkfighters
195718134Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
195818136Monster from Green Hell
195618147Bundle of Joy
195718152Tammy and the Bachelor
195618154The Iron Petticoat
195618155The Silken Affair
195718156Five Steps to Danger
195718161Revolt at Fort Laramie
195618166Man Beast
195618168The She-Creature
195718169Run of the Arrow
195718170All Mine to Give
195718171The Guns of Fort Petticoat
195618172The White Squaw
195618173Cha-Cha-Cha Boom!
195618174Full of Life
195618176Tea and Sympathy
195718177The Barretts of Wimpole Street
195718178The Rising of the Moon
195618184There They Go-Go-Go!
195718186The Unbearable Salesman
195718187Tomahawk Trail
195718188The Lonely Man
195718189The Young Stranger
195618190The Search for Bridey Murphy
195618192The Cruel Tower
195718193Mister Cory
195718195The Big Boodle
195718196Timid Tabby
195618197Stagecoach to Fury
195718198Lady of Vengeance
195718199Hidden Fear
195718200Spring Reunion
195718201Four Boys and a Gun
195818202I Married a Woman
195718203Not of This Earth
195718204Omar Khayyam
195618205Hollywood or Bust
19571820612 Angry Men
195718207Outlaw Queen
195618209Teenage Rebel
195718213The Big Land
195618214Dance with Me, Henry
195618217Hot Shots
195718218Hold That Hypnotist
195718220Dragoon Wells Massacre
195718221Flesh and the Spur
195718223Hot Summer Night
195718225Magoo Saves the Bank
195618225The Desperados Are in Town
195618226Accused of Murder
195718227To Catch a Woodpecker
195718229Matador Magoo
195618234Everything but the Truth
195718235International Woodpecker
195718236Tabasco Road
195718238Ducking the Devil
195718239Mouse-Taken Identity
195818240Tortilla Flaps
195618241The Great American Pastime
195618242Rock, Pretty Baby
195718244Muscle Up a Little Closer
195718245The Deadly Mantis
195718247The Midnight Story
195618248The King and Four Queens
195718249The Incredible Shrinking Man
195618251Love Me Tender
195718252Crime of Passion
195718254Town on Trial
195618255X: The Unknown
195718256The Happy Road
195618257The Rainmaker
195618259Shake, Rattle & Rock!
195618260Runaway Daughters
195818261The Girl Most Likely
195718262The Unholy Wife
195718265The Phantom Stagecoach
195818266Happy Go Ducky
195618268The Black Whip
195718269The Cyclops
195718270The Shadow on the Window
195618271Rumble on the Docks
195718272The Tall T
195718273The Garment Jungle
195718274The 27th Day
195718275The Brothers Rico
195718277Funny Face
195718278War Drums
195718280The Halliday Brand
195718281The Girl in Black Stockings
195718282Round Trip to Mars
195718283Men in War
195618284Yield to the Night
195718286Dopey Dick, the Pink Whale
195718287Street of Sinners
195718290Duel at Apache Wells
195718291Affair in Reno
195718292The Buckskin Lady
195618296Disneyland, U.S.A.
195718298Last of the Badmen
195718299The Tattered Dress
195718302Fear Strikes Out
195718303Hell's Crossroads
195718305Joe Butterfly
195718306The Big Caper
195718307Escapade in Japan
195718308Tom's Photo Finish
195718310Outlaw's Son
195718311The Buster Keaton Story
195718313Edge of the City
195718316The Undead
195718317The Wings of Eagles
195718319High Flight
195618320The Girl Can't Help It
195718321The True Story of Jesse James
195718325Gonzales' Tamales
195818326Hare-Less Wolf
195718327Greedy for Tweety
195718328Show Biz Bugs
195718329Man Afraid
195718329Mucho Mouse
195818330Lafayette Escadrille
195718330Sea Wife
195718331Top Secret Affair
195618336Naked Gun
195718337Bailout at 43,000
195718340Beau James
195718341The Delicate Delinquent
195718342The Badge of Marshal Brennan
195718343Destination 60,000
195718344The Little Hut
195818345Robin Hood Daffy
195718349Something of Value
195718350Designing Woman
195718351Raintree County
195718353Naked Paradise
195718354Action of the Tiger
195718355How to Murder a Rich Uncle
195818356She Gods of Shark Reef
195918358Killers of Kilimanjaro
195718359The Restless Breed
195718365Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot
195718366The Land Unknown
195718370The Story of Esther Costello
195718371Give and Tyke
195718373Ten Thousand Bedrooms
195718374The Iron Sheriff
195718375Spoilers of the Forest
195718376The Monster That Challenged the World
195718377Oh, Men! Oh, Women!
195718379Fodder and Son
195718380Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
195718381Island in the Sun
195718382Boy on a Dolphin
195718383The Man Without a Body
195718384That Night!
195718386The Ride Back
195718387The Storm Rider
195618388Rock, Rock, Rock
195718389The Story of Mankind
195918390Virgin Sacrifice
195718393The Pajama Game
195518395Flugten til Danmark
195718396Man on the Prowl
195718396Tops with Pops
195718398Voodoo Island
195718400Fortune Is a Woman
195718401Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend
195718402Voodoo Woman
195718403The Admirable Crichton
195718404Scat Cats
195718408Rock Baby: Rock It
195718409Saint Joan
195718410Blackboard Jumble
192818412Noah's Ark (I)
195718413The Steel Bayonet
195718414Daughter of Dr. Jekyll
195718415Attack of the Crab Monsters
195718416The Bachelor Party
195718417Night Passage
195718418Joe Dakota
195718419The Vintage
195718423The Strange One
195718424The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown
195718426Gun Duel in Durango
19571842820 Million Miles to Earth
195718429The Man in the Sky
195818430Royal Cat Nap
195718431Bombers B-52
195718432The Helen Morgan Story
195718433Band of Angels
195818434Manhunt in the Jungle
195718436The Young Don't Cry
195718437Jungle Heat
195718438The Vampire (I)
195718439The Violators
195718440The River's Edge
195718441Silk Stockings
195718442Spanish Affair
196018444The Jailbreakers
195718446Johnny Tremain
195718447Trooper Hook
195718448Rock All Night
195718449Hell Canyon Outlaws
195718450Gun Glory
195918451Plan 9 from Outer Space
195618453Fighting Trouble
195718453Johnny Trouble
195718456This Could Be the Night
195718457Untamed Youth
195718458The Prince and the Showgirl
195718459Night of the Demon
195718460The Way to the Gold
195718461Desk Set
195718462A Hatful of Rain
195718464The Three Faces of Eve
195718467One Droopy Knight
195718468The Tin Star
195718470Hellcats of the Navy
195718472The Delinquents
195718476Hot Rod Rumble
195818477No Time for Sergeants
195718478The Girl in the Kremlin
195718479Dragstrip Girl
195718481The Curse of Frankenstein
195718482The Joker Is Wild
195718483The Careless Years
195818485The Tarnished Angels
195718486The Monolith Monsters
195718487The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm
195718488Man on Fire
195818491Lost Lagoon
195718493The Seventh Sin
195818494Josette from New Orleans
195718495House of Numbers
1957184963:10 to Yuma
195718505The Black Scorpion
195818506Touch of Evil
195818509Misguided Missile
195718511Spook Chasers
195818512Watch the Birdie
195718513God Is My Partner
195818515The Vanishing Duck
195718516The D.I.
195818518Half Empty Saddles
195718519High Flight
195718520Les Girls
195718521Journey to Freedom
195818528The Explosive Mr. Magoo
195718530Loving You
195818531Hot Spell
195818534The Bride and the Beast
195718535The Abominable Snowman
195718536Love in the Afternoon
195718537Man of a Thousand Faces
195718540The James Dean Story
195518541Break in the Circle
195818543Sheep Wrecked
195718544Short Cut to Hell
195718547An Affair to Remember
195718548Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
195718549The Sun Also Rises
195718550The Disembodied
195718551The Abductors
195718552The Devil's Hairpin
195718553Calypso Joe
195818554Stage Struck
195718555Domino Kid
195718556Raiders of Old California
195718557The Persuader
195718558Apache Warrior
195718559Teenage Doll
195718562A Face in the Crowd
195718563Slim Carter
195818564Day of the Bad Man
195718566Tip on a Dead Jockey
195718567Ride Out for Revenge
195718568My Gun Is Quick
195718569The Lawless Eighties
195718570Old Yeller
195718573I Was a Teenage Werewolf
195718574Gunsight Ridge
195718577Bop Girl Goes Calypso
195718578Death in Small Doses
195818582Robin Hoodwinked
195718584The Unearthly
195718585Sweet Smell of Success
195718586The Last Stagecoach West
195718587The Long Haul
195718589Don't Go Near the Water
195718590Until They Sail
195718591My Man Godfrey
195818594Darby's Rangers
195818595His Better Elf
195718597Back from the Dead
195818598Gun Fever
195718600Invasion of the Saucer Men
195618601Notre-Dame de Paris
195718602Black Patch
195718603Taming Sutton's Gal
195818604Fifi Blows Her Top
195818607Quiz Whizz
195818608Pies and Guys
195718609Hell Bound
195818610Stakeout on Dope Street
195718611Chicago Confidential
195718612The Sad Sack
195718613Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
195818614The Deep Six
195718615The Green-Eyed Blonde
195818616I Bury the Living
195818619Flood Tide
195818622Island Women
195718623The Golden Age of Comedy
195718625Kiss Them for Me
195818625No Time to Die
195718626Stopover Tokyo
195718627The Enemy Below
195718628Peyton Place
195818629Magoo's Young Manhood
195818631Wink of an Eye
195818632When Hell Broke Loose
195718633The Wayward Girl
195618634Cloak Without Dagger
195718636From Hell It Came
195718637Time Limit
195718638Portland Exposé
195718640Carnival Rock
195718641The Tall Stranger
195818643The Lady Takes a Flyer
195818644Damn Citizen
195718645The Hard Man
195818645Tot Watchers
195718646Forty Guns
195718647Rockabilly Baby
195818648A Chilly Reception
195818650Desire Under the Elms
195718651Decision at Sundown
195718652Wild Is the Wind
195818655The Cool and the Crazy
196118656Buffalo Gun
195718657Reform School Girl
195718658The Amazing Colossal Man
195718659Affair in Havana
195718660The Dalton Girls
195818662The Missouri Traveler
195818663Fort Bowie
195718664Under Fire
195718665Hear Me Good
195818666Street of Darkness
195718667West of Suez
195718670Panama Sal
195718671Naked in the Sun
195718672Looking for Danger
195818673Don't Axe Me
195818674A Pizza Tweety-Pie
195818675Feather Bluster
195818675Hare-Way to the Stars
195818676Dog Tales
195818677Now, Hare This
195818678To Itch His Own
195818682The Vikings
195718684Jailhouse Rock
195718685The Hired Gun
195718686April Love
195818687The Young Lions
195818688South Pacific
195818689The Female Animal
195818690Summer Love
195818691Kathy O'
195818694Whoa, Be-Gone!
195818695A Waggily Tale
195818697Cat Feud
195818698Knighty Knight Bugs
195818700Weasel While You Work
195918701Mouse-Placed Kitten
195718704Witness for the Prosecution
195818706I Accuse!
195718707Hell Ship Mutiny
195718708Paths of Glory
195818709The Left Handed Gun
195818710Fort Dobbs
195718712The Invisible Boy
195818713Teacher's Pet
195818715The Brothers Karamazov
195818716Merry Andrew
195818717Arrivederci Roma
195718718Barnacle Bill
195818719Saddle the Wind
195818720Chase a Crooked Shadow
195818721Bonjour tristesse
195718724The Crooked Circle
195718725This Is Russia!
195818726The Safecracker
195718727Pal Joey
195718728Zero Hour!
195718729Oregon Passage
195818731High Hell
195818732Cry Terror!
195818734The Goddess
195718735Plunder Road
195718736Sabu and the Magic Ring
195718737The Bridge on the River Kwai
195718739Sorority Girl
195718741Eighteen and Anxious
195818744The Gift of Love
195818745Magoo's Three-Point Landing
195818747Sailing and Village Band
195918748Picnics Are Fun and Dino's Serenade
195718749Love Slaves of the Amazons
195818750Diamond Safari
195818751Return to Warbow
195818752Man from God's Country
195718753Mister Rock and Roll
195818754Paris Holiday
195718755The Hypnotist
195818757The Matchmaker
195818760Raw Wind in Eden
195718761Escape from Red Rock
195818762The Last of the Fast Guns
195818764The Quiet American
195718765Baby Face Nelson
195818765The Saga of Hemp Brown
195818767The World Was His Jury
195718768Motorcycle Gang
195818769Jet Attack
195718770Blood of Dracula
195818772Marjorie Morningstar
196018773Code of Silence
195718773Hot Summer Night
195718774Gunfire at Indian Gap
195818776The Beast of Budapest
195718778The Astounding She-Monster
195818779Cop Hater
195918785Sappy Bullfighters
195718787Up In Smoke
195818788Once Upon a Horse...
195818789In the Money
195818790The Camp on Blood Island
195818791Ambush at Cimarron Pass
195918792The Young Land
195818793Violent Road
195718795A Farewell to Arms
195818798Voice in the Mirror
195818799Everglade Raid
195818802Gideon's Day
195818803China Doll
195818804The Hot Angel
195818805Blood Arrow
195818806Toughest Gun in Tombstone
195818807The Restless Years
195918808Money, Women and Guns
195818809Juvenile Jungle
195818811The Long, Hot Summer
195818812From Hell to Texas
195818813The Barbarian and the Geisha
195818814The True Story of Lynn Stuart
195818815St. Louis Blues
195818817Crash Landing
195818819Going Steady
195818820The Light in the Forest
195718826The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent
195818828Handle with Care
195818829The High Cost of Loving
195818830The Sheepman
195818831Ride a Crooked Trail
195818833Dragstrip Riot
195818834Girl in the Woods
195818836Cattle Empire
195718838I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
195718842Legend of the Lost
195818843Ten Days to Tulara
195818844This Angry Age
195818846Flaming Frontier
199318847The Dead Talk Back
195818849Fort Massacre
195818850Cole Younger, Gunfighter
195818852The Snorkel
195718853The Mark of the Hawk
195818854Lost, Lonely and Vicious
195818855Wild Heritage
195818856The Naked Earth
195818857RX for Murder
195818858The Return of Dracula
195818859Rock-a-Bye Baby
195818860Badman's Country
195818861The Cry Baby Killer
195818862Tree's a Crowd
195818863The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold
195818864This Happy Feeling
195818865Attack of the Puppet People
195818868Too Much, Too Soon
195918869Island of Lost Women
195818873Country Music Holiday
195818874The Notorious Mr. Monks
195818876The Key
195818877The Mugger
195818878The Rawhide Trail
195818880The Buccaneer
195818881Girls on the Loose
195818882Appointment with a Shadow
195818884Spy in the Sky!
195818885Underwater Warrior
195818886Quantrill's Raiders
195818888Young and Wild
195818889The Colossus of New York
195818890The Space Children
195818891Another Time, Another Place
195818892White Wilderness
195818893The Blob
195818893Twilight for the Gods
195818894The Lineup
195818896A Time to Love and a Time to Die
195818897The Proud Rebel
195818898Born Reckless
195818898Thunder Road
195818901Seven Guns to Mesa
195818904Screaming Mimi
195818905Ghost of the China Sea
195818906Never Love a Stranger
195818906The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
195818907Gunman's Walk
195818908The Case Against Brooklyn
195818909Apache Territory
195818910Me and the Colonel
195818913Love Comes to Magoo
195818913Suicide Battalion
195818915Man or Gun
195818916The Gun Runners
195818917The Law and Jake Wade
195818918Tom Thumb
195718921Count Five and Die
195818922Home Before Dark
195818923The Naked and the Dead
195818924Terror in a Texas Town
195818925The Flame Barrier
195818926Kings Go Forth
195818927Desert Hell
195818928Gang War
195918929Merry Minstrel Magoo
195818929The Lost Missile
195818930Live Fast, Die Young
195818931God's Little Acre
195818932The Man Who Died Twice
195918933Bwana Magoo
195918934A Stranger in My Arms
195818935Ten North Frederick
195818936A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed
195818939King Creole
195818940War of the Satellites
195818941Hell's Five Hours
195918941Trick or Tweet
195818942Hook, Line and Stinker
195918944Hare-Abian Nights
195918945China Jones
195818946A Bird in a Bonnet
195918947Baton Bunny
195718947Touché and Go
195918948A Mutt in a Rut
195818949Hip Hip-Hurry!
195818950Pre-Hysterical Hare
195818952Gopher Broke
195918953Apes of Wrath
195918954Hot-Rod and Reel!
195918955The Mouse That Jack Built
195918956Wild and Woolly Hare
195718956Zoom and Bored
195918958Mexicali Shmoes
195918959Backwoods Bunny
195918960Cat's Paw
195918961Tweet and Lovely
195918962Unnatural History
195918963Tokyo After Dark
195818964Unwed Mother
195818966Frankenstein - 1970
195818967Gunsmoke in Tucson
195818970Hong Kong Affair
195918971Never Steal Anything Small
195818972The Big Country
195818973Murder By Contract
195818974The Fearmakers
195818976Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
195918979The Nun's Story
195818980Tarzan's Fight for Life
195818982Run Silent Run Deep
195818983Separate Tables
195818984As Young as We Are
195818985The Defiant Ones
195818985The Whole Truth
195818987The Thing That Couldn't Die
195818988It! The Terror from Beyond Space
195818990Intent to Kill
195818991Machine-Gun Kelly
195818992Let's Rock
195818993Harry Black
195818994The Perfect Furlough
195818995The Two-Headed Spy
195818997Nowhere to Go
195818998Grip of the Strangler
195818999Imitation General
195819000The Tunnel of Love
195819001The Badlanders
195819002High School Confidential!
195819004The Reluctant Debutante
195819005The Bravados
195819006A Certain Smile
195819007The Hunters
195919008The Diary of Anne Frank
195819011Life Begins at 17
195919012The Journey
195819013Enchanted Island
195819014Queen of Outer Space
195919015Darby O'Gill and the Little People
195819016The Black Orchid
195819018Escort West
195919021Forbidden Island
195819022The Revenge of Frankenstein
195919023House on Haunted Hill
195819024War of the Colossal Beast
195819025Sierra Baron
195819026Hell Squad
195919027The Cosmic Man
195919028Truant Student
195819029Jittery Jester
195819030Hot Car Girl
195819031Buchanan Rides Alone
195919032King of the Wild Stallions
195819033Auntie Mame
195919034Rio Bravo
195819035Damn Yankees!
195819036The Fly
195819037The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
195819039The Fiend Who Walked the West
195919041Tomcat Combat
195919042Born to Be Loved
195819043Tank Battalion
195819044The Bonnie Parker Story
195819045The Brain Eaters
195819046Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
195819047Party Girl
195819048Torpedo Run
195919049The World, the Flesh and the Devil
195819050I Married a Monster from Outer Space
196019051The Pusher
195919052City of Fear
195819055Hong Kong Confidential
195819056Curse of the Faceless Man
195819057Man of the West
195919058Gunmen from Laredo
195819060Hot Rod Gang
195919061Last Train from Gun Hill
195919061The Bandit of Zhobe
195919062Sleeping Beauty
195819063High School Hellcats
195819065The Doctor's Dilemma
195819066How to Make a Monster
195819067The Party Crashers
195819068The Man Inside
195819069Legion of the Doomed
195919070Log Jammed
195819071Monster on the Campus
195819072Bell Book and Candle
195819073The Littlest Hobo
195919075Lone Texan
195919076Bee Bopped
195819077Little Televillain
195919077Yukon Have It
195819078New Orleans After Dark
195819079Terror from the Year 5000
195819082Wind Across the Everglades
195919083Behemoth the Sea Monster
195819084No Place to Land
195819086The Last Hurrah
195819087Frontier Gun
195819088Teenage Cave Man
195819089Andy Hardy Comes Home
195819090The Geisha Boy
195819092Night of the Blood Beast
195819093Wolf Larsen
195919094Terror Faces Magoo
195819097Frankenstein's Daughter
195819099Step Down to Terror
195819103Missile to the Moon
195919104Anna Lucasta
195919105The Young Captives
195919106These Thousand Hills
195919107The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker
195819108Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!
195819109In Love and War
195819110The Son of Robin Hood
195919111Guns, Girls, and Gangsters
196019112Natchez Trace
195819113Tarawa Beachhead
195819115Joy Ride
195819116The Screaming Skull
195919118High School Big Shot
195919119Panhandle Scandal
195919121Thunder in the Sun
195819123La Tempesta
195819124Dust in the Sun
195919124Plunderers of Painted Flats
195919125Third Man on the Mountain
195919126The Shaggy Dog
195919128The Last Blitzkrieg
195819129Earth vs. the Spider
195819130Mardi Gras
195919133The Rabbit Trap
195919135Green Mansions
195919136That Kind of Woman
195919138The Hanging Tree
195919139Up Periscope
195919140The FBI Story
195919141The Miracle
195919142Don't Give Up the Ship
195819142I Want to Live!
195919143The Trap
195919144Speed Crazy
195819145Blood of the Vampire
195819146Further Up the Creek
195819146Revolt in the Big House
195819147The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
195919150Good Day for a Hanging
195919150The Angry Hills
195919151The Tee Bird
195819153I Mobster
195819154Some Came Running
195919155Count Your Blessings
195919156North by Northwest
195919157Riot in Juvenile Prison
195919159The Angry Hills
195919160The Scapegoat
195919161Night of the Quarter Moon
195919162Arson for Hire
195919163The Man in the Net
195919164For the First Time
195819165Johnny Rocco
195819167The Wild Women of Wongo
195819168From the Earth to the Moon
195919169Cry Tough
195919170Woodpecker in the Moon
195819171Senior Prom
195919172Ride Lonesome
195919173They Came to Cordura
195919175Juke Box Rhythm
195919176No Name on the Bullet
196019177Gunfighters of Abilene
195919178Take a Giant Step
196019179When Comedy Was King
195919180The Hangman
195919182Magoo's Lodge Brother
195919184Imitation of Life
195919185Face of Fire
195919186The Five Pennies
195919187Alias Jesse James
195919188It Happened to Jane
195919189Romp in a Swamp
195919190Space Mouse
195919191The Last Mile
195919192The Mating Game
195919193The Sound and the Fury
195919196The Beat Generation
195919197Alaska Passage
195919198The Young Philadelphians
195919199Paratroop Command
195919200Crime & Punishment, USA
195919201Operation Dames
195919202Attack of the Giant Leeches
195919203Shake Hands with the Devil
195819204Submarine Seahawk
195919205The Mouse That Roared
195919206A Broken Leghorn
195919207This Earth Is Mine
195919209Little Savage
195919210The Wild and the Innocent
195919212Pork Chop Hill
195919213The Hound of the Baskervilles
195919215Ask Any Girl
195919216Al Capone
195919217Face of a Fugitive
195919218Hey Boy! Hey Girl!
195819219The Naked Maja
195919222First Man into Space
195919223John Paul Jones
195919224The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake
195919225Battle Flame
195919226The Sad Horse
195919228Horrors of the Black Museum
195919229The Headless Ghost
195919230Curse of the Undead
195919230Pillow Talk
195819231Bijo to Ekitainingen
195919232The Wasp Woman
195919233Say One for Me
195919234The Mating Urge
195919235Ten Seconds to Hell
195919236A Hole in the Head
195919237The Man Who Understood Women
195919238Woman Obsessed
195919239Holiday for Lovers
195919241Invisible Invaders
195919244The Horse Soldiers
196019245The Unforgiven
195919246Cast a Long Shadow
195919247The Jayhawkers!
195919248Teenagers from Outer Space
195919250Beyond This Place
1959192514D Man
195919252Bonanza Bunny
195919253Wild About Hurry
195919254A Witch's Tangled Hare
195919256People Are Bunny
196019257Fastest with the Mostest
196019258West of the Pesos
196019259Horse Hare
196019260Wild Wild World
196019261Goldimouse and the Three Cats
195919262Go, Johnny, Go!
196019263Date Bait
195919263The Big Operator
195919266Day of the Outlaw
195919268Here Today, Gone Tamale
196019271Ready, Woolen and Able
195919272Louisiana Hussy
195919273The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock
195919274The Last Angry Man
195919275Night of the Ghouls
195919276The Man Who Could Cheat Death
196019277The Leech Woman
195919278How to Have an Accident at Work
195919281Some Like It Hot
195919282The Devil's Disciple
195919283The Rebel Set
195919284Tarzan's Greatest Adventure
195919288Teenagers from Outer Space
196019290Once More, with Feeling!
195919291But Not for Me
195919293Middle of the Night
195919294Anatomy of a Murder
196019295Five Bold Women
195919297Porgy and Bess
195919299Never So Few
195919300It Started with a Kiss
195919304Pier 5, Havana
196019305Heller in Pink Tights
195919306The Big Circus
195919307Mouse Trapped
195919308Here Come the Jets
195919309Kiddie League
195919310Solomon and Sheba
195919311The Killer Shrews
195919314Tarzan, the Ape Man
195919316Yesterday's Enemy
195919318Noah's Ark
196019318The Bramble Bush
195919319Yellowstone Kelly
195919320Our Man in Havana
195919320Pillow Talk
195919322Girls Town
195919324A Summer Place
196019325Home from the Hill
195919326The Wreck of the Mary Deare
195919329The Giant Gila Monster
195919331Return of the Fly
196019332Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus
195919333The Miracle of the Hills
195919335The Blue Angel
195919336A Private's Affair
195919337The Legend of Tom Dooley
195919340The Mummy
195919341The Big Fisherman
195919342Inside the Mafia
196019342Three Came to Kill
196019343Billion Dollar Boner
195919344The Best of Everything
195919345Operation Petticoat
196019346Pistol Packin' Woodpecker
1959193471001 arabian nights
195919349The Crimson Kimono
196019350Heap Big Hepcat
195919351Zorro, the Avenger
195919352The Alligator People
196019353Sink the Bismarck!
195919356Battle of the Coral Sea
196019357Islands of the Sea
196019359The Big Night
195919360Li'l Abner
196019361The Last Voyage
195919362Diary of a High School Bride
195919363The Bat
195919364Surrender - Hell!
195919365The Wonderful Country
195919366The Ugly Duckling
195919367Have Rocket -- Will Travel
195919368The Tingler
195919369A Bucket of Blood
196019370Cash McCall
195919371Odds Against Tomorrow
195919372On the Beach
196019373Visit to a Small Planet
196019375Who Scent You?
195919377Jack the Ripper
196019378Rabbit's Feat
196019379Mouse and Garden
196019380Mice Follies
196019381The Dixie Fryer
196119382Cannery Woe
196119383The Mouse on 57th Street
196019384The Gallant Hours
195919386Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow
195919387The Flying Fontaines
195919388Look Back in Anger (I)
195919390The Oregon Trail
195919391Edge of Eternity
196019392The Time Machine
195919394A Dog's Best Friend
196019396How to Stuff a Woodpecker
196019397Bats in the Belfry
196019399Fish Hooked
196019400Ozark Lark
196019402Jazz Boat
195919404The House of the Seven Hawks
196019405Freeloading Feline
195919407Five Gates to Hell
195819408The Horse's Mouth
195919409Suddenly, Last Summer
196019411This Rebel Breed
196019412Vice Raid
196019413Sergeant Rutledge
196019414Ice Palace
196019415Tall Story
196019416Hunger Strife
196019417High School Caesar
196019420My Dog, Buddy
196019421Please Don't Eat the Daisies
195919422The Gazebo
195819423Carry On Sergeant
195919423The Atomic Submarine
195919424Blood and Steel
196019425The Private Lives of Adam and Eve
196019427Comanche Station
195919429Journey to the Center of the Earth
195919430Beloved Infidel
195919431Hound-Dog Man
196019432Seven Thieves
19601943312 to the Moon
196019441Oklahoma Territory
196019442A Dog of Flanders
196219442The Jet Cage
196019443Crack in the Mirror
195919445The Navy Lark
195719447Snezhnaya koroleva
196019448The Subterraneans
195919451The Rookie
196019452The Mountain Road
196019453Noose for a Gunman
195919454Jungle Cat
195919456Happy Anniversary
195919458Wolf Hounded
195919459Little Bo Bopped
196019460Who Was That Lady?
196019461The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
196019462Platinum High School
196019463Bells Are Ringing
196019464It Started in Naples
196019465A Breath of Scandal
195919466The Gene Krupa Story
196019467Hell Bent for Leather
196219468The Creation of the Humanoids
195919468The Fugitive Kind
195919470La Legge
195919470The Purple Gang
196119471The Sins of Rachel Cade
196019473The 3rd Voice
196019474Three Came to Kill
196019475The Day They Robbed the Bank of England
195919478A Touch of Larceny
1960194795 Branded Women
195919481Blind Date
196019483Four Fast Guns
196019485The Hypnotic Eye
196019486Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons
196019487Because They're Young
196019488Song Without End
196019489The Millionairess
196019490The Rat Race
196019491Man on a String
195919493The Story on Page One
196019495Wake Me When It's Over
196019496Too Soon to Love
196019498High Note
196019499Inherit the Wind
196019502The Music Box Kid
196019503The Lost World
196019504The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond
196019505The Crowded Sky
196019506The Sundowners
196019508Surprise Package
196019509The Crowning Experience
196019511The Angel Wore Red
196019511Valley of the Redwoods
196019514Key Witness
196019515All the Fine Young Cannibals
196019516Tale of a Wolf
196019517Young Jesse James
196019518I Passed for White
196019519Never Take Sweets from a Stranger
196019520Sotto dieci bandiere
196019521Village of the Damned
196019522The Threat
196019525Pay or Die
196019527Lighter Than Hare
196119528The Abominable Snow Rabbit
196019529Trip for Tat
196019530From Hare to Heir
196019531Hopalong Casualty
196119531Strangled Eggs
196019533Dog Gone People
196119534A Scent of the Matterhorn
196119535Hoppy Daze
196119536Birds of a Father
196119536Zip 'N Snort
196119538D' Fightin' Ones
196119539Taste of Fear
196119539The Rebel Without Claws
196219540Martian Through Georgia
195919544The 39 Steps
196019552Wild River
195919554The Angry Red Planet
196019555The Enemy General
196019556The 3 Worlds of Gulliver
196019561Walk Like a Dragon
196019562The Boy and the Pirates
196019563The Brides of Dracula
196019566School for Scoundrels
196019570Sex Kittens Go to College
196019571A Terrible Beauty
196019572Wernher von Braun
196019575The Story of Ruth
196019576Let's Make Love
196019577From the Terrace
196019578High Time
196119579Rough and Tumble-Weed
196119581Pit and the Pendulum
196019581The Boy Who Stole a Million
196019582Twelve Hours to Kill
196019584Fowled Up Falcon
196019585Pretty Boy Floyd
195919586La Battaglia di Maratona
196019587Southern Fried Hospitality
196119588Go Naked in the World
196019589BUtterfield 8
196019590Sons and Lovers
196019591Strangers When We Meet
196019593Elmer Gantry
196019594The Bellboy
196019595Let No Man Write My Epitaph
196019597House of Usher
196019598For the Love of Mike
196019600Tarzan the Magnificent
196119601Daffy's Inn Trouble
196219602A Sheep in the Deep
196119603What's My Lion?
196219604Good Noose
196219606Fish and Slips
196219607Wet Hare
196119608The Last Hungry Cat
196219609Mother Was a Rooster
196019612The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
196019613Ocean's Eleven
196019614Why Must I Die?
196019616September Storm
195819618Ice-Cold in Alex
196119619Compressed Hare
196119620Nelly's Folly
196019621The World of Suzie Wong
196019622Portrait in Black
196019624Heroes Die Young
196019625All the Young Men
196019626College Confidential
196019628The High Powered Rifle
19601963013 Ghosts
196019631Ten Who Dared
196119631The Canadians
196019632Swiss Family Robinson
196119633Poop Deck Pirate
196019635The Alamo
196019638Studs Lonigan
196019641One Foot in Hell
196019642The Hound That Thought He Was a Raccoon
196019643Hell Is a City
196019644Chartroose Caboose
196019645Stop! Look! and Laugh!
196119646The Bird Who Came to Dinner
196119646The Parent Trap
196019647The Apartment
196119648Papoose on the Loose
196019652Sunrise at Campobello
196119655Gabby's Diner
196019660G.I. Blues
196019665Cage of Evil
196019668The Magnificent Seven
196019669The Millionairess
196119673Clash and Carry
196019674The Grass Is Greener
196019675Hell to Eternity
196019676Midnight Lace
196019677Seven Ways from Sundown
196119680The AbsentMinded Professor
196019680The Full Treatment
196119681Bear and the Bees
196119682Sufferin' Cats
196019695Walk Tall
196119698The Great Impostor
196119701Gold of the Seven Saints
196019702Desire in the Dust
196019704Where the Boys Are
196119705Atlantis, the Lost Continent
196119707The Green Helmet
196119710Mississippi Slow Boat
196119711Busman's Holiday
196119712King of Kings
196119718The Police Dog Story
196019720Squad Car
196019722The Wackiest Ship in the Army
196019724North to Alaska
196119725The Marriage-Go-Round
196119726Swingin' Along
196019728The Wizard of Baghdad
196019729Flaming Star
196119731Cry for Happy
196019732The Plunderers
196119733The Last Sunset
196019739Cone of Silence
196019742Esther and the King
196119743The Secret Partner
196119744I tartari
196119745The Secret Partner
196019746The Facts of Life
196019753Girl of the Night
196119759Tricky Trout
196019761Tess of the Storm Country
196319762The Million Hare
196219765The Slick Chick
196119770Ring of Fire
196119772The Pied Piper of Guadalupe
196419773Señorella and the Glass Huarache
196219774Crow's Feat
196219775Mexican Boarders
196119782Woody's Kook-Out
196119783Case of the Red-Eyed Ruby
196119785Phantom of the Horse Opera
196119788The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
196219789Jack the Giant Killer
196119791Two Loves
196119792Paris Blues
196219794Mutiny on the Bounty
196219795The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
196119797The Outsider
196019798The Horse with the Flying Tail
195919804The Rough and the Smooth
196219805Madison Avenue
196119806The Right Approach
196119807Wild in the Country
196119809All Hands on Deck
196019811Morgan il pirata
196119812A Raisin in the Sun
196119818Susan Slade
196119819Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog
196119821The Mark
196119822The Steel Claw
196119825Posse from Hell
196119826Come September
196119832The Secret Ways
196119835Breakfast at Tiffany's
196119843Five Golden Hours
196119847Return to Peyton Place
196119849The Misfits
196119853Splendor in the Grass
196119854Armored Command
196119856The Ladies Man
196219859Louvre Come Back to Me!
196219861Zoom at the Top
196119862Beep Prepared
196319863To Beep or Not to Beep
196219864Bill of Hare
196219865Quackodile Tears
196119874Summer and Smoke
196319884Fast Buck Duck
196119888Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
196119891The Last Time I Saw Archie
196119897Francis of Assisi
196119898By Love Possessed
196219899Rock-a-Bye Gator
196119901Tin Can Concert
196219902Home Sweet Home Wrecker
195819903The Decks Ran Red
196219903The Music Man
196119904The Guns of Navarone
196119906A Majority of One
196119907Doc's Last Stand
196219908The Magic Sword
196219914Honey's Money
196319915Banty Raids
196319916Mexican Cat Dance
196219917Room and Bored
196119918Mackerel Moocher
196119919Angel Baby
196219920The Counterfeit Traitor
196119927Lover Come Back
196119928Two Rode Together
196119930Judgment at Nuremberg
196119933Back Street
196119933The Deadly Companions
196219935Merrill's Marauders
196219936The 300 Spartans
196219937Pest of Show
196219938Fowled-Up Birthday
196119940Battle at Bloody Beach
196319941I Was a Teenage Thumb
196319943Woolen Under Where
196219945Phoney Express
196119949West Side Story
196219951Crowin' Pains
196219952Tragic Magic
196219953Careless Caretaker
196219954Punch Pooch
196119955The Honeymoon Machine
196119956A Thunder of Drums
196119961Town Without Pity
196119964The Devil at 4 O'Clock
196119968Cash on Demand
196219970Rocket Racket
196219971Mother's Little Helper
196219972Little Woody Riding Hood
196219973Hyde and Sneak
196119974Voo-Doo Boo-Boo
196219983The Broken Land
196119991Mr. Sardonicus
196219993My Geisha
196319995Aqua Duck
196119996The Flight That Disappeared
196219997Beauty and the Beast
196219998Fish and Chips
196120004Child Sock-Cology
196220005Corny Concerto
196320008Case of the Cold Storage Yegg
196120012El Cid
195320017The Moon Is Blue
196220019Tender Is the Night
196120020The Comancheros
196220022Walk on the Wild Side
196220023Sweet Bird of Youth
196120029Pocketful of Miracles
196120034The Mask
196220037Lonely Are the Brave
196220038Cape Fear
196220040Hell Is for Heroes
196220041Escape from Zahrain
196320052Coming Out Party
196320056The Old Dark House
196220064Taras Bulba
196220067Robin Hoody Woody
196120068The Hustler
196320072Hare-Breadth Hurry
196320073The Unmentionables
196320074Chili Weather
196320075Devil's Feud Cake
196220078Advise & Consent
196320089Shutter Bug
196220094Satan Never Sleeps
196320096Coy Decoy
196320097Charlie's Mother-in-Law
196220103La Congiura dei dieci
196720103The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.
196220104That Touch of Mink
196120106One, Two, Three
196120107The Children's Hour
196220110Lawrence of Arabia
196220115Follow That Dream
196220116The Road to Hong Kong
196220125Rome Adventure
196220127The Bashful Elephant
196220128The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
196220134Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man
196320135Stowaway Woody
196320137Hi-Seas Hi-Jacker
196220138The War Lover
196320139Jason and the Argonauts
196220152Birdman of Alcatraz
196320153Greedy Gabby Gator
196320155Salmon Loafer
196320159The Tenant's Racket
196320160Pesky Pelican
196420161Nuts and Volts
196420162A Message to Gracias
196320167Son of Flubber
196220168The Pigeon That Took Rome
196220169The Legend of Lobo
196320178Transylvania 6-5000
196220179The Cabinet of Caligari
196220180Kid Galahad
196220181Requiem for a Heavyweight
196220183Ride the High Country
196220189Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
196020190The Proper Time
196220193Billy Rose's Jumbo
196220200Captain Clegg
196220209Days of Wine and Roses
196320211Claws in the Lease
196420212Freudy Cat
196420213Hawaiian Aye Aye
196220214Who's Got the Action?
196220220The Lion
196320221Nine Hours to Rama
196420224Dumb Patrol
196420225Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare
196320226Mad as a Mars Hare
196420226The Iceman Ducketh
196220227The Day of the Triffids
196220228Now Hear This
196420228War and Pieces
196220229In Search of the Castaways
196220234Tales of Terror
196220236Tower of London
196320241It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
196220243Guns of Darkness
19632024730 Years of Fun
196220253Period of Adjustment
196220254The Password Is Courage
196220258The Manchurian Candidate
196320260The Hook
196320262My Six Loves
196220264The Main Attraction
196220267To Kill a Mockingbird
196220270Panic in Year Zero!
196220272Two for the Seesaw
196220288Escape from East Berlin
196320293Diamond Head
196320295Philbert (Three's a Crowd)
196320304Love Is a Ball
196220315Le couteau dans la plaie
196320317Spencer's Mountain
196420319The Incredible Mr. Limpet
196320320Goose in the Rough
196220322Dr. No
196320323Tepee for Two
196320325Science Friction
196320329The Ugly American
196220330Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol
196420340False Hare
196420341Bartholomew Versus the Wheel
196220342Two Weeks in Another Town
196320343Come Fly with Me
196320354It Happened at the World's Fair
196220355What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
196320356Toys in the Attic
196320357Donovan's Reef
196320362Cry of Battle
196320366The Kiss of the Vampire
196320368A Gathering of Eagles
196320369Goose is Wild
196220370Short in the Saddle
196320376The Nutty Professor
196220377The Spiral Road
196320379The Mouse on the Moon
196420382Paris - When It Sizzles
196320383The Young and the Brave
196320385The Birds
196320387The Courtship of Eddie's Father
196320390Summer Magic
196320393The List of Adrian Messenger
196320396The Haunting (I)
196320399The Great Escape
196320400The Raven
196320408Bye Bye Birdie
196320413A Ticklish Affair
196520414The Greatest Story Ever Told
196420415Raggedy Rug
196520423Pork Chop Phooey
196320424A New Kind of Love
19632042655 Days at Peking
196320431America, America
196320432Cattle King
196220434Carmen Get It!
196320434Of Love and Desire
196220436Calling Dr. Woodpecker
196420440Dumb Like a Fox
196320441Kings of the Sun
196420441Woody's Clip Joint
196420443The Case of the Maltese Chicken
196420445Deep Freeze Squeeze
196420446Saddle-Sore Woody
196320447Irma la Douce
196320449The Pink Panther
196320452The Wheeler Dealers
196420454The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
196420462Skin Folks
196420463Flight from Ashiya
196320464Lilies of the Field
196420469Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
196420479Lady in a Cage
196220482La Freccia d'oro
196420492Rah Rah Ruckus
196420493Lighthouse-keeping Blues
196320495Shock Corridor
196320497Lassie's Great Adventure
196320500Who's Minding the Store?
196420501Get Lost! Little Doggy
196420501The Misadventures of Merlin Jones
196420503Freeway Fracas
196420504Roamin' Roman
196320505Siege of the Saxons
196320506Love with the Proper Stranger
196420506Man's Favorite Sport?
196520507Big Mouse-Take
196520509Crow's Fete
196320512In the Cool of the Day
196420513Gunfighters of Casa Grande
196320516Gunfight at Comanche Creek
196320518The Cardinal
196320519The Sword in the Stone
196320520Captain Newman, M.D.
196320523The Prize
196320524The Thrill of It All
196320525Take Her, She's Mine
196320528The Haunted Palace
196420534Law of the Lawless
196420535The Three Lives of Thomasina
196420536Roof-Top Razzle Dazzle
196320538Act One
196520540A High Wind in Jamaica
196420543Seven Days in May
196420549Viva Las Vegas
196420551Advance to the Rear
196320553Il gattopardo
196420553Where Love Has Gone
196420558Wild and Wonderful
196420559The Visit
196520560Once a Thief
196420560The Third Secret
196420567The Train
196320568From Russia with Love
1963205704 for Texas
196420570My Fair Lady
196420573A Distant Trumpet
196420575Ensign Pulver
196420586The Big Parade of Comedy
196320594Sunday in New York
196520595Three Little Woodpeckers
196520596Case of the Elephant's Trunk
196520597Woodpecker Wanted
196520600Fractured Friendship
196420604The Fall of the Roman Empire
196420609What a Way to Go!
196420610Circus World
196420611The Americanization of Emily
196320612Twilight of Honor
196420613The Night of the Iguana
196420614Of Human Bondage
196420616The Unsinkable Molly Brown
196420617Surf Party
196420625Kissin' Cousins
196420629For Those Who Think Young
196420630Signpost to Murder
196420631First Men in the Moon
196120632The Errand Boy
196420635Cheyenne Autumn
196420636Dear Heart
196220641All Fall Down
196420642Behold a Pale Horse
196220643How the West Was Won
196220644The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm
196420645The Naked Kiss
196420647Much Ado About Mousing
196320648Pent-House Mouse
196420648Snowbody Loves Me
196420649The Evil of Frankenstein
196420653Mary Poppins
196420654The Outrage
196420661Robin and the 7 Hoods
196420665Sex and the Single Girl
196520671Return from the Ashes
196520673The Collector
196420674Woman of Straw
196420676The Cat Above and the Mouse Below
196420682The Secret Invasion
196520684Those Calloways
196420688East of Sudan
196420690The World of Henry Orient
196420691A Shot in the Dark
196420700The Lively Set
196520703Canned Dog Feud
196520706Birds of a Feather
196520707Guest Who?
196520709Half Baked Alaska
196420713The Killers
196420716Send Me No Flowers
196420719Guns of Diablo
196520722Janie Get Your Gun
196420725Hollywood goes to a World Premiere
196520726Davey Cricket
196420727Kiss Me, Stupid
196520730Sioux Me
196420731Goodbye Charlie
196520734The Sound of Music
196520737What's Peckin'
196620738Rough Riding Hood
196520742The Rounders
19652074336 Hours
196420744Mail Order Bride
196520750Pesty Guest
196420754Kisses for My President
196420758The Earth Dies Screaming
196620761Woody and the Beanstalk
196520763The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off
196520765Girl Happy
196620767Lonesome Ranger
196420770Murder Ahoy
196620778Hotel Paradiso
196520779Strange Bedfellows
196720783Cat and Dupli-cat
196620785The Big Bite
196520787None But the Brave
196520790Dear Brigitte
196420791Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
196520793The Reward
196520796The Cincinnati Kid
196520797Lady L
196520800The Great Race
196520800Zebra in the Kitchen
196720802The Dirty Dozen
196520803The Outlaws Is Coming
196520807The Hallelujah Trail
196620815South Pole Pals
196520819Major Dundee
196420820Pancho's Hideaway
196520821It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House
196420822Road to Andalay
196520824Doctor Zhivago
196520828A Rage to Live
196420829Back Door to Hell
196520836How to Murder Your Wife
196620839Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
196720840Cannery Rodent
196420841The Best Man
196620842Snow Place Like Home
196520843The Hill
196520849The Monkey's Uncle
196620852Astronut Woody
196520853The Agony and the Ecstasy
196520854Von Ryan's Express
196420856Four Days in November
196520858The Heroes of Telemark
196620862Practical Yolk
196420872The Pink Phink
196520885In Harm's Way
196520890The Wild Chase
196420892Pink Pajamas
196520893We Give Pink Stamps
196520894Dial 'P' for Pink
196520896Cat Ballou
196520902The Ipcress File
1966209047 Women
196720904Surf-Bored Cat
196520912I Saw What You Did
196520924The Third Day
196520927Arizona Raiders
196520928King Rat
196520929The Money Trap
196520932The Family Jewels
196520933The Sons of Katie Elder
196520934Red Line 7000
196520935The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
196520936Corn on the Cop
196520938The Glory Guys
196620938The Naked Prey
196620942Fantastic Voyage
196520944The Year of the Mouse
196520947Battle of the Bulge
196520950Harlow (I)
196520951The Bedford Incident
196520952The Slender Thread
196520953The Knack ...and How to Get It
196520963Marriage on the Rocks
196620963Mister Buddwing
196520966A Patch of Blue
196520969The Sandpiper
196520972Pink Ice
196520973Pickled Pink
196520974Sink Pink
196520976Shocking Pink
196520977That Darn Cat!
196520983Harum Scarum
196520984Inside Daisy Clover
196520987The Cat's Me-Ouch
196620989The Oscar
196520990What's New Pussycat
196520994Moment to Moment
196521003How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
196521004Winter A-Go-Go
196621011Polar Fright
196521013The Pink Tail Fly
196521014Rushing Roulette
196521017The Flight of the Phoenix
196521019The Liquidator
196621023The Rare Breed
196621026El Greco
196521027Pink Panzer
196521039Boeing (707) Boeing (707)
196721042Vicious Viking
196721044Window Pains
196721045A Countess from Hong Kong
196621045Monster of Ceremonies
196721047Sissy Sheriff
196621052Frankie and Johnny
196521058Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner
196521060An Ounce of Pink
196521062Zip Zip Hooray!
196521063Roadrunner a Go-Go
196721064Have Gun - Can't Travel
196621067Lord Love a Duck
196621069Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title
196621073A Big Hand for the Little Lady
196621074Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
196621075Nevada Smith
196621077The Glass Bottom Boat
196621086The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
196621089Alvarez Kelly
196621093Paradise, Hawaiian Style
196521095Boulder Wham!
196521096Tired and Feathered
196521097Just Plane Beep
196621098Clippety Clobbered
196621101This Property Is Condemned
196521103Curse of the Voodoo
196521104Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster
196621108Paris brûle-t-il?
196621115Follow Me, Boys!
196621117The Bible: In the Beginning...
196621119Lost Command
196521127Reel Pink
196621129The Chase
196621130What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
196521134Bully for Pink
196521134Go Go Amigo
196621135The Texican
196621138The Astroduck
196721139Monkeys, Go Home!
196521141Chaser on the Rocks
196521145The Great De Gaulle Stone Operation
196621147Daffy Rents
196521148Highway Runnery
196721149Guided Mouse-ille
196521152Hairied and Hurried
196621153Filet Meow
196621155Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!
196621158El Dorado
196621161A Fine Madness
196621163One Spy Too Many
196621165Torn Curtain
196621166The Appaloosa
196721169Guided Mouse-ille
196721169The Nautical Nut
196621170Out and Out Rout
196621171Mucho Locos
196721172Mouse in the House
196721173The Gnome-Mobile
196621174How to Steal a Million
196621176Shot and Bothered
196621179Pink Punch
196621183Cast a Giant Shadow
196621185One of Our Spies Is Missing
196621186One Million Years B.C.
196721186The Honey Pot
196621187Napoleon Blown-Aparte
196621188The Group
196621194A-Haunting We Will Go
196621195Mexican Mousepiece
1968211972001: A Space Odyssey
196621202Cirrhosis of the Louvre
196621203Pink Pistons
196621204A Man for All Seasons
196621206The Solid Tin Coyote
196621210The Sand Pebbles
196621218Walk Don't Run
196621219Duel at Diablo
196621224Vitamin Pink
196621227The Professionals
196621229Snow Excuse
196621230A Squeak in the Deep
196621230Ape Suzette
196621231Smile Pretty, Say Pink
196621232The Pink Blueprint
196621234Plastered in Paris
196621235Swing Ding Amigo
196721236Advance and Be Mechanized
196621236Feather Finger
196721237The Taming of the Shrew
196521240Per qualche dollaro in più
196621251Matinee Mouse
196621253A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
196621253Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat
196621259Namu, the Killer Whale
196521260I criminali della galassia
196621269The Deadly Affair
196721270Purr-Chance to Dream
196621272Chamber of Horrors
196721275The Venetian Affair
196621277Cock-a-Doodle Deux-Deux
196721280Two for the Road
196621295Island of Terror
196721299La Vingt-cinquième heure
196721300Welcome to Hard Times
196721301Far from the Madding Crowd
196621303Super Pink
196621304Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!
196621306The Pique Poquette of Paris
196521307Sands of the Kalahari
196621307The Genie with the Light Pink Fur
196621310The Sand Pebbles
196621312The Blue Max
196621316A Taste of Catnip
19672132140 Guns to Apache Pass
196621322The Witches
196621323Pink, Plunk, Plink
196721327Hot Diggity Dog
196721328Horse Play
196721329Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker
196721330Chilly Chums
196621339Sugar and Spies
196721347Don't Make Waves
196821349The Brotherhood
196621356That's No Lady, That's Notre Dame
196721357How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
196721361The Night of the Generals
196721362The Happening
196621367Funeral in Berlin
196821372The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell
196621384Unsafe and Seine
196421386Per un pugno di dollari
196721387Hurry Sundown
196721388Le Quiet Squad
196721395Bonnie and Clyde
196621397Murderers' Row
196621399The Spy in the Green Hat
196721401The Double Man
196721405Thoroughly Modern Millie
196621414The Quiller Memorandum
196721418Sacré Bleu Cross
196621419Toulouse La Trick
196621420Rock a Bye Pinky
196721421Custer of the West
196721423In the Heat of the Night
196721431The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
196721432How I Won the War
196821432The Swimmer
196721433Africa: Texas Style
196721434The Mummy's Shroud
196721435The Busy Body
196721436Barefoot in the Park
196721437Waterhole #3
196721438Easy Come, Easy Go
196721441Half a Sixpence
196721443Eight on the Lam
196721446Pink Posies
196621447Triple Cross
196721448Casino Royale
196721450Cool Hand Luke
196621456I diafanoidi vengono da Marte
196721461In the Pink
196721462Pink Panic
196721464Jet Pink
196721472Bomb Voyage
196721473Rough Night in Jericho
196721480Le Pig-Al Patrol
196721481The Last Safari
196721483Le Escape Goat
196721483The Way West
196721484The Jungle Book
196721485Hour of the Gun
196721489Point Blank
196721492The Naked Runner
196721495The War Wagon
196721498The Last Challenge
196721500Pink of the Litter
196721501Le Bowser Bagger
196621504Navajo Joe
196821512Will Penny
196721515The Long Duel
196821521Never a Dull Moment
196721523Le Cop on Le Rocks
196721524Pinto Pink
196721525Crow De Guerre
196721526Pink Paradise
196821527La Bataille de San Sebastian
196721531Wait Until Dark
196721538Tour De Farce
196721544Quacker Tracker
196721545Congratulations It's Pink
196721545The Music Mice-Tro
196721546The Spy Swatter
196721547Speedy Ghost to Town
196721549Hot Rods to Hell
196721553The Bobo
196821556House of Cards
196821557The Secret War of Harry Frigg
196821560The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz
196721562A Challenge for Robin Hood
196721563Quatermass and the Pit
196721567Billion Dollar Brain
196821569The Power
196721573The Karate Killers
196821575The Odd Couple
196721583Canadian Can-Can
196821583Hostile Witness
196721584The Shooting of Caribou Lou
196721586The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye
196721587Prefabricated Pink
196721604Questi fantasmi
196721605Rodent to Stardom
196721606Go Away Stowaway
196721607Cool Cat
196821612The Thomas Crown Affair
196821613The Party
196821615Inspector Clouseau
196821620One Horse Town
196821625The Charge of the Light Brigade
196621628Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il
196821633Day of the Evil Gun
196721635Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
196821652Salt and Pepper
196821655Ice Station Zebra
196821656The Legend of Lylah Clare
196821657The Green Berets
196821664The Vengeance of She
196721666You Only Live Twice
196821667Where Angels Go Trouble Follows!
196821674Rosemary's Baby
196821675Villa Rides
196821678No Way to Treat a Lady
196821682Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
196921684The Illustrated Man
196821686Sky Blue Pink
196821687Psychedelic Pink
196821688London Derrière
196821688Tickled Pink
196821689Le Great Dane Robbery
196821695Stay Away, Joe
196721697Merlin the Magic Mouse
196721699Fiesta Fiasco
196821704Hippydrome Tiger
196821705The Fixer
196821708Yours, Mine and Ours
196821710The Helicopter Spies
196821713Planet of the Apes
196721715Pink Outs
196821717The Devil's Brigade
196821718The Detective
196921720Mackenna's Gold
196821721The Devil Rides Out
196721723The Bear That Wasn't
196821729Come on In! The Water's Pink
196821730A Man Called Gannon
196821734The Sergeant
196821736Coogan's Bluff
196821737Lo sbarco di Anzio
196821737Put-Put, Pink
196821738Pinkadilly Circus
196821740G.I. Pink
196821741The Pink Quarterback
196821742Lucky Pink
196821744Transylvania Mania
196821745Bear De Guerre
196821756Romeo and Juliet (I)
197121759Bedknobs and Broomsticks
196721766Operazione San Pietro
196821767The Shoes of the Fisherman (I)
196821769Where Eagles Dare
196821776Hang 'Em High
196821778Norman Normal
196721780Odio per odio
196821782La Feet's Defeat
196821783Funny Girl
196821783Skyscraper Caper
196821788Three Guns for Texas
196821789Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pink
196821799The Boston Strangler
196821805Pink Valiant
196821806The Pink Pill
196821809The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
196821815Prehistoric Pink
196821818Lady in Cement
196821822See Ya Later Gladiator
1968218253 Ring Wing-Ding
196921826The Ant and the Aardvark
196821828Hawks and Doves
196821831Feud with a Dude
196821831I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!
196921834Gaily, Gaily
196821834Le Ball and Chain Gang
196821836Big Game Haunt
196921837Guns of the Magnificent Seven
196821841Pink in the Clink
196821844Little Beaux Pink
196921845Hannibal Brooks
1968218465 Card Stud
196921848Hello, Dolly!
196821856Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell
196821862Pink Sphinx
196821869Secret Ceremony
196921873Heaven with a Gun
196921875Impasse (I)
196921884The Desperados
196921891Death of a Gunfighter
196821894Pink Is a Many Splintered Thing
196921895The Bed Sitting Room
196921900Pink Pest Control
196921901Support Your Local Sheriff!
196821909Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
197021911Zabriskie Point
196821915The Split
196921920Sweet Charity
196921927The Ant From Uncle
196921931The Wild Bunch
196821934Flying Circus
196921939The Wild Bunch
196921943The File of the Golden Goose
196921944Before Winter Comes
196921952Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here
196821954Hell in the Pacific
196821963Play Dirty
196921964Slink Pink
196821965Pinkcome Tax
196921967French Freud
196921967In the Pink of the Night
196921968Extinct Pink
196821974The Pink Package Plot
196921975Think Before You Pink
196921976Sam Whiskey
196921980The First Time
196821983The Love Bug
196921989French Freud
196821990Paper Lion
196921991Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
196821993The Love Bug
196921995Goodbye, Columbus
196921996Young Billy Young
196921998Hurts and Flowers
196921999Pierre and Cottage Cheese
196922000Never Bug an Ant
196922001I've Got Ants in My Plans
196922005The Big Bounce
196822022Bunny and Claude: We Rob Carrot Patches
196822023Chimp & Zee
196922025The Italian Job
196922034The Reckoning
196922043Carte Blanched
196922044Pink On the Cob
196922045True Grit
196922049Paint Your Wagon
196922055Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
196722055The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin
196922059If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
196922062Technology, Phooey
196922062The Great Carrot-Train Robbery
196922063The Deadwood Thunderball
196922064The Great Bank Robbery
196922076Castle Keep
196922093Shamrock and Roll
196922094Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too!
196922095Injun Trouble
196922096Bugged by a Bee
196922103Sweet and Sourdough
197022104Scratch a Tiger
196922105Hasty But Tasty
196922109Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
197022115Two Mules for Sister Sara
196922121The Rain People
196922123Tijuana Toads
197022124Kelly's Heroes
196822128Il mercenario
196922132Flying Feet
197022137Ryan's Daughter (I)
196922139The Sterile Cuckoo
196922142Downhill Racer
197022144Start the Revolution Without Me
197022147The Adventures of Gerard
196922149Number One
196922153On Her Majesty's Secret Service
197022154Leo the Last
196922177Battle of Britain
197122179The Last Run
196922184The Arrangement
196922193Cactus Flower
197022200The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
197022201Cannon for Cordoba
197022202The Landlord
196922207The Picasso Summer
196922209The Undefeated
196922211John and Mary
197022213...tick... tick... tick...
197022225The Hawaiians
196922230Angel, Angel, Down We Go
197022245Scream and Scream Again
197022253King of the Grizzlies
197022261The Moonshine War
197022262The Landlord
197022264Chilly's Ice Folly
197022269The Out of Towners
197022273Beneath the Planet of the Apes
197022279Hornets' Nest
196922280Anne of the Thousand Days
197022285The Liberation of L.B. Jones
197022289Coo Coo Nuts
197022291The Buttercup Chain
197022304Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You
197022309The Ballad of Cable Hogue
196922314Dune Bug
196922318Isle of Caprice
197022335The McKenzie Break
196922340The Happy Ending
196922347The Magic Christian
197022350Tora! Tora! Tora!
197022364Taste the Blood of Dracula
197022378The Only Game in Town
197022419Science Friction
197122420Shoot Out
197022422Ants in the Pantry
197022427Hop and Chop
197022429A Dopey Hacienda
197022431Say Cheese, Please
197022433Figures in a Landscape
197022457A Taste of Money
197022457Too Late the Hero
197022463The Man Who Haunted Himself
197022465And Soon the Darkness
197022466They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!
197022482Odd Ant Out
197022484Robin Goodhood
197022485The Foul Kin
197022513I Walk the Line
197022522The Horror of Frankenstein
197022527Gem Dandy
197022528Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle
197122529Rough Brunch
197122530Trick or Retreat
197022534The Last Valley
197022547The Great White Hope
197122548The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
197122563The Pursuit of Happiness
197022567You Can't Win 'Em All
197122577Mrs. Pollifax-Spy
197022578Monte Walsh
197022589Waterloo (I)
197022595Ned Kelly
197022601Love Story
197022613Scars of Dracula
197022615Soldier Blue
197122621Murphy's War
197122635Saturday Morning
197122640The Egg and Ay-Yi-Yi!
197122645One More Train to Rob
197122645THX 1138
197022648Angel Unchained
197022652Five Easy Pieces
197122657The Beguiled
197022657The Froze Nose Knows
197122661Brother John
197122676Lust for a Vampire
197122676The House That Dripped Blood
197022677Wuthering Heights
197122680Von Richthofen and Brown
197122687Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
197022689Rio Lobo
197122690The Deserter
197022703Elvis: That's the Way It Is
197022704Where's Poppa?
197122717Making It
197122718Vanishing Point
19712271910 Rillington Place
197122724Plaza Suite
197122725Pretty Maids All in a Row
197122727Little Murders
197122737The Andromeda Strain
197022741The Go-Between
197122743Valdez Is Coming
197122766Believe in Me
197122772Chilly's Hide-a-Way
197122775The Barefoot Executive
197122792Blind Terror
197122805From Bed to Worse
197122809The Anderson Tapes
197122814Raid on Rommel
197122818McCabe & Mrs. Miller
197122820Shoot Out
197122830The Panic in Needle Park
197222834Living Free
197122841Support Your Local Gunfighter
197122843The Million Dollar Duck
197122845Escape from the Planet of the Apes
197122848Play Misty for Me
197122850Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
197122853The Christian Licorice Store
197122864Hands of the Ripper
197122873Countess Dracula
197222874Living Free
197122875Nicholas and Alexandra
197122884Hands of the Ripper
197122889The Abominable Dr. Phibes
197122892The Grissom Gang
197122897What's the Matter with Helen?
197122905Murders in the Rue Morgue
197122909Man in the Wilderness
197122914Le Mans
197122915Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde
197122916The Light at the Edge of the World
197222922Get to Know Your Rabbit
197122924Clay Pigeon
197122925Fastest Tongue in the West
197222930Rainbow Bridge
197222931Chato's Land
197122934Man and Boy
197122943The Hellstrom Chronicle
197122945Big Jake
197122952The Boy Friend
197122953The Hired Hand
197122954The Organization
197122962A Clockwork Orange
197122972Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?
197222973Flight to the Finish
197122975Croakus Pocus
197122980Some of My Best Friends Are
197222990Young Winston
197122991Cattle Battle
197122992Pink Blue Plate
197122993A Fly in the Pink
197222993Frog Jog
197122994Pink Tuba-Dore
197122996Psst Pink
197122997Gong with the Pink
197122998Pink Pranks
197122999The Pink Flea
197223023Buck and the Preacher
197123024Medicine Ball Caravan
197123025The Last Picture Show
197123033200 Motels
197123038Harold and Maude
197223040The Cowboys
197123043Dirty Harry
197223045What's Up, Doc?
197223046The Pied Piper
197323052Bang the Drum Slowly
197123054The French Connection
197223056Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues
197123067Diamonds Are Forever
197223071The Biscuit Eater
197223072Vampire Circus
197723077Let's Scare Jessica to Death
197123078Straw Dogs
197223082Jeremiah Johnson
197223083Now You See Him, Now You Don't
197123088The Last Movie
197123098Born to Win
197123099The Hospital
197223101The Godfather
197223107The Hot Rock
197123112Mary, Queen of Scots
197223133Dracula A.D. 1972
197223138One Is a Lonely Number
197423145The Midnight Man
197223145What's Up, Doc?
197223156The Other
197223162Fear in the Night
197223166The Possession of Joel Delaney
197223167Last of the Red Hot Lovers
197223168Play it again, Sam
197223169Bad Company
197223170Child's Play
197223171The Legend of Nigger Charley
197223175A Separate Peace
197323175The Outfit
197123182Hannie Caulder
197223183Pink 8 Ball
197223186Prime Cut
197223189Bad Company
197223189Napoleon and Samantha
197223203The Visitors
197223217Butterflies Are Free
197123218Giù la testa
197323226The Baby
197223229The Magnificent Seven Ride!
197223232Chili Con Corny
197223238Night of the Lepus
197223242Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
197223254Dr. Phibes Rises Again
197223255Nippon Tuck
197223257The New Centurions
197223272The Candidate
197223281The Offence
197223287Hickey & Boggs
197223293The Man
197223302Malcolm X
197223306Snoopy Come Home
197223317Come Back, Charleston Blue
197223320Mutiny On the Buses
197223323Kansas City Bomber
197323338The Thief Who Came to Dinner
197323340The Train Robbers
197223341The Poseidon Adventure
197223343Trouble Man
197223345The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
197223354Lady Caroline Lamb
197223357Ulzana's Raid
197323358The Way We Were
197223374Joe Kidd
197223380The Mechanic
197223390Play It As It Lays
197423394The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
197323402The Day of the Jackal
197223404They Only Kill Their Masters
197223419The Valachi Papers
197223427Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall
197323429A Touch of Class
197223430Born to Boogie
197323432Class of '44
197323433The Exorcist
197423435Billy Two Hats
197423441Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
197223451Black Gunn
197223471The Getaway
197323487The Satanic Rites of Dracula
197223491Up the Sandbox
197323501Soylent Green
197323502The Long Goodbye
197323502Theater of Blood
197323505Harry in Your Pocket
197323507The Shoe Must Go On
197323509Night Watch
197323511Kloot's Kounty
197323512A Self-Winding Sidewinder
197323513Ten Miles to the Gallop
197323515Pay Your Buffalo Bill
197323516Stirrups and Hiccups
197323517Aches and Snakes
197323520Killarney Blarney
197323532Fowl Play
197223532Straight on Till Morning
197223533Hit Man (I)
197323536Blume in Love
197323537The Mackintosh Man
197323545The Friends of Eddie Coyle
197323550White Lightning
197323551The Vault of Horror
197323558Paper Moon
197223559Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask
197323563The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
197323565Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
197323568Love Thy Neighbour
197523575Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins
197323579Cops and Robbers
197323582American Graffiti
197323585The Friends of Eddie Coyle
197323602Emperor of the North Pole
197323615Live and Let Die
197323616Battle for the Planet of the Apes
197323621The Paper Chase
197323635Jesus Christ Superstar
197423653It's Alive! (I)
197323662Man at the Top
197323673The Seven-Ups
197423682Freebie and the Bean
197323684Cahill U.S. Marshal
197423686Phase IV
197323689Gordon's War
197323692The Don Is Dead
197323694Don't Look Now
197423710Dead Cert
197423713The Sugarland Express
197323721The Stone Killer
197423741Where the Lilies Bloom
197423756The Conversation
197323757The Sting
197323764Magnum Force
197423768Mr. Majestyk
197423769The Spikes Gang
197323778The Last Detail
197423794Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
197423796The Badge and the Beautiful
197423797Strange on the Range
197423803The Black Windmill
197523808Night Moves
197323809Il mio nome è Nessuno
197423816The Great Gatsby
197423817The Tamarind Seed
197423823Big Beef at the O.K. Corral
197423824Bank Shot
197423829By Hoot or by Crook
197423829Saddle Soap Opera
197423836Sugar Hill
197323845Holiday on the Buses
197423865Mixed Company
197523875The Prisoner of Second Avenue
197423877Herbie Rides Again
197423883Foxy Brown
197423891Harry and Tonto
197223893Junior Bonner
197423896As the Tumbleweed Turns
197423897Gold Struck
197423897Mesa Trouble
197423898Phony Express
197423909The Parallax View
197523926The Wilby Conspiracy
197423929Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
197423930Death Wish
197423943Daisy Miller
197423945The Gambler
197423946Man About the House
197423947For Pete's Sake
197423960Trail of the Lonesome Pink
197423961Pink Aye
197423970Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
197423976Ransom (II)
197423977The Odessa File
197523983The Great Waldo Pepper
197423988The Marseille Contract
197424006The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
197424007Young Frankenstein
197524024The Return of the Pink Panther
197424027The Longest Yard
197424028The Towering Inferno
197424034Murder on the Orient Express
197424037Young Frankenstein
197424038The Godfather: Part II
197424040The Man with the Golden Gun
197524045Bite the Bullet
197424063Airport 1975
197424071Mother Dogfather
197424074The Klansman
197524077Barry Lyndon
197524079Professione: reporter
197424080The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
197524095Saltwater Tuffy
197524099White Line Fever
197524103Rancho Deluxe
197524107Funny Lady
197524113The Day of the Locust
197524120Report to the Commissioner
197524127The Ultimate Warrior
197524136Sharks' Treasure
197524139Dog Day Afternoon
197524141The Stepford Wives
197524152Watch the Birdie
197524156The Wind and the Lion
197524170Rooster Cogburn
197824177An Unmarried Woman
197524179French Connection II
197624180The End of the Game
197524181The Rocky Horror Picture Show
197524230Hard Times
197624232Lifeguard (I)
197524238The Eiger Sanction
197624239Mikey and Nicky
197524241The Apple Dumpling Gang
197524252The Drowning Pool
197524257The Hindenburg
197524273Race with the Devil
197624287Sky Riders
197524301Love and Death
197524314Return to Macon County
197524315Pink Streaker
197524316Pink Campaign
197524317Salmon Pink
197524318Pink Plasma
197524319Keep Our Forests Pink
197524320Bobolink Pink
197624321Pink Piper
197524322Pink Da Vinci
197524323Forty Pink Winks
197624324Sherlock Pink
197724325Therapeutic Pink
197624326Rocky Pink
197524327It's Pink, But Is It Mink?
197524328The Scarlet Pinkernel
197524330Haunting Dog
197624340St. Ives
197524351Three Days of the Condor
197624358The Bad News Bears
197624360Ace Up My Sleeve
197524362Farewell, My Lovely
197624365Logan's Run
197624371To the Devil a Daughter
197624372The First Nudie Musical
197524373Race with the Devil
197624404Gable and Lombard
197624405From Noon Till Three
197524409The Man Who Would Be King
197524411Breakheart Pass
197624416All the President's Men
197624419No Deposit, No Return
197724430Demon Seed
197524434One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
197624436Next Stop, Greenwich Village
198024438A Change of Seasons
197624440Robin and Marian
197624441Taxi Driver
197524442Friday Foster
197624449Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
197724450Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
197624451Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood
197724452Islands in the Stream
197624453The Big Bus
197624458The Last Tycoon
197624461Marathon Man
197624463Bugsy Malone
197724463The Other Side of Midnight
197624467The Shootist
197624469Le Locataire
197624483Family Plot
197624494Mystic Pink
197624495The Front
197624496Murder by Death
197624513At the Earth's Core
197624521Potato Fritz
197624521Shout At the Devil
197624522The Last Hard Men
197624537The Food of the Gods
197624541The Pink of Arabee
197624542The Pink Pro
197724543Black Sunday
197624549Two-Minute Warning
197624553Stay Hungry
197624560The Omen
197624561Voyage of the Damned
197624563God Told Me To
197624565The Outlaw Josey Wales
197624566The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings
197624581The Missouri Breaks
197624583The Pink Panther Strikes Again
197624586The Return of a Man called Horse
197624591The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday
197624593The Blue Bird
197624597Silent Movie
197624606Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson
197624617Car Wash
197624620Pinky Doodle
197624624The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
197724631Joseph Andrews
197524634The Killer Elite
197624647Silver Streak
197624655King Kong
197724682Fun with Dick and Jane
197724685Eaten Alive
197624685Welcome to L.A.
197624693The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox
197624699The Eagle Has Landed
197724703The Domino Principle
197724706Slap Shot
197724707The Sentinel
197724713Fire Sale
197624716The Enforcer (I)
197724718The Charge of the Model Ts
197524720Hard Times
197624720The Next Man
197624722Joe Panther
197624725The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella
197624728The Cassandra Crossing
197624730A Star Is Born
197624731The Monkey Hu$tle
197724734Looking For Mr. Goodbar
197624735Guardian of the Wilderness
197624737All This and World War II
197624738Freaky Friday
197724742Scott Joplin
197724743Mr. Billion
197724747Cross of Iron
197724751Audrey Rose
197724760The Car
197724763The Rescuers
197724771The Late Show
197724772Twilight's Last Gleaming
197724774The White Buffalo
197724782The Turning Point
197824789Casey's Shadow
197724794Audrey Rose
197724803Airport '77
197724806Annie Hall
197724815The Amsterdam Kill
197724818Smokey and the Bandit
197724822The Spy Who Loved Me
197724824The Deep
197724828Empire of the Ants
197724829The People That Time Forgot
197724836The Deep
197724836The Deep
197724839The Goodbye Girl
197724840Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
197724850Thunder and Lightning
1977248543 Women
197724875A Bridge Too Far
197824882Silver Bears
197824883Gray Lady Down
197724884The Last Remake of Beau Geste
197724886Which Way Is Up?
197724891The Greatest
197724896The Island of Dr. Moreau
197724897For the Love of Benji
197724899Exorcist II: The Heretic
197724901Oh, God!
197724902The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover
197824922The Alien Factor
197724925Star Wars
197724926One on One
197824930Pretty Baby
197724936Bobby Deerfield
197724960New York, New York
197724963September 30, 1955
197724968Greased Lightning
197725000Capricorn One
197825002The Manitou
197825003The One and Only
197825008The Deer Hunter
197825009The Driver
197725016The Gauntlet
197725032High Anxiety
197725042Saturday Night Fever
197725050The Choirboys
197725062Close Encounters of the Third Kind
197825070Force 10 from Navarone
197825073The Betsy
197825078Coma (I)
197825097The Last Waltz
197825104Straight Time
197825105Goin' South
197825106Heaven Can Wait
197825107The Big Sleep
197825123Warlords of Atlantis
197825124Death on the Nile
197825126Blue Collar
197825131The Fury
197825133The Greek Tycoon
197825142Beyond and Back
197825152Foul Play
197825153Invasion of the Body Snatchers
197825153The End (I)
197825154Midnight Express
197925156Norma Rae
197825157The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2
197825159International Velvet
197825160House Calls
197825163The End (I)
197825164Coming Home
197825165The Bad News Bears go to Japan
197825180Here Come the Tigers
197925182California Dreaming
197825198The One Man Jury
197825199Days of Heaven
197825201Damien: Omen II
197825218The Wild Geese
197825220Up in Smoke
197825221The Water Babies
197825222I Wanna Hold Your Hand
197825225Paradise Alley
197825235Revenge of the Pink Panther
197825237Jaws 2
197825238The Magic of Lassie
197825250It lives again
197825251Eyes of Laura Mars
197825252Foul Play
197825253Animal House
197825256Big Wednesday
197825257The Swarm
197825259Animal House
197825261On the Yard
197825273Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
197825279Zero to Sixty
197825284The Boys from Brazil
197925286Eagle's Wing
197825287Who'll Stop the Rain
197925291Love and Bullets
197925294Escape to Athena
198025303The Stunt Man
197925307Butch and Sundance: The Early Days
197825310California Suite
197825312The Norseman
197825313Movie Movie
197825314Oliver's Story
197825318Brass Target
197925320The Champ
197825324The Big Fix
197825341Comes a Horseman
197825343The Legacy
197925347The Warriors
197825350Same Time, Next Year
197925351Killer Fish
197925356Norma Rae
197825363Slow Dancing in the Big City
197925367The Warriors
197825368Same Time, Next Year
197825387Pink Arcade
197825389Pink Lightning
197825390Pink in the Drink
197825391Pink S.W.A.T.
197925392String Along in Pink
197825393Pink Bananas
197825394Pinktails for Two
197925396Rocky II
197925404The Double McGuffin
197925406Pink Quackers
197825407Pink and Shovel
197925408Pink Breakfast
197925409Toro Pink
197925410Pink in the Woods
197925411Pink Pull
197925412Spark Plug Pink
197825413Pink Lemonade
198025414Supermarket Pink
197825415Pink Daddy
197825416Pink Pictures
197925417Pink Suds
197825418Pink Trumpet
197825419Sprinkle Me Pink
197825420Cat and the Pinkstalk
197925421Doctor Pink
197825422Dietetic Pink
197825423Pink Z-Z-Z
197825424Pink U.F.O.
197825425Star Pink
197825426Pink Press
197925429The Passage
197825431Ice Castles
197825444Every Which Way But Loose
197925456The China Syndrome
197925460Last Embrace
197925466Hanover Street
197925468When a Stranger Calls
197925475The Muppet Movie
197825479The Brink's Job
197925480Lost and Found
197825483Moment by Moment
197925484The First Great Train Robbery
197925486Arabian Adventure
197925493Breaking Away
197925495A Perfect Couple
197925510The Seduction of Joe Tynan
197925514The Villain
197925516Starting Over
197825520Yankee Doodle Pink
197825521Pet Pink Pebbles
197825522The Pink of Bagdad
197925536Walk Proud
197925540The Prisoner of Zenda
197925544Avalanche Express
198025544Night of the Juggler
197925547Zulu Dawn
197925553Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht
197925555Escape from Alcatraz
198025558The Last Word
197925563A Little Romance
197925575Over the Edge
197925576The Evictors
197925577The Kids are Alright
197925578A Man, a Woman and a Bank
198025586Die Laughing
197925599Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
197925609Time After Time
197925610Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
197925611Rock 'n' Roll High School
198025613American Gigolo
197925615North Dallas Forty
197925622More American Graffiti
198025627Foolin' Around
197925637Gas Pump Girls
197925642Wanda Nevada
197925646The Frisco Kid
197925649The In-Laws
197925653The Amityville Horror
197925657A Force of One
198025677Headin' for Broadway
197925680The Main Event
197925694The Concorde ... Airport '79
197925697Rich Kids
198025700Heart Beat
197925712The Lady in Red
198025713Saturn 3
198125716Clash of the Titans
197925723Kramer vs. Kramer
197925724The Electric Horseman
197925725All That Jazz
197925732La Luna
197925733Wise Blood
197925734The Black Hole
198025743Little Darlings
197925751Apocalypse Now
197925763Mountain Family Robinson
198025765The Last Married Couple in America
197925789North Sea Hijack
198025793The Fog
198025800The Blue Lagoon
198025815Can't Stop the Music
198025818The Jazz Singer
197925823...And Justice for All.
197925828The Black Stallion
198025831Silver Dream Racer
198025832Bad Timing
198025841Little Miss Marker
198025842Coal Miner's Daughter
197925857The Human Factor
198025872The Island
198025874When Time Ran Out...
197925877The Jerk
197925878Being There
198125879Second-Hand Hearts
198025882In God We Tru$t
198025883The Changeling
197325887Il Mio nome è Nessuno
198025887The Formula
197925888Going in Style
198025893The Awakening
198025896Melvin and Howard
198025901Friday the 13th (I)
198025902The Mountain Men
198025903Used Cars
198125906Honky Tonk Freeway
198025911The Long Riders
198025919Tom Horn
198025923The Big Red One
198025931Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!)
198125936The Final Conflict
198025938Willie & Phil
198025943How to Beat the High Co$t of Living
198025947The Earthling
198025948Dressed to Kill
198025951Nine to Five
198025953Somewhere in Time
198025956A Small Circle of Friends
198025957The Earthling
198125960The Incredible Shrinking Woman
198025963Rough Cut
198025965Gilda Live
198025966Cheech & Chong's Next Movie
198025967Touched by Love
198025974Where the Buffalo Roam
198025975The Gong Show Movie
198025985The Mirror Crack'd
198025995The Shining
198025996The Hearse
198025998The Hunter
198026001Breaking Glass
198026004Coast to Coast
198026007Bronco Billy
198126012Bustin' Loose
198026013The Final Countdown
198026015The Blues Brothers
198026016The Sea Wolves
198126025Full Moon High
198026026The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu
198126028Chariots of Fire
198126030Chariots of Fire
198026032Flash Gordon
198026033Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century
198026034Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
198026039Herbie Goes Bananas
198026046Blood Beach
198026049Superman II
198126054Back Roads
198126060Burned at the Stake
198026061The Monster Club
198026063The Elephant Man
198026067Bronco Billy
198026073Honeysuckle Rose
198026085Altered States
198126088The Four Seasons
198026089Oh, God! Book II
198026090The Big Brawl
198126095Dead & Buried
198026106He Knows You're Alone
198026107Ordinary People
198026113Motel Hell
198026114Stir Crazy
198126115Modern Romance
198026116Battle Beyond the Stars
198026117The Competition
198126121Zorro, The Gay Blade
198126126Rich and Famous
198126127Pennies from Heaven
198026131Heaven's Gate
198226132The Dark Crystal
198126133On Golden Pond
198126135Green Ice
198226138Cannery Row
198126138The Great Muppet Caper
198026143The First Deadly Sin
198126153The Hand
198026157Stardust Memories
198026166The Idolmaker
198026171Raging Bull
198126189Bloody Birthday
198126207Carbon Copy
198126208The Howling
198126215All Night Long
198126216Happy Birthday to me
198126223The Fan
198226225Liar's Moon
198326225The Being
198126230First Monday in October
198126232The Funhouse
198126236Going Ape!
198126240Fort Apache the Bronx
198126243Eye of the Needle
198126244The French Lieutenant's Woman
198126248The Postman Always Rings Twice
198126250The Boogens
198126253My Bloody Valentine
198126254Friday the 13th Part 2
198026256Urban Cowboy
198126261Raggedy Man
198226262The Border
198126264Cutter's Way
198126272Escape from New York
198126275Body Heat
198126276Continental Divide
198026285The Return
198126296Death Hunt
198126313Zoot Suit
198126314True Confessions
198226319White Dog
198126326Nice Dreams
198126327Victory (I)
198126332Absence of Malice
198126334Take This Job and Shove It
198126343For Your Eyes Only
198126345Raiders of the Lost Ark
198126346Four Friends
198126347Blow Out
198126348History of the World: Part I
198226351Death Valley
198126361The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
197926364Star Trek: The Motion Picture
198126365Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen
198126371Deadly Blessing
198126372Student Bodies
198126373Tarzan, the Ape Man
198226374Victor Victoria
198126376Whose Life Is It Anyway?
198226383The Slayer
198126386Mommie Dearest
198026386Smokey and the Bandit II
198226387An Officer and a Gentleman
198226389Partners (I)
198226390Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again
198126391Force: Five
198226410Kill Squad
198126416Halloween II
198226417Safari 3000
198126418An American Werewolf in London
198126421Zorro, the Gay Blade
198126423Endless Love
198226432National Lampoon's Movie Madness
198226433Wrong Is Right
198226434My Favorite Year
198126438Modern Problems
198226439Endangered Species
198226440Forced Vengeance
198126442Galaxy of Terror
198126451The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie
198226461Evil Under the Sun
198126475The Amateur
198126476Night Crossing
198126478Southern Comfort
198126479So Fine
198226481Swamp Thing
198226482I Ought to Be in Pictures
198226483Death Wish II
198126491Sharky's Machine
198226497The Beast Within
198126504Ghost Story
198226505Cat People
198126510Lady Chatterley's Lover
198226511I, The Jury
198226526It Came from Hollywood
198226528The Slumber Party Massacre
198226529Conan the Barbarian
198226530Love Child
198226531Five Days One Summer
198226532Night Shift
198126534The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
198126555The Entity
198226557Hanky Panky
198226559The House Where Evil Dwells
198226562The Challenge
198226567Pink Motel
198226571Rocky III
198226572Summer Lovers
198226573Blade Runner
198126580Das Boot
198226595Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip
198226601Tag: The Assassination Game
198226611Personal Best
198226615Savannah Smiles
198226624Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
198226636Penitentiary II
198226638The Year of Living Dangerously
198226641Britannia Hospital
198226645Young Doctors in Love
198226647Things Are Tough All Over
198226660The World According to Garp
198226661Class Reunion
198226665Mother Lode
198226672Author! Author!
198226675Pink Floyd The Wall
198326678Tender Mercies
198326684One Dark Night
198226694Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
198226695Grease 2
198226699The Thing
198326700Eddie Macon's Run
198226701Still of the Night
198226703Fast Times at Ridgemont High
198226704The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
198326705The Sting II
198226706Who Dares Wins
198226707The Secret of NIMH
198226709Six Pack
198226710The Verdict
198326711The Star Chamber
198326712Without a Trace
198326713Max Dugan Returns
198226714Kiss Me Goodbye
198226717E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
198326719Losin' It
198426721Mike's Murder
198326722Star 80
198226724Lookin' to Get Out
198226726Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann
198326736The Outsiders
198226740Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl
198226753Six Weeks
198226762The Beastmaster
198226763The Pirates of Penzance
198226764Friday the 13th Part III
196426767Guns at Batasi
198326768Never Cry Wolf
198326769Never Cry Wolf
198226776The Missionary
198226777Amityville II: The Possession
198326781Blue Thunder
198126783This Is Elvis
198226788Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales
198326804Curse of the Pink Panther
198226805Trail of the Pink Panther
198226809The Sender
198226814Halloween III: Season of the Witch
198226816First Blood
198226817The Toy
198226831Twilight Time
198226835Sophie's Choice
198426841Unfaithfully Yours
198326842Bill Cosby: Himself
198326843The Wicked Lady
198326848Fire and Ice
198326853The Right Stuff
198326857The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew
198326858Psycho II
198326859Going Berserk
198326860Doctor Detroit
198326861High Road to China
198226862Airplane II: The Sequel
19822686548 Hrs.
198226873Honkytonk Man
198326879Table for Five
198226882The King of Comedy
198326894Local Hero
198326895Heart Like a Wheel
198326898Bad Boys
198326905Lone Wolf McQuade
198326906Strange Invaders
198326907Under Fire
198326910Easy Money
198426911Broadway Danny Rose
198426915The Buddy System
198326922Man, Woman and Child
198326927The Lords of Discipline
198326932Sacred Ground
198326934Baby It's You
198326935Eddie and the Cruisers
198326937Private School
198326941Superman III
198326942Romantic Comedy
198326943Educating Rita
198326954Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
198326955The Man with Two Brains
198326957The Black Stallion Returns
198326968The Keep
198326970Cross Creek
198326970The Meaning of Life
19832697310 to Midnight
198326974Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore
198426975Surf II
198326982Trading Places
198326991Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
198326992Valley Girl
198326997Still Smokin
198327002Staying Alive
198327012Jaws 3-D
198327013The Survivors
198327016Love Letters (II)
198327017Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
198327040Get Crazy
198327042Chained Heat
198327044Mr. Mom
198327045Twilight Zone: The Movie
198327046To Be or Not to Be
198327047Rumble Fish
198327048To Be or Not to Be
198327055Reuben, Reuben
198327057The Big Chill
195427069Rear Window (1996 Restoration Version)
195827072Vertigo (1996 Restoration Version)
198327075The Honorary Consul
198427077Windy City
198327084Mr. Mom
198327087Il mondo di Yor
198327100Smokey and the Bandit Part 3
198427105Police Academy
198427106Purple Hearts
198327107Risky Business
198327113A Christmas Story
198327119All the Right Moves
198327120Two of a Kind
198427121This Is Spinal Tap
198327127The Dead Zone
198427130Meatballs Part II
198327131The Man Who Wasn't There
198327132A Night in Heaven
198327133Amityville 3-D
198427136Against All Odds
198427143Over the Brooklyn Bridge
198327151Never Say Never Again
198327156The Osterman Weekend
198427158Until September
198327159Gorky Park
198427160Harry & Son
198427161Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers
198427162The Bounty
198427171Hard to Hold
198427172Racing with the Moon
198327173Terms of Endearment
198327175Richard Pryor ...Here and Now
198427178Blame it on Rio
198327180D.C. Cab
198427181The Lonely Guy
198327185The Man Who Loved Women
198327187Deal of the Century
198327193Sudden Impact
198427199The Evil That Men Do
198427200Johnny Dangerously
198427202Romancing the Stone
198327205Uncommon Valor (I)
198427207Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes
198327208The Dresser
198427215The Hotel New Hampshire
198427216Up the Creek
198427219Hot Dog... The Movie
198427223Cannonball Run II
198427227The Company of Wolves
198427236The Terminator
198427256Irreconcilable Differences
198527257Alamo Bay
198427259Perfect Strangers
198427271Repo Man
198427281Mass Appeal
198427283The Natural
198427285The Muppets Take Manhattan
198427290The Razor's Edge
198427293Scream for Help
198427296Places in the Heart
198427302Where the Boys Are '84
198427306A Breed Apart
198427307Hollywood Hot Tubs
198927309The Mighty Quinn
198427310The Naked Face
198427312Finders Keepers
198427313Sixteen Candles
198427316Moscow on the Hudson
198527316The Aviator
198527318The Aviator
198427319The Pope of Greenwich Village
198427320Red Dawn
198527323That's Dancing!
198627324Ghost Warrior
198427330The Cotton Club
198427331Mrs. Soffel
198427332Beat Street
198527333The Falcon and the Snowman
198527334The Purple Rose of Cairo
198527336The Return of the Living Dead
198427338Electric Dreams
198527341O.C. and Stiggs
198427343Comfort and Joy
198427351Oxford Blues
198427355Top Secret!
198427356The Last Starfighter
198427364Die Unendliche Geschichte
198427368Streets of Fire
198427374Alphabet City
198427375Roadhouse 66
198427376Night of the Comet
198427378Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
198427383Swing Shift
198427384Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
198427385All of Me
198327386Phar Lap
198427390Grandview, U.S.A.
198427397Purple Rain
198427401Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
198427402Bachelor Party
198427404Under the Volcano
198427409Best Defense
198427412Special Effects
198427414Grace Quigley
198427415Conan the Destroyer
198427423Cloak & Dagger
198427425Revenge of the Nerds
198527426Turk 182!
198527427Enemy Mine
198427432The Karate Kid
198427436Ghost Busters
198427437The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
198427438Conan the Destroyer
198327445The Final Terror
198527447The Man With One Red Shoe
198627449Jumpin' Jack Flash
198527450Warning Sign
198427454The Killing Fields
198427456A Soldier's Story
198427462A Passage to India
198527464Head Office
198427470The Philadelphia Experiment
198427471Garbo Talks
198427473Oh, God! You Devil
198527474Vision Quest
198427477Thief of Hearts
198427483Terror in the Aisles
198427484The Killing Fields
198427502Body Rock
198427504American Dreamer
198527505Lust in the Dust
198527508Morons from Outer Space
198627509Blue City
198427510The Little Drummer Girl
198427514Blame it on the Night
198427517Body Double
198427518The Wild Life
198527526Water (I)
198427527A Private Function
198527528Lost in America
198427529Gimme an 'F'
198527534The Sure Thing
198427538Falling in Love
198427539Beverly Hills Cop
198427543Micki + Maude
198527549Missing in Action 2: The Beginning
198627550Lady Jane
198427552City Heat
198427553No Small Affair
198527554The Legend of Billie Jean
198527556Santa Claus
198527557Heaven Help Us
198527558Rambo: First Blood Part II
198527560Real Genius
198527561Fast Forward
198527563Movers & Shakers
198527566The Beniker Gang
198427570The River
198527574The Emerald Forest
198527581Rustlers' Rhapsody
198427591Missing in Action
198427596Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
198527614The Mean Season
198527615Code of Silence
198527616Secret Admirer
198527617Desperately Seeking Susan
198627622Back to School
198527626Into the Night (I)
198527628The Breakfast Club
198527629The Slugger's Wife
198527631The Stuff
198527634Crimewave (I)
198527646Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend
198527647The Bride (I)
198527648The Boys Next Door
198527650The Holcroft Covenant
198527670Key Exchange
192627673Metropolis (1986 Edition)
198527675Prizzi's Honor
198627678Violets Are Blue...
198627679Big Trouble
198527681St. Elmo's Fire
198527682White Nights
198527684Fraternity Vacation
198527688Cat's Eye
198427692Kid Colter
198527695The Devastator
198527696Porky's Revenge
198527707Better Off Dead...
198527710Target (I)
198527713Girls Just Want To Have Fun
198527714Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch
198527719Twice in a Lifetime
198527721A View to a Kill
198527724The Black Cauldron
198527725Private Resort
198527730Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment
198527734Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
198627738Dream Lover (I)
198527741Brewster's Millions
198527744Pale Rider
198627750Nine 1/2 Weeks
198627754The Clan of the Cave Bear
198527755Silver Bullet
198527757Jagged Edge
198527761Moving Violations
198527762The Jewel of the Nile
198527765Bad Medicine
198527766The Heavenly Kid
198527771Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird
198527772Agnes of God
198527775The Protector
198527779Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
198527782Starchaser: The Legend of Orin
198527783Red Sonja
198627784The Malibu Bikini Shop
198527789Year of the Dragon
198527790Fright Night
198527793Teen Wolf
198627798Where Are the Children?
198527802The Goonies
198527803Compromising Positions
198527806That Was Then... This Is Now
198627811Touch and Go
198627812The Best of Times
198527824The Journey of Natty Gann
198527830American Flyers
198527831Back to the Future
198527832Weird Science
198527833Murphy's Romance
198527835Summer Rental
198527837A Chorus Line
198527839After Hours
198527844Pee-wee's Big Adventure
198627845A Fine Mess
198527846European Vacation
198527848To Live and Die in L.A.
198727852Project X
198527857My Science Project
198627861The Aurora Encounter
198627862Hannah and Her Sisters
198527866American Ninja
198527868Death Wish 3
198527872Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
198627873The Adventures of the American Rabbit
198627881Wise Guys
198527884Zone Troopers
198527887The Dirt Bike Kid
198527892Sweet Dreams
198527894Invasion U.S.A.
198627896Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling
198527899King Solomon's Mines
198627902Band of the Hand
198627903Let's Get Harry
198627904No Mercy
198627905Nothing in Common
198627906Peggy Sue Got Married
198627907About Last Night...
198527911Desert Hearts
198527913Runaway Train
199327919Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
198727920The Pick-up Artist
198627922Big Trouble in Little China
198527923Bring on the Night
198527930Fool for Love
198627931Absolute Beginners
198627933At Close Range
198627935Haunted Honeymoon
198627936The Longshot
198627937Just Between Friends
198527947Young Sherlock Holmes
198627948Odd Jobs
198527957Rocky IV
198627965Saving Grace
198527966Spies Like Us
198627968One More Saturday Night
198527983Out of Africa
198627995Half Moon Street
198527996The Color Purple
198628001Pretty in Pink
198628010Iron Eagle
198628011Down and Out in Beverly Hills
198628012Off Beat
198628022Maximum Overdrive
198628025Desert Bloom
198628029The Hitcher
198628038The Delta Force
198728046Good Morning, Vietnam
198628048Little Shop of Horrors
198628050Dangerously Close
198628052Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold
198628054Invaders from Mars
198628058Foreign Body
198628060The Manhattan Project
198628066That's Life!
198628067Fire With Fire
198628069Top Gun
198628070Ferris Bueller's Day Off
198628071Stand by Me
198628073The Boy Who Could Fly
198628080Chopping Mall
198628081Police Academy 3: Back in Training
198628085April Fool's Day (I)
198628086GoBots: War of the Rock Lords
198828094Johnny Be Good
198628097Whoops Apocalypse
198628101Short Circuit
198628105The Golden Child
198628106Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
198628111Psycho III
198628112The Big Easy
198628113The Great Mouse Detective
198628114The Money Pit
198628117The American Way
198628118Behind Enemy Lines
198728119Light of Day
198628120Every Time We Say Goodbye
198628121The Boss' Wife
198628130Murphy's Law
198628132Sweet Liberty
198628139Club Paradise
198728140The Whistle Blower
198628143Good to Go
198628146Modern Girls
198728150The Stepfather
198628152Poltergeist II: The Other Side
198628153Running Scared
198628155Where the River Runs Black
198628163Raw Deal
198628165Out of Bounds
198728165Valet Girls
198628168Raw Deal
198628173One Crazy Summer
198628174The Karate Kid, Part II
198628175Legal Eagles
198628177Ruthless People
198628179Children of a Lesser God
198628180Reform School Girls
198728189Black Widow
198628197Under the Cherry Moon
198628199Stewardess School
198628201Never Too Young to Die
198628202The Color of Money
198628205The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
198728206Vicious Lips
198628207Shanghai Surprise
198628208Armed and Dangerous
198628217The Mission
198728220Number One with a Bullet
198628222The Men's Club
198628223Brighton Beach Memoirs
198628226Howard the Duck
198628229The Fly
198628230Flight of the Navigator
198628233'Night, Mother
198628234The Whoopee Boys
198728235Street Smart (I)
198728236Made in U.S.A.
198628239From Beyond
198728242Best Seller
198628243Body Slam
198628245Avenging Force
198628246Crocodile Dundee
198628247Der Name der Rose
198628249River's Edge
198628252Tough Guys
198728256It's Alive III: Island of the Alive
198728257A Return to Salem's Lot
198628260Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI
198828264The In Crowd
198728265The Believers
198728266Cherry 2000
198628267Der Name der Rose
198728267No Way Out
198728269House of Games
198728270Making Mr. Right
198628271Something Wild
198628272¡Three Amigos!
198728275Outrageous Fortune
198728276Making Mr. Right
19872828284 Charing Cross Road
198628284The Morning After
198728286Some Kind of Wonderful
198728287The Untouchables
198728288Fatal Attraction
198728290Hot Pursuit
198828291She's Having a Baby
198728292Summer School
19862829452 Pick-Up
198628301Blue Velvet
1986283028 Million Ways to Die
198728302Walk Like a Man
198728308Dead of Winter
198628310Armed Response
198628311King Kong Lives
198628314Soul Man
198628317An American Tail
198728330The Bedroom Window
198728331Captive Hearts
198728336Party Camp
198728337Radio Days
198728338Gardens of Stone
198728340Blind Date
198728342The Kindred
198728345Winners Take All
198628354Deadly Friend
198728355Withnail & I
198728357Sleeping Beauty
198728359Beauty and the Beast
198728359The Squeeze
198628364Gung Ho
198728367Little Dorrit Part One
198728368Little Dorrit Part Two: Little Dorrit's Story
198628369Wanted: Dead or Alive
198728371Dirty Dancing
198728372China Girl
198828380Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
198628382Crimes of the Heart
198728386Amazing Grace and Chuck
198728389La Bamba
198728390Buy & Cell
198628390The Mosquito Coast
198728396Down Twisted
198628405Eye of the Tiger
198728407Programmed to Kill
198728410Over the Top
198728413Critical Condition
198628415Heartbreak Ridge
198728417From the Hip
198728419The Rosary Murders
198728421Sweet Revenge
198928428Red Riding Hood
198728429The Emperor's New Clothes
198728450The Fourth Protocol
198728453Hope and Glory
198728458Going Bananas
198728462Hard Ticket to Hawaii
198728464Eddie Murphy Raw
198828466High Spirits
198728470The Killing Time
198728471House II: The Second Story
198728472Raising Arizona
198928478Blood Red
198728481Wild Thing
198728483Tin Men
198728486The Glass Menagerie
198728487Extreme Prejudice
198728490In the Mood
198828491The Night Before
198728492My Best Friend is a Vampire
198728496Lethal Weapon
198728499The Sicilian
198728502Walk Like a Man
198728507Summer Heat
198728509The Arrogant
198728511Made in Heaven
198728512Stripped to Kill
198728516Three for the Road
198728520Maid to Order
198728530American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
198728531Lady Beware
198728533Love at Stake
198728534Creepshow 2
198728535Home Is Where the Hart Is
198728536Beverly Hills Cop II
198728537Planes, Trains & Automobiles
198728538Sweet Lorraine
198728539Deadly Illusion
198728541The Lost Boys
198728544Angel Heart
198728545Hearts of Fire
198728547Campus Man
198728548Hamburger Hill
198828551Ghoulies II
198728552Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
198728554The Allnighter
198728558White Water Summer
198728560The Wild Pair
198728563Slam Dance
198828564Lady in White
198728565The Secret of My Succe$s
198728566Adventures in Babysitting
198728571Five Corners
198728572Steele Justice
198828576A New Life
198728579Survival Game
198728580Flowers in the Attic
198728585He's My Girl
198728587Ernest Goes to Camp
1987285963 Men and a Baby
198728599Tough Guys Don't Dance
198728600The Big Town
198728617Million Dollar Mystery
198728625Sister, Sister
198728627Masters of the Universe
198728633Full Metal Jacket
198728637Commando Squad (I)
198728638The Living Daylights
198828644The Telephone
198728645Benji the Hunted
198728651Who's That Girl
198728653The Witches of Eastwick
199128656Eyes of an Angel
198728656The Principal
198728658Like Father Like Son
198728659Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise
198828659Sweet Hearts Dance
198828662For Keeps?
198728663The Monster Squad
198728676Shy People
198828677The Rescue (I)
198828678The Seventh Sign
198728679A Prayer for the Dying
198728682North Shore
198728688Jaws: The Revenge
198828690The House on Carroll Street
198728698Back to the Beach
198728699Promised Land
198828700Return of the Living Dead Part II
198728709Big Shots
198828710You Can't Hurry Love
198728712The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
198728713The Curse (I)
198728716Cry Freedom
198728720Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
198828723A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon
198728724Steel Dawn
198728735Someone to Watch Over Me
198728736The Princess Bride
198728737Gaby: A True Story
198728739Date with an Angel
198728741Death Wish 4: The Crackdown
198728745Can't Buy Me Love
198728747Big Bad Mama II
198828750Sweet Lies
198728752The Last Emperor
198728755Real Men
198728756Baby Boom
198728759Born in East L.A.
198728768Prince of Darkness
198828769The Couch Trip
198828772Off Limits
198828773Stars and Bars
198728781Hello Again
198828785Fright Night Part 2
198728787Wall Street
198728788The Hidden
198728794Leonard Part 6
198728798Fatal Beauty
198728799Three O'Clock High
198828801Miles from Home
198828805Appointment with Death
198828810The Kiss
198828811Short Circuit 2
198728812Near Dark
198728813Hiding Out
198828816Haunted Summer
198828817Killer Klowns from Outer Space
198728819Less Than Zero
198928820Farewell to the King
198728822The Running Man
198728825The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne
198728826Cross My Heart
198828828White Mischief
198828836Poltergeist III
198728837No Man's Land
198828842Cellar Dweller
198828850Sweet Hearts Dance
198728856Teen Wolf Too
198828861Night of the Demons
198728866*batteries not included
198728867Harry and the Hendersons
198828869The Nest
198828877Hell Comes to Frogtown
198828878Consuming Passions
198728879Broadcast News
199028880Don't Tell Her It's Me
198828880Miracle Mile
198928880Out Cold
198828881Switching Channels
198728887The Duxorcist
198828889Braddock: Missing in Action III
198828894Dominick and Eugene
198828897Shoot to Kill
198728899Empire of the Sun
198828900Bright Lights, Big City
198828901And God Created Woman
198828905Tokyo Pop
198728906Throw Momma from the Train
198928910Gleaming the Cube
198828914Beetle Juice
198828915Track 29
198828919Stand and Deliver
198828924Running on Empty
198528926Ging chat goo si
198828927Action Jackson
198828931Ghost Town
198828936The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
198828937Split Decisions
198828938Little Nikita
198828941School Daze
198828951A Handful of Dust
198828951Alien from L.A.
198828966The Unbearable Lightness of Being
198828973Plain Clothes
198828974Permanent Record
198828975A New Life
198828976Distant Thunder
198928977The Experts
198828978Illegally Yours
198828978The Presidio
198828979Big Top Pee-wee
196528979The Return of Mr. Moto
198828980The Accused
198828981Jack's Back
198828983Black Eagle
198828985Maniac Cop
198828989The Night of the Living Duck
198828990Dangerous Curves
198828991Picasso Trigger
198828992The Serpent and the Rainbow
198828993A World Apart
198828995Biloxi Blues
198828998Vice Versa
198829000Casual Sex?
198829001Seven Hours to Judgment
198829002A Fish Called Wanda
198829003Stormy Monday
198829022Mr. North
198829024A Time of Destiny