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 Energy work(s) at a distance

Session by Skype, Hangouts, Facetime or phone

Especially for energy and emotion work, distance makes no difference. Energies and emotions are clearly felt, by the client and me, and can be handled, by the client. I am a guide in this work, and lead the client to the places where she or he can recognize, move and transform energies.

These energies can be attached energies, like deceased loved or hated ones, or even unknown ones. I do not do excorcism, everything goes in a way that is beneficial for all concerned, energies are separated. Also, these energies can be leftover emotional charges from past emotional, physical or mental trauma's. Sometimes we need to go to those events in the past, to clear up the causes of these charges, and then decharge them. It is usually not necessary to deeply relive the trauma, we have a very wonderful system in our own body to clear up the charges. Also, these energies can be inner children, or past (life) personalities. They can even be ancestral.

When all of those energies have been cleared and transformed, we heal the broken parts of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, we retrieve and integrate lost life energy, and lost soulfragments. So, you become more and more yourSelf, whole. Problems themselves, and the perception of problems, will change. Healing can occur. Power comes back. The choice to be happy is available and clearer again.

To find out where we need to go, you go into a light trance, I will ask you questions which you can easily answer, and I can use the muscle test. I can test through myself, in combination with what you feel, and what comes up with you. You will notice you can feel more than you were aware of before, and it is easier to get information, and let go of old stuff.


You: so far I have only worked with clients that were already familiar with energies, naturally or through experience or training. so, I think that makes it easier. If it is hard for you to feel things, or visualise things, it is better to come in person or find a nearby regressiontherapist, to be found on www.earth-association.com , although of course we can try one hour first if you are sensitive for this way of working anyway. Or to first do some course in bodywork, or intuitive development, tai chi, healing tao, meditation with visualisations etc.


If you have had psychoses in your life, or any other symptoms that require you to take medication to suppress them, therapy in this way is not recommended, although not totally impossible. You need to really be able to feel responsible for your own safety.
It is important you understand that your process is your own responsibility and I can only be a guide. If you require more medical, social or psychological support you should find that elsewhere, preferably in your neighbourhood.


A typical phone/online session lasts 60 minutes. But this time is flexible, it can be shorter or longer, you can pre-fix the time, or leave it open to what is needed. To clean up attached or intrusive non-self energies and balance the aura is usually only one or two sessions. If there are lots of causes from the past why you attract and hold on to that kind of energies, more sessions may be needed to heal that. Or, you can choose to call back whenever you feel you have accumulated again (a second cleanup session may be only 20 minutes, or even 10). After maximum three times that, it is really time to work with the causes.

If you want to work with a problem, pattern in your life, chronical symptoms, relationships etc, also more sessions may be needed. I strive to help you get back online with yourSelf as quick and lasting as possible.


Preferably Skype, also Google hangout or Facetime (via iPhone or iPad) is possible. Also possible, is that you call my mobile phone. I do not have a landline available for this yet. In case I have to call you any costs I make for this will be added to the invoice.


I charge 17 Euro per 15 minutes, plus the cost of calling. A session of 51-60 minutes is 65 Euro, people from lower income countries can pay that amount in dollars, or you can trey to negotiate with me. A session of 91-100 minutes, is 100 Euro (or dollars). Payment can be done to my bank account, this is free in Europe (European zone, including UK and other non-euro lands). You can also pay me through Paypal, this is 4% more per session, minimum 5 euro. You can get a receipt for Therapy, Coaching or Supervision, according to what you prefer. It is a Dutch receipt, and has 21% dutch VAT included. Also it is possible to pay in Bitcoin, at the then current rate. Recording the session is possible at no extra cost. 


I have a software or digital voice recorder. If you want it digitally recorded, I can afterwards send it to you through the internet, via wetransfer.com.


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