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August 26, 2011. At this moment hurricane Irene is rushing up to the Eastern USA coast. See tracking map Hurricane Irene.| LIVE TV Report

2011, July 21: First update after a long time:
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September 29: The World Webcam Monitor Page about the Arctics and Antarctica, North Pole & South Pole, has been renewed. See The Frozen World
Greenpeace Greenpeace's M/S Esperanza Defending Our Oceans >
May 24: The Greenpeace ship M/S Esperanza started November 18, 2005 with a one year voyage 'Defending our Oceans'. See the webcam and where the ship is now. More at Weird>Adventure
May 3: Japan & China now have their own webcam Page. Japan moved from New Zealand & Australia and China from Rest of Asia


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sunset cammap Upcomung sunsets April 30, 2006, 15.30 h Universal Time (GMT). Click images for update.

Eternal Sunset endeavours to ensure you can enjoy the sunset live from any location, at any time. As the sunset moves westward, Eternal Sunset continuously tunes into different webcams, chasing the sunset around the globe. Fascinating: the 'clock of the sun' is in balance with the ever changing times of sunset anywhere! The project amasses real-time images from preexisting webcams all over the world to create a 24-hour stream of live sunsets. It underscores how global networks alter traditional conceptions of time. April 30, 2006, this service provided 187 west-facing webcams across 35 countries.
At the welcome page you find a perpetual show of webcams from places where the sun is going to set. Click 'more' and you get an overview of current sunsets and if you move the cursor over an image you find details about the site and the time you have to wait until sunset. You can click an interactive global map, where you find all webcams contributing to Eternal Sunset and at a realtime global map you can see where on earth the sun is shining and where it is dark. If you know a webcam that is catching the sunset, it is appreciated if you want to contribute your site/knowledge.
Eternal Sunset is a project of Dutch artist Adriaan Stellingwerff. At the website of Biep en Lu you find details about the design of Eternal Sunset. (Thanx to Amy Youngs).


Google has opened the possibility to search at video on the web. At the video welcome screen you can click (USA) tv items, popular video search items (with a daily updated Video Top 100), random video, or search for animations, comedy, news, commercials and others, and a special selection of Google itself. You find funny (?) commerials, cheating girlfriends, a barbecue at your neighbours, suspicious 911 documentaries and thousands of videos more. The secret: for the movies you have to pay. What you eventually need, like a Video Player, can be found at Video Help. And don't forget the Google Video of the Day.


OpenTopia provides at its website a seach directory, an encyclopedia, around 50,000 articles in over 75 categories, submitted to, mostly free to be re-published when author information is included and... far over 1,000 of mostly live hidden webcams.


OpenTopia Hawaii webcams (click for update)

Office An unknown corridor somewhere in The Netherlands >

Many cams show traffic, areas in or around factories and offices or are used to control the security. Often people can be seen. It can be questioned or the cam owners are aware to be visible worldwide.
You can select the webcams placed in various nations. Click at the image and you see the live feed that supplies information from the place. It is possible to make a geographic selection of countries all over the world and United States states.
Often OpenTopia doesn't know what kind of a cam is showed and the visitors are asked to provide that kind of information. You also can rate the views. It is possible to select random, the most often viewed, the highest rated and the newest cams from the selected area.
If you click the picture, you'll see what information is available about the location. Click at it and a window will open and you can see a live video feed, comments and ratings and other information.

OpenTopia is a website of Flemming Funch, also known like Ming the Mechanic, and he tells here why he started the webcam site.
Funch was born in Denmark, moved in 1985 with his wife to Los Angeles (USA) and went with his family in 2003 to Toulouse (France). Read his websites about his many interests, linking the people who change the world!


At the starting page of the webcam website you see a random webcam somehere in the world, and you can search webcams at the continents or special places like cities, streets, bridges, mountains, beaches, monuments, countries, panoramas and more. One of the special items is: Add 123search to your site. There you find the codes to insert a search machine and/or the '123 cam of the day' to your own page, like you see in this chapter. Each time you open this page you see another webcam.

NEW in 2006:

March 19: Florida was split from the cams in USA EST (GMT-5) and got ist own site, like New York already had
March 18: The South European webcams are split in 'East' (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, San Marino & Vatican) and 'West' (Malta, Spain, Gibraltar & Portugal)
March 17, 2006: The sector 'Eastern Europe' (formerly in Western Europe used for the European communist countries) is renamed 'Central Europe' (the geographical center of Europe is near Vilnius in Lithuania (although there are other claims)) and seperated in Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic & Slovakia and Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria & Former Yugoslavia

New in 2004:

May 17: Who will be the next USA president? Dozens of polls try to foretell, you can trade in 'newsfutures', bet on the outcome and read other predictions at the brand new site 'WORLD POLL MONITOR: Bush vs. Kerry' >. Even non-citizens of the United States can vote! (Archived since November 8)
April 21: Every language has its own word for Stork. Scroll down for the life of white storks in Europe!
April 15: Until now the cams with animals were a part of the Other Weird Webcams. But there came so many of them, that they now have their own weird site: World Animals Webcams.
February 11: The Scandinavian website was divided in Finland & Sweden and Norway & Denmark.
February 5: Australia and Asia were separated from a combined page to World Webcam Monitor Australia & Japan (& Micronesia & New Zealand) and China & the Rest of Asia (China (incl. Hong Kong & Macau), Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Dubai, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel & Turkey)

NEW in 2003:

December 11: Bad news at the end of 2003: After seven years Jennifer Ringley, WWW's first webcam girl, stops December 31 her JenniCam. More at World Webcam Monitor's Human Behavior 1.
December 10: Visit this wonderful Christmas website > of Rita with Christmas webcams and (very much) MORE. For other ChristmasCams see The Ultimate List of Lists of Webcams
December 4: Your visits now are counted by a wonderful new counter, I recently discovered. You are visitor at this page since September 28, 2002 and it was visit number at World Webcam Monitor since October 6, 2001. StatCounter (since 1999) offers very detailed statistics and wants 'to become the best web tracker available to webmasters and website owners this world over'. And it's free!

November 22: If you want, you can place a World Webcam Monitor Banner at your website. At the Banner page you have a choise out of five.

November 5: In October/November 2003 a Solar Superstorm caused a heavy Aurora activity. There were Solar Alerts because this could affect people and equipment working in the space environment and government, industry, and the private sector. Lots of links you find at World Webcam Natural Events page.
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

September 21: NASA's Galileo spacecraft plunged today into Jupiter after 14 years in orbit. You can download animations of the crash. See World Webcam Monitor Space.

July 4: Germany was divided (again!, but peaceful and to have more space for more webcams) into Berlin & Germany East, Germany North & Germany South

June 3: Information about the California Coastline Project has been added to the Western USA webcams page. The project covers (nearly) the entire Californian coast from the Oregon to the Mexican border with over 12,000 pictures. Barbra Streisand is angry about it.

May 9: The journalistic live TV feeds from Baghdad during the Iraq war inspired to produce a new World Webcam News & TV Feeds page with a lot of information about live TV feeds and satellite television.

January 16 + 20: Germany and Austria & Switzerland were separated. Same with United Kingdom & Ireland and Greenland, Iceland & other islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Lots of cams are added at World Webcam Monitor.

NYTimes IranDaily Telegraaf De Telegraaf (The Netherlands) | Iran Daily (Iran) | New York Times (USA) >

January 3: Since October 2002 the complete paper version of Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf >, is published on the Internet in its original look. All over the World the front pages of over 200 newspapers, like USA New York Times >>>, are to be found on the Web, mostly thanks the American Newseum. But also a country like Iran >> has a surprising contibution. Read the news in a new World Webcam Monitor page: Front Pages of Today.

If you want to know more about World Webcam Monitor, you are welcome at the About page.

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