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World Atlas 1/3: Introduction | Google Maps changed the World | A selection of great applications | Some applications of Google Maps | The Map Room


April 2009 the huge World Atlas page of World Webcam Monitor was enlarged and split in three different pages.
World Atlas 1 (this page): Introduction: Google Maps changed the World | A selection of great applications: Google Earth, Google Maps Mania, Google Maps Streetview, Mibazaar.com, MapChannel Events, World Webcam Monitor World Maps | Some applications of Google Maps: Lonely Planet, Strange things at Google Maps.
World Atlas 2: Ships tracking at the Seven Seas: SailWX.info, Marina Traffic, Vesseltracker, Orwell in East Anglia, Other ship tracking | Largest travel portal in the World - Gheos.com: World time zones LIVE, Gheos World Atlas: maps, flags, anthems, weather, travel & free stuff | Over 22,000 links in Oddens' Bookmarks
World Atlas 3: Strange Maps, sometimes very curious | A small selection of maps about anything, anywhere: world, local, The Netherlands, history, geography, religion, remarkable, live! | Clustrmap counts and maps all your visitors.


Click for Google Maps
LATEST NEWS: H1N1 Swine Flu at Google Maps

< Maps.google.nl gives you a map of The Netherlands, the homebase of World Webcam Monitor. A growing number of countries has its own Google Maps coverage (see Localized).

Forget about The Times Atlas of the World. You can use now Google Maps.
Google Maps is one of the services of Google Inc.. The website was first announced on February 8, 2005. Two months later satellite images of the area were displayed. Most of the high-resolution imagery, however, is aerial photography taken from airplanes rather than from satellite.

Google created the Google Maps API > to facilitate developers integrating Google Maps into their web sites with their own data points. By using the Google Maps API it is possible to embed the full Google Maps on an external web site. World Webcam Monitor has used it at her Russian page, to locate the webcams there. There are numerous possibilities to add content to Google Maps. Like rag things onto and around the map at Quikmaps (Quikmaps.com)

Make a tour through Google Maps.



Sometimes functions are combined with Google Earth, a virtual globe program, created in 2004. It displays satellite images of varying resolution of the Earth's surface, allowing users to visually see things like houses and cars from a bird's eye view. The degree of resolution available is based somewhat on the points of interest, but most land (except for some islands) is covered in at least 15 meters of resolution. To use the program, you have to download it. Try The Strangest Sights in Google Earth. Or: Over 1,000 Strange Maps on Google Earth (more at World Atlas 3/3). Visit the Seven Modern Wonders of the Earth (open with Google Earth). You even can Track Polar Bears at the Arctics!. More at Google Earth Showcase.


Google Maps Mania (googlemapsmania.blogspot.com) started April 30, 2005, to discuss the possibilities of Google Maps. The blog itself has a page 100 Things to do with Google Maps Mashup.
Since an inexhaustible reservoir of creative ideas is tapped. Like: Where to find YouTube videos (showing, remarkable, hundreds of videos in Antarctica, that surely are not situated there....). You can search Countries and Special Features. A blog from The Netherlands is Nederkaart.nl (many links!). Read the latest Google Maps News.


Google Streetview is discovering Europe. Click the link and you get an European map. Take the puppet, go to the hatched areas ans see the streets 360 degrees around. It's a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth (Wikipedia) and currently available for countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. See video about the introduction in Australia.
After the introduction in Europe a tsunami of websites presented remarkable results, like Streetviewfun | Top-10 of all sights | Google Maps Mania | WebWereld | Streetview Nederland remarkable pictures (at Google Maps)


One of the most creative bloggers with Google Maps is Mibazaar.com. The blog contains 'random thoughts, news, events expressed via Google Maps, Google Earth, YouTube, Twitter API'S'.
A selection: The 25 Top Crimes in the 20th Century | Worlds Most Polluted Cities | World's most Corrupt Countries | Barack Obama Journey of Life | Worlds Creepies Places | Impact of Climate Induced Sea Level rise on Coastal Cities in United States | Princess Diana Timeline | The New 7 Wonders of the World | Missing Kids in the USA | Top Female Celebrities for 2008 | Study the big list of links at Mibazaar.com.


MapChannel Events. 'A world of events at your fingertips', has a huge database with interactive event calendars and venue maps, most in the USA. You can select an event in categories like Sports, Theater, Concerts and more, specify your choise and get a World Map where you find them. At the site you also find events by name, category, date or location, make a ticket price comparison, view city tours, attractions and activities and explore venues with Google Street View and Google Earth.


Open Street Map creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. The project was started because most maps you think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from using them in creative, productive, or unexpected ways.
OpenStreetMap (OSM) (Wikipedia) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The maps are created using data from portable GPS devices, aerial photography, other free sources or simply from local knowledge. The project was inspired by sites such as Wikipedia — the map display features a prominent 'Edit' tab and a full revision history is maintained. Registered users can upload GPS track logs and edit the vector data using the given editing tools. The Netherlands has its own mapping project. FAQ.


More applications of maps you find at two other World Atlas pages of World Webcam Monitor.
At World Atlas 2 a special item about ship tracking at the Seven Seas. Since most ships use the Automatic Identification System (AIS) incessant data on position, speed and course are transmitted and often is to find exactly where a ship is at the moment and with what speed it sails in what direction. Dozens of websites provide ship tracking information and at the page you find more about it. Also at this page information about the largest travel portal in the world: Gheos.com. That site provides a digital World Atlas, featuring guides about nations and cities, and geographical features anywhere in the world: maps, flags, national anthems, all sorts of statistics, and other information. Several applications, like a world map with 'live' the time in the different time zones, and more, can be used at your own website.
At World Atlas 3 many, many links to all kind of maps, with all kind of applications. Consider: it is only a small selection out of the immense number of existing maps. The links help you to find more.


Strange things at Google Maps is a way of recording strange, wacky, weird and wonderful anomalies, sights and oddities from Google Maps and Google Earth. Click balloon.

Lonely Planet Map sees Google Maps integrated into many areas of the Lonely Planet TV website. Use a Google Map to find user-uploaded video clips , search and locate specific video clips you view on the site. The video finder includes a nifty navigation ribbon to search by specific continent and country. Travelers can mash up LPmaps (Google Maps) with Lonely Planet content and embed it on their own travel blog and so on.

Google Maps doesn't limit itself to the Earth. You can also visit Google Sky and Google Moon, and even Google Mars.


The Map Room is a weblog about maps. Jonathan Crowe from Shawville, Quebec (Canada) covers everything from collecting to the latest in geospatial technology from a generalist’s perspective.

The blog (since 2003) 'points to maps, map collections, map-related resources, and material about maps on the web. Anything that fits under that rubric, from medieval mappæ mundi to satellite imagery, and from topo maps to Tolkien, is fair game'. Daily new items are added about and from all over the World.

Nearly 3000 entries in six years have resulted n a big archive with all kind of questions and discoveries about maps and mapping. Searching is easy with many categories and a searching machine at the entry page. In a calender you find most important Maps Events.

Other Maps services:

Live Search Maps (Microsoft) | Yahoo! Local Maps (Yahoo) | Ask Maps & Directions | BLDG Blog Los Angeles-based writer Geoff Manaugh provides architectural news and conjecture, heavily illustrated | Dan's Topical stamps Over 3000 stamps with geographical items

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