< Ships around the harbour of Amsterdam, April 8, 2009. Click map for update.

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SailWX Ships

Live tracker of Ship Locations at Sailwx.info (left April 7, 2009; right October 17, 2008). Click map for situation of today


SailWX.info provides maps to track ships, weather reports and tide predictions from 7000 harbours, eventually completed with hurricane data. Click one of the maps and you see a World Map full of little dots at the seas. Every colored dot is a ship. The black dots are buoys, floating at sea for any purpose. Every dot can be tracked at SailWX.info.
Use the menu to track the position of every ship in the world (using the ship plotter) and buoys. You can zoom in and zoom out at the map for a detailed view of a region/country/harbour and you get the names of the ships there.
SailWX.info has special pages about tall ships, oceanic research vessels, cruise ships (demonstrated at World Webcam Monitor Cruise Ships page), cruising yachts, and even for the (US/Canadian) Great Lakes.
Next to it you find the tides and currents at over 7,000 harbours in the world and they inform you about hurricanes and other weather observations like water and air temperature, barometric pressure, wave height, wind speed and -directions. You can search the site in various ways and they present lots of other useful sources.

MarineTrafficMarina Traffic

< Zoom in or out from the Greek harbour Piraeus

Another World Map about ships is MarineTraffic.com for Real-Time Ship Tracking on Google Maps. The system is based on Automatic Identification System (AIS), which transmits data on position, speed and course, among some other static information, such as name of the the vessel, dimensions and voyage details. MarineTraffic, based in Greece, uses this information to plot the real-time position of marine vessels on a Google Map. The vessels' positions are shown on the map by tags in the shape of boats. The tags are colour-coded to show whether the vessel is a tanker, passenger vessel, cargo vessel, yacht etc. Clicking on a tag brings up a wealth of information about the vessel and its current destination. A menu helps you to select the map to Areas, Ports and Vessels (often with picture!). You even can trace Rivers (try Budapest).


Ships around Zeebrugge/Rotterdam at Vesseltracker >

Vesseltracker is a ship tracking, reporting and signalling service, providing you with realtime AIS position data in map views and in Google Earth. In free version there is a time delay of up to 24h and limited information about the ships.
Vesseltracker covers a long list of harbours all over the World, like Vancouver (Canada), San Francisco (USA), New York (USA), Southampton (UK), Strait of Dover/Pas de Calais, Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Hamburg (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Gdansk (Poland), Trieste (Italy), Greek islands, Strait of Gibraltar, Tema (Ghana), Durban (South Africa), Keelung (Taiwan) and many others.
The starting page of Vesseltracker gives recent arrivals and departures. Scroll down for maps show of covered ports. You also can download Vesseltracker in Google Earth. For news, discussions and other issues read the Vesseltracker Blog.

Orwell in East Anglia

Martin Waller lives in Chelmondiston (Suffolk, England), on the south bank of the River Orwell. He masters the website www.OrwellAIS.com, on which he is plotting AIS signals (Automatic Information System) from vessels off the coast of East Anglia around Harwich and Felixstowe in England. With a smile he quotes at his website George Orwell, the creator of 'Big Brother' in 1984: 'The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world'.
Martin Waller has not only overlaid AIS transmissions on a Google maps background but also Navtex transmission stations (Navigational Telex) in Europe.

Ship tracking around at OrwellAIS:
Antwerp (Belgium) | Harwich/Felixstowe (England) | Trondheim (Norway) | Gulf of Gibraltar | Vancouver (Canada)

Other Ships Tracking

Digital Seas (Digital-seas.com) Fleetmon | Online AIS plotting, free sites & photo obsessions (December 15, 2008, Panbo) | Around Great Britain (ShipAIS.com) | Isle of Wight Ship Tracking (John-Amber.com) | The Channel between France and Britain (Saltdean-AIS.co.uk) | Netherlands coast (Digital-seas.com) | Spain and Portugal (Localizatodo.com) | Hurtigruten Voyage along Norwegian coast from Bergen to Kirkenes (see World Webcam Monitor Cruise Ships) | Oregon USA (AISserver.yachtmarine.com) | San Francisco Bay (HD-SF.com) | San Francisco (BoatingSF.com) | Around Vancouver Island (AIS3.siitech,com)


This world map with the Worlds time zones and the time there in minutes and seconds is a part of Gheos.com. That site provides a digital World Atlas, featuring guides about nations and cities, and geographical features anywhere in the world: maps, flags, national anthems, all sorts of statistics, and other information. You can add it at your home page too, absolutely free, in two versions: a large map (shown here) or a small one. You will need a java enabled browser to view the maps.

World Time Zones


Gheos.com is building the largest travel portal on the Internet. Here you will find maps, flags, anthems, statistical information, weather reports, history and travel info and tips on all travel destinations in the world.
Gheos World Guide is a World Encyclopedia. It has an index where you can click a continent, a country, an island group in the Pacific, an ocean, geographical circumstances and lots of other subjects and get the information you are looking for. You find colored maps (political maps, physical maps and satellite images), statistical information, money change, flags and anthems, as well as both local and English translations of the anthem's text, as well as many images and photographs from all countries in the world. Try and be surprised! Take your time to check it out.
Another feature is the free stuff you can get and add to your homepage. You can put Gheos maps on your homepage, legally and for free: select a country, and copy and paste the code into your HTML. World Events tells you what is happening now or at any date and any place you want.


Alexander < Roelof Oddens | Odyssey of Alexander the Great (334-323 BC) >

Oddens' Bookmarks was started in 1995 by Roelof Oddens, the curator of the map Library of the Faculty of GeoSciences of the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. As an extra service for visitors of the map library he started collecting links about maps and mapping on the internet, at that point in time an emerging source of information. From 13 pages (categories) with about a dozen links the site had grown in 1999 to over 6500 links, still divided over about 15 pages, some containing over 700 links. The links were ordered by country, so searching on subject was virtually impossible. In 1999 the content was placed in a database, which made it possible to search on subject, country, category or a combination of these. The number of links in the database has grown to over 22000 in april 2004, when the site was completely restructured. The design of the site is an adaptation of the style of the Faculty of GeoSciences. The database was moved from a FileMaker- to a MySQL-database, to run on one of the faculty servers, instead of "just a PC in a backroom".
In September 1998 I had an interview with Roelof Oddens: Oddens brengt alles in kaart (translation in English).

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