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EuropewithoutGermany 337. Europe without Germany: What if the Allied successors of World War 2 had divided Germany between its neighbours?, what was an item in 123. German propaganda.

FloatingDucks 275. Floating Ducks. In 1992 a container with 29.000 plastic ducks fell from a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They started floating over the Seven Sears.

(The 'Strange Maps' are published in a monthly edition. You can surf from the archive and scroll down.)

Strange Maps (click link for latest map) is a strange weblog about maps. The site is updatd regularly, with new surprising discoveries. At every map an explanation is added with the reason why it was presented and where the original could be found. Every map is good for lively comments. The harvest of every month is gathered at a new page.

The mapping blog started September 10, 2006. The composer has gathered until now (May, 2009) nearly 400 nice and impressing impressions of historic, satirical, political, megalomanic and sometimes very surprisinging maps.
The (Belgium) webmaster, however, doesn't tell at the site why he is gathering. At map 1, Pennsylvania hospital districts for insane people (1897) he explains:

'I like maps. I like weird maps, the kind you won’t find in a regular atlas. Maps of countries that never existed – or never will exist. I’ve given up on categorizing the maps I’ve collected so far – irredentism, alternate history,… – and decided to just be a little less anal. So, just for fun, here are the weirdest maps I found on the internet'.

An Index is missing. To digg the content people have desperately to surf the site, what is not a punishment, because every map is a new and sometimes a big surprise, and surfing through the site you learn a lot about history, manipulation, advertisment, imagination and more.
But surfing costs time. (Re)searching is not easy. Where do you find back that map that was so impressing for you? Where was that illustrative map of the Palestinian Archipelago? >

Russia became much more civilized when Stalin's Gulag Archipelago was closed. The Cold War was over when de Berlin Wall was demolished. At the Palestinian West Bank, however, a new Archipelago (with Wall) was originated:


370. The ongoing fragmentation of the West Bank makes the Palestinian settelments to an archipelago of islands in a sea of Israeli occupation. (Click map to enlarge)


Februari 14, 2008, when Strange Maps reached the 5,000,000 hits, in the 244th item was written: 'Strange Maps grew out of a love for maps, and a frustration with atlases. As much as I love to read atlases, most of them essentially tell the same story. The blog was meant to be a repository of maps unlikely to be included in one of those ‘regular’ atlases – an ‘anti-atlas’ (geography buffs might appreciate the double-entendre) aiming not for any kind of comprehensiveness, but only to surprise and delight the many people who love maps'. And a book was announced: 'An Atlas of Strange Maps'.

That book, Strange Maps - An atlas of cartographic curiosities, will be released October 29, 2009.


Surfing Strange Maps a great number of curious maps of all kind of origin are found (monthly issues, scroll down for map). A raw selection:

Curious: 44. The World according to Dubya (2006) How George W. Bush saw the world. 52. Enclaves and counter-enclaves of Baarle (NL/B) town at border of Belgium and The Netherlands. 63. Map of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Somewhere in America. 66. The World in George Orwell's 1984. 199. A simplified map of London. 214. The Blonde Map of Europe. 280. Where the Goblins live. The 'kabouterkaart' of Dutch writer Rien Poortvliet, who described the live of goblins. 359. Euro invasion of France (2002), where in France Euros could be found from what countries. 390. Bridge to nowhere: Jumpers at the Golden Gate. 405. UK's first road map

Dreams: 25. Suur Suomi Finnish claims for annexation after the siege of the Soviet invasion of 1939. 65. Dutch dreams of German annexation. After 1945. 372. Dutch drainage dreams (1892), a map of Jerome Wenmaekers, to polder the Dutch Zuiderzee and Wadden islands and dig a channel from IJssel to North Sea with branches to Amsterdam and other places. 386. Heineken's 'Eurotopia'.

Expectations: 158. Total solar eclipses 2001-2025. 286. The New World Order (1942). An USA map of the world after World War 2: united in united states like The United States of Europe (USE): the Benelux countries, the German Rhineland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and the British Commonwealth of Nations (BCN), including Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and most of Indonesia.

GermanyWon History: 7. Greater Albania Maximum extent of potential Albanian territorial ambitions. 9. If Germany had won World War I. See map > 41. Amijeko, the world's first (and only) Esperanto state Neutral Moresnet (1830-1919) at 'Vierlandenpunt' at Vaalserberg (Netherlands, Germany, Neutral Moresnet, Belgium). 49. The Danger of Czechoslovakia (1934) 'Ein Kleinstaat bedroht Deutschland'. 48. Secret Nazi Map British propaganda 1937 (??) about German occupation plans. 56. The Vinland Map 13th century world map, discovered in 1957, showing the known parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as an unknown land across the Atlantic Ocean labelled Vinland. 57. Carpatho-Ukraine, independent for 24 hours (1938). 156. China's 1418 World map.180. Putting 1937 on the map World events in 1937. 182. Sarajevo Siege Map 1992-1995. How a city was surrendered. 186. Europe, if the Nazis had won. How a new map was drawed. 243. Republic of New Netherland, a map of the surroundings of New Amsterdam that, in a fictional story (1920s) of Paul Burgess (scroll down). was not overruled by the Britains and in 1798, after the 'old ' Netherlands were overruled by the French, got independence. 400. Japanese whispers: Mapping the Forbidden World.

Politics: 86. Germany's Euroregions Grenzůberschreitende Zusammenarbeit. 348. Old Polish-German border still there about the Polish legislative elections of 2007. 390. Portugal is not a small country. 403. Regional political mentalities in Switzerland.

Religion: 97. Where (and how) Evolution is taught in the US (red=unsatisfactory, green=very good). 187. Map of the Apocalypse (Jack van Impe Ministries). 194. The United States of Islam (with prediction low left. Attention, Wilders!). 237. Religions in the USA. 333. USSR Jewish autonomous region, created in 1934.


Strange Maps on Google Earth shows far over 1,000 images from Google Earth with remarkable situations at the Earth's surface, all over the World. There is no index; you can reduce your search to over two dozens of different subjects. To know where it is, change to Map and enlarge that map.



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Special Mo'Maps (Bright.nl) Verzameling interactieve kaarten uit Nederland en heel de wereld.
Atlas van Nederland De mensen staan centraal in deze digitale versie van de Atlas van Nederland (Stichting Wetenschappelijke Atlas van Nederland). Hun leefgebied, hun wonen, werken, verzorging en recreatie worden in beeld gebracht. De twintig delen waaruit de atlas is opgebouwd behandelen vraagstukken die ons aller bestaan raken, als bewoonbaarheid, welvaart en welzijn, inrichting van de ruimte, zorg voor het milieu.
Gemeente-atlas Nederland 1868 De Gemeente-Atlas van Nederland verscheen ca. 1868 en werd vervaardigd door Jacob Kuyper (1821-1908), een pionier op het gebied van de thematische kartografie en medeoprichter van het Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (KNAG). Aan iedere provincie was een deel gewijd met de kaarten van alle Nederlandse gemeenten. In de digitale versie zijn ze aangevuld met actueel materiaal; in totaal meer dan 1200 kaarten.
Het ontstaan van Nederland Geschiedenis op kaarten.
Historiekaart.nl Alle beschikbare Nederlandse historische kaarten van het Kadaster interactief te bekijken op Google Maps | Nederlandse Wereldatlas Regionale internationale samenwerking (COS)
Jouw Kaart. Kies een buurt (door invoeren van postcode, woonplaats of gemeente) en er verschijnt een schat aan statistische informatie. Wonen er jongeren of juist oueren, staan er dure of goedkope huizen? En hoe is dat in vergelijking met andere gemeenten? De Nieuwe Kaart van Nederland. Interactief totaaloverzicht van geplande ruimtelijke ontwikkelingen en functionele veranderingen in Nederland. Met schat aan achterliggende plangegevens. Deze informatie kunt u vinden door op een willekeurig plan op de kaart te klikken of bijvoorbeeld de postcode in te voeren. Door voor alle plannen steeds een vaststaande set gegevens te verzamelen, kan de Nieuwe Kaart uitspraken doen over bijvoorbeeld het aantal geplande woningen in het Groene Hart, of het aantal hectares nieuw natuurgebied in Gelderland. De Nieuwe Kaart is niet alleen een kaartbeeld, maar ook een analyse-instrument.
Wat Was Waar? Historische informatie over elke plek in Nederland. Speur naar historische kaarten of foto's van bijvoorbeeld je eigen leefomgeving. Snel en overzichtelijk toegang tot een groot aantal, soms unieke, collecties van Nederlandse erfgoedinstellingen.
Atlas.startpagina.nl | Landkaarten.startspot.nl

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In Europa Map What happened where in the 20th century? in Dutch historic series | World Atlas History |


The world according to Americans >

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