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If you cannot find the news here, it didn't happen! This (renewed) page of World Webcam Monitor provides dozens of links to news distributors that have one thing in common: you can use their news, for free. You can have their news items embedded at you own website, email or other applications (like we did here). Tip: some items at this page provide audio; stop it if you open another one (otherwise they bring much noise together). Furthermore you find a lot of news links wordwide here.

Are newspapers history? (YouTube) Texarky


February 2009 this webpage was enlarged and split in four pages, to improve loading the different items and using the content. At this and next pages you find following information:

1. Press Display | Choose your news with Google gadgets | Embed news videos at your homepage
2. Economics: Crisis, crash, change or chaos? | Add content to your website or blog with Feedzilla
3. Newspaper Direct: over 860 newspapers from 82 countries in 38 languages | Newseum: Front pages of Today | Payvand: mysterious news portal about Iran
4. Today Iran, tomorrow... About Twitter and the Iran uprising | Other news links: World, USA, The Netherlands, Archives, Censorship | Historic Frontpages


FastFlip September 14, 2009, Google FastFlip was introduced by Google Labs. It's a search engine that gives the results, displayed in (a selected number of the) original media. You can click through the pages. Read news fast with Google. Click for mobile version.

Google Fast Flip: Recent | Most viewed | Recommended | Headlines


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Google offers thousands (December 22, 2008: 51,762!) of Gadgets for your Website. You could surf all that pages around or limit your choise to your language, choose a category or search wat you want. If you find an item you want to add at your own page you can edit it somewhat, get the code and place that into your html.
The gadgets at this page come from the categories English and News. Four of the items give the headlines from news media: BBC, Google, CNN and New York Times. You could find dozens of comparable lists from other countries in different languages. Some other items need an explanation.
- The News Map is one of the most intriguing Google Gadgets. Click at the map a country of your choise and you get the website of a newspaper there. So it is easy to click the news around the World.
- The TV gadget shows programs from Sky News. You can change that if you choose another category and TV station. You can double-click for full screen.
- Terror Alert gives the United States government national threat level, from low (green) over guarded, elevated and high risk of terrorist attacks to severe (red).
- The Live News Tags contain the most frequent key words appearing in the latest news stories at One News Page. More important words appear larger in size. At the website you find the news, the source and how many minutes ago it was published.
- If there is no Breaking News you can find other news at the website of US TV Station MSNBC.


Scroll right column and click a news item; click 'embed' to get the code; cut and paste. Or click a news category at

The Voxant Newsroom is a resource for website publishers who want to embed quality, licensed news content on a wide variety of topics at their own webpage or blog. Make your choise out of more than 300 news sources in news categories like U.S., World, Business, Politics, Sports, Humor and Entertainment. If you find a story you want the World to know, you can embed a link at your website. All you do is click on the Embed button at the video site and follow the easy step-by-step process to embed the feed or story on your site.
To do so you have to become a member. Registration is simple. Voxant Newsroom provides a tracking system and dashboard that records where the feeds and stories have traveled on the Web and how often they are viewed. You even can earn (some) money with it! Each time the news embedded from Voxant's Newsroom is viewed on your site, you earn a guaranteed CPM (cost per thousand impression). You also earn money when someone embeds content from your site and it is in turn viewed on their site.


Liam Alexander World News

Reuters World News Video

Liam Alexander from Sydney, Australia, is a teacher qualified in the areas of computing, design and technology, English as a Second Language and visual arts/photography. He is also a misician and a trained artist. His extensive website has been designed with tools available to students in the computing classroom such as MS FrontPage (HTML editor) and Adobe Photoshop Elements (graphics editor). One of the items (see the Menu) is 'Top News Stories' with news feeds (you can submit your own news). You can embed it. Click the video and start the reports.
US news agency Reuters provides a News Video page where you can embed the channel for your own website. You only have to copy and past the code. The Reuters Video page itself, however, has a broad offer of news items.

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2. Economics; Feedzilla
3. Newspaper Direct; Newseum; Payvand
4. Twitterfall | Other news links: World, USA, The Netherlands, Archives, Censorship; Historic Frontpages

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