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Change has come to America

Barack Obama 44th
President of the USA

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MartinLutherKing Obama

Left: August 28, 1963: Martin Luther King: I have a dream, from stairs Lincoln Memorial
Right: November 4, 2008: Acceptance speech Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States



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First 100 Days: 100 days of Obama's Facebook news feed ( | History: from Roosevelt to G.W. Bush (The Good Sheet)
AJC | Amnesty International (+ YouTube) | CBS News | CNN | FOX News | The Huffington Post | The Financial Times | MCT Direct in pictures

Rasmussen Reports: Obama Approval | Daily Presidential Tracking | Demographic Notes

Barack Obama: Daily Kos | Gallup Daily | New York Times Polls | MyPrez All about Obama

How the Presidents stack up (The Wall Street Journal) Approval from Truman to G.W. Bush | George W. Bush's approval rating (The Financial Times)


Obama Approval Iran

Obama Polls Feb 2007-Nov 2008 | Obama Job Approval | Iran/USA

1. Thesis was: Likelihood that Democrat wins the Presidential Race 2008
2. Question is: President Obama's job approval rating go up in April
3. Thesis is: Iran and the U.S. will hold a summit meeting in 2009

Will an avian-flu epidemic lay waste to millions? US attack of Iran before next winter? Where will the next hurricane make landfall? Is the Dow Jones going up tomorrow? Will Barack Obama regain popularity? None of us knows the answers to those questions. At the Prediction Market of Newsfutures you daily find a number of theses where you can predict the news. To join the prediction market you have to register. It's free. As seen on CBS.


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Electoral Votes June 4, 2008 - Present

Barack Obama's Journey of Life

The 2008 Presidential Electoral Vote Animation shows the changes in the different polls in the USA States at an animated map from June 4, 2008 until Present.
The base images for each frame of this animation and the images for the accompanying legend come from -- one of the best websites for current information about the 2008 Presidential election. In the animation the images are taken and some text added (most notably the date). The vertical bars are showing the number of electoral votes.
The website United States Election Animations has more data about the 2004 and 2006 Presidential ans Senatorial Elections and the Democratic and Republican Conventions.

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