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Radioguide.fm: Listen online 5000 radiostations

internetradio Mission of Radioguide.fm is becoming the largest online internet radio provider of the world, with a high degree in quality, ease of use and simplicity. Everyone can listen his or her favourite radio station with only one click. Just select your country and your favourite radio station and enjoy. Click the < icon left and you go to the original site to select a country or a genre of music. After your choise you get a page with icons, linking to the stations. Click the icon and start listening.
A selection: The Netherlands | Belgium | China | Germany | India | South Korea | Turkey | United States and MORE.

vTuner: Browse over 10,000 radio stations all over the world

With vTuner's list of radio stations at the website, there is no need to browse the Web to find radio broadcasts. Founded in 1997, vTuner.com is the leader in Internet broadcast content organization.
To receive the more than 11,000 radio and TV stations and 1,550 stations schedules (over 75,000 shows every week) vTuner provides you have to download a browser (15 days free trial, one time fee $29.95). You can browse by station format, and location or of course search. In addition to the station guide, a show guide is also included, allowing you to find your favorite show, and browse entire program schedules for thousands of stations.
How to use? At the head of the site you find a search engine where you can choise a format for the station (classic rock, gospel, jazz, classical, a.s.o.) or a country, or a specific radio station. You get a list, make your choise, click and you listen the music broadcasted NOW.

Other internet radio station sites:

AllRadio.nl | BelgiŽ FM Click the icon | Internetradio.nl Landelijke, regionale en plaatselijke zenders | Internet Radio Regionale zenders | Kabelradio.nl Nederlands grootste radioportal, 1200 zenders | Live Radio FM | Musica Religiosa Religieuze muziek | Nederland.FM Click the icon | Nederlandse genres met toelichting | Op.fm Kies genre | Piratenhits Nonstop | Radio Meezingen (Radiomeezingen.nl) Click station, get song & text, sing! | Radio Online zenders & genres | Last NOS Radiojournaal | Radiokeuze.nl | radio.startpagina.nl | Webradioo | WebVista | Wereldomroep

BBC Radio 5 UK stations and World Service English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish & Persian | Broadcast Live Radio and TV from around the world | Radioguide.fm | Sea of Green Radio (Iran) Music & news from Iran opposition | SilentFear.nl | YouWeb.tv Many US stations (among others)

Arabic | Germany & More (SurfMusic.de) | Russia (Guzei.com)

Classical musia

Vocalies Vocalies (last edition) with downloads | About | playing lists | other links

Marlies Geurts from The Netherlands is a big admirer of classical music. She likes to listen, to sing, to learn the backgrounds of composers and compositions and to tell about it. Her dream came true when she, June 2008, started a weblog, Vocalies (in Dutch language; you could use Google Translate for understanding). Here every two weeks she writes a column (with video) about a musical subject and she composes a podcast with an hour classical music of her choice.
Make your computer a classical music box and choose a number. Or click a column. The playing list tells you what music is selected in every part of the content. The links lead to other musical websites.


Oldies Golden Oldies, classical records, 78 rpm, operette, accordion, hit parade: all kind of that and much more can be found at the wonderful designed website Oldies Theatre > of Rudy Knudde from Belgium. Surfing through the site is good for hours of nostalgic memories, if not for days. Most pages add pictures, advertisments and documentation around the music, however in Dutch language. The website prefers Internet Explorer; in other browsers not all applications are working perfect.

You can get entrance to the broad content in different ways: Oldies Theatre, The Music Box and the surprising sitemap all have menus to the different arts of music; sometimes to other links. Bilitis' Website brings you to these and still other websites, like Nostalgia links. Bilitis Oldies - Old Wine contains ten pages of music from LP's, often issued in the 50's and 60's, of over 100 world artists, plus at the site the history of the grammofoonplaat (in Dutch).

Entering the Oldies Theatre you hear the Andrew Sisters singing and you can make your choise. Very special is the Hitparade with music from 1930 to 1949. Every page has 20 songs and you can play them like a jukebox. The Oldies (until now) count five pages (of planned 20) with 20 songs each. Verzoek (Dutch for Request) gives various melodies, asked by the visitors. Furthermore you can select Jazz or Opera/Operette. Most players at the Accordion are Dutch.


The page Nederland contains a hugh selection of Dutch music. Voor de verdere uitleg kan ik hier dus beter overgaan naar het Nederlands.
Het eerste item in het menu, 'Oud Nederlands - Video', omvat een grote hoeveelheid filmpjes waarbij artiesten van vroeger vooral vaak van een hoge trap afdalen voordat ze aan hun nummer begionnen. Verder is er keuze tussen tientallen willekeurige 'oud Nederlandse' platen en de muziek van coryfeeŽn als Max van Praag, Louis Davids, Kees Pruis, Bob Scholte, Johnny & Jones, Jetty Pearl, Jan Verbraeken en Cor Steyn en bands als De Ramblers, AVRO Dansorkest, The Dutch Swing College Band en The Skymasters.
Opmerkelijk zijn twee (verwarrende) hoofdstukken 'Oranje en Soldaat'. Soldaat en Oranje 1 begint met een aantal liedjes uit het beruchte (NSB-) Zondagmiddagcabaret van Paulus de Ruiter; Soldaat en Oranje 2 doet hetzelfde met cabaret De Watergeus van Radio Oranje. Daarna worden 'foute' en 'goede' artiesten en voor- en na-oorlogse collega's met vooral soldatenliedjes door elkaar heen gespeeld. De inhoud van de twee hoofdstukken is te vinden op het tekstgedeelte van pagina 2 Daar blijkt dat de artiesten grotendeels in alfabetische volgorde worden weergegeven. Dat is verwarrend, want AdŤle Bloemendaal (geboren in 1933) volgt op twee duidelijk 'foute' liedjes van Paulus de Ruiter, en verderop volgen liedjes uit 'Londen' en komen voor- en na-oorlogse artiesten die weinig of niets met de oorlog te doen hebben. En naast het (NBS-)duo Keuvel en Klessebes is ook een bijdrage te vinden over de VN-soldaten in Libanon.
Het is overigens onthullend kennis te nemen van de 'humor' van NSB-artiesten, die ook iets weergeeft van de anti-Duitse sfeer op straat, over 'anti-mannen', 'Engeland-vrienden', het ronduit anti-semitische 'Let op, Lili Marleen' (al gaan de joden daarin 'naar het ghetto') en propaganda voor de (NSB-)Winterhulp. Het 'Huldelied op de verjaardag van Anton Mussert' blijkt weer vanaf de overkant van de Noordzee uitgezonden te zijn. Het mooiste lied van de 'foute' Jacques van Tol, 'Als op het Leidseplein de lichtjes weer eens branden gaan', gezongen door Willy Walden, ontbreekt overigens in de collectie. (Wel bij Jetty Pearl).


Old Time Radio with radio plays. The English page brings 30 minutes from 'A date with Judy', an American comedy transmitted 1941-1950. The OTR Nederland had (until now) two pages with over a daytime Dutch radio 'hoorspelen' (continued in Nederlands:) als - onder veel meer - De familie Doorsnee, Het bittere kruid, Polletje Piekhaar, Sil de Strandjutter, Grijpstra & De Gier en Paul Vlaanderen.
Next to that there is a page with links to other websites, like a Dutch 78 toeren page with many details next to the music, Jan's 78-toeren pakhuis, with many other links. Maybe to add: Op 78 toeren met theater met originele muziekfragmenten van vooroorlogse artiesten en filmpjes.


De keuze van de kijker | Nostalgie net | TV van toen | | Series van vroeger | Radio 5 LIVE (Often) nostalgic music

HITPARADE 1930-1999 & MORE

Make your computer a jukebox and play the hits of the 1940's-1999. Or choose your favorite artists like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John or other artists or groups. The website of UpChUcKy.com presents all kind of music and MUCH MORE.
Next to this music the webmaster, Chuck Tuller from California, presents nearly one hundred games, a Top-50 of Fun with Flash Pages, dozens of YouTube videos with Blasts from the Past, lots of Fun Pages and he wants you to find Jesus.


The Film Page at Blinkx.com Video Search Engine
More about this application at World Webcam Monitor TV

Online Video Guide (OVGuide) 'the best site for finding what you want to watch, when you want to watch it'


Apart from a search engine at OVGuide you find a menu to decide what genre video you want to see; at the survey you find details (and comments) about the site. Click the site and make your choise. >

Founded in 2006, OVGuide.com > is the Internet's most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to online video, including TV shows, movies, user-generated content and video games. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the privately-held company delivers an innovative, user-friendly way to search and browse relevant, high-quality video sites on the Web.
With a unique interface, OVGuide.com categorizes and organizes nearly 2,500 online destinations (September 2008), offering both short- and long-form videos integrated into an editorialized directory and search engine. The site receives more than 12 million visitors, 60 million page views and over 9 million searches per month. At the moment writing this 3,387 viewers visit OVGuide.
The OV Guide is a Great source for finding Great sites for all the latest movies, documentaries, news, and much much more. Click here to check out their vast site of places to go. This site is jammed packed full of stuff: Movies, TV shows, Video Games, Music and much much more.
More at About OVGuide.

Raw selection of other video sites:
123video.nl | Cartoons and other animations (Flimpie.nl) | Dancetrippin Viddler.com | Dik.nl Video search | Google Video | History Channel | The Internet TV Charts Most popular video clips | Joox Movies | SuperFanta | Videonews Today | Videotodaynews | Wavelit Video | WorldTVPC.com

YouTube can inspire worldwide

YouTube started Februari 2005 and now is the most popular videocommuniy in the world. It's a video sharing website. The site makes it possible to discover, view and share original videos. YouTube gives a forum to contact, inform and inspire anybody worldwide. In January 2008 alone, nearly 79 million users had made over 3 billion video views. At the site you find videos about (nearly) every possible subject. For people not searching a special item the Most Viewed Videos are immens popular, but many others have caused heavy discussion. FAQ.

The 50 must-watch web video clips (Telegraph.com.uk) | Over 300 classical melodies (Margot Lorena) | Battle at Kruger (Jason 275) a must see! | Dutch Top 2000 (2009; vindhetsnel.com) video

LiveLeak videos are uncensored, violent, hard and sometimes funny

LiveLeak Redefining the media. LiveLeak is a video sharing website that lets users post and share videos, similar to YouTube. Liveleak places emphasis on current events, politics and reality-based footage such as war scenes from various parts of the world. The site aims to take reality footage, politics, and world events and combine them with the power of citizen journalism. You find non-censored, heavy violent, often political and/or propaganda videos from war zones and peaceful places in the world. They have special sectors for Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. The Geert Wilders anti moslem movie Fitna (2008) was removed after "threats to our staff of a very serious nature". It is not all politics. Heavy traffic accidents, natural disasters and funny incidents find their way to LiveLeak. Read the FAQ for rules and policy.

Other: The 50 greatest documentaries of all time (100musicalfootsteps.ggwbach.com)

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