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Twitterfall Twitterfall shortly after Turkish plane crash at Schiphol Airport, February 25, 2009. >

Tweeting at the Internet started March, 2006. In The Netherlands Francisco van Jole (@2525), a Dutch journalist and editor of one of the first weblogs about the Internet, Daily Planet (1995-1998; archive destroyed!), is one of the most known Dutch twitterers (best known is foreign minister Maxime Verhagen, who also tells where he is). Dutch number 1 is Breaking News, often faster than CNN & other networks.
Sometimes I visited theirs and other Twitter sites, but didn't understand much of the content and didn't see the benefit telling the world what somebody is doing now.
This changed February 25, 2009, when a Turkish plane crashed near Amsterdam airport. One of the links at the Internet was Twitterfall.com. A waterfall of tweets with news, eye-witnesses, rumors, hints, links, pictures and other information streamed down at the monitor.
Since World Webcam Monitor is twittering.

This page started because I got too many Twitter bookmarks. Maybe somebody finds some good links here.

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (known as tweets). You could follow 'friends' and read their tweets (if online). Others could follow you and they can read everything you twitter.
The Twitter Trends, the most popular subjects at Twitter, are very USA oriented. Of the tweets 99% tell things you don't want to know, is an answer at unknown questions or inconceivable. 1%, however, is a tip, hint or link you didn't want to miss.

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