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Dutch Courage's GeoCams

The Netherlands

Part 2: Eastern & Southern Netherlands

What the world knows like 'Holland' officially only is the western part of The Netherlands. The country is the home of World Webcam Monitor. The Dutch webcams are divided in three parts: Holland, Eastern & Southern Netherlands and Dutch beaches. If you want to know more, please: Discover The Netherlands.

For the webcams in the provinces of Utrecht, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland see Holland


Uithuizermeeden Groningen Groningen

Uithuizermeeden Weerstation | Groningen Poelestraat | Groningen Ebbingestraat from Okaphone


Kropswolde 'Mien toentje' van Tom Kooi

Delfzijl HoogezandSappemeer Terapelkanaal

Delfzijl Meteo | Hoogezand-Sappemeer kruispunt Langewijk-Achterdiep | Ter Apelkanaal Meteo


Ameland Ameland

Ameland Amelandsite | Ameland Strand Nes

Leeuwarden Heerenveen Sneek

Leeuwarden Weerstation | Heerenveen Gemeentehuis | Sneek Jachthaven Veldman



Emmen Weerstation Meteo-Emmen

LIVE! In Coevorden (near German border) they build and demolish and you can be a witness! Around the Market two differend cams alternate: you see the building of a bridge and apartments and the renovation of the old warehouse 'De Vlijt' into a hotel and the demolishing of 'Het Kasteel' to build the new townhall. With the second cam at Melkkade (in the mast of KPN) you see the building area.


Genemuiden Rijssen Almelo

Genemuiden Langestraat | Rijssen Graaf Ottostraat (click link for over 175 other cams) | Almelo Twentepoort at 16.00 h (click for 24 hours)


Geesteren St. Pancratiuskerk & weather


Hattem Harderwijk HogeVeluwe

Hattem Meteostation Natuurgeweld | Harderwijk Meteo | Gelderland wildcam Hoge Veluwe

Wageningen Ede Veenendaal

Wageningen (Meteo Consult) Actuele weerfoto | Ede Bit BV office, Kelvinstraat 63 | Veenendaal

At the Bit BV website you find 17 webcams

Doetinchem width=240

Doetinchem Weerstation | Silvolde Weerstation Lichtenberg


Flevoland is the newest province of The Netherlands, created 1942-1968 at the soil of the former Zuijder Zee by building dikes in the water and pump the water away. Now it is the home for a multilateral society.

Lelystad AlmereHaven

Lelystad Weathersite | Almere Haven



Neeltje Jans (DezeenaarHarderwijk.nl)

Click link in Internet Explorer and use Active X for live sound

Oosterschelde storm surge barrier is a part of the Deltawerken in the Dutch province of Zeeland to keep the seawater out of the land.

Ritthem Goes Cadzand

Ritthem Weerstation | Goes Weathercam | Cadzand Zwinstrand

Live view at Flushing (Vlissingen) Zeegat


DenBosch StHubert Venray

's-Hertogenbosch Grobbendocklaan-Lagelandstraat/Graafseweg | St. Hubert Weerstation | Venray Schoolyard Raayland College

Breda Breda width=240

Breda Landscape | Breda Zuidelijke rondweg | Oirschot Church


Valkenburg Sittard Heerlen

Valkenburg a/d Geul met forum | Roermond Markt | Heerlen Spoorstraat; oprit snelweg naar Aken

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