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In Russia, more than elsewhere in the world, webcams appear and disappear. This page is the result of an intensive reconstruction (September 2008) because many cams mentioned were not working anymore or changed into a streaming webcam (what cannot become displayed at this website). Many new cams were added. The map helps to locate them.


Webcams Russia at Webcam Galore

Murmansk Petrozavodsk Kizhi

Murmansk (North at Kola Bay) TV Tower | Petrozavodsk (Karelia) Capital | Kizhi (Karelia) Island of Kizhi

StIsaac StPetersburg StPetersburg

St. Petersburg: St. Isaac Cathedral | Vasilievsky Island (click link for live) | View of the Moika

Bryansk Novorossiysk Taganrog

Bryansk 379 km southwest from Moscow, near Belarus | Novorossiysk (Black Sea) Tsemesskaya Bay | Taganrog (Sea of Azov, northern part Black Sea) State University Of Radioengineering


Pereslavl-Zalessky (one of the most ancient towns of Central Russia) Lake Pleshcheyevo

Moscow Moscow Moscow

Moscow: Hotel Ukraine, White House | Mirax Park | Federation Tower


From his high rise apartment since December, 1998 is presenting 'Moscow Today': daily new views of the Khamovniki district in Moscow. Other show interesting moments of Russian life. Not 'live', but every day new.

Other Moscow views: Special events | View at Novodevichy Convent (info) | Muscovites and Moscow.

Kremlin & surroundings from MDM Bank

Sochi Nalchik

Sochi (just north of the southern Russian border with Georgia) Hotel Radisson SAS | Nalchik (Caucasus region of southern Russia)


Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) at Wolga


Saratov (at Wolga) Theater Square


Tyumen KhantyMansiysk Nizhnevartovsk

Tyumen (Ural Federal District) 200 km east Ekatrinenburg | Khanty Mansiysk (at junction rivers Ob and Irtysh) Oil boom town | Nizhnevartovsk at river Ob, east Khanty Mansiysk

Chelyabinsk Novosibirsk Kemerovo

Chelyabinsk (east of the Ural Mountains, on Miass River) Revolution Square | Novosibirsk (Southern Siberia, at river Ob and Transsiberian Railway) Communications Center SibProjectElectro | Kemerovo (Siberia, 3500 km east from Moscow, north from borders with Kazachstan and Mongolia) Center

Nazarovo Chita

Nazarovo (Yaroslavl Oblast) center of Siberia | Chita North of Mongolia/China border

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Vladivostok

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Sakhalin Island) southern part | Vladivostok (Russia's largest port city on the Pacific Ocean) Station


Klyuchevskoy Volcano (Kamsjatka Peninsula) Russian Far East


(Estland, Letland & Lithuania you find in Central Europe: Baltic States)

Minsk Tiraspol

Minsk (Belarus) capital | Tiraspol (Moldova)

Bukovel Kiev Yalta

Ukraina: Bukovel (West Ukraine) Ski resort | Kiev (Capital Ukraine) Maidan Nezalezhnosti | Yalta

Charkov Kerch

Ukraina: Kharkov (East Ukraine) | Kerch (South Ukraine) Crimea Area

Abkhasia Armenia

Abkhasia (Georgia?) 'independent' part of Georgia | Mount Ararat (Armenia) Where Noah's Arc landed (Info)

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