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Dutch Courage's GeoCams

Norway & Denmark


North from Polar Circle:

Honnigsvag Storbukt

Weather DFD (Click map for full image) | Honnigsvag | Storbukt near North Cape

Melkøya Vardø Kirkenes

Melkøya island Snøhvit processing plant | Vardø at Barentsz Sea | Kirkenes near border Russia

The Snøhvit project at Melkøya island is Europe's first export facility for liquefied natural gas (LNG) . Natural gas, produced from the Snøhvit, Albatross and Askeladd fields in the Barents Sea, is distributed to the processing plant on Melkøya island outside Hammerfest in northern Norway and shipped by special LNG carrier to markets in Europe and the USA.

Alta Midnatsol

Alta center | M/S Mitnatsol Bergen-Kirkenes

M/S Mitnatsol is one of the ferries at the Hurtigruten along 34 small and big ports between Bergen and Kirkenes. More at World Webcams Monitor Cruise Ships.



Tromsø Panorama (scroll right; 20 pictures....!)

Tromso Narvik Narvik

Tromsø from University with weather observations and time lapse videos | Narvik Center | Narvik Harbor entrance

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Brønnøysund Finse GeirangerFjord

Brønnøysund just South from Polar Circle | Finse Highest station (1222 m) railway Oslo-Bergen) | Geiranger Fjord

Impressing: Geiranger Fjord


Isfjorden (Norway) near Åndalsnes

Fraena Alesund Alesund

Fraena from kommunehustaket Elnesvagen | Alesund Hurtigrutekaia | Ålesund from mountains

Bergen Bergen Lysebotn

Bergen Torgallmenningen | Bergen from mountain Fløyen | Lysebotn Lysefjord

Oslo Oslo Drammen

Oslo Harbour, Vippetangkaia | Oslo from Voksenlia | Drammen Fjorden

Other Drammen pictures: Lier | Holmen | Strømsø | Bragernes | Tangen | Tollbodkaien | Skylaget over Hokksund

Fredriksten Verden

Halden Fredriksten Festning | Verdens Ende 'Worlds End' (at Oslofjord)


Blaesbjerg width=240

Blaesberg (North of Jylland)Weathercam | Hillerød Frederiksborg Castle

København AirportCopenhagen width=240

København Daily picture | Copenhagen Airport | Copenhagen Kløvermarken at Amager

Bornholm Bornholm

Bornholm Vang | Bornholm Havn

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